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Kurt Angle wrestled his penultimate match, in TNA. His opponent was Bobby Roode…and it opened the show!

Welcome to Birmingham, England.

Before that epic contest, TNA looked at how Rock Star Spud turned on Ethan Carter III. Spud slammed the cage door shut on Ethan’s face during the World title match. Matt and his crew thanked Spud for being their number one guy.

Bobby Roode vs Kurt Angle

The bell rang and the two locked up. They broke quickly and circled each other. Side Headlock by Roode. Kurt sent Bobby to the ropes but got Shoulder Tackled. Hip Toss and Arm Drag by Kurt. Bobby took Kurt to the corner. Angle reversed Whip and Arm Dragged Bobby. Knee Strike by Bobby into a Whip. Kurt kicked away but ate a Kitchen Sink for a two.

Bobby kicked Kurt and hit a series of Suplexes (Standard and Front Drop). Rear Chin Lock by Bobby. Kurt elbowed the ribs of his opponent and sent him to the ropes. Double Clotheslines put both men down. Kurt went into the Hat Trick Germans but only got two of them. Kurt would not be denied. He started over and hit the trio. The fans exploded with delight. AngleSlam countered…Roode Bomb countered. AngleLock! Bobby rolled under to kick out. Kurt charged and hit the ring post. School Boy brought a two. Crippler Crossface by Bobby. Kurt would not tap out. Bobby kept yelling at Kurt to give up. Kurt reached over and got the ankle for another AngleLock. Kurt seriously cranked on the twisted appendage. Bobby rolled back into the Crippler Crossface. Kurt just would not surrender. Kurt arched back to almost pin Bobby. Roode then moved into a Backslide. 2 count. Bobby went right back to the Crossface. The fans loved this action. Kurt rolled over and nailed the AngleSlam. 1-2-not just yet.

Kurt dropped the straps and screamed. Enziguri by Bobby to counter the AngleLock. Roode Bomb. 2 count. Kurt psyched himself up. Bobby tried for another Roode Bomb but Kurt slid into the AngleLock. Kurt Grapevined the leg and that was all she wrote.

Your Winner (by Submission): Kurt Angle
Impact Scorecard: 4.5 out of a possible 5

What a fantastic way to kick off this week’s Impact!

Bobby took the stick and said there was no shame in losing to the best professional wrestler in the world. Bobby thanked Kurt and professed his love to his old friend. James Storm walked out to join Bobby. Storm wanted to thank the TNA Legend. Storm mentioned how much Kurt knew about the business. Storm said Kurt’s friendship was priceless and he loved him, as well. Storm wanted to share a beer with Kurt. Instead…Storm pulled out a gallon of…MILK! Kurt chugged down the ivory liquid. Kurt mentioned he had one more match to go. What Kurt wanted to see was Beer Money vs The Wolves.

That brought out Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards. Eddie talked about Kurt being a constant influence and motivator for him. They hugged. The Wolves were ready to fight for the tag belts against Beer Money. Storm said they wanted to reinforce that they are the best tag team…ever. Next week, The Wolves vs Beer Money for the World Tag Team Titles! Awesome.

Matt Hardy and his entourage came out from the back. Matt has a slightly changed video that ran on the Tron. Reby was at her hubby’s side. Tyrus brought up the rear. Matt said he went into the cage, last week, to win. Matt talked about how many times he has beaten EC3. Matt swore he was done with Ethan. Matt praised Spud for coming to his senses.

Rock Star Spud came out to a hail of boos. Spud came out in all black, including a leather jacket. No more wild outfits, I guess. The fans unloaded on Spud with “You Sold Out” chants. Spud said they would have done the same thing. Spud mentioned how he was beaten bloody, one year ago. He also had his head shaved. Spud berated the British fans for jumping on the bandwagon for EC3. Spud accused everyone of being jealous of him. Spud screamed at the fans to shut up. He explained he just gave Ethan some good old-fashioned revenge. Spud knew it would eat Ethan alive that Spud helped Matt retain the title. Spud dedicated himself to the Hardy brand and family. Spud told Matt that they got rid of the cancer that was…

Ethan Carter III came out to join the party. Ethan rushed the ring with a steel chair. He walloped Tyrus with the chair. Matt tried to attack with a Twist of Fate but it failed. Spud then jumped Ethan. EC3 slowly turned and stared at the Brit. Spud turned tail and ran for his life. Ethan addressed Spud, directly. Ethan challenged Spud to face him in a fight. Ethan didn’t want a ref or any of that…only a massive fight.

Gail Kim sent out a message to Maria. Gail now knows that Maria is selfish and self-centered. Gail was heading to the ring to issue a challenge…for a fight.

Matt, Reby, Tyrus and Spud were up in Dixie’s face, backstage. Matt screamed at Dixie for not firing Ethan when he ordered her to. Dixie couldn’t believe Spud would turn on TNA. Spud shrieked that Dixie should fire Spud. Dixie made the match between Ethan and Spud an “Unsanctioned Match”. This just might be the last time we see ol’ Spud.

Abyss (w/Crazzy Steve and Rosemary) vs Jimmy Havoc
No Disqualification Match

Jimmy went off on Abyss with wild punches. Running Dropkick sent Abyss out to the floor. Havoc went for a Suicide Dive but he took a trash can to the face, on the fly. Steve and Rosemary set up a table. Abyss Goozled Havoc but couldn’t put him through the table. Jimmy Elbowed free. Jimmy and Steve stared at each other. Abyss jumped Jimmy and ran him into the ring steps. Abyss found a cheese grater but Jimmy blocked it. Abyss set up a table, in the corner. Jimmy drove the cheese grate into Abyss’ crotch and pulled it free. Damn. Jimmy cracked Abyss in the face with a trash can, repeatedly. 2 count. Steve tried to hit Jimmy with a kendo stick but it was blocked. Abyss threw a steel chair into Jimmy. He fell into the table, busting it into pieces. Rosemary found Janice and gave it to Abyss. Jimmy dodged the nail-studded board. Jimmy hit a Missile Dropkick. He then Dropkicked Abyss through the table. 2 count.

Havoc found the barbed wire board. Jimmy picked up Janice. Goozle by Abyss. Jimmy countered the Chokeslam. Kendo Stick shots by Jimmy. Black Hole Slam onto the barbed wire board.

Your Winner: Abyss
Impact Scorecard: 2.5

Decay celebrated the win.

“Miracle” Mike Bennett’s desire to destroy Drew Galloway was analyzed. Bennett wants to destroy Drew, tonight.

Ethan was interviewed, in the locker room. Ethan was asked for thoughts on Spud. Ethan was impressed that Spud waited a full year to get his revenge. Ethan called Spud a “cow on the way to slaughter”. Ethan was ready to take the last breath out of Spud’s lifeless body.

Gail Kim walked from the back. Gail thanked the fans for cheering her. Gail was there to talk about something…no someone…who was bothering her. It was Maria. Gail expressed that the Knockouts were all about wrestling. Gail was willing to raise the bar and sacrifice her body to do just that. Gail accused Maria of showing her true colors, at Lockdown. Gail yelled at Maria to come out and fight. Maria didn’t come out, at least at first.

The music hit and Maria strolled out onto the stage. She started down the ramp but stopped short. Maria asked if everyone wanted to see her fight. She told everyone “No”. Maria was pleased about the lesson that she taught Gail, last week. Maia refused to enter the match, at Lockdown, because that would make her just like Gail. In reality, Gail wanted to be like Maria. Gail called Maria “A Crazy *ss B*tch”. Maria brought up Gail’s marriage to Robert Irvine, a celebrity. Maria bragged about being on Celebrity Apprentice and in Playboy. Maria swore she would not get in the ring, because she was a lady. Gail came out and went after Maria. Jade Pearl Harbored Gail. Spin Kick by Jade. Jade picked up the Knockout belt and cracked Gail in the face with it. Jade picked up the microphone and said Gail just found a fight. Jade considered the Knockout Title to be hers.

Eric Young (w/Bram) vs Big Damo (Damien O’Connor)
King of the Mountain Title Match

Gram insulted the fans. He said the people couldn’t fight and weren’t real men, like Eric and Bram. Eric took over and said he was the King and God. Eric said there wasn’t a man on this side of the Pond that could beat him. Big Damo is a huge player on the European Indy scene. I’ve heard his name mentioned, from time to time, but this is my first chance to see him perform.

Damo took the stick and said he was the toughest man on this side. Damo asked Eric what he was going to do. Eric slapped Damo and the Big One. Sent Eric flying with a Dropkick. Eric slid in the ring and got rocked by Damo. Damo worked the ribs but Eric turned things around. They traded hard shots and Damo hit a Scoop Slam. Backsplash Senton by Damo. Damo stood on Eric chest. Eric avoided another Backsplash Senton. Neckbreaker by Eric. Eric smacked Damo, who just stood up. Damo worked the ribs and then sent Eric to the corner. Splash by Damo.

Front Drop into the Backsplash. Powerbomb and Elbow Drop by Damo. 2 count. Bram was chomping at the bit to get involved. Eric worked over Damo’s neck. Crossbody by Eric for another 2. Eric was wobbly on his feet. Damo lifted Eric but Bram got on the apron. Erick went for a Sunset Flip but failed. Eric lifted Damo and nailed the Piledriver.

Your Winner: Eric Young
Impact Scorecard: 2.25

Drew was asked if he was ready for The Miracle. Drew knew Mike came in and tried to make a huge impact (no pun intended). Drew promised to hurt Mike, tonight. Drew was ready to make Mike Tap Out!

“Miracle” Mike Bennett (w/Maria) vs Drew Galloway

Maria did a quick intro promo about her hubby, Mike. Impact did a quick review of this feud, as Mike came to the ring. Drew tore into Mike but Bennett hit a Cheap Shot. Drew then kicked and punched away at The Miracle. Mudhole Stomp by the Scotland native. Maria got up on the apron to distract. Mike charged but got laid out. Knee Strike by Mike. Drew reversed a Whip. He tried for a Float Over but got kicked in the ribs. The fight went to the floor and Drew put Mike on the railing. Drew then dropped Mike on the metal railing.

Mike started to fight back with hard shots. The ref called for the guys to get back in the ring. They ignored him. Mike was sent, face first, into the ring post. They got back in the ring but Mike slid outside. Mike went after the bandaged knee of Drew. Maria told Mike to keep on the knee. Mike went in the ring to reset the count. Whip by Mike and a set of Corner Clotheslines. Crosstie Clutch by Mike. Drew got to his feet and punched away. Flapjack by Mike into a Running Slider Boot. Mike slapped Drew in the face, over and over. Drew was getting seriously ticked off. Mike tried for a Rainmaker Clothesline but Drew stopped him. Drew just went wild on Mike with hard shots. Drew flew off the top and dropped Mike. Mike avoided the Future Shock DDT. Spinebuster by Drew for the two. Mike kicked Drew but got punched silly. The two traded hard fists. Knee Strike by Mike that led to a Cutter. Drew escaped the Miracle in Progress. Celtic Cross by Drew. Drew almost messed that up by stumbling. Drew Tuned up the Band. Claymore Kick! Drew wouldn’t take the pin. He applied the Iron Maiden. Maria pulled Mike’s foot over the ropes. Mike rolled up a distracted Drew Galloway for the pin.

Your Winner: “Miracle” Mike Bennett
Impact Scorecard: 2.0

Spud was asked if he was ready to make Ethan repent for his sins against Spud. Matt said he wanted Spud to finish off Ethan, tonight.

Grado did a promo, outside the arena. Grado was living the dream until Feast or Fired screwed him over. Grado said he has the proof and will show it…next week.

Impact reviewed the Kurt Angle vs Bobby Lashley feud. Lashley will be the final opponent for Kurt Angle, in TNA.

Rock Star Spud vs Ethan Carter III
No Holds Barred, Street Fight

Tyrus jumped Ethan, backstage. Ethan fought back and threw Tyrus into a truck. Matt Hardy jumped Ethan and got thrown in the truck, as well. Matt was put in the truck and locked in there. Ethan then darted towards the entrance. Ethan smiled as TNA took a quick break.

Ethan beat Spud up the ramp as RNA returned. Ethan cracked Spud in the head and then threw him down the ramp. Spud charged and got popped in the jaw. Ethan threw Spud into the railing, several times. The last one flipped Spud over into the crowd. Ethan tossed Spud in the ring. Spud caught Ethan as he entered the six sided combat zone. Spud choked Ethan and then kicked away. Ethan popped up as Spud showed off. Clothesline by EC3. Ethan kicked the daylights out of Spud and tossed him into a corner. Spud tumbled out to the floor. Ethan came out to get his diminutive foe. Spud dug at Ethan’s eyes and sent EC3 to the barricade. Spud demanded a chair. Ethan kicked the chair into Spud’s face.

Ethan yelled “Wrong Choice” to Spud. Ethan drew back with the chair but Spud kicked the knee. Spud threw the chair into Ethan’s face. Spud mounted the corner and punched down on Ethan. EC3 jolted Spud with the TK3. The fight tried to go outside but Ethan put Spud back in the ring. Ethan then found a table. Basement Dropkick by Spud. Spud flew off the apron but got caught. Gorilla Press Slam, on the floor! Dang. Ethan went back in the ring to set up the table. Spud tried to crawl up the ramp but he didn’t get far. Ethan tossed Spud back in the ring. Spud begged off and cowered in the corner. Low Blow by Spud. Spud slapped away at Ethan. Spud then jabbed the jaw of the former World Champ. Ethan turned the tables on Spud and almost broke his hand. Ethan lifted Spud and Powerbombed him through the table, big time. Ethan bellowed his superiority to the crowd. Ethan pulled Spud off the table and put him in the Shinu Numaki. Spud tapped out but Ethan would not release the Carter Clutch. Refs tried to get Ethan to let go but he was not satisfied. He did finally let his former lackey go.

Your Winner: Ethan Carter III
Impact Scorecard: 2.5


–Jay Shannon

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