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F3 Entertainment in association with the Samoan Dynasty,
Knokx Pro Entertainment, and the Territory League ANNOUNCE

Samoan Dynasty, Territory League Wrestling, and Knokx Pro Wrestling at the

ARLINGTON, TEXAS (APRIL1, APRIL2, AND APRIL 3 2016) –The much anticipated TRIFECTA TOUR of wrestling is happening at the 1010 Collins Event Center .
April 1 , April 2, and April 3 2016
Three major brands have combined to bring you the best value for your money during WrestleMania weekend. The Samoan Dynasty, Territory League Wrestling, Knokx Pro Wrestling will all wrestle under one roof for three days at the 1010 Collins Event Center right across from ATT Stadium.
WWE Hall of Famer “Rikishi” will be bringing the Samoan Dynasty. Members from the most legendary family in professional wrestling will join Rikishi in the the squared circle to exhibit why they have continued their dominance over the wrestling world.
The dynasty bloodline is deep and has produced many superstars in the professional wrestling world. High Chief Peter Maivia, Afa and Sika (The Wild Samoans), Yokozuna, The Rock, The Tongan Kid, Umaga, Count Black Pearl, The Usos , Roman Reigns and of course Rikishi are all members of the Samoan Dynasty.

Territory League is the very first professional wrestling league and will be bringing their city versus city team concept to the 1010 Collins Event center. Three teams will be featured at this event: San Francisco Bay City Union, Amarillo Outlaws, and the newly formed Dallas Tycoons.
San Francisco is led by Sheik Khan Abadi. His experience in the ring coupled with his
seasoned team members Dylan Drake and Kratos will surely keep the new teams on edge.
The Amarillo Outlaws are the league’s first Texas team. They have had matches against the experienced LA Templars and have quickly become fan favorites in the league. Now that they have a state rival in the Dallas Tycoons let’s see how they use their experience in the C2 Cages to their advantage .

The Dallas Tycoons are the newest members of the league. The will have a hard time against the veterans and the fan favorites, but they will be brining some big weapons to the 1010 Collins Event center. They are hoping their 7’0” giant will clench one of the divisions and give them at least one win out of 5 and chance to win overall for the evening.
All three Territory League teams will compete over the course of the weekend. The first two teams will go head to head on Friday April 1 and the winner of that will move on Saturday night April 2 to go against the third team.

Knokx Pro Entertainment will give you more than a chance to experience their dynamic and fresh new West Coast wrestling. Knokx Pro Entertainment and their stars have made their mark in the wrestling industry already. Their stable of alumni is rapidly growing. One of the dominate forces in wrestling today is Rusev. Rusev’s brute strength and power was formed and molded in California at Knokx Pro.

WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi, Gangrel the Vampire Warrior and Count Black Pearl are quickly cementing their abilities in the training world as they continue to produce stars in the rapidly expanding market of professional wrestling. Stars like, Maverick, Eyes in Disguise, Jezette Marie, The Slick Back Heart Attack “ Pedro” , the Samoan Werewolf , and of course Rusev have taken their experience from Knokx Pro and continue to make their mark in the professional wrestling world.

All three brands under one roof for three days. You won’t want to miss an opportunity like this it’s the best value in Dallas that first weekend in April.

VIP packages and General Admission tickets will be ON SALE and can be purchased
through our website at HYPERLINK “http://www.flavorus.com/event/Samoan-Dynasty-Territory-League-Knokx-Pro-Wrestling/317518″ .
1010 N Collins St, Arlington, TX 76011
For more information and trailers visit:
HYPERLINK “http://www.territoryleague.com” www.territoryleague.com.




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