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The 14th Anniversary Show is just a couple days away. Tonight’s Ring of Honor would have a huge impact on that great event.

Roderick Strong vs Jonathan Grisham
Ring of Honor World TV Title Open Challenge Match (Roddy vs The World)

Veda Scott rushed down during the introductions. Veda wanted Grisham to give up his shot at the TV title and leave RoH for good. She offered his a huge amount of money (not specified just how much). Gresham refused the offer.

Test of Strength to open the contest. Grisham rolled around and took Strong down. Strong tried for the stronghold but Grisham escaped. Roddy Cartwheeled to his feet. Toddy took Grisham to the corner and unloaded with Knife Edge Chops. Roddy with a Whip and Knee Strike. Float Over by Grisham but he got caught. Grisham tried for the RVD Roll but Strong turned it into a Backbreaker. RoH went to break as Strong nailed a Backbreaker.

Strong was in control as RoH returned. He put Grisham up top and set for the Superplex. Grisham worked on Roddy’s fingers. Roddy backed off and hit a Dropkick to Grisham, who was flying out of the corner. Front Drop Suplex Throw by Strong. Grisham dodged the charge and booted Roddy. Strong pulled Grisham off eh ropes. Grisham turned things around and pulled a move straight out of Land of the Dead but ripping the fingers apart. The two unloaded on each other. Grisham slid under Strong and nailed the Kitchen Sink. Grisham threw Roddy across. Octopus Stretch by Grisham. Roddy turned and put Grisham in a Fireman’s Carry. He brought him over but didn’t hit the knees. Grisham worked the knee and almost pinned Strong. Jumping Knee by Strong. 1-2-3.

Your Winner: Roderick Strong
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.0 out of a possible 5

Bobby Fish ran down and grabbed the TV title from Strong. The fight never really got started but it will happen, this Friday.


The World TV Title Match, according to ROHWrestling.com has been changed. Tomohiro Ishii defeated Roderick Strong for the TV title, so now Roddy will face Ishii in a rematch. To make it a bit more interesting, Nigel McGuinness has also included Bobby Fish in the match. So it is a Triple Threat for the TV Title. I’ll have my predictions up soon.

Tough Guy Inc. (Tim Hughes and “Brutal” Bob Evans) vs War Machine (Hanson and Raymond Rowe)
Non-Title Match

There was a sort of Code of Honor Hanshake/slap. Tim was thrown around by Rowe and he scooted to his corner. Bob took the tag and got dropped. He ran back to his corner to get out of harm’s way. Tim was back and got caught in a Waistlock. It broke down into serious chaos. Rowe was caught in the Side slam but Raymond got free. Exploder Suplex by the tag champ. Tag to Hanson. Shotgun knee to poor Tim. Tim tried for a Sunset Flip but it went nowhere. Dead Lift but Tim escaped. Sidewalk Slam but Bob made the save. Cartwheel Clothesline by the Bearded Behemoth. Tim yelled at Hanson but got decimated for his trouble. Backbreaker into a Front Splash. Frog Splash by Hanson to seal the deal.

Your Winners: War Machine
Honor Roll Ranking: 1.5

The All-Night Express came out and sounded like Luther from The Warriors (semi-obscure reference warning!). Kenny King grumbled how they were never defeated for the tag belts. King did praise War Machine for fooling so many people, in the back. King called the tag champs a bunch of “Bearded B*tches”. King accused War Machine of getting themselves DQ’d to keep their titles. Rhett Titus took over and said they were coming for War Machine in Vegas. King brought up the motorcycle accident. Break time.

Silas Young did a promo about The Boys. He wanted Dalton Castle’s associates in his camp but the clock is ticking.

Supercard of Honor X will be at the Hyatt Regency—Dallas (same place as Wrestlecon). They will also be doing a TV taping on Saturday night. I know, for sure, that I will be at the Saturday show.

Kevin Kelly interviewed The Young Bucks. Matt and Nick Jackson revealed that they were bringing “The Cleaner” Kenny Omega to the party in Vegas. Sweet. Matt promised the World’s Largest Superkick Party!

RoH flashed back to last week, when Adam Page turned on his mentor, B.J. Whitmer. The two went wild and wooly on each other. That match just might steal the show at the 14th Anniversary Show.

B.J. Whitmer vs “Cauliflower” Chase Brown

Welcome back to the 1980s WWF-Style Squash Match format. Grin. Brown actually brought a head of cauliflower with him to the ring. Heck, team him with Cheeseburger.

Whitmer took Brown to the corner. He blasted Brown and then kicked him down. Whitmer griped about the level of competition. Exploder Suplex took it home.

Your Winner: B.J. Whitmer
Honor Roll Ranking: .75

After the match, Whitmer hit another Exploder. He then took the house mic. He didn’t get to say anything before Steve Corino strolled from the back. Whitmer refused to let Corino speak. Whitmer didn’t want to make Steve relevant. Whitmer called for Page. Adam slid in the ring, from behind. The two went off on each other. Slingshot Flip Clothesline by Adam as RoH went to break.

Dalton Castle talked with his Boys about fighting Beer City Bruiser and Silas Young, next week. Castle did his best to ease their nerves about the upcoming fight.

Adam Cole was out for a session of “Storytime with Adam Cole, Baby!”. Cole was so ready for his rematch for the World title. Cole knew he would over-shadow both Jay Lethal and Kyle O’Reilly. Adam felt Kyle was not worthy of even being in the Triple Threat match. Adam was determined to keep Kyle away from the title. He then discussed Jay Lethal. Adam’s arrogance was so obvious as he promised to take the World title off Lethal.

That brought out Jay lethal and the House of Truth. Jay said he came out because he heard his name mentioned. Jay knew Kyle was a good kid but he has never held the title. Jay basically dismissed Kyle to focus on Adam. Lethal was ready to start the fight, now. Cool with me. Nigel called for security.

Instead, he got Kyle O’Reilly. Kyle circled the ring and then got in. He whipped out his own microphone and got started on both men. Not with words but with kicks and punches!. Jay ran Kyle into the corner. Superkick by Cole on Lethal. Clothesline by Kyle to Adam. Brainbuster to Cole. Cut to commercials.

Ach and Alex Shelley vs Mark and Jay Briscoe (w/ODB)

Christopher Daniels was at the announce desk for this one. ODB looked as beautiful as ever. I say that with absolutely NO sarcasm in my fingers. I’ve had the honor of meeting her and she is one of the nicest people ever.

ACH and Mark locked up. They went to the corner. Float Over by Ach but mark hit a hard Knee to the ribs. Cartwheel/Backflip Dropkick by ACH. Jay rushed in but got laid out. Shotgun Knees by Ach. Mark reversed a Whip. Double team by Dem Boys. Knife Edge Chops by Mark. European Uppercut by Jay, who had tagged in. Alex got the tag and hit a Crossbody, off the top. Alex took out Mark and then Jay and then Mark, again. Alex flew out to the floor. Double Ax Handle by Alex to Jay. Alex worked over jay’s ribs with hard strikes. Tag to mark as RoH took one more break.

Jay kicked Alex and brought in Mark. Alex fought out of the double team and got to Ach for a tag. Ach flipped over and hit a Clothesline on Jay. Punt to the former World Champion. Get Over Here to Mark. Uppercut Kick by ACH. Ach took Mark out to the floor. Springboard Double team on Mark but Jay made the save. Jay and Alex traded hard punches. Back Elbow by Jay into a Discus Forearm. ACH blocked the Neckbreaker and hit a Brainbuster. Mark opened up with Redneck Kung Fu on both foes. Mark flipped out of the Back Body Drop and nailed an Exploder. Alex kicked Mark and then pulled him down into the corner. Alex knocked out one of Jay’s teeth. Christopher Daniels tried to get involved but Alex took him out. Midnight Star failed. Daniels held Alex by the ankle. Meanwhile, The Briscoes detonated the Doomsday Device to win this one.

Your Winners: “Dem Boys” Mark and Jay Briscoe
Honor Roll Ranking: 2.5

The Addiction trio went off on Alex Shelley, after the match. Chris Sabin was hesitant to fight his former long-time tag partner. Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian went off on Chris as RoH came to a close.

So, the updated 14th Anniversary Show line-up is:

Jay Lethal vs Adam Cole vs Kyle O’Reilly
Triple Threat for the RoH World Title

Tomohiro Ishii vs Roderick Strong vs Bobby Fish
Triple Threat for the RoH World TV Title

War Machine vs the All-Night Express
No DQ Match for the World Tag Team Titles

The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega vs KUSHIDA, ACH and Matt Sydal
NEVER Openweight Six Man Title Match

Mark and Jay Briscoe vs “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin and Hiroshi Tanahashi

Kazuchika Okada (w/Gedo) vs Moose (w/Stokely Hathaway)
Non-Title (IWGP Heavyweight) Match

Alex Shelley vs “Almighty” Christopher Daniels

B.J. Whitmer vs Adam Page

Hirooki Goto vs an opponent to be announced


–Jay Shannon

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