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TNA brought Lockdown to London. For the first time, Knockouts would be involved in a Lethal Lockdown Match. Plus, EC3 vs Matt Hardy, Beer Money vs Bram/Eric Young, and so much more. Kick back and get ready for some serious Six Sides of Steel action.

The show opened with a promo piece about tonight’s show.

Beer Money vs Bram and Eric Yougn
Six Sides of Steel Match

James Storm came out with the Boozer Cruiser. Bobby Roode had the Tag Team Title Shot Briefcase. Beer Money came out of the cage and started fighting on the floor. The refs came out to force all four men to get in the ring. Bobby Roode blocked a Piledriver and Back Body Dropped Eric Young, on the rampway. Storm chugged a beer and then bashed Bram with the half full cup. Bobby bashed and battered Eric. Bobby took Eric inside but Young fought back. Young kept Storm on the outside. Brighter Side of Suffering, by Bram, on the floor. Bram then climbed into the ring to join Eric. Bram secured the lock, keeping James on the outside. Bram and Eric double teamed Bobby. Bram and Eric had a miscommunication and Bobby hit a Blockbuster on Eric. Storm scaled the cage to get in the match. James ran Bram’s face into the cage wall, over and over. Top Rope Lung Blower, by Storm, to Eric. Neckbreaker by Storm. Wicked Neckbreaker that made Bram DDT Eric. Double Suplex failed Beer Money. Spinebuster by Bram. Double team led to Bram getting a two count.

Eric yelled for a Spike Piledriver. Bobby converted it into a Slingshot. Eric crashed into Bram. Bobby flew off the top and almost got the three. Bobby and James rallied the crowd. Eric fought out of the DWI and hit a Belly to Belly. Last Call Superkick to Eric. Bram nailed Storm with a Spinning Heel Kick. The four men traded fists until Beer Money ran their foes into the cage walls. Beer Money Double Suplex, which led to the Dance. BWI to Bram.

Your Winners: Beer Money
Lockdown Scorecard: 3.0 out of a possible 5

In the back, Velvet Sky found Madison Rayne, out cold. Sky screamed at everyone to go find Gail Kim.

Ethan Carter II I came out to the ring. He cut a vicious promo against Matt Hardy, his wife and bodyguard (Tyrus). Ethan asked Rock Star Spud to join him in the ring. Ethan knew that they had history. He also realized that about a year back, they tore the house down. Ethan mentioned the passion and heart that Spud has. Ethan thanked Spud for coming to his aid, last week. Spud explained he did what he did because it was the right thing to do. He stated he would always do the right thing. Spud said he wasn’t scared of Matt, Tyrus or anyone else. Spud promised…

He was cut off by the arrival of Matt Hardy and his entourage. Matt threatened both Ethan and Spud. Ethan retorted that Matt would be fighting him, not the fans or Rock Star Spud. Why do I suddenly NOT trust Spud?

In the back,. That mystery guy from last week talked about his past with Rosemary. He said Rosemary was dangerous and only he could bring out that side. He wanted her back.

Tigre Uno vs Trevor Lee (w/Gregory Shane Helms)
Six Sides of Steel for the X-Division Title

The two men started quickly. Tigre missed a Corner Splash and almost got pinned. Trevor stomped away on the former champion. Dang, I’d so love to have a green jacket like Helms wears. Trevor lifted Tigre but Uno rolled him up. Back Kick to Trevor’s head and a Backsplash Senton. Trevor kicked out at two. Lee stopped Uno from escaping the cage. Uno landed on his bad shoulder as Lee piqued the ankle. Lee screamed at the ref. Clothesline by lee flipped Uno around. 2 count. Lee screamed his name at the crowd.

Lee kicked away, which seemed to wake up Uno. Step Up Enziguri by Uno. Lee was sent into the cage, twice. Tigre went up to the top turnbuckle and hit a Legdrop. 1-2-not yet. Crucifix Side Bomb by Tigre brought him a two. Uno started up the cage but got caught. Lee wanted he Nuclear Chair (Top Rope Electric Chair) but Uno kicked out. Tigre went to the toppy top and hit a Superfly-like Crossbody to drop Lee. Dang! Helms was seriously nervous that his protégé was about to fall. Uno kicked Lee but Trevor hit the Fisherman’s Buster to retain.

Your Winner: Trevor Lee
Lockdown Scorecard: 3.5

Maria came up to Gail and said they needed a leader. Gail suggested that Maria lace up her boots and join their team. Would she do it? That match is up…next.

Rosemary sang backstage. The mystery guy came up to talk with his former love. He gave her a gift. He explained how she made him feel. Steve saw the gift and tripped out. Rosemary calmed him back down.

Knockout Lethal Lockdown

Jade was the first to come from the back. She was joined by Gail Kim. These two would fight for a specified time and then others would begin to enter the fray. The bell rang and the two women exchanged wild Forearms. Gail kicked Jade and hit a Hurancanrana. Jade got her boots up and hit her own Hurancanrana. Jade ran Gail into the cage and then rolled backwards. Gail countered kicks and tripped Jade. Jade started to scale the cage. The two women kicked and punched away. Both women fell back into the ring. They continued to punch away as TNA took a break.

We are back and the five minute mark was closing down and the next person to join the party was…Marti Belle. She rushed down to jump Gail. Marti stomped away at Gail. Gail had been trying to get to a weapon. Marti just beat Gail silly. Rikishi Runs by Marti. It was time for the sides to be evened up. Next out was…Velvet Sky. Sky jogged to the ring and went after both Dollhouse members. Sky threw Jade into the cage. Sky then hit a Slingblade on Marti. Sky sent Jade into the corner. Running Bulldog by Sky to Jade. Gail went after Marti. It was time for Rebel to come out and get in the middle of this mess. Rebel kicked away and hit an Inverted Stroke on Gail. Rebel went up and grabbed a cookie sheet. Rebel choked Gail with the boot and cracked her with the cookie sheet. Backspring Elbow by Rebel. Jade got blasted by her own kendo stick shot. It rebounded off the corner. Maria came out to fight, but which wide was she on? She backed out of the match and slammed the door shut. Maria locked the Knockouts inside. Maria yelled at Gail as she backed up the ramp. This 3-on-2 match was just brutal. Gail was sent into the cage wall. Drop Toe Hold sent Jade into a steel chair. Sky went off on all 3 foes. Stunners by Sky to multiple enemies. Top Rope Double Flapjack on Jade! Sweet! Everyone was done and stunned. They quickly got up and continued to fight. The toys were in full play. Eat da Feet by Gail. Jade made the save. A steel chair shot laid out Gail. Jade pinned Gail.

Your Winner: The Dollhouse
Lockdowm Scorecard: 2.75

Kurt Angle praised Ethan, in the back, for his new attitude and his skills. Kurt was fully behind Ethan in his match with Matt Hardy.

Kurt Angle came out and thanked the crowd for sharing so many great moments with him. Kurt discussed winning the World Title from Bobby Lashley, last year. That brought out The Destroyer. Lashley explained that he was trying to light a fire under Kurt. Bobby said Kurt was now beatable. Kurt was ready to go…now. Lashley made him wait by walking away.

E-Li Drake was in the ring. He mentioned that Grado got fired and he got the King of the Mountain title shot. Drake knew that Odarg was really Grado in a mask. Drake was determined to unmask Grado/Odarg.

Odarg the Great vs E-Li Drake
Six Sides of Steel Match

Odarg ran around but Drake dropped him. Drake Elbow Dropped the neck. Odarg started up the cage but could only go so far. He got ahold of the top but couldn’t pull himself up. Drake charged but hit the cage instead of the masked man. Solid punches and then the Flip Flop and Fly attempt by Odarg. Drake kicked the masked one low. Drake pounded away and sent Odarg into the cage. Drake choked Odarg on the bottom turnbuckle. Odarg pulled up his mask to show off his true face. Drake kicked away at his enemy’s chest. Scoop Slam by Drake. Jumping Elbow Drop by Drake. Drake Suplexed Odarg into the cage wall. 2 count. Drake began to climb the cage. Odarg caught him and pulled him back into an Electric Chair. Jessie Godderz coached Drake to get to the door. Jessie tried to pull his partner out of the ring. Mahabali Shera rushed down and clubbed Jessie. Drake almost lost his short sin the melee. Odarg kept throwing Drake into the cage. Elbow to Drake’s face. Cannonball by Odarg. Odarg headed up the cage. He pulled back the mask to show his face. Drake caught him. Odarg kicked Drake off him. Odarg was all the way up top. Drake went after him. Drake grabbed the mask as Odarg fell off the cage. He was so unmasked!

Your Winner: Odarg the Great
Lockdown Scorecard: 2.0

Abyss ran into the mystery guy, now identified as Jimmy Havok. Jimmy said Rosemary was his muse. Jimmy claimed he was hardcore and crazy. Abyss had to hold Crazzy Steve back. Abyss then clocked Jimmy. Decay took out Havok.

Grado tried to plead his case about how he got screwed over. E-Li Drake came up and had Grado dragged away. Drake wanted Grado arrested.

Mike and Maria Bennett cut a weird promo on Drew Galloway. They will fight, next week.

Ethan Carter III vs Matt Hardy
Six Sides of Steel for the World Title

Ethan ceremonially drew a line in the sand (or across the canvas). Matt and Ethan slugged it out. Matt ran Ethan into the corner and hit a series of Knife Edge Chops. Ethan unloaded with chops of his own. Short Arm Clothesline and Knife Edge. Ethan whipped Matt into the corner but missed a Splash. He hit the cage. Side Effect by Matt. Matt called for some help. Tyrus threw a steel chair into the ring, over the top. Matt nailed the challenger with the chair and then worked over the back. Matt wedged a chair in the corner. Tyrus screamed at his former boss. Forearm Smashes by Matt. Matt was sent into the steel chair that he had set up.

EC3 went to town and hit the Stinger Splash and Flapjack. Matt blocked the 1%er. But Ethan countered the Twist of Fate. Side Effect by Matt. Matt pondered what to do next. Side Effect onto a steel chair. 2 count. Matt started to climb out of the cage but Ethan stopped him. Matt went to the eyes of his foe. Matt took the steel chain that was around the door. TK3 by Ethan. Ethan started to leave but Tyrus blocked his path. The ref couldn’t do a thing. Ethan cursed at Tyrus and told the Man Dinosaur to get in the ring and face him. Ethan tore into Tyrus. Flying Clothesline by Ethan. Tyrus lifted up Ethan and hit a variation of the Big Ending. Tyrus got the chain and tried to lock Ethan to the top rope. Tyrus ended up trapped, instead. Ethan got a steel chair. And walloped the hell out of Tyrus. Twist of Fate! 1-2-NO!

Matt just lost it when he didn’t get the win. Matt waned to climb up and over the top. Ethan came to get the champ. Top Rope Russian Legsweep by Ethan.(Siberian Leg Sweep?) Both men were down and stunned. The two men slugged it out. Low Kick by Matt. Matt claimed it was over. Matt wanted the Twist of Fate on the steel chair and he got it. Ethan still kicked out at two.

Matt picked up the chair and got ready to bash Ethan’s skull in. Ethan Low Kicked up into Matt’s groin. Ethan was spitting up blood. Ethan slammed Matt’s face into the canvas. Reby came out with a hammer. Rock Star Spud rushed down and grabbed the hammer. Spud urged Ethan to crawl over. Spud slammed the cage door into Ethan’s face. I felt that one was coming. Matt crawled over the body of Ethan to get out of the cage.

Your Winner: Matt Hardy
Lockdown Scorecard: 3.75

The fans screamed “You Sold Out’ at Spud. Matt gave Spud a steel chair and told him to finish off Ethan. Spud used the chair to drive Ethan’s face into the steel ring steps. Spud walked to the back as the newest member of Team Matt. Josh called Spud “a rotten b*stard” as the show drew to a close.


–Jay Shannon

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