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So, the main event is all set for Wrestlemania. Who will battle HHH? We’ll soon see. Plus, as I broke earlier today, the WWE Hall of Fame will get a new inductee and the Vincent J. McMahon Legacy of Excellence Award will be presented. No one has a clue who will get the prestigious award but I’m hoping for Bret Hart.

Raw looked back at how Roman Reigns defeated both Brock Lesnar and Dean Ambrose. It was one of the better matches of the night. Brock was put through two announce tables (Spanish, of course, and English). Brock hit an amazing Double German. Brock almost had it won with the Kimura Lock but Dean attacked with a chair. Dean then went off on Roman with the same chair. Roman Speared and pinned Dean to move on to the Granddaddy of them all. HHH then came out and got right in Roman’s face.

Roll the opening montage.

We are in the Motor City (Detroit).

Raw showed a video where Dean Ambrose was attacked in the parking lot. It was Brock Lesnar who was beating the Hell out of Dean. Guess Dean vs Brock is a go for Mania. Dean was taken to a medical facility to be checked out.

Vincent J McMahon Legacy of Excellence Award Ceremony

Vincent Kennedy McMahon got one Hell of a pop from the crowd. Vince promised that this would be a night that no one will forget. Vince began to ramble on about his family. Vince then gave the award to…Stephanie McMahon. How bogus is that? Stephanie boo hoo’d as she talked about the support she was getting.

Steph did a shout out to her hubby, HHH.


My phone just freaking exploded with calls from my wrestling circle. The fans cut loose with a “Holy S***” chant that I have to echo. “This is Awesome” quickly replaced the former chant. Shano Mac has some serious grey in his hair. He refused to hug his dad. Vince offered a handshake bit Shane pushed the hand away. Shane thanked the fans for the warm welcome. Shane said the award was the straw that broke the camel’s back. He didn’t think Stephanie deserved the honor. Stephanie was so upset that her brother made this all about him. Shane told his sister that she hasn’t earned a thing. Steph gave her sibling the third degree about being gone. Shane chuckled that his sister didn’t know. Shane explained that Stephanie and HHH have been running the company into the ground. Stephanie called Shane a “quitter”.

Shane gave Vince the chance to explain what was going on. Since Vince was hesitant, Shane explained how he saved Vince’s butt, several years back. Shane made a deal with his dad. Shane was able to take time off but he never lost his place in the line. Shane told Stephanie that he has allowed his sister to become so successful. Stephanie tried to get her dad to dispute these claims. Vince asked to chat with his long lost son. Stephanie refused to be dismissed by her father. She wanted answers.

Shane escorted his sister to the ropes and dismissed her. Stephanie told her big brother that he would never forgive him for this. She left the arena. Vince wanted to know how much Shane needed, this time. Shane said this was not about the money. Shane was now free from Vince’s grip. Shane talked about his three boys at home. Shane wanted the WWE to be around for his kids and their kids and so forth. Shane was concerned that the WWE was going down the tubes. Shane demanded control of Monday Night Raw! Vince explained to his son that controlling Raw meant controlling everything. Shane understood that but he was unwilling to budge. Vince began to lose his cool with his son for disrupting everything. Vince offered his son a deal: Shane would get what he wants IF he has one more match. If Shane wins, he gets it all. If he loses, Shane gives up the “lock box” that keeps Vince at bay. Vince pushed Shane to accept, blindly, the match.

Shane thought it over. “You Still Got It” rang out. Shane did agree to his dad’s offer. Vince had one last special beating set for Shane. Shane discussed the beatings he got as a kid and they made him stronger. Vince decided to tell his son that he would fight in Wrestlemania against…The Undertaker! Shane flinched, a bit, but stood firm. So much for Taker vs Sting. Vine then ramped it up to 11 by making the match a Hell in a Cell match! OMG!

Neville, Kalisto and Sin Cara vs The New Day (Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods)
Six Man Tag Team Match

New Day did an insert video about the League of Nations (Booty). Kalisto and Woods opened up this one. Kalisto worked over the arm and hit a wild Dropkick. Woods bailed out of the ring. Raw took another commercial break.

Kalisto had tagged out but came right back in as the show returned. Tag to Sin Cara after Kalisto sent Woods into the ropes. Neville tagged in and hit a Flip Splash for two. Neville worked over the arm of his foe. Cheap shot to Neville’s face by Woods. Neville was pitched into the enemy corner. Superkick by Neville. Kofi tagged in but got hit with a Jawbreaker. Big E with a Belly to Belly Suplex and a goofy little dance.

Unicorn Stampede by New Day. Woods broke out the trombone (sigh). Kofi with a hard running kick to Neville. 2 count. Kofi grounded Neville with an Arm Bar. Arm Drag by Neville. Neville dove for his corner but Kofi caught him and kept him back. Dropkick by Kofi. Woods tagged in and hit a Skidmark Dropkick. Raw went to yet another round of commercials.

We’re back and Neville was fighting for his life. Kofi Snap Mared Neville. Woods took the tag and hit a Slider Dropkick. Big E came in and hit the Super Splash. The Lucha Dragons made the save. Woods was flipped over the top and his face slammed into the ring steps, on the way down. Kofi got legal and prevented the tag out. Neville tagged in to Sin Cara. Cara flew all over the place to rock new Day. Springboard Back Elbow to Kofi. Knife Edge Chops by Cara. Kofi slid out onto the apron. Kofi was knocked off the apron and Sin Cara flew out to deck him.

Springboard Moonsault but Big E stopped a pin. It broke down into total chaos. Neville rocked all three members of the tag championship team. Standing Shooting Star Press off the apron. The Lucha Dragons got involved with high flying moves. Trouble in paradise when Cara stopped to fix his mask.

Your Winners: The New Day
Raw Ranking: 3.5 out of a possible 5

Jojo asked Roman if he had any updates on Dean Ambrose. Roman was still waiting to hear. Jojo then brought up the title match at Wrestlemania. Roman said he was done with corporate tricks and family business. Roman said it was just two guys duking it out for the World title.

The announcers discussed the matches that have already been made for Wrestlemania.

They were stopped by the arrival of Brock Lesanr and Paul Heyman. Paul did the typical introduction thing. Paul said he was there to present the main event of the evening. Paul explained that any segment that features Brock is a main event moment. Paul described how Brock was decimating both opponents, last night. Paul knew Roman would have tapped out but Dean Ambrose hit Brock with a chair. Paul accused Dean of taking a normal Triple Threat match and turns it into a Street Fight. Paul made it clear that this p*ssed off Brock. Dean, according to Paul, took himself out of the event by not paying attention to what was going on around him. Paul was confident that Dean was now totally out of Wrestlemania. Paul reshowed the video of Brock destroying Dean in the parking lot.

Paul claimed there was no Shield that could protect Dean Ambrose. Paul mocked Dean for being reckless. He compared him to skateboarders and other motorized stuntmen. Paul’s microphone died and it ticked him off. He got a new one and stated that Brock was in a destructive mode. Paul was ready for a new victim for his man at Wrestlemania.

A car horn kept going off, backstage. It was an ambulance, returning with Dean Ambrose in it. Dean was in a neck brace but he still drove the ambulance into the arena. Dean ripped the brace off and staggered towards the ring. He was in no shape to fight anyone, especially Brock. Brock came out to meet Dean. Brock just stepped through Dean and walked to the back. Dean grabbed the microphone and told Brock to kiss his *ss. Dean reminded Brock that he was indestructible. Dean challenged Brock to fight him at Wrestlemania, in a No Holds Barred Street Fight. Brock walked back down to the ring. F5! Paul accepted the challenge for his client. The duo then walked to the back. Dean was still down and hurting but there was a small smile on his face.

So, we are about 1:20 into a 3 hour show and we have had ONE match? Seriously?

It was time for another Black History Month moment.

The Usos vs The Ascension

I feel so bad for Viktor and Konnor. They got de-pushed to the extreme. Raw looked back at the attack by the Dudley Boyz, a couple weeks back, on the Usos. The Dudleys came out before the match to talk. Bubba Ray welcomed Jimmy and Jey back. Bubba asked the Usos not to take things personally. The Dudleys just wanted to prove that they were still the best tag team on the planet. Bubba reminded everyone that the tables would never be seen, again. D’Von stepped in and talked trash about Jimmy and Jey’s dad, Rikishi.

The Ascension jumped The Usos, from behind. Viktor drove Jimmy into the corner and tagged in Konnor. Running Boot and tag back to Viktor. Diving Hedbutt brought a two count. Rear Chin Lock on Jimmy. Jimmy flipped out of a Back Drop and tagged his brother, Jey. Jey hit a hard kick and Uppercut. Samoan Drop. Rikishi Run. Double Team on Konnor. Double Superkick led to the Superfly Splash.

Your Winners: Jimmy and Jey Uso
Raw Ranking: 2.0

The Usos urged D’Von and Bubba Ray to get in the ring. That wasn’t going to happen, tonight.

Chris Jericho’s music and video hit. Chris lost a great match to A.J. Styles, at Fastlane. Chris was dressed to fight. The fans showed their love for Y2J. He had a story to share. Jericho brought up A.J. Styles and how much he had heard about him. Jericho admitted he didn’t like Styles from day one. Jericho had to acknowledge that his matches with Styles were, indeed, phenomenal. Jericho waned to say something to A.J. Styles, so he invited P1 to come down and join him.

The fans were split in their chants for “A.J. Styles” and “Y2J”. Jericho admitted that Styles defeated him, last night. Jericho congratulated Styles for proving that he has what it takes to go to the very top of the WWE. Jericho said Styles was phenomenal, just as the name states.

They were interrupted by the arrival of the Social Outcasts. Sigh. They mocked both men for being so nice to each other. Heath called A.J. a “coward”. The four men got in the ring to get up in the faces of Y2AJ. C.J. and Chris were ordered out of the ring. Chris said that maybe he and Styles should team up. Chris challenged the Social Outcasts to a battle.

A.J. Styles and Chris Jeriho vs Heath Slater and Curtis Axel
Special Challenge Match

Dropkick by Styles. Jericho tagged in and hit his own Dropkick. Snap Suplex by Jericho. Tag to Styles. Snap Mare and Slider Clothesline by Styles. He set for eh Styles Clash. Heath blocked it and put Styles on the apron. The other Social Outcasts got involved.

Axel took the tag and dropped Styles. He then stomped away, in the corner. Tag to Heath. Superkick led to a 2 count. Rear Chin Lock by Heath. Styles flipped out of a Back Drop Suplex and hit the Pele. Tag to Axel and tag to Jericho. Shoulder Tackle by Chris. Jericho went up top and hit a modified Ax Bomber. Springboard Dropkick to layout Heath. Running Bulldog by y2J. Lionsault missed on Axel. Jericho wanted the Walls of Jericho. Styles with the Springboard Flying Forearm to Heath. Axel tapped out.

Your Winners: Y2AJ (Chris Jericho and A.J. Styles)—I like the name
Raw Ranking: 2.5

HHH tried to calm his wife down, backstage. She was so aggravated by Shane’s interruption. HHH was ready to end the night on a positive note. Stephanie was off to tell Roman some “good news”.

Stephanie talked with Roman, in the hallway. Stephanie warned Roman that the League of Nations members were stalking him to take out their frustrations on Roman. Stephanie faked worry about Roman getting injured and losing his spot at Mania.

Goldust and R-Truth talked about the foul up at Fastlane. Goldy cost Truth his match against Curtis Axel. Truth was done with all this Golden Truth stuff. Goldy offered Truth a cake. Truth tried to refuse the teaming but Goldy stopped him. Goldust felt they could be the greatest tag team ever. Goldy said he was psychic and could predict Truth’s every move. Truth faked him out and smashed the cake in Goldy’s face. They would make such a good team.

Luke Harper, Erick Rowan and Bray Wyatt (w/Bray Wyatt) vs Ryback, Big Show and Kane

This was a rematch from Fastlane. The Wyatt Family lost in the first encounter. The Wyatts put the sheep masks on Byron Saxton and forced him to continue to wear it. Raw went to break.

Kane tore into Bray as the bell rang. Short Arm Clothesline by the Big Red Monster. Tag to Luke Harper. Ryback also got the tag. The fans were yelling about how bored they were. Ryback unloaded on Luke and tagged to Kane. Luke reversed a Whip and hit a Dropkick. Tag to Eric Rowan. Erick bashed at the shoulder of Kane. Eric stomped away on Kane, in the corner. Erick sent Kane into the corner but Kane came out with a wild Clothesline.

Tag to Ryback. Ryback hit a hard Crossbody on Ryback. Step Up Knee by Ryback. Rowan regained control but only for a moment. Spinebuster by Ruback sent Rowan out to the floor. Raw went to yet another break.

Ryback was still in the ring. Luke Harper had been in control but Big hungry fought back. Michinoku Driver by Luke. Amazing. Erick tagged in and lifted Ryback. He placed him on the top ropes and bashed away. Erick popped Ryback and went up top for a Superplex. Ryback blocked it and pushed Rowan down. Missile Dropkick by Ryback. Wow! Tag to Bray. Tag to Big Show. Show Speared Bray like you would to believe. Show took out Eric and Luke with Big Boots. Chokesla to Erick. Low Bridge by Braun Strowman sent Show tumbling over the ropes. Bray went to work on Show’s ribs and then brought in Harper. Palm Strike by Luke. European Uppercut and straight punches by Harper. Skillet Slap by Show. Luke kept kicking and punching away. Show Goozled Luke but Harper converted the Chokeslam into a Sleeper. Show laid out Harper with a Back Drop Suplex. Bray bellowed for Luke to get back in this one.

Tag to Kane. Kane sent Luke into th e corners and nailed Corner Clotheslines. Sidewalk Slam b Kane led to a Slider Dropkick. Kane took out Bray and Rowan. DDT by Kane and Luke was hurt. Ryback walked away from the match, without explanation. Chokeslam by Kane. Sister Abigail by Bray. 1-2-3.

Your Winners: The Wyatt Family
Raw Ranking: 2.5

The announcers and fans were completely confused by Ryback’s actions.

Raw talked about the WWE coming to Dallas in 41 Days. For me, the countdown clock stands at 37. I hit Dallas on Wednesday evening and leave on the following Monday. I am letting everyone know that there will be no Raw Recap for the night after Wrestlemania (probably). Not sure if Mom has cable. My apologies, in advance.

Ryback was asked why he walked out. He said he didn’t have to prove anything to anyone. He wanted the spotlight on him, not on tag teams. Ryback was ready to bust through the Glass Ceiling.

Sasha Banks vs Naomi (w/Tamina)

The two went into the Collar and Elbow but Sasha took the Side Headlock. Abdominal Stretch by Sasha. Roll Up by Sasha for a two. Jackknife Pin but Naomi Bridged Up. Sasha flipped over the Neckbreaker but got kicked in the ribs. Naomi posed for the crowd. Front Drop Suplex put Sasha on the top rope. Tamona yanked Sasha off the apron. Raw took a break.

Sasha and Naomi both kicked at each other. Sasha threw Naomi down with a Flying Hair Slam. Naomi went to kick Sasha but got a boot to the face and knee. Double Knees by Sasha but she couldn’t’ get the 3. Sasha got caught up top. Tamina went to get involved and Becky lynch got involved. Back Stagger into the BankStatement. Tap Out.

Your Winner (by Submission): Sasha Banks
Raw Ranking: 2.5

Charlotte and Ric Flair came out to taunt Sasha and Becky. Charlotte announced that Sasha and Becky will have to face each other to find out which one would get Charlotte at Wrestlemania. Charlotte tried to psych out Becky but Lynch wasn’t buying it. Charlotte laughed at how much fun the next few weeks were going to be.

Backstage, Sheamus got himself ready to go to war. The rest of the League of Nations were with him.

Stephanie talked with her dad about what Shane had over her dad. Stephanie let her dad know that she would never work for her brother. Vince said he was taking a calculated risk with this idea but he never loses.

The Godfather was announced as the newest member of the Hall of Fame. He was always a favorite. The APA will reunite to induct their old friend. Remember, Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy but getting into the Hall of Fame is well deserved.

Roman Reigns vs Sheamus

The entire League of Nations got in the ring. Three of them left as Sheamus began kicking at Roman. Sheamus yanked on Roman’s arm and threw the shoulder into the corner. Flying Arm Bar by Sheamus. 2 count. Sheamus stayed focused on the injured arm of Roman. That arm was almost broken by the Kimura Lock, at Fastlane.

Roman began to fight back with a Headbutt and Corner Mount Punches. Sheamus dropped Roman over the top rope. Sheamus went right back after the inured arm. Roman got to his feet and bashed the Celtic Warrior. Roman sent Sheamus sailing over the top rope. Roman got to rest, for a moment. He came around and flew off the ring steps to drop Sheamus. Roman tossed the Irishman back in the ring. Running Knee by Sheamus. Rusev took out Roman with a wicked Crescent Kick. The ref, of course, didn’t see a thing. Time for another set of commercials.

Both men were down. Alberto Del Rio, King Barrett and Rusev were ejected, during the break. Irish Curse Backbreaker by Sheamus. Roman ducked the Brogue Kick and nailed the Superman Punch. The fans weren’t exactly cheering for Roman. Reigns came out to get Sheamus. Spear! Just as the ref was about to count out Sheamus, Triple H showed up.

Trip was out in street clothes and had taped fists. Roman slid out of the ring and the fight was on. Roman beat the crap out of HHH, for a moment. HHH turned around and walloped Roman. The pendulum went back and forth as both men laid a heavy beating on the other. Superman Punch! The fans seem to hate that move. Roman sent HHH into the Bullpen. HHH slammed the ring bell into Roman’s throat. Shades of Ricky Steamboat vs “Macho Man” Randy Savage. HHH rammed Roman’s face into the announce desk, multiple times.

Your Winner: Match Thrown Out
Raw Ranking: 3.0

Roman’s face was busted open. HHH pounded on the open cut with machine gun punches. Several refs came out to try and break up this fight. HHH dismantled the ring steps as the medics attended to Roman’s injuries. HHH hit a Pedigree, driving Roman’s face into the steps. DX Crotch Chop to Roman and then The Game walked off. He retrieved his World Title Belt and held it high.


–Jay Shannon

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