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His grand daughter STEPHANIE!

Shane McMahon came to the ring to the surprise of Vincent K. and Stephanie. He took objection to Stephanie getting the award and said the award should not be for her. He told her she didn’t earn it. She retorted that she and her husband Triple H have successfully been running the business.

He then went on to say that she and Triple H have run the company into the ground all under her watch everything has gone down into the ground. She called him a quitter and said “Get the hell out of her ring.” He said it’s their father’s ring and Shane dropped the huge bomb that when Vince had problems ages ago Shane and VKM took time off, started businesses, and made a deal and that he (Shane) let it happen that Stephanie got this far. She asked her dad if this is true. VKM said they will talk backstage. They made a deal (Shane & VKM) that was “best for business.” She left and said “she would never forget this.” Fans chanted “Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah, Hey Hey goodbye.”

Shane said to his dad he is not beholding to to him any more and he wants this business to be around for future family generations and they way it is headed it’s not going that way. Shane wants control of Monday Night Raw. Fans went crazy yelling “yes, yes, yes.” VKM said if you have control of that you have control of the company and they are a public company he can’t just step in like that. VKM said he will give Shane what he wants as long as he has one match one night and he must win to get his wish. If not VKM wants the key to the lock-box–he will tell Shane who, what, where, and when. Fans chanted “you still got it” over and over again. He made it a deal. They bleeped some words that Vince said that but it was obviously about beatings.

VKM said the place and time would be WRESTLEMANIA and his opponent would be — THE UNDERTAKER. It will also be in a “Hell In A Cell.”


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