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The Top Prospect Tourney continued and Steve Corino had one serious surprise for his arch-enemy, B.J. Whitmer. On top of all that, The Young Bucks battled Ach and Matt Sydal.

Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness were our announce team.

Jason Kincaid vs Lio Rush
Top Prospect Tourney Round 1

Code of Honor Handshake. Jason blasted Lio and worked the back. Float Over by Lio. Rush dodged a Clothesline and hit a Jumping Enziguri. Lio went A.J. Styles on Jason with the Flurry. Jason rocked Lio with a Clothesline and then put Lio into a Gory Stretch. I was talking to my buddy, Scooter (a local wrestler), who was beyond impressed and hoped to someday do what this kid is doing. Jason laid out Lio and slapped the kid in the face. Monkey Flip by Lio but Jason countered everything. Kip Up Enziguri by Lio. Lio with an amazing Flip Dive, over the top rope. The fans exploded with glee.

Back in the ring, Lio got a two count. Jason smacked Lio in the face. Jason with a Spinebuster, into the corner. Both men were exhausted. Jason faked out a Coast to Coast but then waited. Jason did a Coast to Coast Baseball Slide!. Flip Dive Blockbuster! Damn. Jason pitched Lio back in the ring and tried for the cover. 2 count. Jason went up top and flew. He missed his target. Lio hit a Standing C4! Holy crap, that was impressive as all Hell.

Your Winner: Lio Rush
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.25 out of a possible 5

Caprice Coleman and Will Ferrara vs Silas Young and the Beer City Bruiser

No Code of Honor Handshake, this time around. Silas started against Caprice. Collar and Elbow and they went to the ropes. Silas pushed Caprice nad the slugfest broke out. Silas kicked away but Caprice laid out Silas. 2 count. Knee Strike to Silas’ neck and tag to Will. Will blasted the ribs but Silas ran Will into the corner.

Silas popped Will and tried for a Whip. Standing Switch and Will rolled up Silas. 2 count and then a German. Silas rolled to his corner. Tag to Bruiser. Will Face Washed BcB. Scoop Slam failed. Bruiser blocked a German. Will tried for a Scoop Slam but BcB shifted his weight and fell on top of Will. BcB pounded away and Scoop Slammed Will. Tag to Silas. Springboard Stomp. Bruiser got his shot in, as well.

The two heels went back and forth with tags. Will blasted both foes. Silas snapped Will’s neck. Back Drop Driver by BcB. Moonsault by Silas. Frog Splash by BcB. Caprice made the save. BcB prevented the tag and rushed Will to the enemy corner. The Real Men worked over Will with several hard shots. Bruiser missed het Cannonball. Tag to Caprice. Coleman dropped Silas with a serious jab to the face. Ax Kick by Caprice to Silas. Springboard Leg Lariat to send BcB to the floor. Silas kicked Coleman. Caprice came right back and hit a Hurancanrana. BcB prevented the pin. BcB put Caprice up top. Will put Bcb into a wicked Powerbomb. Will hurt his back with that one. Caprice went to dive but Silas stopped eth Sky Splitter. Silas laid out Will.

The Boys rushed out and distracted Young nad Bruiser. Sky Splitter to Silas!

Your Winners: Will Ferrara and Caprice Coleman (The Enlightenment)
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.0

B.J. Whitmer and Adam Page came out to the ring. Whitmer was confident that no one in the back wanted to fight him. Whitmer knew that Steve Corino didn’t really have any friends in Ring of Honor. Steve’s music hit and “The King of Old School” walked out on the stage. Whitmer mistakenly thought Corino was going to fight him. Steve knew everyone was tired of Whitmer’s ignorance. Steve clarified that he was not going to fight, right now. Instead, Whitmer was introduced to…Adam Page! Yep, Adam turned on his mentor and the fight was seriously on. The two went wild and wooly on each other. Security and refs rushed in to break things up. They got laid out by Page, who was trying to get to Whitmer.

The 14th Anniversary Show card was updated. It looks incredible.

Mark Briscoe vs Tim Hughes

Tim refused the Code of Honor Handshake. Tim is a student of Brutal Bob Evans. Collar and Elbow and Mark took a Side Headlock. Mark kicked at Tim, over and over. Flying Clothesline by Mark. 2 count. Mark drew back then took him down, hard. 2 count. Mark unleashed a little Redneck Kung Fu and took Tim into a Fireman’s Carry> Tim escaped and walked around before putting down Mark with a Side Slam.

Tim screamed at Mark, who yelled back. Shout Out to Bob. Mark just waited and hit Palm Strikes and Slaps. Mark ushered the ref out of harm’s way and hit a Jumping Enziguri. Hard Whip and Corner Splash by Mark. Fisherman’s Buster by Mark. Mark scaled the ropes for Frroggie Bo.

Your Winner: Mark Briscoe
Honor Roll Ranking: 2.5

ACH and Matt Sydal (they so need a team name) vs The Young Bucks
Non-Title Match

The streamers just drenched the ring as the Bucks got in for this main event match. There was some serious tension before this one got started. The fans called for Superkicks. Ring of Honor took a quick break before things got rolling.

Matt Jackson shoved his title belt in Sydal’s face. Sydal pushed it away. Superkick. Assisted Dropkick by the Jackson brothers. Suicide Dive to send ACH into the barricade. Kevin Kelly talked about getting Superkicked, the last time Nick and Matt Jackson were in action. Sydal flew over the top and they worked over Matt Jackson. ACH took the tag and hit a Double Stomp on Jackson, while Sydal held Matt. Nick was also taken out. Superkick! Wicked Double Hurancanrana, by Sydal, that led to Double Superkicks! There was time for one more commercial break.

Nice Double Team on ACH. Springboard Dropkick to drop Sydal. Nick mocked his foes by faking out a tag. The Jacksons had a miscommunication and ACH took advantage. Shoulder by Ach into the Get Over Here on Matt Jackson. Sydal wanted the tag, in the worst way. He got it. Flip Springboard Hurancanarana. Sydal blocked the Superkick and hit the Sliced Leg Drop. Standing Moonsault for 2. Basement Dropkick by Matt. Springboard X Factor on ACH. Sydal took out both Bucks. ACH went for the Suicide Dive but got Superkicked in mid-flight! Sydal escaped More Bang for your Buck. Sydal went up top but missed the Shooting Star Press. Superkick. Buckle Bomb into a Cannonball. Assisted Senton but Sydal kicked out at two.

More Bang for Your Bick failed. Ach came back with the Warrior’s Way. Sydal nailed the Shooting Star Press!

Your Winners: ACH and Matt Sydal
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.5


–Jay Shannon

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