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Ethan Carter III made his return to the ring, after suffering a devastating loss to Matt Hardy. What would be next for EC2?

Welcome to the United Kingdom. Yep, TNA has hopped the Big Pond for a grande tour. Impact ran an excellent video package about what to expect.

This is MAXIMUM IMPACT, Week 1.

Matt Hardy emerged with his full crew, including Baby Maxell. Tyrus is now the World’s Largest Babysitter (they said it first). Matt corrected the fans that he did not to Sell Out, as he was already filthy rich. Matt wasn’t there to defend the World Title, he wanted to spread the Matt Hardy Brand. Matt drew all kinds of cheap heat by putting himself over as so much better than the peasants.

Tyrus took over and said Ethan was not going to show up. Tyrus claimed EC3 was a coward who only became successful because Tyrus made it happen. Reby yelled at the fans that Ethan was a loser, which is why the fans cheered for him.

Matt got back on the microphone and screamed he destroyed the undestroyables. Matt said Jeff Hardy would not be back because Eric Young destroyed Jeff with the Piledriver. Matt ordered Dixie Carter to come out and face him. Matt wanted to show Dixie how to run a successful company. Matt demanded that Dixie Carter FIRE Ethan Carter III.

Dixie Carter arrived, backstage.

(Bobby) Lashley vs Bram (w/Eric Young)

Bram and Eric bragged about ending Jeff Hardy. Bram was now inspired to follow in his mate’s footsteps.

School Boy by Lashley, to open. Eric got on the apron to distract. Bobby sent Bram to the corner and hit Corner Shoulders. Stall Suplex by Bobby. Rolling Leg Lariat by Bram. Bobby bailed out but quickly rushed back in to hit a La Bandera Clothesline. The fight continued on the floor. Lashley hopped up on the apron but Eric tripped him. The ref, of course, didn’t see a thing. Bram pitched Bobby back in the ring and began to work the neck. Elbow Drops led to a Rear Chin Lock. Bram stopped a Universal and dropped Lashley. Bram went back to the Rear Chin Lock. The two men traded knees.

Bobby hit a hard Clothesline, Back Elbow and Scoop Slam. Corner Clothesline and Corner Shoulders by Bobby. Bobby with a Tilt-a-Whirl Bulldog Bounce. Bram hit the Brighter Side of Suffering. Eric screamed at his partner. Eric wanted to hurt Lashley. Eric hit Bram, by mistake. Spears to both men.

Your Winner: (Bobby) Lashley
Impact Scorecard: 2.0 out of a possible 5

Reby and Matt chatted backstage. Matt saw potential threats from Dixie and Ethan Carter. Tyrus brought in special security to protect the Hardy Family.

Kurt Angle came out to a huge response from the London fans. Kurt thanked the fans for their response. Kurt acknowledged that the fans were making it hard to say “Farewell”. Kurt felt this was “Real…Damn Real”. Kurt thanked the fans for making him a success. They thanked him back. Kurt announced that his next opponent was going to be…

Maria Kanellis-Bennett came out to talk with Kurt about a Miracle. Maria accused Kurt of being fake and manufactured. She wanted everyone to meet someone real…”Miracle” Mike Bennett. Mike and Maria came to the ring.

Mike talked about watching and studying Kurt, when Mike was a kid. Mike claimed he used to tell his mommy that he was going to grow up and beat Kurt. Angle warned Mike to back up and get out of his face. Mike told Kurt that he was the Miracle needed to topple Kurt. Mike wanted to fight Kurt and defeat him.

Kurt said Maria was a beautiful woman but she had bad taste in men. Kurt laid out Mike after saying Bennett would need a miracle. The Bennetts rolled out of the ring. Kurt said he would not wrestle someone he does not respect. Kurt DOES respect Drew Galloway.

Speaking of Drew, he came from the back. He held up his Feast or Fired briefcase.

Beer Money discussed coming out to the ring. Bobby mentioned budget cuts. He did give Storm back his infamous…Boozer Cruiser! Bobby Roode was ready to cash in their briefcase and go for the World Tag Team Titles. Yean, baby.
Trevor Lee (w/Gregory Shane Helms) vs Tigre Uno
X-Division Title Match

Lee did his best to avoid Tigre. Lee went to the floor and Tigre hit a Corkscrew Plancha to drop Lee. Tigre tossed Lee back in the ring. Tigre ducked and dodged Lee and nailed a Spinning Heel Kick. Hurancanrana DDT by Tigre brought a two count. Tigre applied a modified Abdominal Stretch. Inside Out Clothesline by Lee. Helms was happy to see his protégé remain in control. Lee stomped away on Tigre. Huge Biel by Lee. Lee drove his knee into Tigre’s back and cranked on the arm. Lee with a wild twisting pin but it only gained him a two count.

Side Headlock by Lee but Tigre Elbowed free. Tigre with a Flip Kick. Lee tumbled out of the ring. Tigre hit a Hurancanrana, on the floor. He sprang off the ring steps to set it up. Lee blasted Tigre into the ring steps. Lee methodically stalked his foe. Big Boot by Lee. Helms distracted, which allowed Lee to hit the Fisherman’s Buster.

Your Winner: Trevor Lee
Impact Scorecard: 2.75

James Storm and Bobby Roode came out to the ring. The fans loved seeing the Boozer Cruiser, again. I was happy to see it, as well. Impact needed to take a quick break.

Beer Money had something to say. They wanted a ref and The Wolves to come to the ring. They were so ready to cash in. Instead, they got Decay (Rosemary, Crazzy Steve and Abyss). Rosie cut a bizarre promo about death, rot and decay. I finally figured out just who the weird chick is. She was in the last couple of PWI Top 50 Women. Bobby was ready to just kick *ss.

Beer Money vs Decay

The fight went wild and wooly on the floor. Steve was thrown in the ring and Storm hit a Back Elbow. Tag to Roode. Side Russian Leg Sweep/ Knee Drop combo by Beer Money. Bobby locked in the Sharpshooter but Abyss rushed in and attacked. Abyss choked Bobby with the boot. Abyss ran Bobby into the corner and then screamed at the fans. Corner Splash by Abyss. Steve did a seriously creepy tag.

Steve ripped into Bobby and pulled him to the Decay corner. Tag to Abyss. Abyss ripped at Bobby’s face. Goozle by Abyss but Bobby Elbowed free. Bobby wanted a tag but Abyss stopped him. Double R Spinebuster by Bobby Roode. Tags on both sides. Storm ran over Steve and hit the Slingblade (Storm calls it the Calf Wrangler). Back Stabber by Storm. The sides both tagged out. Bobby hit the Blockbuster. Beer Money Suplex to Steve. They then did the same thing to Abyss. Time to Dance. DWI to Steve. Abyss pulled the ref out of the ring.

Your Winner (by Disqualification): Beer Money
Impact Scroecard: 2.75

Rosemary got in the ring to face off with Bobby Roode. Steve hit a Low Blow. Steve then cracked Storm in the face with the tag belts, which should belong to The Wolves. Abyss brought out Janice. Suddenly, the growl came through the speakers. The Wolves rushed down, sporting steel chairs. Rosemary wanted them to hit her but they wouldn’t. Eddie and Davey took the stick and said they wanted their tag belts back. The Wolves have now targeted Decay, so they issued a challenge for a title fight. Abyss wants the title match to be a Monster’s Ball Match…next week. Sweet! The Wolves accepted. Let the Hunt Begin!

Reby Sky-Hardy chatted with Dixie Carter. She explained that Matt just wanted to “help” Dixie make things better.

Grado rushed out and got a microphone from Jeremy Borash. Grado finally realized that he got screwed over and fired. Grado had proof that he was screwed over. Before he could show it, E-Li Drake came from the back. Drake said he was going to have security escort Grado out of the building. Grado escaped Security and went after Drake. Grado had something in his hand as he ran towards the back.

Drew Galloway was asked about his upcoming battle with Kurt Angle. Drew said he was on Home Soil, tonight. Drew was confident that he would defeat Kurt.

Madison Rayne vs Jace

Rayne was originally set to face Awesome Kong, but Kong got sent home for a backstage incident with Reby Sky-Hardy. Rayne flew off the apron and took out all three remaining Dollhouse members. Maddie pitched Jade back in the ring. Jade kicked Rayne in the head. Jade hit modified Danielson Kicks to Maddie. Jade hit a Forearm to Maddie’s chest. Thrust Kick by Jade to drop Madison. Wicked Surfboard by Jade. (I SO Hate that damn move, been there…done that…back STILL stings).

Jade choked Madison on the ropes. Rebel played with Maddie’s hair. Step Up Enziguri by Madison. Madison hit strong Forearms to Jade. Maddie slid out of the ring and then went up top. Flying Crossbody by Madison pulled her a two count. Madison attacked Marti Belle and Rebel. Jade almost pinned the distracted Madison. Cradle Piledriver by Jade.

Your Winner: Jade
Impact Scorecard: 1.5

The Dollhouse attacked Madison, 3-on-1. Gail Kim rushed down to protect Madison. Eat da Feet to Rebel. Gail then took out the other two Dollhousers.

Grado rushed in and swore he has been screwed. He rambled on until told to stop. E-Li Drake came in and pulled Grado away. Drake knocked out Grado before the kid could explain what was going on.

Drew Galloway vs Kurt Angle
Angle’s Farewell Tour Match

Standing Switches by both men. Kurt took control of the arm. Drew reversed it and Arm Barred the Olympian. Arm Drag into a Seated Arm Bar by Drew. Back Drop High and Tight Suplex by Kurt. Rear Chin Lock by Kurt. Back Elbow by Kurt on the break. Kur then went back to the Rear Chin Lock. Drew punched his way free. Double Clotheslines put Kurt and Drew down. Perfect time for a commercial break.

Drew flew off the top and landed in the Angle Lock. Drew rolled under to send Kurt into the corner. Drew reversed the Backslide and hit the Future Shock DDT. Drew sent Kurt sailing to the outside with the Clothesline. The fight wen to the floor and Drew Knife Edge Chopped Kurt. He also dropped Kurt on the metal railing. Kurt caught Drew with an Angle Slam onto the ring steps.

Both men got back in the ring. Angle Slam but the ref only made it to two. Drew rocked Kurt and rushed the corner. Inverted Alabama Slam by Drew but it got a 2 not 3. The two fought up on the ropes. Drew picked up Kurt for a variation of the Celtic Cross. That was so close to 3. Kurt launched Drew with the German. Claymore by Drew. Drew then nailed a 2nd one. 1-2-Kick Out! Drew went up on the ropes and waited. He missed a 3rd Claymore, off the ropes. Hat Trick Germans by Kurt. Angle Slam. Kurt went to the outside and climbed the ropes. Frog Splash for a two. Angle Lock reapplied. Drew kicked free. Drew threw Kurt into the post. Claymore number 3. Kurt was busted open. Adjusted Crippler Crossface by Drew. Kurt would not give in. Kurt rolled over and put on another Angle Lock. God, this is like Austin vs Rock…Finishers to the infinite level. Drew got free nad put back on the Crossface hold. Kurt actually TAPPED OUT!

Your Winner (by Submission): Drew Galloway
Impact Scorecard: 4.0

Matt Hardy and his posse were waiting in the ring. Matt ordered Dixie to come out to the ring. You just don’t order a girl from Dallas to do anything she don’t wanna do.

Dixie came out and she was neither amused nor impressed by Matt’s ranting. Matt cut off Dixie to brag about being the best thing to happen to TNA. Matt shrieked at how all this happened because of how Ethan infected the company like a cancer. A cancer that should be cut out. Matt yelled that Ethan was a menace to society. Matt bellowed that Dixie had to fire Ethan, immediately. Matt kept yelling.

Rock Star Spud emerged from the back. He walked to the ring with a major purpose. Spud asked Madame to step back and he got up in Matt’s face. Spud knew what a bad guy Ethan could be, since he did so much bad stuff to him. Spud told Matt to shut up. Matt tried to push Spud around but the little Brit wasn’t going to take orders from anyone. Spud ripped off his bowtie and then screamed “No!” at Matt. Spud respected the fact that Ethan always does what he says he will do. Spud accused Matt of being afraid of Ethan and is running “like a little b*tch”. Tyrus attacked Spud.

Tyrus and Reby kicked Spud out of the ring. Matt commanded Dixie to fire EC3!

The lights went out and Ethan made his way from the back. Ethan ripped off his shirt and took out matt’s personal Security Force. Ethan then beat the snot out of Tyrus. Matt got the Hell out of Dodge as Ethan rushed the ring. Ethan stopped, for just a moment, to look at Aunt D and Spud. He didn’t say anything but walked up the ramp.


–Jay Shannon

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