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Ethan Carter III knew everyone wanted to know what he was thinking. Ethan gave the cameraman directions to a location for an interview with him.

Matt Hardy came out with Reby Sky-Hardy and Tyrus. Impact flashed back to how Eric Young destroyed Jeff Hardy, last week. Matt said you sometimes have to work with people you hate and make tough decisions about those you love. The fans chanted for Jeff but Matt swore he would not be there. Matt suggested karma attacked his brother, by way of Eric Young’s Piledriver.

Reby stepped up and said it didn’t have to be this way. Reby didn’t appreciate hearing that Matt was always in Jeff’s shadow. Reby knew it wasn’t true. Reby accused Jeff of being jealous of his brother’s success. Matt said what happened was good for the “Matt Hardy Brand”.

Eric Young then joined the party, along with Bram. Eric was certain that he had put Jeff out, for good. Eric took Jeff’s career because Jeff took Eric’s spot as number one contender. Eric said he didn’t have a problem with Matt, other than he wanted the belt.

They were all cut off by the arrival of Kurt Angle. Kurt accused Matt of degrading the World Title. Kurt announced that he would fight Matt Hardy, tonight, for the World title…as part of Kurt’s farewell tour. Matt suggested that Kurt had manipulated the powers-that-be to jump the line and get the title shot. Kurt knew he was out-numbered…until Beer Money showed up. A huge fight broke out. The Wolves jumped in the brawl. It led to a Hardcore Brawl being set up.

Aiden O’Shea vs Lashley


Aiden tried for an Exploder but it failed. Raquel, a beautiful girl, watched everything Lashley did. Lashely came out to talk to Raquel but Aiden got in a Sucker Punch. Headbutt by Aiden. Rear Chin Lock by Aiden. Scoop Slam by Lashley. Corner Shoulder Thrust by Lashley. Stall Suplex by Lashley. Spear!

Your Winner: Lashley
Impact Scorecard: 2.0 out of a possible 5

Raquel got in the ring and told Lashley she promised that he would see her again. She told him she could bring him pain or pleasure. Everyone was confused by this whole thing.

Ethan waited to do the interview, a little later on.

Maria came out to talk with the crowd. Maria wanted to talk about women’s wrestling, not her hubby. Maria wanted to be the leader of the division, an arrow to point them in the right direction. Maria proclaimed herself to be Maria Kanellis-Bennett and she is the First Lady of Professional Wrestling. Maria wanted to oust the old and bring in the new.

Gail Kim came out to see what the heck Maria was talking about. Gail reminded Maria that they have known each other for a long time. Maria said Gail was only a wrestler, while she was a businesswoman and idol to young girls. Maria started sounding like Bo Dallas as she went on about helping take Gail to the next level. Gail challenged Maria to fight her. Maria said people like Gail work for her. Gail lost it and got right up in Maria’s face. Gail was ready to fight. Maria took flight.

The Wolves and Beer Money chatted backstage. The Wolves understood that Storm and Roode would be coming after them, somewhere down the road. Bobby played peacemaker to keep all sides focused on the common enemy.

James Storm, Bobby Roode, Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards vs Eric Young, Bram, Crazzy Steve and The Monster, Abyss
Hardcore War, Eight Man Weapons Match

Each competitor got to choose the weapon of their liking for this wild battle. Davey came out with a steel chair. Steve had a baseball bat thing. Davey pounded on Steve’s skull, in the corner. Flip Throw by Steve. Davey ran Steve into the corner. Steve with a modified Sling Blade. The bat that Steve brought out was encircled by a chain. A new person would come out, every 2 minutes. Steve picked up the steel chair. Davey got the bat. Davey used the bat to knock Steve into next week. It was time for another partner for this insane dance…

Bram ran to the ring with a Turnbuckle. Davey didn’t give the Brit a chance to use it. The two went out to the floor and slugged it out. Bram ran Davey into the steel railing. Bram whipped Steve into a Cannonball. Bram bounced Davey’s face off the ring steps. Bram and Steve took turns working over Davey until the arrival of…

James Storm. Storm came out with a beer keg. Storm blasted Bram and sent him down the ramp. Storm drove Bram into the ring steps. Storm put the keg between Bram’s legs. He then picked up a chair and smacked it into the keg. Every man in the world just flinched. The fans screamed at Storm to do it again so he did. Charlotte isn’t going to be happy for some time. Time for another entrant…

Eric Young. Young had a Singapore Cane aka Kendo Stick. Young took out all the faces with the cane. Young choked Davey with the cane. Impact took a quick break.

Eddie Edwards joined during the break. They Double Teamed Steve. Not sure what “toy” Eddie brought to the ring. Young bounced Eddie off the ring steps. A chair was placed around Davey’s neck and he was sent into the ring post. Eddie wanted a Powerbomb on Bram but didn’t get it. Eric used a trash can lid on Eddie’s skull.

Abyss was next to join. Abyss had Janice as his weapon. The crazy chick from Decay came out with Abyss. Steve took the Singapore Cane and started swinging. Eddie was choked with the cane. Storm drove a chair into Abyss’ ribs, over and over. There was still one more to join this lunatic party. Davey tried to used the Cane on Abyss but got Chokeslamemd. Abyss punched down Eddie. Time for…

Bobby Roode. The Canadian brought the hockey stick to the fight. He went off on all his enemies like there was no tomorrow. Double R Spinebuster by Roode to Young. Abyss Chokeslamemd Bobby. The Wolves worked together to Warrior’s Way into a chair on Abyss’ back. Bram attacked The Wolves. Steve bit Storm in the head. Everyone lined up for a 4-way Suplex. The Wolves and Beer Money did the Beer Money chant, together. Abyss clocked everyone in sight. Black Hole Slam to Eddie. Bobby and Bram went wild and crazy, on the floor. Storm and Eric fought on the entrance ramp. Bram, Abyss, Storm and Roode fought to the back. Davey got his title belt but didn’t get to use it. Steve Misted Davey and Abyss blasted Davey with the title belt.

Your Winners: Bram, Eric Young, Abyss and Crazzy Steve
Impact Scorecard: 3.75

Kurt talked with Drew, backstage. Drew praised Kurt for being the best in the business. Drew hoped to get to face Kurt for the World title, soon.

Drew Galloway vs Tyrus

The ManDinosaur jumped Drew, at the bell. Tyrus choked Drew on the ropes and yelled at The Pope. Tyrus missed a Corner Splash. Drew flew off the top but took a Headbutt to the chest. 2 count for Tyrus. Rear Chin Lock by Tyrus, augmented by Elbow Drops. Cravat by Tyrus. Drew Elbowed free and hit a series of Knife Edge Chops. Clothesline by Tyrus. Tyrus stood on Drew’s hand. Tyrus with a Hammer Throw to crumble Drew in the corner.

Exploder Suplex by Tyrus. Tyrus missed the Corner Splash. Drew punched away. Knife Edge Chops by Drew. Drew kicked and stomped away on Tyrus. Flying Clothesline by Drew. Drew tried for the Future Shock DDT but Tyrus blocked it. Tyrus climbed up top for an Avalanche but Drew converted it into a wicked Powerbomb. Drew tuned up the band and got ready for the finishing shot. He didn’t get to unleash it as the lights went out.

Maria came out to unleash The Miracle (Mike Bennett). Mike clocked Drew with the briefcase.

Your Winner: No Contest
Raw Ranking: 2.0

Mike taunted Drew, who was so stunned he could not respond. Mike said he was the Miracle that TNA needs, not Drew. He bashed Drew, again, with the briefcase.

Lashley and Kurt talked backstage.

Tigre Uno vs Gregory Shane Helms
X-Division Title Match

Helms came out in street clothes. Helms explained he wasn’t the one who would fight Tigre. Helms brought out his student…Trevor Lee.

Tigre Uno vs Trevor Lee
X-Division Title Match

Trevor has already been tag team champ in TNA. Lee charged but Tigre mostly avoided the challenger. Lee rocked Tigre with Uppercuts and a Whip. Tigre hit a Dropkick. Tigre hopped onto the apron. Shoulder into Lee’s ribs. Tigre flew off the ropes. Lee hit a vicious Forearm. Lee mounted Tigre and punched away. Tigre worked over Lee but got flipped inside out by Lee. 2 count.

Rear Chin Lock by Lee. Tigre got up to his feet but didn’t stay there long. Lee rubbed his elbow into Tigre’s face. Hard Whip by Lee into th e corner. Helms just kicked back and watched. Tigre dodged a Splash. Tigre missed a Dropkick. Lee lifted up Tigre but almost got pinned. Big Boot by Lee. Lee pitched Tigre out to the apron. Hurancanrana by Tigre, off the apron. Missile Dropkick by the champ. Lee with a Standing Switch. Roll Up by Tigre. Enziguri by Tigre. Standing Stomp into a Fisherman’s Buster.

Your Winner (and NEW X-Division Champion): Trevor Lee
Impact Scorecard: 3.0

Ethan discussed his lengthy run as an undefeated wrestler. Ethan finally woke up when he got demolished for the World title. Ethan finally knew he was never unbeatable. Ethan congratulated Matt Hardy (and several others) for finally ending The Streak. Ethan pondered what he should do next. Ethan said he would end Matt’s run, during the UK Tour. Ethan warned Matt that he was bringing Hell to Matt Hardy.

Kurt Angle vs Matt Hardy
TNA World Title Match

Matt jumped Kurt after Reby distracted Angle. Matt sent Kurt into the corner and then nailed a Bulldog. 1 count only. Punt by Matt. Matt urged Kurt to get up and face him. Matt choked Kurt on the ropes. Tyrus popped Kurt as the ref was distracted. Matt Elbowed Kurt in the neck, multiple times. Snap Mare by Matt into a Rear Chin Lock.

Kurt got up to his feet and worked the ribs. Shoulder Tackle and Clothesline by Kurt. Matt kicked Kurt in the face but Kurt immediately nailed a Belly to Belly and Hat Trick Germans. The fans started yelling “Suplex City”. Angle Slam brought a two for Angle. Impact went to commercial.

Kurt had Matt trapped in the Angle Lock as the show returned. Matt rolled under to send Kurt sailing out of the ring. Tyrus went over to attack Pope. The fans called for D’Angelo to get up and start whupping on the tattooed behemoth. Kurt blocked the Twist of Fate and applied another Angle Lock. Matt rolled forward to almost pin Kurt. Side Effect brought Kurt a two. Angle Slam but Matt kicked out at two. Matt and Kurt traded hard shots. Matt raked Kurt’s eyes. Germans, again, by Kurt. Kurt was up to 11 when Matt grabbed the ref. Back Elbow and Low Blow by Matt. Twist of Fate. 2 count.

Matt bounced around and set for another Twist of Fate. Kurt blocked it and hit even more Germans. Take that, Brock. Tyrus and Reby got involved. Matt finished off Kurt with a Twist of Fate off the ropes.

Your Winner: Matt Hardy
Impact Scorecard: 2.0


–Jay Shannon

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