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Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman came out to open the show. The fans chanted ”Suplex City”. Paul did his typical intro of himself and Brock. Paul first wanted to talk about how Bray Wyatt and crew screwed Brock out of the title picture. Paul warned that Brock will, somewhere down the road, evoke the 11th Commandment “Thou shall not intentionally provoke Brock Lesnar”. Paul said Stephanie did what was “Beast for Business” in making the Triple Threat Match at Fastlane. Paul explained that Brock would be taking both Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose to Suplex City at Fastlant. Brock will then go to Wrestlemania and destroy Triple H for the World Title. Paul reminded everyone that Roman has already felt the power of Brock. Paul then began to insult Dean Ambrose.

That brought out the Lunatic Fringe, Dean. Dean got right up in Brock’s face. That brought a smile to Brock’s face. Dean called Paul “Porky” and asked who he was calling a “Nut Job”. Dean knew this might be a bad idea but he wasn’t crazy or stupid or scared (of Brock). Dean admitted he had all the respect in the world for Brock. Dean made it clear that he wants the World Title, even though he has to fight his own “brother” to get it. Dean was aware of the beatings that he was going to get from Brock and Roman. Dean asked Brock to unleash the worst beating he has ever given. Dean claimed he was the Iron Man of the WWE. Dean was certain he could take the title from HHH. Dean then walked away.

Wanted to send out prayers to Bret Hart and Blackjack Mulligan. Both men are dealing with health issues. Mulligan is hospitalized in Florida for an undisclosed medical issue. Bret just announced that he is dealing with prostate cancer.

Kalisto vs Rusev (w/Lana)
Noon-Title Match

Kalisto will face Alberto Del Rio at Fastlane. Tonight, Kalisto had to deal with the Bulgarian Brute. Del Rio said Kalisto’s wins were merely flukes. Collar and Elbow and Rusev took the diminutive battler to the corner. Rusev took Kalisto to a different corner. Kalisto slipped under and kicked away. Rusev shoved Kalisto hard enough to send him out of the ring.

Back in the ring, Rusev hit a knee. Kalisto wanted a Hurancanrana but didn’t have the strength. Kalisto kicked away after breaking free from Rusev. Rusev shoved Kalisto away. Rusev lifted up Kalisto but the Luchador used the ropes to flip Rusev to the outside. Kalisto flew over the ropes but took a boot to the face. Raw went to break.

Rusev had Kalisto trapped in a Bear Hug, as we returned to the show. Del Rio swore Kalisto would never beat him, again. Wicked Tornado DDT by Kalisto. Enziguri by the US Champ into Dropping the Dime. Corkscrew Plancha by Kalisto. Bulgarian Blaster Spin Slam by Rusev. 1-2-Not Yet. Rusev charged and hit the post. 2 count for Kalisto. Kalisto Dropkicked the knee and hit the Seated Hurancanrana. Rusev headed to the floor. Kalisto dove off the top but Rusev caught him. Kalisto escaped the Fallaway Sla m and Dropkicked Rusev into the ring steps. The ref started to count. Rusev threw Kalisto onto the announce desk. Kalisto hit another Hurancanrana and then got back in the ring.

Your Winner (by Count Out): Kalisto
Raw Ranking: 3.0 out of a possible 5

Stephanie chatted with Dean and Roman. She took pride in poking the mad dog with a big stick (her sarcasm). Roman told Stephanie that either Dean or Roman would be one step closer, after Fastlane. Stephanie brought up the splits between strong friendships, including Marty and Shawn, Randy and the Evolution and even within The Shield. Stephanie said Dean would get tired of being Roman’s sidekick. Stephanie made a main event of Dean and Roman vs The New Day.

The announcers discussed Nikki Bella’s surgery and recovery prognosis. Renee Young interviewed Brie Bella. Brie said her sister was at home, watching the WWENetwork. Brie was cut off by Charlotte and Rick Flair. Charlotte felt the neck injury to Nikki just might be her fault and she could care less. If looks could kill…

Jimmy and Jey Uso vs Curtis Axel and Adam Rose

Lilian messed up and called the Usos “Grammy” award winning. Heath cut a promo about the Social Outcasts being family. They noticed that Bo Dallas wasn’t with them (Bo was with his grandpa, Blackjack Milligan, in Florida). They claimed Bo was in the studio working on an album.

The bell rang and the two men circled each other. Axel stomped away on Jey. Rose took the tag and hit a Flying Knee Drop, off the ropes. Heath barked orders as Axel tagged in and worked over Jey. Axel tied up Jey with a rear Chin Lock. Axel bent backwards to add more pressure. Axel hit a nice Dropkick to flatten Jey. Rose tagged back in and went straight to the Rear Chin Lock. Heath jumped on the apron and showboated. Rose clubbed the back but Jey nailed an Enziguri.

Tag to Jimmy. He took out all three members. Superkick to Adam and tag back to Jey. Double Superkick to Rose. Jey went to the Penthouse and Frog Splashed Rose.

Your Winners: The Usos
Raw Ranking: 2.75


The Miz was there to interview the newest superstar in WWE…A.J. Styles! Miz discussed Styles’ abilities and world-wide appeal. Miz knew A.J.’s story was “Phenomenal”. I love Styles’ new music. Styles and Miz shook hands and Miz praised the Georgia native. Miz wanted to know just who is A.J. Styles? Miz began to poke fun at how small Styles is. Miz mentioned how dedicated Styles was, even in high school football. Miz discussed Styles’ path to the WWE. Miz asked Styles where he would go from here. He never let Styles answer. Miz then started to mock Daniel Bryan. Miz stated he helped father the “Yes” movement. Miz offered to mentor A.J. Styles. Miz was so offended that the fans would dare to boo him. Miz flipped the script and began to insult Styles and stated that Styles would drown in the WWE if A.J. kept listening to the fans. Miz got riled up and decided that Styles would never make it. A.J. got fed up and beat the crap out of Miz. Miz rolled out to the floor and ran up the ramp. Styles screamed at Miz if he knew who A.J. was…now.

Brie Bella vs Charlotte (w/Ric Flair)
Non-Title Match

Charlotte did push-ups before the match. Brie kicked the leg of Charlotte and unleashed the Danielson Kicks to Charlotte’s chest. Slider Dropkick to the champ. Brie went for Brie Mode (the Knee Trembler) but Charlotte dumped Brie to the outside. Charlotte brought Brie back in the ring and slammed her face into the canvas, several times. Rear Chin Lock by Charlotte. Charlotte threw Brie down hard. Snap Mare into the Push Up Face Plants by Charlotte. Charlotte rolled over and put the pressure on the Leg Scissors. Brie Bridged back and almost pinned the champ. Flying Clotheslines and a Running Bulldog by Brie. 2 count. Brie countered a Backslide into one of her own. Charlotte caught Brie on the ropes. Brie went for a Sleeper and Ric got up on the apron. Alicia Fox came around and got mouthy with Ric. Charlotte broke the sleeper. Charlotte wanted the Figure Eight but Brie rolled up Charlotte for the surprise win!

Your Winner: Brie Bella
Raw Ranking: 2.5

Raw looked at Big Show’s recent feud with the Wyatt Family.

Michael Cole mentioned Bret Hart’s fight with Prostate Cancer.

The Wyatt Family music went off. Bray wasn’t with his troops, as he is also with his real-life family, down in Florida.

Erick Rowan vs Big Show

Braun Strowman and Luke Harper were with their “Brother”. Big Show threatened to hit both men with the ring steps. Show worked Erick’s ribs with hard punches. Erick came back with his own hard punches. Big Show reversed a Suplex that sent Erick flying. Clothesline and shove by Show. Show Shoulder Tackled Erick and called for the Chokeslam. Brayn and Luke tried to distract but got laid out. Chokeslam by Big Show!

Your Winner: Big Show
Raw Ranking: 1.5

Braun Strowman got up in Show’s face. Braun beat down Show and Luke got his shots in. Show would not go down without a fight. It turned into a Triple Team and Show was decimated. Spin Kick o’ Doom by Erick. This was getting painful to watch. Show was sent into the ring steps. Double Suplex sent Show onto the ring steps.

Titus O’Neil vs Tyler Breeze

Titus lifted Tyler and hit several Backbreakers. Tyler worked over the back of Titus’ knee. He then slammed the knee into the ring post. Tyler stayed focused on the leg and almost pinned him. Tyler dropped all his weight on the leg and applied a modified Half Crab. Titus got to the ropes to force the break. Titus swung Tyler across the ring, one-armed. Wild Clothesline by Titus. Clash of the Titus!

Your Winner: Titus O’Neil
Raw Ranking: 2.0

Paul and Brock were chatting when HHH came in. He asked Paul to excuse them. HHH taunted Brock for allowing Dean to get too close. Brock blew off the taunting and warned HHH that he was coming for him, at Wrestlemania.

A.J. Styles will fight The Miz, on this week’s Smackdown.

Dolph Ziggler vs Kevin Owens

Dolph took the fight outside, after almost nailing the Superkick. Kevin brought them back in but Dolph nailed the Dropkick. Owens bailed out. Kevin threw Dolph into the Bullpen. Time for another commercial break.

Owens had Dolph in a bad way as the show returned. Rear Chin Lock by Kevin to ground Dolph. Hammer Throw by Kevin into the Cannonball. Kevin stomped away on Dolph and then hit a Back Elbow. 2 count. Kevin kept stomping away at his foe. Kevin taunted the crowd and hit a clubbing shot to Dolph’s head. Short Arm Clothesline by Kevin. Kevin missed the Backsplash Senton but Dolph was too stunned to take advantage. Kevin hit he ring post and Dolph nailed several Corner Splashes. Kevin exploded with a vicious Clothesline, from the corner. Dolph held the ropes to avoid the Pop Up Powerbomb. Famouser, on the floor, by Dolph. Both men were down and the ref began to count. Superkick to Dolph but Ziggler was still able to continue. Owens went up top but Dolph caught him. Kevin used a Headbutt to send Dolph flying. Dolph ended up in the Sullivan Tree of Woe. Cannonball!. Dolph escaped the Pop Up Poerbomb and hit the Zig Zag.

Your Winner: Dolph Ziggler
Raw Ranking: 3.5

After the match, Kevin showed his anger towards the announce team. Michael Cole sent it to a tribute to Mark Henry. It was all part of black history month.

Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch

Sasha said she was now on her own and looking for the Divas title. Team B.a.D. came out and they were not happy that Sasha has deserted them. Sasha tried to explain that this wasn’t personal against her girls. Naomi said her and Tamina were here to show there are no hard feelings. Tamina and Naomi said they wanted to congratulate Sasha for stepping up. Naomi waned to still be sisters, even if they competed against each other. Sasha wondered if Naomi and Tamina had her back. The trio did their Unity hand sign. Becky then came out to face Sasha.

The bell rang and the two Divas scoped each other out. Collar and Elbow and Sasha sent Becky down. Go Behind by Becky. Standing Switches and Sasha ended up brought down. Sasha flipped Becky over and Becky almost pinned Sasha with a Side Slide Crucifix. Becky Arm Dragged Sasha. Sasha and Becky punched away at each other. Sasha with the Step Up Arm Drag. Becky went for her Springboard Dropkick but Sasha blocked her. Tamina and Namoi wanted to attack Becky but Sasha stopped them. Sasha said she didn’t need help. Naomi and Sasha got into a shoving match. Becky was confused. Naomi and Tamina began to beat down their former partner. Becky came out to beat the stuffing out of Naomi. And Sasha has a Face Turn. The fight went wild and wooly.

Your Winner: Match Thrown Out
Raw Ranking: 2.0

Raw looked at how A.J. Styles defeated Chris Jericho, last week.

Renee Young interviewed Chris Jericho about the loss. Chris quoted Glenn Frey “Everyone is talking about the New Kid in Town”. The outcome of the match bothered him. Jericho knew Styles was here for the long haul. Chris liked Styles’ Bulldog Spirit. Chris will be watching Styles vs Miz on Smackdown.

R-Truth ran into Goldust, in the bathroom. Goldust still wanted R-Truth to be his tag team partner. Truth was flattered but he didn’t want to tag with Goldy. Truth considered Goldy a “weirdo”. Goldust brought up “Little Jimmy”. Truth considered it a deep cut. Goldust then brought up his weirdo brother, Star Dust.

New Day came out for the main event.

New Day vs Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose

Paul Heyman watched this battle. The New Day took shots at The Rock, again. They also trash talked Roman and Dean. That brought out their opponents.

Roman opened up with Kofi. Kofi slid under Roman but still got dropped as he got up. Tag to Dean. Dean boxed the ribs and lifted Kofi for a Side Drop Suplex. Slider Clothesline by Dean. Kofi came back with a Knife Edge Chop. Dean shook it off and hit wild Knife Edges of his own. Scoop Slam by Dean and a tag to Roman. Jumping Elbow Drop by Roman. Whip by Roman but Kofi got the Elbow up. Big Boot by Roman. Big E wanted in the match. Roman set for the Superman Punch but Big E and Xavier Woods pulled Kofi out of the ring. Raw took another break.

Kofi was pounding away on Roman as Raw returned. Dropkick rocked Roman. Big E took the tag and stomped away. Big E went for the Big Splash, on the apron, but missed. Dean took Kofi to the barricade and then went after Big E. Low Bridge sent Big E to the floor. Dean with the Suicide Dive. Woods got a cheap shot in on Dean as the ref was distracted.

New Day dropped Dean and Xavier got doing on that darn trombone. Kofi kicked Dean in the chest. 2 count. Big E tagged in and applied an Abdominal Stretch. Dean bit Big E’s nose to get free. Kofi tagged in but didn’t stay long. Big E came back in and hit a Suplex. Tag to Roman. Roman laid out Kofi, who was again legal. Tilt-a-Whirl Slam by Roman. Corner Clotheslines by Roman. Roman decked Kofi with a straight punch. Big E got the tag and fell to a Samoan Drop. Dean begged for the tag. Dean got what he wanted. Standing Savage Elbow to Big E but Kofi made the save. Dean ended up on the floor and Xavier beat on him. Rebound Clothesline and Woods was taken out. Kofi dropped Dean. Roman laid Kofi out. Big E with the Belly to Belly to Roman. Big E took the fight to Dean. Dean escaped the Big Ending. Superman Punch to Kofi. Dirty Deeds to Big E.

Your Winners: Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns
Raw Ranking: 3.0

Brock Lesnar came out. New Day jumped Roman and Dean. The former Shield brothers took the right to everone. Lesnar snuck in and took out Dean with an F5!

Still, no one else is announced for the WWE Hall of Fame?


–Jay Shannon

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