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Jay Briscoe and Michael Elgin squared off, in the main event. Speaking of main events, the top match (and a few others) for the 14th Anniversary Show were announced. The Top Prospect Tournament also began.

Mr. Wrestling III and Kevin Kelly were calling the action, again this week. Kevin, apparently, had recovered from nearly being decapitated during last week’s Superkick Party. Smile.

Welcome to Charlotte, NC.

Brian Fury vs Shaheem Ali
Top Prospect Opening Round Match

Ali was the first graduate from the new Monster Factory. Kevin mentioned that all previous Tournament winners were from the New England area. Code of Honor Handshakes.

Collar and Elbow and both men stood their ground. They broke and then circled each other. Side Headlock by Brian but Ali pushed off. Shoulder Tackle but Ali Kipped Up. Universal and Ali Arm Dragged Brian, twice. Arm Bar by Ali. Knee by Brian, in the corner. Brian with a Whip. Float Over into Knee Strikes by Ali. Seated Dropkick by Ali. 2 count. Scoop Slam by Ali. Frog Splash by Ali. Brian reversed a Whip but ate a Clothesline. Brian sent Ali’s head into the bottom turnbuckle. The ref quickly checked on Ali. Brian kept the pressure on his opponent.

Power Whip by Brian but Ali kicked out at two. Ali worked the ribs, over and over. Universal into a Running Back Elbow dropped Ali. Saito Suplex by Fury. Knife Edge Chp by Fury. Ali came out of the corner with a Clothesline and Leg Lariat. Gut Wrench Powerbomb brought Ali only 2 out of the needed three. Ali started to get frustrated. Ali rocked Fury but Brian came back with a Flying Neckbreaker. Ali was dumped out to the floor. Fury leaped over the ropes but got caught. Fallaway Slam by Ali, on the floor. This kid is something special. Ali went up top. Fury grabbed the ref. Ali moved the ref out of the way. Jaw breaker into a Pop Up Powerbomb.

Your Winner (Advancing): Brian Fury
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.0 out of a possible 5

Cedric Alexander and Veda Scott came out to the ring. Kevin discussed the lawsuit that has made Cedric very wealthy. Veda took the microphone nad began. She discussed how her client was victimized by Ring of Honor. Veda said their legal battles were emotional but well worth it. Veda discussed the “fluke victory” of Johnathan Gresham, from a few weeks back. Veda screamed that Cedric wanted the biggest and the best.

Cheeseburger vs Cedric Alexander

Cheesy had a massive match in Japan, recently. The fans chanted this kid’s name, wildly. I also noticed Cheesy was in the Top 500 of PWI’s annual rankings.

Cheesy rolled up Cedric and almost pinned him. Cedric blocked a Whip and Sunset Flip. Cheesy would not be denied. Cheesy got out of the Fireman’s Carry and hit a Hurancanrana. 2 count. Forearm from hell by Cedric. Cheesy dodged a charge and hit a Knee Trembler to Cedric, from the ropes. Cheesy went for the Palm Strike but missed. Lumbar Check. 1-2-3.

Your Winner: Cedric Alexander
Honor Roll Ranking: 1.5

After the match, Cedric continued to punch and stomp away. Gresham ran down to stop Cedric. Veda got up in the guy’s face. Veda warned Gresham that Cedric would destroy him.

Johnathan Gresham vs Cedric Alexander

The two jockeyed for position. Standing Switches. Gresham ducked and sent Cedric out through the ropes. Cedric ran back in and dropped Gresham. Gresham kicked away and went into Hammerlocks. Trip by Cedric and Gresham sent Cedric out to the floor.

Cedric ran in and Gresham put on the Octopus. Veda rushed in, pulling the DQ. Veda slapped Gresham and then held him in the corner. Dropkicks, in the corner, followed by the Lumbar Check. Cedric added a Punt to make it worse.

Your Winner (by Disqualification): Johnathan Gresham
Honor Roll Ranking: 2.0

The refs rushed down to break up the brutality.

Taeler Hendrix, Truth Martini and Jay Lethal came down to the ring. Jay said he knew what Nigel McGuinness was up to and they wanted to be there to hear it. Nigel was there to explain who Jay will face in Las Vegas (someone needs to teach that man how to pronounce Nevada). Nigel ran down Jay’s recent victories and confirmed him as the best wrestler in the world. Nigel said he had been thinking of Kyle O’Reilly. Kyle took Jay to the limit, some time back. Jay cut Nigel off and said he has already beaten Kyle, so facing him would be a night off. Nigel explained that he hadn’t finished. Nigel said Adam Cole recently beat Kyle, so he is the Number One Contender.

Adam Cole joined the party. Cole is solo, now. As we all know, Mike and Maria Bennett have jumped over to TNA. Matt Taven is out, injured. Cole was ready for Storytime. Cole said Kyle would never challenge for the World title, after Adam destroyed him. Adam reminded Jay that Lethal has never beaten him in a championship match. Cole was confident that he would be the new World Champion.

Nigel stepped up and said he still wasn’t finished talking. Nigel knew Kyle still wanted to fight Adam. So…Jay Lethal will defend his title against Adam Cole AND Kyle O’Reilly, in a Triple Threat Match!

Kyle came out to be part of all this. Cole hopped out of the ring. Kyle didn’t want to wait for Las Vegas. He wanted to fight both men in Charlotte. Nigel asked the fans about waiting. They didn’t want to postpone a fight. So, Nigel set up Jay Lethal and Adam Cole vs reDraon (most likely next week). Commercial Break.

RoH looked back at Final battle 2016, when Dalton Castle fought Silas Young. Young won, by way of Misery. After the match, Young threatened to have The Boys attack their former mentor. Dalton flipped the script and had The Boys attack Silas. Dalton called Silas a “foolish man” just before he unleashed them on Silas. Bang-a-Rang! Silas cut a promo about trying to train The Boys to be men. Silas knew Dalton was manipulating the Boys. Silas gave the Boys one chance to come back and make it right. Silas still wanted to make them men but if they refused, he would make them sorry.

Jay Briscoe (w/Mark Briscoe) vs Michael Elgin

Mark joined the announce team. Before anything could get started, Stokely Hathaway and Moose came out. Stokely wanted Moose to battle Michael Elgin and Jay, so Stolkely asked Nigel McGuinness to add Moose to tonight’s match. We went to break before…

Michael Elgin vs Jay Briscoe vs Moose

Standing Switches by Moose and Big Mike. Kevin announced that the Briscoes have become the Neverweight Six Man champs (w/ Toru Yano). They defeated the Bullet Club to take the straps. Jay sent Moose over the top with a La Bandera Clothesline. Flip Dive by Big Mike to take out Moose and Jay. Mike threw Jay back in the ring. Hard Forearms by Mike. Jay countered with a nasty Headbutt. Jay missed a Corner Splash. Mike went for the Stall Suplex but Moose kicked him. Mike would not drop Jay, until he put him on Moose’s shoulder. Mike then dropped them both.

Moose Bum Rushed Mike to the corner. Bicycle Kick by moose. The tag match, spoken of earlier, will happen, next week. Moose Dropkicked Mike out of the ring. Moose punched away but Jay hit multiple Big Boots. Corner Splash and Snap Mare by Jay. That set up the Slider Dropkick. Ring of Honor took a final break.

Mike clubbed away on Moose and then went for a Superplex on Jay. Moose got back up and headed to the corner. He knocked Mike down and pitched him over the ropes. Mosoe then went up the ropes and pounded on Jay. Mike flipped over the ropes and quickly hit the Tower of Power. Mike blasted Moose and hit a Scoop Slam. Moose went to the apron and Springboarded in into a Slash. Mike tried for a Samoan Drop but Moose escaped. Elgin hit a most incredible Pull Up Powerbomb on Moose. Jay made the save. Mike blocked the Neckbreaker and hit an Enziguri. Jay pulled Elgin off the ropes and nailed he Death Valley Driver (Spicoli Driver). Mike pushed Jay into a Spear by Moose. Jay rolled out of the ring. Jumping Enziguri by Mike. Moose escaped a Powerbomb and hit a Clothesline. Both men unloaded with Powerbombs. Pop Up Clothesline by Moose but he couldn’t get the three. Mark stated that The Briscoes will become the tag champs for the 9th time, sometime this year. Elgin with a Leap Frog but he took a Dropkick. Lariat by Mike to Jay. Mike threw Forearms to both opponents. Backslide by Jay to get the win.

Your Winner: Jay Briscoe
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.75

After the match, Michael Elgin stated they were even, one on one. Mike said it took both Jay and Moose to beat him. Elgin also grumbled that Mark was at ringside. Mike issues a tag team challenge to Mark and Jay Briscoe. Mike had a great partner in mind…Hiroshi Tanahashi.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Tanahashi was recently injured in Japan. The back injury may keep him from working the Las Vegas show. This episode was filmed some time before Tanahashi was injured at night 2 of the Best of the Super Juniors event. I’ll update you as to whether Tanahashi will appear in Vegas or will be replaced by someone else)


–Jay Shannon

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