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It was one of the oddest nights in recent TNA History. Matt Hardy had his first title defense. His opponent? His own brother, Jeff. Plus, The Wolves learned who attacked them, last week. On top of all that, I was time for the infamous Feast or Fired battle.

Before I get started, I wanted to pass along a bit of sad news. Archie Gouldie, known to U.S. fans as the Mongolian Stomper, passed away on January 23rd. He died from complications related to a fall. Archie was huge in Canada before coming south to work in Tennessee and Texas. I remember him from the 1970s as one of the first real Bad Guys that I came to like. Smile. I pray that your journey to the other side will be a blessed and peaceful one. Thank you, Archie.

Jeff cut a promo, out in the parking lot. Jeff hadn’t been able to reach his brother, so he decided to take it to the ring.

Impact then looked back at the underhanded way Matt took the title and ended The Streak of Ethan Carter III. Tyrus turned on his former boss and joined Team Iconic.

Jeff Hardy came to the ring to chat. The fans chanted “Hardy” as Jeff acknowledged them. Jeff was shocked to hear what happened, last week. He was sick when he saw it. Jeff demanded answers from his brother. Matt’s new music and video played but Matt didn’t show. Jeff yelled at his brother to get out there and face him.

Finally, Matt, Reby and Tyrus strolled from the back. Matt was all dressed in a nice suit. Reby was wearing a skin tight red dress. Tyrus carried Maxell to the ring. Reby got on the stick and let Jeff know that she and Matt and Maxell were the family. Reby accused Jeff of turning his back on Matt, by getting hurt. Reby let it be known she was behind Matt’s new attitude. Reby said they no longer needed Jeff or anyone, anymore. Jeff didn’t want to talk to his Sister-B*tch-in-Law. Jeff wanted to know what the Hell was going on. Jeff got a “Why Jeff Why?” chant going. Matt said Jeff was now in HIS Shadow. Matt grumbled that he has spent most of his life spinning his wheels. “You Still Suck” broke out from the crowd. Matt didn’t understand why Jeff couldn’t be happy for him. Matt called Jeff “The Other Hardy”. Jeff said he could not be proud of his brother, right now. Matt was ready for the two brothers to go their separate ways. Matt wanted to be the greatest World Champion in the industry, while Jeff wallowed with the fans. “E.C.3.” broke out and Jeff agreed with the sentiment. Jeff couldn’t believe that he would support E.C.3.. Jeff challenged his brother to fight him, for the World title, tonight. Reby whispered in her hubby’s ear and Matt thought about it. Matt wiped his hands of all guilt about what would happen tonight, despite loving his brother.

Ok, they pushed that match just WAY too fast.

Impact did a nice piece about Feast or fired.

James Storm vs Bobby Roode vs Rock Star Spud vs Grado vs Robbie E vs Drew Galloway vs E-li Drake vs Bram vs Eric Young vs Chris Melendez vs Jessie Godderz vs Aiden O’Shea


Grado tried to shake hands with everyone but got decked by Aiden. Bobby and Eric fought on the floor. Jessie tried to head up but Robbie held his leg. Spud got sent out of the ring. Drew tore into E-Li with a Knife Edge Chop. Jessie was sent sailing out of the ring. Robbie hit a Crossbody, to the floor, to drop Jessie. Aiden was dumped out of the ring. Back Body Drop by Eric to Chris. Blockbuster by Bobby. Spud then worked over Bobby, for a moment. Bobby blocked the Underdog and hit a Roode Bomb to send Spud out to the floor. Aiden got back in and worked over Bobby. Aiden pitched Bobby through the ropes. Drew punched E-Li. Robbie and Aiden went after cases. Grado tripped Aiden and climbed the ropes. Grado got the first briefcase.

#2 Briefcase: Grado

Grado ran to the back. Would he get a title shot or a pink slip? Impact went to break.

We’re back and the action was still going strong. Eli headed up to get a case but went back to working over Drew, instead. Drew got teamed up on by like four guys. Double Clothesline by Drew to Bram and Eric. Huge Back Body Drop to Eric, by Drew. Bram kicked Drew but he shook it off and hit the Claymore. Drew started up but Drake threw him down into the Sullivan Tree of Woe. Drew climbed up over Drew but Drew hit an Overhead Throw, while still locked in the Tree of Woe. Drew got free and went up to retrieve a briefcase.

#1 Briefcase: Drew Galloway

Drew headed to the back as the rest of the crew went after the remaining two cases. Jessie took a nasty fall to the floor. Tower of Power sent several people sailing. Chris was dumped out to the floor. Storm and Aiden fought on the ropes. Storm cracked Aiden and hit a Top Rope Hurancanrana. Bobby flew off the top and hit Aiden. Jessie stood and tried to decide which case he wanted. Robbie stopped him from reaching the case. Drake went up and grabbed the other case

#4 Briefcase: E-Li Drake

Jessie Powerslamemd Robbie but Beer Money took out Jessie with DWI. Bram and Eric cleaned house and then considered getting the last case. Instead, they decided to punish Chris. Bram hit his finisher, Brighter Side of Suffering, on Chris. Eric then planted Spud with the Piledriver. Beer Money got back in and took out the Crazies. Double Suplex led to the Beer Money Dance. Bram attacked both Beer Money teammates but Bobby laid out his foe with the Double R Spinebuster. Bobby went for the case but Eric Young attacked. Storm laid out Eric. Bram got taken out by Storm. Bobby and Storm considered who should go get the case. Bobby told Storm to go get it. Bobby blocked the path so Storm could take the final case.

#3 Briefcase: James Storm

Your Winners: Grado, E-Li Drake, Drew Galloway and James Storm
Impact Scorecard: 3.0 out of a possible 5

Wouldn’t it be sad if Storm walked out of NXT, came back to TNA and ended up getting fired?

Kurt Angle talked with Jeff Hardy, backstage. Jeff accused Reby of messing with Matt’s mind. Kurt understood and promised to have Jeff’s back when he battled Matt.

The four men held or hugged their cases. The reveal will happen, in just a few minutes.

DJZ vs Tigre Uno vs Mandrews
Triple Threat for the X-Division Title

DJZ kept pushing Mandrews away. Eventually, Mark smacked DJZ. Tigre then took out mark. Tigre Dropkicked both foes. DJZ and Mandrews ended up on the floor. DJZ flipped back into the ring and hit the Step-Up Dropkick. Springboard Back Elbow by DJZ. Mandrews ran DJZ into the corner and hit a Hurancanrana. Roll Up gave Mandrews a two. DJZ came back and punched away. Mandrews with a Back Flip and Dropkick. Nice. Mandrews went out and got the champ, Tigre. Rolling Backslides by DJZ but it couldn’t got to three. Tigre put a Leglock on DJZ and a Gory Crucifix on Mandrews. DJZ rolled up Mandrews for a two. Mandrews escaped a Suplex but DJZ with the Inside Out Clothesline.

Springboard Dropkick by DJZ to Tigre. Corkscrew Plancha by DJZ to the floor, landing on Tigre. Awesome. Mandrews hit a Moonsault off the apron to drop both opponents. Mandrews got his skateboard and rode it down to the Hurancanrana to DJZ. Tigre ran to the ropes but got blasted by Mandrews. Mandrews missed a Standing Moonsault. DDT by DJZ. Flip Gutbuster by D JZ to Mandrews. Wild Inverted Canadian Destroyer by DJZ for a two. DJZ blocked the Tower of Power. Mandrews flipped DJZ out to the floor, from the top rope. Tigre came up and hit a C4 to retain.

Your Winner: Tigre Uno
Impact Scorecard: 4.0

After the match, Gregory Shane Helms (Hurricane) came out in a way cool neon green jacket. (I would SO wear that). Helms showed respect to Tigre but made it clear that he wanted the X-Division title. Helms talked about how the company was built on the backs of the X-Division stars. Helms challenged Tigre to a title match, next week. Helms didn’t want any excuses when he took the belt from Tigre. Helms said next week would be the last time that Tigre would defend the strap. Helms told him “Your time as X-Division Champion…is over”. Helms then left he ring amidst a shower of emerald light.

Awesome Kong talked with her Dollhouse teammates about the upcoming match against Velvet Sky. I really hate that Kong has changed character. She was the Abdullah the Butcher of women’s wrestling…(never spoke but destroyed everything in sight). Kong started quoting philosophy and made it clear she would destroy Velvet.

Jessie Godderz talked with E-Li Drake, backstage. Jessie tempted E-Li to open the case and see what was inside. E-Li was seriously tempted but the camera cut before we learned if he actually opened it or not. I think if he did, he should automatically get the Pink Slip. I’m just saying…

Kurt tried to talk with Matt Hardy but Matt wasn’t willing to listen to the Olympian. Matt was in complete denial about what a jerk he has become. Kurt accused Matt of tearing down TNA with this new attitude. Matt threatened Kurt, if he didn’t stay out of Hardy’s business.

Awesome Kong vs Velvet Sky

The two women locked up and Kong clubbed Sky’s back. Jawbreaker by Sky led to a series of kicks. Sky ran into Kong, who didn’t move. Brick Wall Chest Bump by Kong. Kong ran Sky into the ring apron. Kong whipped Sky into the ring steps. Kong rolled back into the ring. Sky crawled around the outside of the ring. Kong came out and pitched Sky back inside. Kong missed a Corner Splash. Sky tried for a Bulldog but got thrown off, into the ropes. Kong missed a Big Splash. Seated DDT by Sky pulled a two.

Bulldog by Sky brought a two count. Sky flew off the ropes but got caught. Big Splash by Sky but Kong refused to take the pin. She pulled Sky up. Implant Buster!

Your Winner: Awesome Kong
Impact Scorecard: 2.0

After the match, Kong continued to beat on Sky. Madison Rayne rushed out to help her partner. The Dollhouse then rushed out and annihilated Rayne. Jade with the Cradle Piledriver to Rayne. Jade, Marti and Rebel held Madison and forced her to watch Kong hit a 2nd Rope Splash to Velvet Sky.

The wolves did a promo about having their tag team belts stolen. They knew Crazzy Steve was one of the people involved but weren’t sure who the others involved were. The Wolves threw out a challenge to Steve and anyone else involved. “Let the hunt begin!”

It was time for the briefcase revelations. Before we could begin, “Miracle” Mike Bennett and Maria walked in. He did a long-winded promo about taking chances and such. Drew took offense to Mike’s mouthiness. Drew said Mike hasn’t shown them anything. Drew insulted Maria and got threatened by Mike. Mike and Maria left as JB went back to the briefcases.

E-Li Drake was eager to be the first to open his case. He got…a shot at the King of the Mountain belt! Jeremy Borash then made the rest of us wait for the other cases to be opened.

The Wolves vs Crazzy Steve and ?
Non-Title Match

A weird looking girl came out to address The Wolves. She reminds me of Roxxi LaVeaux. Couldn’t get confirmation of just who this wild woman is. She rambled on about “Decay”. Steve then came out and called for his partner…The Monster, Abyss!

The Wolves vs The Decayed (Abyss and Crazzy Steve)
Non-Title Match

Steve ha a whole new look and I like it. Steve ran Davey into the corner. During the break, the two groups went off on each other. Abyss took the tag and punched away on Davey. Corner Splash by Abyss. Steve came back in and worked over the tag champ. Steve bit Davey’s hand and then took him down to the canvas. Rear Chin Lock by Steve. Davey Elbowed free but Abyss clocked him. Steve hit a Clothesline and aged Abyss back in. Scoop Slam by Abyss. Huge Splash by Abyss. Abyss Chokeslammed Steve onto Davey. Eddie made the save. Steve kicked away and then tore at Davey’s face. Crossfaces by Steve. Steve stomped the face of Davey and then brought Abyss back in. Abyss popped Davey in the face. Abyss missed a Corner Splash. Steve got the tag and prevented the tag. Steve bit Davey’s foot.

Eddie finally got the tag and took the fight to both men. Abyss was dropped. Eddie rolled over the back of Steve. Inverted Atomic Drop by Eddie. Steve tried to cinch in a Chicken Wing but Eddie got free. The Wolves hit their version of Chasing the Dragon. Eddie and Davey went up top. They were distracted by the weird chick, who held the title belts. Abyss nailed a Black Hole Slam on Eddie. Steve blasted Davey. Goth Babe Misted (purple) Davey, while Steve cinched in the Chicken Wing. In the ring, Abyss hit the Chokeslam on Eddie.

Your Winners (by Disqualification): The Wolves
Impact Scorecard: 1.5

The other men with briefcases sat waiting to open their fates.

Back to the revelations. Storm opened his briefcase and found…A World Tag Team Title Shot. Storm and Roode then left the room. That left Drew and Grado. Grado had no clue what was going on. Drew opened his case and found a World title shot. Grado was fired. Reality slapped Grado harder than any opponent has. JB gave Grado 10 minutes to get his stuff and get out. Grado was so confused about what had happened. Grado grumbled that his dream was over and broke down in tears. It was just so sad to see this kid go through this. He kept saying it was the worst day in his life. Josh poked fun at Grado getting fired. That was a classless move.

Matt Hardy vs Jeff Hardy
World Title Match

Matt came out with his full entourage. They did leave Maxell in the back. Impact took a break before the title match.

Jeremy Borash did the official introductions. Earl Hebner was the “Zebra in Charge”. The fans were so anti-Matt. The bell sounded but no action took place. Eric Young came out screaming about Jeff being the Number One Contender. Eric didn’t feel Jeff had earned this title shot. Bram snuck in and jumped Jeff. Eric joined him to beat down on the Charismatic Enigma. Matt just kicked back and watched the carnage. Eric pulled a table out from under the ring and set it up, on the floor. Bram worked over Jeff, who clutched his bad knee. Beer Money made a dash down to the ring to even things up. Suddenly, the Decayed hit the ring to attack Beer Money. Fists flew all over the place. Double La Bandera to Abyss. Storm punched out Abyss as Roode chased Steve. Those four headed to the back. Matt looked at his brother.

Suddenly, Kurt Angle jogged down to the ring. Tyrus got in the ring and nailed Kurt in the back of the head. Matt then struck Kurt in the face with the title belt. Matt, Reby and Tyrus left the ring. Eric and Bram came back into the ring and jumped Jeff. Jeff wanted a Twist of Fate off the apron and through the table. Instead, Eric Young used a Piledriver to send Jeff through the wood. That was just evil.

Your Winner: Match Never Started
Impact Scorecard: N/A


–Jay Shannon

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