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Two titles changed hands at Royal Rumble. Which ones and how will the landscape change? Plus, we got the debut of A.J. Styles and we got a huge return.

The show, as you might expect, began with a look at the Royal Rumble match. The League of Nations attacked Roman, early in the match. Roman did end up returning, near the end. Roman was stunned when #30 turned out to be…Triple H. HHH dumped out Roman, ending his title reign. It looked like Dean Ambrose just might double up on his championships but it wasn’t meant to be. HHH became a 14-time World Champion. HHH will also head to Wrestlemania.

Vince McMahon’s music hit and the McMahons strutted out to the ring. Vince screamed at the fans to shut up. Vince was feeling “damn good” and didn’t care how the fans were feeling. Vince crowed about how Roman was now broken. Vince knew Roman had tucked his tail and ran away, just like all the fans do. Vince was confident that Roman would stay broken. Vince was out there to make a confession. Vince admitted he enjoyed watching the suffering of others. That’s not exactly a world-shattering confession, Vinny Mac. Stephanie stepped in and let it be known that they pulled a grand coup over Roman, Brock, A.J. Styles and Dean Ambrose. Stephanie explained they knew HHH was Number 30. The fans began to chant for A.J. Styles. Vince dismissed Styles almost immediately. Stephanie claimed no one could hold a candle to her husband, HHH. Stephanie brought out her beloved hubby…

The crowd was reasonably dead as The Game made his way from the back. They did pop, a little, when he showed off the WWE belt. Vince ordered everyone to bow down to The King. HHH did show respect to Roman Reigns. HHH then put the spin on it by saying Roman could have been more, if not for cockiness and lack of respect. HHH said Roman’s disrespect of Vince McMahon was the straw that broke the camel’s back. HHH pushed how great Vince is, comparing him to a religion. HHH had been asked why he needed this 14th World title run. HHH stated “I don’t NEED this…but I WANT to be WWE Champion”. HHH was tired of undeserving people holding the title. HHH promised to keep it until he was ready to step away. HHH knew Roman Reigns could not take the belt off him. Vince screamed t the fans to shut up their disrespectful behavior.

Stephanie discussed the evaluation process that will begin tonight. At the end of the night, the men in the main event of Fastlane would be announced. The winner of that main event will get HHH, at Mania.

Michael Cole talked about a celebrity returning to Raw, tonight.

Plus, A.J. Styles will fight Chris Jericho!

Dolph Ziggler vs Kevin Owens

Owens came close but failed to win the Intercontinental title at Royal Rumble. That match, between Dean Ambrose and Owens, was just insane.

Superkick almost gave Dolph the instant win. The fight went out to the floor. Kevin threw Dolph into the barricade. Owens had a heck of a run-in with Sami Zayn, last night, in the Rumble match. Dolph Dropkicked Kevin, who rolled out to the floor. Raw took a quick break.

Kevin decked Dolph with a solid punch and then slapped on the Rear Chin Lock. Dolph stomped Kevin’s foot to get free. Kevin blocked the Superkick. Kevin rushed in and ended up striking the ring post. Kevin lifted Dolph into a Fireman’s Carry. Dolph switched around and locked in a Sleeper. Kevin Back Rushed D olph into the corner to force the break. No Room in the pool for Kevin’s Cannonball or Dolph’s Corner Splash. Dolph nailed a Superkick but couldn’t quite pull the three.

Dolph worked over Kevin, in the corner. He then set Kevin up top. Kevin fought out of the Superplex. Kevin shoved Dolph off the ropes. Kevin got the boot up and Dolph was rocked. Kevin headed up top but got caught, sort of. Kevin slipped out and dropped Dolph into the ropes. Pop Up POwerbomb!

Your Winner: Kevin Owens
Raw Ranking: 3.5 out of a possible 5

Roman was interviewed, backstage. Roman couldn’t believe what the McMahons said about him. He asked Jojo to let the Authority know he was here.

The Social Outcasts (Heath Slater, Adam Rose, Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas) were in the ring to talk to the crowd. Heath noticed Flo Rida in the crowd. Heath warned Flo not to make him mad. Adam talked about Red Dragons…that’s Fish and O’Reilly. Bo invited Flo to get in the ring and face the four Super Friends. Jeez. Flo hopped the rail and got in the ring. Heath didn’t want to hurt Flo but they would embarrass him. Heath wanted a Rap Battle. Oh, Dear God, not that. Heath wanted Bo Rida to do the rap thing. This was seriously painful to watch. Flo then stepped up to do his thing. This is just why I can’t stand Rap. Flo then called out the Dudley Boyz.

Bubba Ray and D’Von Dudley vs Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas

Flo Rida was in the corner of the Dudleyz. Double team on Curtis. JBL brought up the West Texas Rednecks. Smile. Curtis dropped Bubba with a Clothesline and then nailed D’Von. Bo then called for the Bo Train and everyone Bunny Hopped around the ring. (Shakes head in complete disbelief). Curtis then went back to beating on Bubba. Bo took the tag and kicked away. Funk Neckbreaker by Bo. 1 count only. Bo cinched in a Rear Chin Lock. Bubba hit a nice Saito Suplex. Tags on both sides. D’Von dropped Curtis hard. Amazing Grace and Funk Neckbreaker by D’Von. The Dudleyz are closing in on their 20 year anniversary. Flying Clothesline by D’Von but it only brought a two. Tag to Bubba. Inverted 3D. Flo threw heath into the ring when Slater got up on the apron. Heath and Flo talked trash. The ref let it go. Wazzup! to Heath!3D to Axel!

Your Winners: The Dudley Boyz
Raw Ranking: 2.5

Renee Young interviewed A.J. Styles. She asked him just who is A.J. Styles. He started to discuss himself but Chris Jericho stopped the interview. Jericho felt Styles belonged in the WWE. Jericho was happy to give A.J. his shot. That awesome match was up…NEXT!

Nikki Bella is having surgery on her neck, Wednesday. We here at 1Wrestling.com send out our very best wishes for a successful surgery and speedy recovery.

A.J. Styles vs “Y2J” Chris Jericho

Talk about a Dream Match.

Styles got an incredible pop from the crowd. I like his semi-religious sounding theme music. Styles was taken aback by the crowd reaction. Collar and Elbow to the corner. They rolled around the ropes until the ref forced the break. Side Headlock by Jericho. Jericho went to work on the arm. Styles reversed it and sent Jericho flying with the Deep Arm Drag. Styles struck his signature pose. Back Elbow, by Jericho, dropped Styles. Styles punched away, as di Jericho. Flying Clothesline by Styles. Elbow Drop by Styles. Jericho rushed A.J. into the corner and chopped away. Jericho Whipped Styles across the ring, twice. Jericho hit his Springboard Dropkick to send Styles off the apron.

Jericho hit a Stall Suplex on Styles. 2 count. Styles unleashed a flurry of Knife Edge Chops. Jericho went to the middle rope and hit a Missile Dropkick. Jericho slapped Styles in the head. Styles fought back with wild Knife Edge Chops. Universal into a wicked Dropkick. Jericho rolled out to the floor. Styles hopped over the ropes but Jericho tripped him. Styles landed badly. Raw went to break.

Jericho had Styles in a Rear Chin Lock. Styles punched free. Both men went for Crossbody Blocks. Ouch! Jericho was up first. Styles unloaded on Jericho with wild Strikes. Stinger Splash but Jericho got out of the Fireman’s Carry. Styles countered the Walls of Jericho. Styles blasted Jericho and almost pinned him. Both men went for pins but couldn’t complete the three. Running Enziguri by Jericho earned Chris a two. Jericho Knife Edged A.J. but Styles got a Boot up. Springboard Flying Forearm by A.J.. 2 count, again.

Jericho trapped Styles in the Walls of Jericho. Styles refused to give up. Styles bridged up and inched over to the ropes. Chris couldn’t believe it. Pele! Styles went up top and tried for a Frog Splash. He missed. Lionsault but Styles got the knees up. Styles Clash blocked. Chris sat down on Styles and almost pinned Styles. Styles rolled over and pinned Chris Jericho!

Your Winner: A.J. Styles
Raw Ranking: 4.5

After the match, the two men stared at each other. Styles offered a Code of Honor Handshake. Jericho was reluctant to accept it. Chris finally shook Styles’ hand and the fans loved it. Jericho didn’t let the hand go and the two stared daggers at each other. Jericho left eh ring and Styles got to soak up more love from the fans. It seems so odd to hear Michael Cole talk about A.J. Styles.

A huge stretch limo pulled in backstage. Who was inside?

“The Boss” Sasha Banks vs “The Lass-Kicker” Becky Lynch

The two lovely ladies talked trash. Sasha pushed Becky and Lynch hit the Springboard Thrust Kick. Sasha snapped Becky’s neck on the ropes and then stomped away. Sasha worked over Becky’s neck and then slapped her in the face. 2 count. Cravat by Sasha. JBL joked about the women’s hair colors, comparing them to the Muppets.

Becky hit Running Clotheslines and a Leg Lariat. Exploder Suplex by the Irish Lass. 2 count. Drop Toe Hold sent Becky into the corner. Sasha put Becky across the middle ropes and then bashed her. 2 count. Becky reversed a Suplex into a roll. Sasha blocked the Dis-Armer from being fully locked in. BackStatement but Charlotte rushed in and attacked both women.

Your Winner: Match Thrown Out
Raw Ranking: 1.5

Sasha got back in the ring and tore into the “Nature Girl”. Charlotte dropped both women and then showed off her Butterfly Belt.

Goldust looked for R-Truth, backstage. He stopped to put on headphones and dance. Goldust was looking for a new (tag team) partner and he was considering Truth. Truth got the wrong idea about what Goldy was looking for, explaining he was a married man. Jeez. Goldy wanted to create the Golden Truth.

Chris Jericho will interview Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose, on Smackdown, in a Highlight Reel segment.

Bray Wyatt vs Kane

This is the continuation of a long-running feud between these two. Bray sent Kane into the ropes but got knocked down. Bray stomped away on Kane. Kane threw Bray into the corner and punched away. Short Arm Clothesline and Slider Dropkick. Bray went to the apron and snapped Kane’s arm over the top rope. Bray hit Kane in the back of the neck. Raw took a quick break.

Bray had Kane down and cinched in the Rear Chin Lock. Kane punched up to his feet and then hit a Jawbreaker. Spinning Crossbody by Bray. Kane planted Bray as the crowd began to chant for Kane. Corner Whip/Clotheslines led to the Sidewalk Slam. 2 count. The other Wyatt Famly members watched from ringside. Uranage Slam by Bray. 2 count. Bray charged but ate a Big Boot. Kane poised for the Chokeslam but Bray rolled out to the floor. Kane cracked Erick rowan and then threw Bray back in the ring. Kane hit Luke Harper, which allowed Bray to clock Kane. Sister Abigail.

Your Winner: Bray Wyatt
Raw Ranking: 2.5

After the match, Braun Strowman applied Apocalypse to Kane. Double Chokeslam by Harper and Rowan. The quartet of evil stood triumphant over the fallen monster.

Backstage, the limo was checked out. Inside was…The Miz. Really? A black truck pulled up and The Rock got out. The Miami fans exploded for their home town guy. Rock dismissed Miz’s whining. Rock asked Miz to park his truck. Rock met up with some musicians, backstage. He also ran into the Big Show. Rock agreed that The Big Show should have won the Royal Rumble that they fought in. Rock said Big Show could have been the Scorpion King, Fast and the Furious and such. Show got upset and broke his laptop. Rock kept walking and ran into Lana. Rock talked about a hook up in Brooklyn. Hmm… Rock talked serious sex until Rusev showed up. Rock learned that Lana and Rusev were engaged. Rocked joked about how flexible Lana is. Rock continued to walk backstage and rambled on. He wished Pat Patterson a Happy Birthday. Rock stood at the Gorilla Position and asked the Miami crowd if they were ready. They most definitely were…

“Finally, the Rock has come back…Home.” Rock’s music hit and the most electrifying man in sports entertainment made his official entrance. Michael Cole made it official…The Rock will be at Wrestlemania. Rock wondered if the fans were ready for Wrestlemania. Rock made fun of Byron Saxton. “Welcome Back” rose from the crowd. That was followed by a “Randy Savage” chant (no idea why). Rock was ready to go off script. He left the ring and joked with a fan named Steve. Steve was dressed as Old School Undertaker. There were guys dressed as Savage, Rock and Hulk Hogan. Rock quickly left he Savage imitator because he sucked as Savage. Rock seemed a bit lost as he rambled on. He was cut off by the arrival of The New Day.

New Day talked about putting the whuppin’ on Rock’s cousins, The Usos, at Royal Rumble. New Day wanted to know where Rock’s gold was. New Day bragged about being the tag team champions (gyrations added for emphasis). Rock looked seriously bored with this silliness. They joked about Rock moving from Miami to Hollywood. That made Rock smile. God, this was so boring.

Rock took the stick to counter this goofiness. Rock waited for the “Rocky” chants to cease. Rock knew who New Day is. Rock called them extremely entertaining, despite wearing Llama penises strapped to their heads. Guess what was next to Trend, worldwide? New Day got really upset and tried to correct Rock. Rock noticed the big one was getting upset. He said don’t let HER get upset. He thought Big E looked like the Incredible Hulk hanged Urkel. (A picture I just did NOT need in my head). Rock was ready to fight New Day. New Day went into a Champion Huddle. Woods said the fans did not deserve to see New Day in action and started to leave. Rock stopped them. Rock explained he had a plan on top of a plan. Rock had a Plan B that would never fail. Rock brought out his cousins, Jimmy and Jey Uso. They fight was on. Rock Bottom to Big E. Samoan Drop to Kofi. Double Superkick (Usos), Spinebuster and People’s Elbow (Rock) to poor Xavier Woods. This was the Hour Turner segment? Yawn.

Paige and Natalya vs Brie Bella and Alicia Fox

Nattue abd Foxy started.. Fox dropped Nattie and tagged in Brie. Brie dropped Nattie with a Flying Clothesline. Brie taunted Paige and tried for a pin. She got a two. Danielson Kicks to Nattie’s chest, f ollowed by a Dropkick. Brie went for Brie Mode (Knee Trembler) but missed. Tag to Paige. Thrust Kick rocked Brie. 2 count. PTO but Fox interfered. Nattie took out Fox. Ram=Paige!

Your Winners: Natalya and Paige
Raw Ranking: 1.0

Michael Cole talked about a union between the WWE and the Boys and Girls of America. It was all about anti-bullying.

Raw ran stills of how Kalisto defeated Alberto Del Rio to win back the US title. Miz was in the ring, ticked off about being interrupted. (Lenny and Squiggy moment).

Miz vs Kalisto
Non-Title Match

Miz tore into the new champ. Kalisto came back with hard kicks. Tilt-a-Whirl Headscissors and a nice Plancha by Kalisto. Ring Rope Splash by Kalisto drew a two. Miz took a Side Headlock. Push Off but Miz dropped Kalisto and mocked him. Kalisto hit a wild Dropkick off a Back Body Drop by Miz. Kalisto kicked Miz and hit a Springboard Crossbody. Miz bailed out to the floor as Raw went to commercial break.

Miz was in control. Kalisto rolled through a Roll Up and kicked Miz in the face. Miz hit the Full Body Clothesline and went up top. Miz flew and dropped the champ. Miz locked in the Rear Chin Lock. Kalisto punched away but Miz went into the Reality Check. Kalisto converted it into a Back Slide. Big Boot brought Miz a two.

Miz mocked the crowd but wasted way too much time. Kalisto kicked Miz in the face. Kalisto with a Rope Aided Enziguri. Dropping the Dime into a Corkscrew Crossbody. Miz lifted Kalisto but couldn’t’ hit the Powerbomb. DDT by Miz but it fell short to get the three. Kalisto used the ropes to counter the Skull Crushing Finale and hit the Solena del Sol.

Your Winner: Kalisto
Raw Ranking: 3.0

Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose vs Rusev and Sheamus

Roman Headbutted Sheamus but the Celtic Warrior came back with shots and kicks. Running Clothesline by Roman. Tag to Dean. Dean punched away and hit the Runnign Dropkick. Tag back to Roman. Flying Clothesline by Roman. Dean took out Rusev with a La Bandera. Standign Savage Elbow to the floor to drop the entire League of Nations. Break time.

Sheamus had Roman on the canvas as we returned. Alberto Del Rio and King Barrett cheered on their compatriot. Roman got to his feet and worked the ribs of the Irish man. Clothesline by Roman as Sheamus came off the ropes. Dean screamed for the tag. Roman crawled towards his corner. Tag! Dean laid out Sheamus and punched away. Dean tried to take out Rusev but missed. Dean flipped Sheamus out of the ring. Suicide Dive by Dean. Barrett and Del Rio got involved. Ambrose was thrown into the Bullpen. Rusev yelled at the ref to count out Dean. Rusev came out and threw Dean all around. Dean hit the barricade numerous times. Rusev tried for a pin once they got back in the ring. He only got two. Butterfly Suplex by Rusev. Rusev then hit a Gut Wrench Suplex to draw a two. Tag to Sheamus.

Sheamus stomped at Dean’s chest. Three Irish Curse Backbreakers in a row by Sheamus. Rusev yelled at Dean as Sheamus twisted the Lunatic Fringe’s body. Dean dove for his corner but didn’t make it. Corner Splash by Shamus and Rusev tagged in. Elbow Drops by Rusev. 1-2-not yet. Sheamus worked over Dean’s chest and back, in the ropes. Dean tried to fight back but Sheamus knocked him off the apron. Sheamus screamed at Dean and threw him onto the apron. Rebound Clothesline by Dean. Dean made it back in the ring. Tag to Roman. Tag to Rusev. Roman droepd the big Bulgarian. Superkick by Roman. He also laid out Sheamus. Rusev was tossed out of the ring. Roman missed the Superman Punch but hit the Samoan Drop and Drive By. Roman threw Rusev back in the ring and unloaded with Corner Clotheslines. Uppercut by Roman to put the big man from Bulgaria on his back. Roman got distracted and Rusev hit several nasty kicks. Tag to Sheamus. Brogue Kick but Dean made the save. Rusev charged and flew out of the ring. Dean took out Rusev. Sheamus went for another Brogue Kick but Roman hit the Spear!

Your Winners: Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose
Raw Ranking: 3.5

Dean Ambrose tore apart the announce tables. Roman worked over Rusev. Dean picked up Rusev and dragged him to the table. Roman got up on the table and stood over Rusev. Dean joined Rusev and Roman. Assisted Powerbomb to drive Rusev through the announce table! Roman and Dean stood on the intact (sort of) announce table.

Stephanie McMahon’s music sounded off. Stephanie was impressed by what she just saw. Stephanie announced a Triple Threat Match: Dean Ambrose vs Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar! Wow! I have to side with Brock in that one, even though I kind of expect Roman to win it.


–Jay Shannon

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