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Ring of Honor presented one of the wildest Triple Team tag team match in recent history. Buckle up for this one. Plus, “new commentator”, Mr. Wrestling III, had a run-in with B.J. Whitmer.

Roll the opening montage!

Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels (w/Chris Sabin) aka The Addiction vs ACH and Alex Shelley

Interesting teaming of the Faces side. Code of honor handshakes. Kaz and Alex went to the ropes. Kaz went to the eyes and then threw a knee to the rivs. Running Side Russian Leg Sweep by the former tag champ. Alex rocked Kaz with hard shots. Universal and Kaz accidentally hit Daniels. Hip Toss by Alex led to a Slider Dropkick to the side of the face. Alex kicked away and Snap Mared him. Alex tried to lock in the Dragon Sleeper but Sabin got on the apron to distract.

Alex threw Kaz into the ropes and tagged to ACH. Wicked Leg Lariat by ACH. Sabin grabbed ACH’s foot and then Kaz took the fight to ACH. Tag to Daniels. Cartwheel Dropkick by ACH. He also laid out K Az with a Dropkick. ACH hit several Knife Edge Chops. Daniels reversed a Whip and Kaz distracted. Double Arm Suplex, off the ropes, by Daniels. Double Team by The Addiction, which laid out Ach. RoH took a quick break.

Alex screamed for a tag and got it. He hit a Missile Dropkick to Kaz. Alex then dropped Daniels with a Dropkick to the knees. Knife Edge Chop and Whip by Alex. Kaz reversed the Whip but Alex held his own. Alex missed the Double Stomp. Tag to Daniels. Wild Flying Stomp to drive Alex down. Alex blocked Angel’s Wings. Crescent Kick by Alex. Tag to ACH.

Flying Crossbody by ACH. Ach unleashed a pair of Superkicks and a Punt. Both Addiction Members were down. Daniels blocked “Get Over Here”. Alex rocked Daniels. Total Elimination on ACH. Ach hit an awesome Cutter/DDT combo. Sabin provided the distraction which allowed The Addiction to take out ACH with Celebrity Rehab.

Your Winners: Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.5 out of a possible 5

After the match, Daniels and Kaz jumped Alex Shelley. Sabin just stood back and allowed the destruction of his former MCMG teammate. Daniels went out and got the bell ringer’s hammer. Daniels dropped Paul Turner when the ref tried to stop Daniels. Nigel McGuinness warned Daniels to put down the hammer. Nigel suspended Daniels, indefinitely. Nigel ordered Daniels to leave the ring or face a one year banishment. “Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye” rang out from the crowd.

Adam Page (w/ B.J. Whitmer and Colby Corino) vs Mark Briscoe

The fans really hated Whitmer. “Let’s Go Briscoe” rang out. Mark flipped out of a Back body Drop and hit a wild Thrust. Mark missed a Crescent Kick. Page jumped the distracted Mark Briscoe. Colby grabbed Mark. Mark began to fight back. Hard Whip by Page. Mark flew off the ropes and dropped Page. Crane Kick by Mark. Page dropped to a knee to avoid a Suplex. Knife Edge Chop and punches by Mark. Brainbuster by Mark drew a two. Float Over by Mark. Page turned Mark Inside Out. 2 count.

Next week, the Top Prospect Tournament began.

Mark flipped Page onto the apron. Enziguri and Dropkick by Mark. That set up a Blockbuster to the floor. “Man Up” went up from the crowd. Mark connected with a vicious Lariat but it only brought about a two count. Page countered a Fisherman’s Buster. Knife Edges from both men. Lawn Dart DDT by Page but Mark still had a little left in the tank. Mark elbowed out of a Fireman’s Carry. Mark sent Page to the apron and kicked him multiple times but couldn’t’ send him to the floor. Page flipped in the hit an Inside Out Clothesline. Mark escaped Rite of Passage. Mark flew into the corner but Page dropped him. Mark came back and hit the Fisherman’s Buster. Mark then went up top. Froggie Bo!

Your Winner: Mark Briscoe
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.0

After the commercial break, B.J. Whitmer got in the ring and started going off on the crowd. The fans booed the Hell out of Whitmer. Whitmer ordered Mr. Wrestling III to remove his mask and show everyone that he IS Steve Corino. Three got up from his announcer chair and got in the ring. III told Whitmer to ask him any question he would like. B.J. demanded that Three remove the mask and show his true identity. Three said he was NOT Steve Corino. Three said Steve Corino had someone in mind to come after Whitmer. Three told Whitmer to take himself and his crew and get the Hell out of here. MW3 then went back to his chair. This so takes me back to the days of the Midnight Rider, Mr. America, Charlie Brown, Stagger Lee and the Dirty Yellow Dog. Head over to YouTube if you don’t know who those guys were. Grin.

Silas Young came out, more grumpy than usual. Silas said what happened at Final Battle was a…disappointment. Silas said he was trying to “help” The Boys. Silas wanted to give The Boys the choice of remaining Boys or return to training to be Men…or else.

The Kingdom (Adam Cole and Michael Bennett) vs The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson) vs reDRagon (Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly)
Three Way Dance, Tag Team Match

This great match was filmed before “Miracle” Mike and Maria jumped over to TNA. Just an update, Mike is scheduled to make his In-ring debut there, this week. That will be one of those odd moments when a top star appears in two different wrestling organizations, in the same week. My favorite, of course, was when the late, great Rick Rude was on Raw and Nitro at the exact same time (one taped/one live).

Announcer Bobby Cruise got Superkicked! ReDRagon hit the ring and they worked over the Bucks. The ring was still filled with streamers. Cole and Bennett attacked everyone. Cole was sent out to the floor. Fish flipped over the turnbuckles to land on Matt. Flip Dive by Nick Jackson. O’Reilly had a Cross Armbreaker on Bennett, over the ropes. Cole attacked with a chair. Matt was placed in a chair and Cole put on a Sleeper. Matt brought him down onto the chair. Backflips and a chair shot by Matt. Kyle Backdropped Nick, on the floor. Superkick to Kyle. Time for a break.

Adam Cole was put in a shopping cart and one of the Jacksons hit a Superkick. Kyle flew off the apron to Missile Dropkick Cole. Ax and Smash double team by reDRagon. Double Dragon and Back Suplex by the Dragons to Nick. A ladder came into play. Cole brought the ladder in the ring and drove it into both Jacksons. Cole went all Terry Funk as he did the Desperado with the ladder. reDRagon swung chairs into the ladder and Cole was stunned. Cole was decimated, in the corner. Modified Doomsday by reDragon, driving a chair into Cole’s face.

Bobby and Kyle set up a ladder across two chairs. Ax and Smash but Kyle ended up Spinebustered into the ladder. The Bucks worked over Bennett. Bennett was Powerbombed into the ladder by Matt. Nick went up top as Matt held the ladder. Swanton! Superkick! More Bang for your Buck! 1-2-ref pulled outside. Kevin Kelly got Superkicked! Kyle worked over Matt with the chair but Nick kicked the chair into Kyle’s face. Mr. Wrestling III sent it to a final break.

Wicked Destroyer Flip Piledriver to Matt. Superkick! Superkick! Chasing the Dragon…on the floor. Everyone was pretty much down and out. Kyle chased Adam Cole to the floor and they went up the ring. Fish went after both Jackson brothers. Fish ran the duo into opposite corners. He then drove Bennett through a table, outside the ring. Step Up Knee Strike by Matt. Double Superkick that sent Fish through a table. Frog Splash to the floor by Nick! Damn! Bennett was thrown back into the ring. Bennett was placed in a chair and a party hat was put on his head. “Superkick Party” was yelled before Maria hit both Jacksons in the Ding Dings. A.J. Styles came in and drove a chair into Bennett’s broken ribs. Sunday Bloody Sunday! Maria was picked up for the Five Star Nelson Driver! Indietaker and Styles Clash and Superkicks to Bennett. 1-2-3!

Your Winners: The Young Bucks
Honor Roll Rakning: 4.75

That was just sick (in a good way).


–Jay Shannon

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