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The Kingdom made their first public appearance since losing the tag belts, and Michael and Maria. Plus, the main event was a Four Corners Survival Match.

Roppongi Vice (Rocky Romero and Trent Barretta) vs The All-Night Express (Rhett Titus and Kenny King)

It looked odd to see Rocky without his trademark eye patch. ANX are currently the Number One Contenders to the tag team titles. The tag champs, currently, are Hanson and Rowe aka War Machine.

King and Trent began the battle Trent reversed things after a Drop Toe Hold by King. Wild Japanese Close Quarters Arm Drag by King. Trent sent King to the ropes, only to get Shoulder Tackled. King stomped away and then tagged in Titus. Double team on Trent. Trent came back with Knife Edge Chops on both foes. Trent kicked King in the face and flipped Titus to the outside. King came back to hit the La Bandera Clothesline. Double team on the floor with ANX just annihilating Romero. Trent did a Moonsault off the barricade.

Back in the ring, Trent hit a Jumping Knee Strike, in the corner. Titus yanked Trent off the ropes and Trent’s head struck the top turnbuckle. RoH went to a first break.

Trent was thrown down, by the hair. Double team on Trent. Romero was still down on the floor. Trent kicked out of a Titus pin. Bow and Arrow by Titus. Tag to King. Romero tried to get involved but the ref stopped him. Trent flipped out of a Back Suplex. Trapped Leg Exploder by King. King yelled at the crowd and then punched away on Trent. Double Stomp Down by Trent, from the corner. Romero called for the tag. Both men waned tags.. Both men got tags. Romero hit a Crossbody on Titus and Hurancanrana to King. Corner Clotheslines on each side. Double Clothesline dropped both ANXers. Trent tagged back in and Warrior Way’d Rhett’s back. Titus kicked Trent but Barretta just came right back. They went into a Knife Edge/Punch fest. Romero came in and dropped Rhett. Romero Dropkicked King off the apron. Romero took out King with a Suicide Dive. Strong Zero by RPG Vice. King, who was actually legal, slid back in the ring and rolled up Trent to take the surprise win.

Your Winners: The All-Night Express
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.75 out of a possible 5

The Kingdom’s logo came up. Maria and Michael Bennett were still in the video, even though they have left for TNA. This was taped before Maria and Michael left, since they came out with Matt Taven (on crutches) and Adam Cole. Taven and Bennett lost the tag belts to War Machine at Final Battle. Security stood guard, ring side, as Cole went into Storytime. Adam explained the security force was there to protect Cole from Kyle O’Reilly. Cole verbally bashed Taven and Bennett for losing at Final Battle. Cole won his match, against Kyle O’Reilly. Cole was about to explain how the tag belts could be regained when “Pitbull” Kyle O’Reilly walked out. He had Bobby Fish with him. Kyle asked Nigel McGuinness to make a match between The Kingdom and reDRagon. Nigel knew the fans wanted to see some action. Since the card was booked, this week, Nigel set up reDRagon vs The Kingdom as the main event of next week’s show.

Suddenly, the Young Bucks came from the back to join the party. Matt said The Kingdom were “Bullet Club marks”. Matt asked Nigel to put them against The Kingdom. Nigel asked the fans what they wanted to see. Nigel adjusted the match to being: Young Bucks vs The Kingdom vs reDRagon…in a Triple Threat PHILLY STREET FIGHT!

Donovan Dijak and Joey “Diesel” Daddiego (The House of Truth) vs Hanson and Raymond Rowe (War Machin)
Non-Title Match

Donovan and Rowe opened the match. Joey tried to Pearl Harbor Rowe but it had no effect. Donovan’s Big Boot did. Hanson was sent to the floor with a La Bandera. Donovan went up top and hit a Corkscrew Plancha to the floor. Joey tagged himself in but fell to a Judo Throw. Tag to Hanson. Sledge by Hanson and both HoT members were placed on the top turnbuckle. Blubbing shots to the chest of Joey, which drove him into Donovan. Bronco Buster by Hanson. Cartwheel Clothesline to Donovan. Double Slam to Diesel. Rose slammed Hanson onto Joey. Superman Punch by Rowe. Joey punched away and got planted with a Double Uranage. Donovan with a Big Boot but got laid out with Shotgun Knees and a Bronco Buster. Fallout!

Your Winners: War Machine
Honor Roll Ranking: 2.5

After the match, Truth Martini got in the ring to talk to his man. Truth considered Donovan to be the Weak Link of the House of Truth. Truth yelled at Dijak for not being there at Final Battle to do what he was scheduled to do. Truth slapped Donovan in the face. Donovan grabbed Truth and Joey started beating on Dijak. Dijak lifted Joey into Feast Your Eyes. Awesome. This guy so should be a Face. Truth fired Dijak from his group. Prince Nana came out and applauded Dijak for standing up for himself. Nana is starting to put together one Hell of a stable, it appears. Caprice Coleman, Donovan Dijak, and/or Will Ferrara have all been given envelopes that make it seem that Nana wants to lead them into battle.

Kyle O’Reilly did a fun promo about coming from a “Broken Home”. Oh, his parents were okay, as a couple, but a big Oak crashed through their residence and Broke their House and he wants revenge. Grin.

RoH looked at how Dalton Castle got his Boys back. They went to town on him, recently, hitting the Bang-o-Rang.

Dalton Castle (w/The Boys) vs Moose (w/Stokely Hathaway) vs “Rebourne” Matt Sydal vs Jay Briscoe
Four Corners Survival Match

If one of the active competitors goes outside, anyone else can rush in and take their place.

Matt and Moose started this battle. Matt scooted around Moose but they didn’t lock up. Matt called for a Test of Strength. Instead, he just kicked the hamstring of Moose. Matt tried for the Hurancanrana but it failed. Matt blocked the Bicycle Kick. Test of Strength and Moose just pitched Matt up and over the ropes. Matt seemed to have injured his leg. Jay put himself in the match.

Dalton tagged himself in when Moose got too close. The two circled each other. Briscoe went for a quick Jay Driller but it was blocked. The two countered each other, including Dalton landing on his feet, out of a Hip Toss. Jay surprised Dalton with a Big Boot and clubbing blows. Time for a final break.

Jay with Corner Shoulders to Dalton. Moose tagged himself back in. Dalton swung wildly but it had little effect. Headbutt by Moose. Stall Suplex reversed into a Roll Up. Sydal rushed in to break up the pin. Jay rocked Matt with European Uppercuts. Jay and Moose squared off and Jay boxed the face. Moose came back and unleashed his own shots. Matt tried to get involved but got laid out. Jay took out Moose with a shot. Dead Lift Bridge German by Dalton but Matt stopped the pin. Jay hit a vicious Clothesline to take out Dalton. Moose got Low Bridged. Matt hit a wicked Moonsault to the floor. The Boys went after Stokely, who had stolen their fans. Matt hit several kicks and a Jumping Knee Strike. Hurancanrana took Moose over and almost gave Matt the win.

Jay went to pin Matt but Sydal wasn’t done, just yet. Jay lifted Matt but Moose Speared Jay. Dalton also got involved. Matt escaped Banerang. Reverse Rana by Matt to Dalton. Matt went up top and the missed the Shooting Star Press. Bangerang!

Your Winner: Dalton Castle
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.0


–Jay Shannon

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