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The World Title Series finally reached its conclusion. Who would be the new World Champ? The Final Four contenders were: Matt Hardy, Ethan Carter III, Lashley and Eric Young. Welcome to the all-new Impact Wrestling on PopTV.

The show began with a great promo package about the World Title Series.

Roll the way cool new opening montage!

Josh Mathews and Pope were ringside, live, in Bethlehem, PA. Dixie Carter was in the ring. She thanked everyone for joining TNA on PoP. She explained that PoP was all about the Fandom. “Thank You, Dixie” rose to a crescendo. She was ready to kick off TNA’s 15th year. Dixie showed off the World title belt.

She was cut off by the arrival of her “nephew”, Ethan Carter III. Tyrus joined Ethan on the walk to the ring. Ethan wanted a Carter Family Reunion. Ethan wanted to air his grievances. He knew Dixie was upset that Ethan defeated Kurt Angle. He also knew she didn’t like how he successfully defended the title. The 3rd grievance was about how Dixie ripped off Ethan regarding the World title. Dixie told Ethan to take a good long hard look in the mirror and what he has become. Dixie went off on Ethan for using lawyers to keep Matt from being the champion…

When Matt Hardy’s name came up, Matt cmae out. Matt was bored with Ethan’s whining. Matt said it was the fans who got robbed. Matt was super confident that he would become the champ, at the end of the night. Matt wanted Ethan to blame Hardy for the title loss.

Eric Young came out of nowhere to attack Matt. Ethan and Tyrus got involved. Tyrus laid out Matt with the Gordy Spike. Lashley rushed down to even the sides. Tyrus missed a Corner Splash and Lashley locked in a Sleeper. Eric jumped Lashley. Huge Back Body Drop by Lashley. The fight spilled out to the floor. Matt got back in and tore into Eric. Ethan and Tyrus ripped Lashley a new one. Matt flew off the top to lay out everyone on the floor. Off to commercials.

Ethan Carter III vs (Bobby) Lashley
World Title Series, Semi-Finals Match #1

Lashley took Ethan to the corner and dodged a punch by Ethan. Corner Clothesline by Lashley. Ethan popped (no pun intended) Lashley but The Destroyer ran over Ethan. Spear by Lashley and Ethan fell out of the ring. Lashley came to get his foe. Tyrus blocked Lashley’s path.

Back in the ring, Lashley hit a Corner Shoulder. Belly to Belly Throw by Lashley. Ethan scooted out to the floor, yet again. Lashley grabbed Ethan by the hair. Ethan dropped Lashley over the ropes. Lashley blocked the Stinger Splash but fell to Double Boots. Ethan tossed Lashley out to the floor. Scoop Slam by Tyrus. Tyrus yelled at Pope for his comments. Ethan threw Lashley into the ring post. Ethan came out to get Lashley. Ethan clubbed Lashley’s chest, multiple times.

Snap Mare into a Rear Chin Lock by Ethan. Lashley powered up to his feet. He bashed Ethan’s neck but EC3 came back with a nice Dropkick. Cattle Mutilation by Ethan. Lashley reversed the move and Suplexed EC3 across the ring. Clotheslines by Lashley. Corner Clothesline and Shoulders by Lashley. Wicked Spinebuster by Lashley brought a 2. Jawbreaker by Ethan into the Stinger Splash. TKO gave Ethan a 2 but Lashley still had a little left. Clothesline into the Bulldog Bounce. Tyrus grabbed Lashley’s ankle. Lashley powered up Ethan for another Bulldog Bounce. Tyrus got on the apron but Ethan let Lashley charge. Ethan rolled up Lashley to move on to the finals!

Your Winner: Ethan Carter III
Impact Scorecard: 4.0 out of a possible 5

Kurt Angle walked backstage.

Bobby Roode was asked about his Open Challenge. Bobby quoted Kid Rock’s “Cocky” by saying he could back it up. Bobby didn’t care who accepted his challenge for the King of the Mountain. Remember, It pays to be Roode.

Kurt Angle entered the arena. Josh ran down Kurt’s resume of accomplishments. I’m hoping to meet Kurt at Wrestlecon, in a couple of months.

The fans thanked Kurt. Kurt turned it around and thanked the fans. Kurt was ready to celebrate the fan in all of us. Kurt explained he could not have won his 13 World titles, if not for the fans. Kurt thanked the fans for letting him live his dreams. The fans screamed for “One More Match”. Kurt ran down the great men that he has faced, over the years. Kurt officially announced his Farewell Tour. Kurt revealed he will battle Drew Galloway, next week.

Drew came out to accept the challenge. They shook hands and Drew said he needed a second to calm his nerves. Drew was seriously honored by Kurt’s words and the invitation to fight, in one week.

Drew was cut off by the arrival of Jessie Godderz. He let it be known that he is The Future and The Man. Jessie took a Selfie (now there are TWO of them?). Jessie bragged about his time on Big Brother.

Eli Drake interrupted Jessie. Drake called Jessie “Small Change”. Drake called Kurt an old dinosaur. Drake suggested he and Jessie should team up and destroy The Wolves. Eli told Drew to “Stand Up and Take a Walk”. Kurt told Eli to shut up. Kurt threw out a challenge to Jessie and Eli to come down and fight. They accepted. The four men tore into each other with wild shots. Drew and Drake went fist and fire. Kurt trapped Jessie in the AngleLock. The heels bailed out.

Jeremy Borash interviewed Jeff hardy about Matt’s condition. Jeff was certain that his brother would become the new World Champion.

Eric Young bellowed that Matt Hardy was done and Eric would go straight into the finals. He ordered the ref to count out Matt. The ref didn’t even get started.

Eric Young vs Matt Hardy
World Title Series, Semi-Finals Match #2

Matt hit a Back Body Drop, on the floor. In the ring, Matt smacked Eric in the face. Matt put on the brakes to avoid a Universal. Eric blocked the Twist of Fate and dropped Eric. Young did a Flair Fall. Eric trapped Matt in the Sullivan Tree of Woe. Eric pulled back on the neck. Eventually, Young released Matt and then dropped a Forearm across the neck. Eric pulled up the protective mat on the floor. Matt punched away on Eric. Back Drop Suplex placed Matt on the ring steps.

They got back in the ring and Eric worked over Matt’s neck. Eric ran Matt’s throat into the top rope. Matt came back with punches and thrusts. Eric threw Matt into the corner and hit the modified Rude Awakening Neckbreaker. Rear Chin Lock by Eric but he didn’t hold it long. Wild Haymaker by Eric. Running Forearm by Matt. The two traded Haymakers. Matt got the better of the back and forth. Back Elbow and Clothesline by Matt. Bulldog by Hardy. 2 count. 2md Rope Elbow Drop. Side Effect. Both men fell off the apron and landed on the bare floor.

Eric wanted the Piledriver and hit it on the exposed concrete floor. That brought up the “Holy S**t” chant. Eric slid back in the ring and let the ref star the count. Jeff Hardy rushed down to check on his brother. Eric Dropkicked Jeff. Eric then rolled Matt aback in the ring. Eric slid back in the ring as Jeff tried to gather his wits. Eric flew off the top…right into the Twist of Fate!

Your Winner: Matt Hardy
Impact Scorecard: 3.5

So, the finals are: Matt Hardy vs Ethan Carter III

Eric Young flipped out, backstage. He could not believe he was heading to the finals.

Ethan got up in Jeff Hardy’s face, elsewhere. Ethan mocked Matt for living in Jeff’s shadow. Jeff stated that Matt has never lived in anyone’s shadow. Jeff was super confident that his brother would win the World title.

Bobby Roode Open Challenge

Bobby Roode vs Bram
King of the Mountain Title Match

Bram came out and said he hated everyone. Bram messed up and said 2006 was his year. Bram went right after the champ. Roode used a La Bandera Clothesline to send Bram out to the floor. Bobby pulled Bram into the ring post. Knee Strikes and punches, on the floor, by Bobby. Bobby then tossed Bram into the ring. Bram rolled out the other side and started up the ramp. Bobby caught Bram and dropped him. Bobby threw Bram right back into the ring. Bram begged off as a ploy to draw Bobby in. Bram then tossed Bobby out to the floor. The two fought on the floor. Bobby went into the guardrail but immediately rebounded with a Clothesline. Bobby pitched Bram back in the ring. Bram fought out of the Roode Bomb. Bram snapped the neck on the top rope.

They went back out to the floor. They went wild and wooly all around the announce desk. They ended back in the ring and Bobby got the boots up. Bobby missed the Blockbuster. Leg Lariat by Bram brought a two count. Bobby fought out of Bram’s finisher. School Boy by Bram for a two. Bram put down Bobby but couldn’t keep him down. Bram Paintbrushed Bobby and lifted him for the Brighter Side of Suffering. Bobby countered into the ROODE Bomb.

Your Winner: Bobby Roode
Impact Scorecard: 3.0

Eric Young rushed out to attack Bobby. Roode exploded on Eric. Low Blow by Bram. James Storm rushed in and Superkicked Eric. Wait, I thought Storm was a part of the NXT Roster? Storm said he wasn’t having fun, anymore, until he found himself. Storm talked about getting the Biggest Disappointment Award. He was ticked off about it. “This company didn’t make James Storm. Guys like James Storm made this company”. Storm then talked about his long-term friendship with Bobby Roode. He seemed to be calling for the reunion for…Beer Money! James offered Bobby a beer. Bobby thought it through for a long time. He took it and the band is back together again. Heck, Yeah!

Borash was back, again. JB said the Dollhouse wwas ready to fight the Beautiful People, in a moment. Angelina Love is now 7½ months pregnant. Congratulations, lovely lady. Velvet and Madison will have a mystery partner. It was pretty darn obvious who would join them.

James and Bobby challenged Eli Drake and Bram to a fight on the upcoming Pay Per View.

Christy Hemme introduced the Knockouts match.

Rebel, Jade and Marti Belle vs Madison Rayne, Velvet Sky and GAIL KIM
Six Knockout Tag Team Match

Taryn Terrell has left TNA, so Rebel is now the new leader of the Dollhouse. Gail has had serious issues with The Dollhouse, over the last few months. Gail took the Knockout title from the former leader of The Dollhouse, Taryn.

Gail and Jade opened the match. Jade blocked the Hurancanrana. Crossbody but Jade caught Gail and Fallaway Slammed her. Velvet tagged herself in and called for Marti. Cameraman get a gold star for the wonderful shot of Velvet’s legs and tushie. Sky ran Marti across the ring and then Clotheslined her. Sky kicked away and caught Marti with a modified Sling Blade. Marti rocked Velvet with a Forearm. Madison got he tag and hit a Dropkick. Mrs. Mathews kicked the daylights out of Rebel, who had tagged in. Faceplant by Rebel. Flying Surfboard by Rebel. Maddie then got Dropkicked.

Gail tagged in and took the fight to Jade. Huge DDT. Rebel hit a Legdrop to break it up. Stunner by Velvet. Necktie Neckbreaker by Marti. Maddie with her own Neckbreaker. Thrust Kick by Jade. Jade hit a Spin Kick for a two. Jade avoided Eat Da Feet and hit a High and Tight Back Suplex. 2 count. Gail with a backwards Roll Up to take the win.

Your Winners: Madison Rayne, Velvet Sky and Gail Kim
Impact Scorecard: 3.0

The Beautiful People were getting decimated until Awesome Kong showed up. Sweet. Kong attacked the Beautiful People and then planed Gail with the Implant Buster! Did Kong just join the Dollhouse?

The Miracle is about to happen. Not exactly sure what the heck that is but we are about to find out.

Maria Kanellis-Bennett came out to classical music. Awesome! She knew someone needed to save professional wrestling. She introduced “Miracle” Mike Bennett! For those who may not know, Mike is Maria’s real life hubby. The couple entered the ring. Mike stated he was there to save TNA. Mike ran down who he is and has been. He called himself the “Pro Wrestling Jesus”. (Don’t care for that term, honestly). Mike said he would be the new hero of TNA. Mike wanted to make wrestling fun again. Mike took a shot at Matt Hardy. Mike made his intentions clear that he wanted the World Title.

Matt spent a few precious moments with his family, backstage.

Kurt and Drew chatted, in the back. Drew expressed that he would not take their match lightly. Kurt felt Drew was the future of the company. The Wolves came up and asked for Drew and Kurt vs The Wolves at the PPV. Eli Drake and Jessie Godderz rushed in and said it would not happen. The Wolves told Eli and Jessie to join the party. It will be a Tripple Threat Tag Team Match.

Ethan Carter Iii (w/Tyrus) vs Matt Hardy (w/Jeff Hardy)
World Title Series—Finals

Jeremy Borash did the official introductions. Jeff asked for the microphone. Jeff asked Tyrus to join him in the back and let the two men fight one-on-one. Remember, Tyrus has a future title shot at whoever wins the title. Time for a commercial break and a look at Schitt’s Creek. Ok, Chrisley Knows Best has now moved to the 2nd dumbest show on television.

Thankfully, we got back to the action. Ethan and Matt got up in each other faces and started unloading with bombs. Matt tossed EC3 over the top rope. Matt ran Ethan into the ring post. Matt Whipped Ethan over the ring steps. Matt threw Ethan over the announce table. Josh and Pope had to run for their lives.

Ethan tossed Ethan back in the ring. Matt wanted the Twist of Fate but Ethan blocked it. Shoulder Tackle by EC3. Ethan clubbed the neck of Matt and shoved him down into the canvas. Ethan called for the Stinger Splash but missed it. Matt wanted the Bulldog but took a Dropkick .1-2-not quite yet. Cravat by Ethan. He switched around to a Front Face Lock. Back Heel DDT by Ethan. Michinoku Driver brought EC3 a 2. Rolling Neckbreaker by Ethan. Ethan left eh ring and rushed up to kick Matt’s head into the ring post. Ouch.

Ethan went up the stairs and told the ref to call this, since Matt was too hurt to continue. Matt wanted he Side Effect but ended up throwing Ethan sideways, into the ring barricade. Both men landed badly. Matt climbed up top. Moonsault! 2 count, once more, as Ethan kicked out. Matt called for the Twist of Fate. Ethan pushed out of it. Matt settled for the Side Effect. 2 out of 3 just isn’t good enough. Matt nailed 2 more Side Effects but couldn’t get the 3. Matt was showing some major frustration. Ethan held the ropes to block the Twist of Fate. TKO by Ethan. Ethan hit a 2nd TKO. Matt converted the 3rd TKO into the Twist of Fate. Ethan was on his stomach so the ref could not count. Ethan Dropkicked Matt and hit the 1%er. Could be…might be…DENIED!

Twist of Fate! 1-2-Kick Out! This reminds me of Rock vs Austin. Matt put Ethan up top and punched away. Ethan blocked the Superplex. Mega 1%er off the top rope. 1-2-3!

Your Winner (and NEW World Champion): Ethan Carter III
Impact Scorecard: 4.5

Matt staggered to the back, obviously distraught at the loss. Reby Hardy stared daggers at the new champion as TNA went to black.


–Jay Shannon

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