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The Road to Wrestlemania is officially off and running. Royal Rumble is just around the corner and quite a few puzzle pieces were placed, including a surprise return!

Speaking of Wrestlemania Week-end, I am pleased to announce that both Bill Apter and I will be at Wrestlecon (wrestlecon.com). I’m not listed on the page, but I’ll be there with Rivalry Championship Wrestling. Hope to see you all there.

The show began with a look at the confrontation between Roman Reigns and Vince McMahon. Vince ended up getting himself arrested after smarting off to a cop. Roman will battle Sheamus, this week, with Vince as the special guest ref.

Going live, Stephanie McMahon came out but was cut off by the arrival of Roman Reigns. Roman walked right past Stephanie and got in the ring. Stephanie followed the champ into the squared circle. The fans wildly cheered and chanted for Roman. Reigns let Stephanie know that they didn’t need her out there. Roman then called out Vince McMahon. Really?

Vince didn’t show and Stephanie let it be known that Vinny Mac hadn’t shown up, just yet. Stephanie reminded Roman that the odds were not in his favor, tonight. Roman got all serious when talking about wrestling being his life and family and no one would take it away from him. Stephanie mocked the fans and Roman for believing in hope and such. Stephanie announced that all charges were dropped against Vince, from last week. Stephanie tried to put Roman in his place by saying she was the boss and he was the help…to be used. Stephanie promised to push Roman in non-stop matches until Roman’s body crumbled.

Roman called off Stephanie when she mentioned Sika and explained that if HER daddy screwed him over, Mr. McMahon would end up in a hospital. Believe Dat! Roman then left the ring and headed to the back.

The announcers discussed the upcoming World Title Match. They then switched to the Dean Ambrose vs Kevin Owens feud.

Dean Ambrose made his way out to the ring. He would join the announce team for Neville vs Kevin Owens II…next.

Neville vs Kevin Owens

Neville hit a Shooting Star press to the floor. Neville’s ribs were taped up. Neville pitched Kevin back in the ring. Neville went up top but chanted his mind. Back Kick to the ribs of Neville. Kevin kicked the ribs and then hit a Top Rope DDT. Neville rolled out to floor. Kevin went out to get him and pitched him back in the ring. Raw cut to commercial.

Kevin ripped the protective tape off Neville’s ribs and worked the ribs. Neville flipped out and shoved Kevin into the ring post. Neville hit a 450 Splash off the apron to the floor. Neville put Kevin back in the ring and got a two count. Wild kick to Kevin’s jaw. Neville put Kevin up top. Kevin punched free of the Hurancanrana. Kevin dropped Neville into Sullivan Tree of Woe. Cannonball. Pop Up Powerbomb.

Your Winner: Kevin Owens
Raw Ranking: 2.75 out of a possible 5

After the match, Kevin tried to injure Neville. That brought Dean running. Dean just went wild but Kevin turned the tables. Kevin tore apart the announce desk and went to get Dean. Ambrose sent Kevin into the ring steps and then placed him on the announce table. Dean went onto the barricade and hit the Savage Elbow, driving Kevin through the table.

In the back, Vince’s limo arrived. Jojo went to interview Vince. Vince blew off the whole arrest thing by saying his money got him out of trouble. Vince wanted it made clear that in the World Title match…he would be The Law.

Titus O’Neil vs Stardust

Star ducked the Collar and Elbow and punched and kicked away. Cartwheel by the Galactic Grappler. Titus slapped the chest of Star, multiple times. Star whined about his chest hurting. Star got the boots up. Star then stomped away on the Florida Gator. Star freak, a bit, when the “Cody” chants began. Disaster Kick by Star. 2 count, only.

Star worked the neck and upper back of his opponent. Star dropped his weight onto Titus’ arm. He then drove his knee into the upper back before applying the Rear Chin Lock. Star kicked the chest of Titus, in the corner. Crosstie Clutch by Star. Titus got to his feet to break the hold. Star noticed Titus was dealing with a bad leg and set his sights on it. Titus Clotheslined the daylights out of Star. Star kicked Titus in the face but got a Big Boot in return. Titus called for the barks. Corner Clothesline led to Clash of the Titus (Sky High Powerbomb).

Your Winner: Titus O’Neil
Raw Ranking: 3.00

Charlotte and Becky Lynch chatted about having a rematch. Becky questioned if Charlotte was afraid of her. Ric Flair strolled in and Woo’d with his daughter.

Charlotte (w/Ric Flair) vs Becky Lynch
Non-Title Divas Match

Raw looked back at the previous encounter between these two friends. Charlotte somewhat cheated to win.

The two women circled each other and then locked up. They went to the corner and Charlotte shoved Becky’s face. Collar and Elbow and Charlotte used an Arm Drag. Becky came back with Deep Arm Drags of her own. Snap Mare but Becky Bridged out of the pin. Universal and both women blocked Hip Tosses. Becky kicked out of the Figure Eight. Test of Strength. Flair Flop by Charlotte. Slide Through Roll Up brought a 1 count for Charlotte.

Roll Up by Becky but it drew only a 1. Arm Drag by Becky. Charlotte applauded her friend. Charlotte asked Becky to help her up. Charlotte with the Knife Edge Chop and punches. Rolling Neckbreaker by the Champ. Neckbreaker, off the ropes, by Charlotte. Ric was just going ecstatic. Raw suddenly cut to break, without warning. The crowd must have been mega-rude, again. Don’t know, for sure.

Charlotte was in serious control of the match. Next week, Ric will be on the Stone Cold Podcast. Charlotte drove Becky into the canvas and clamped on the Figure Four Headlock. Becky Back Bridged to try and pin Charlotte. She got a 2. Charlotte Clotheslined Becky and got a two. Charlotte sent Becky into the corner and then put her up top. Becky kicked Charlotte, several times. Charlotte caught Becky but Lynch spun around and put her in a Sleeper. Charlotte took down Becky with a Running Samoan Drop-like move to break the hold. Becky rolled up Charlotte as Flair went for the Figure Eight. Charlotte kicked out but got rocked with Clotheslines and a Leg Lariat. Springboard Dropkick blocked and Charlotte nailed a Big Boot. Becky hit the Exploder Suplex after the Springboard Dropkick. Ric grabbed Becky but she got free. Becky rolled up Charlotte and held the tights to get the win.

Your Winner: Becky Lynch
Raw Ranking: 3.0

Charlotte totally lost it, after the math. She beat the stuffing out of the Irish Lass Kicker and hit a Spear. Ric came in to direct traffic. Ric lifted Charlotte’s arm in victory. Charlotte’s music hit as the Champs left for the back.

Vince and Sheamus chatted in the office. Vince felt History was in the making. Vince had some pre-fight instructions for the match. Vince wished Sheamus “The Luck of the Irish”.

Total Divas returns, later this month.

Ryback vs Big Show

Ryback is now an entrant in the Royal Rumble. Big Show blasted Ryback’s chest. Show missed a Corner Splash and Ruback knocked down Show. Ryback wanted Shell Shocked but Show converted it into a Chokeslam. Show pushed Ryback up and over the top rope. Suddenly, the Wyatt Family came out and attacked Ryback. Why?

Your Winner: Match Thrown Out
Raw Ranking: .5

The Wyatts then surrounded Big Show. Show was not afraid and went after Bray and then Luke. He knocked down Erick and stood face to face with Braun. Bray Pearl harbored the Giant. It was a serious mugging. Superkick to Show’s face. The Wyatts then left the ring. Bray compared his group to the Biblical Four Horsemen (not to the confused with Flair, Anderson, Blanchard and Windham…plus others).

Rusev and Alberto Del Rio vs The Usos

Rusev and Del Rio came out to the League of Nations theme music.

Del Rio and Jimmy began this fight. Collar and Elbow and Del Rio grabbed a Side Headlock. Back Elbow by Del Rio. Universal but both men blocked Hip Tosses. Clothesline and Knife Edge Chops by Jimmy. Tag to Jey. Snap Mare brought a one count. Rusev got the tag and stomped away. JBL brought up the late, great Joe Blanchard, who promoted in San Antonio, for years. Jey blasted Rusev with hard punches. Rusev blocked a Hip Toss and threw Jey into the corner. Jey slammed Rusev’s face into the corner and brought in his twin. Rusev blocked a Double Hip Toss but fell to a classic Flapjack. Jimmy tried to keep Rusev down but the big Bulgarian got a tag.

Del Rio hit a Running Kick and Snap Mare. Slider Dropkick gave a 2 to Del Rio. Tag back to Rusev. Rusev rocked Jimmy with a Headbutt and Whip. Jimmy clocked Rusev with an Uppercut. Tag back to Jey. Rusev flipped Jey onto the apron. Jey used the ropes and snapped the neck. Rusev launched Jey with a Rope Run Superplex. Raw took a quick break (and I threw my laundry into the dryer. Grin).

Rusev tried for an Asiatic Spike but Jimmy blocked it. Standing Dropkick by Rusev. The fans chanted for Lana (who was not there). DDT brought a two. Rusev applied the Rear Chin Lock and went after Jey. Samoan Drop by Jey. Tags on both sides. Jimmy tore Del Rio a new one with thrusts and kicks. Back Drop Suplex by Jimmy. Rikishi Run by Jimmy. Del Rio rebounded with the Flying Arm Bar. Spiral Kick by Jimmy. Del Rio tripped Jimmy, who was now on the top rope. Jimmy fell into the Tree of Woe. Del Rio stood up top but missed his Super Stomp. Tag to Jey. Superfly Splash but Rusev made the save. Jey took out Rusev but Del Rio threw Jey into the ring post. Del Rio climbed up top for the Warrior’s Way Double Stomp. 1-2-3.

Your Winners: Alberto Del Rio and Rusev
Raw Ranking: 3.5

Dolph Ziggler vs Heath Slater

Dolph did an insert video about the Royal Rumble. I guess he’s in it, too. Slater came out with Bo Dallas, Adam Rose and Curtis Axel. Dolph was confused.

Collar and Elbow and Dolph worked the arm. Dolph flipped heath over and almost pinned him. Heath scooted out to the corner. They locked up, again, and Heath caught eh Go Behind. Dolph took Heath down and put him in the Surfboard. I hate that move. It hurts.

Heath went for a Suplex but Dolph rolled up Heath for a two. Corner Splash and Snap Mare by Dolph. Heart Stopper Elbow by Dolph but Heath came back with a wild series of punches. Jumping Knee by Heath for a two. Heath blasted the neck of Dolph. Heath screamed at the crowd to shut up. Heath threw Dolph down, by the hair. Scoop Slam by Heath. Heath missed an Elbow Drop but Dolph hit the Flying DDT. Dolph couldn’t follow up. Dolph Tuned up the Band but Adam Rose got on the apron. Roll Up by Heath. Heath pinned Dolph, thanks to some distractions by his allies.

Your Winner: Heath Slater
Raw Ranking: 3.25

All four men but odd promos. Curtis screamed that the Chains were Off. Heath said their group was called Social Outcasts. This should be fun to watch, over the next few weeks.

New Day goofed it up, backstage.

Becky Lynch will challenge for the Divas title on Smackdown (now on USA).

Vince McMahon approached Roman Reigns and told him the pre-fight rules and regulations.

New Day came out to do an extended promo. Big E talked about how quickly they would destroy Kalisto and the Dudley Boyz. They then poked fun at Mike Tyson falling on his butt, while trying to ride a Hoverboard.

They did a countdown that was cut off by the countdown of…CHRIS JERICHO! The Fozzy Front Man is back! Chris welcomed everyone to “Raw is Jericho”. Chris really pushed his own status. Chris said he has returned to, again, save the WWE. New Day claimed that they have already saved the WWE. Chris joked about the unicorn horns that New Day wear. Chris said the whole company needed a big shot in the arm and he was the needle, baby. Chris got a “Rooty Tooty Booty” chant going, which ticked off the tag champs. Chris told New Day to “Shut the Hell Up”. Chris placed himself in the Royal Rumble Match! Sweet. Chris warned that everyone would “Never. EEEEEVer be the same…again”.

Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods vs Kalisto, D’Von Dudley and Bubba Ray Dudley
Six-Man Tag Team Match

Sin Cara is out, for the moment, due to a dislocated shoulder. He got that, last Monday night.

Kalisto opened up with Woods but Xavier demanded Bubba Ray. He got his wish. Collar and Elbow and they went to the corner. Open Hand Slap to Bubba’s chest as the RTB chant got going, again. Collar and Elbow and Bubba took Woods to the same corner. Bubba slapped he back. I’ve had that done and it’s a real bear. Kofi took the tag and got his arm twisted around. Tag to Kalisto. Springboard Ax Bomber. Kofi Kipepd Up but Kalisto took him right back down.

Bubba tagged back in and Stall Suplexed Kofi. Dang. He held him up for a long time. 2 count. Kalisto came off the ropes with another Ax Bomber. The fans screamed for tables. D’Von finally got in the match. Woods tagged back in and got Hip Tossed. D’Von sent all three men out. Bubba pitched Kalisto over the top and onto the New Day. Break time.

Big E planed Bubba Ray with the Rolling Belly to Belly. 2 count. Tag to Woods. He punched away until Bubba hit a Headbutt. Dropkick by Woods into a Snap Mare. Kick out at two. Seated Rear Chin Lock by Woods. Thrust Kick and Knee Jam by Woods. Tag to Kofi. Knee Trembler by Kofi brought a two. Bubba tagged to Kalisto. He jumped off Bubba to land on Kofi. Woods got involved as Kalisto popped Kofi. Big E tagged in and Splashed Kalisto, on the edge of the apron. Unicorn Stampede on the masked man. Whip Dropkick by Big E and Kofi (as Woods tooted on his trombone). Kofi pounded away at Kalisto’s head. Tag to Woods. Knee Drop to the Lunchadore’s skull. Skidmark Dropkick by Woods. 2 count. Rear Chin Lock by Woods. Snap Mare by Kofi into a Slider Dropkick. Tags between all three guys. Big Splash by Big E and the ref only reached two.

Kalisto tried so hard to get the tag and he found D’Von. He rocked Woods with the Shoulder Tackle and Falling Neckbreaker. Spinebuster to Kofi. Bubba yelled for the tag but Woods rolled up D’Von. Bubba got the tag and hit a Back Body Drop. He went Flip Flop and Flying on Big E. Bubba Bomb to Woods but Big E made the save. Kofi got the tag but Bubba planted him. Wazzup! failed as D’Von was pushed of the top rope. Big E tagged in and hit the Dawn Breaking on D’Von.

Your Winners: New Day
Raw Ranking: 3.5

Next Monday…Brock Lesnar Returns!

WWENetwork is now available in Japan. My old high school buddy, J.M., can now watch it as he teaches English just outside Tokyo.

The Vince/Roman feud was showcased, again.

I heard a very interesting rumor about another TNA Original heading to the WWE. I also heard that this Phenomenal One may be bringing a few buddies with him, from Japan. If this little Club does show up, they will definitely be Number One…With a BULLET. Smile.

Roman Reigns vs Sheamus
WWE World Title Match
(Special Guest Referee: Vince McMahon)

Lilian Garcia did the official introductions.

Vince orderd Roman to hand him the World title belt. Roman didn’t want to let it go but finally did. Sheamus rushed at Roman and pounded away. Scoop Slam by Sheamus. Quick 2 count. Short Arm Clothesline by Sheamus led to another quick 2. Sheamus ran Roman into the corner and bashed and battered the champ. Roman stomped away at Sheamus. Sheamus reversed a whip and got a two. Sheamus threw a punch but Roman answered, in kind. Roman lifted Sheamus but couldn’t ge’ the Samoan Drop. Corner Clotheslines by Roman. La Bandera Clothesline by Roman took both men out to the floor. Sheamus drove Roman into the ring steps. Sheamus threw the ring steps into Roman’s face. Vince let it go. Raw headed to break.

Roman pounded on Sheamus. Kitchen Sink by the Celtic Warrior. Sheamus went for the 10 Beats. Vince urged Sheamus to pound away on the champion. Rolling Senton by Sheamus but he couldn’t’ get the 3. Sheamus tried for a Sleeper but couldn’t lock it in. Both men were down. Vince told Sheamus to get up. The two fought up from their knees with Haymakers. Universal led to Roman nailing several Clotheslines. Sheamus flipped Roman onto the apron but Roman snapped the neck and hit the Drive By and Samoan Drop. Vince counted really slow. What baloney. Sheamus brought Roman’s neck down onto the middle rope and went for White Noise. Roman blocked it and took down Sheamus. Vince faked having something in his eye to stop the count. Yawn. Roman was getting fed up with this crap. Sheamus rolled up Roman but only got a two. Superman Punch. Vince just would not count the fall. Roman was so close to losing his cool. Roman took out Vince with the Superman Punch. Spear! No Ref. Roman screamed for another referee. No one came out. Sheamus rolled out to the floor.

Roman nailed a 2nd Drive By. He also clocked Sheamus with a Superman Punch. Roman threw Sheamus over the announce table. Roman stared evilly at Vince. Roman stalked the Chairman of the Board. Please tell me Vince isn’t going to pull a Fritz Von Erich and fake a heart attack.

Stephanie McMahon stormed out to the ring. She looked ready for a fight. Roman threw Vince into Stephanie. Both McMahons were down. Roman walked around and approached Lady Mac. Stephanie begged Roman to stay away from her. Roman then turned his focus back on Vince. Brogue Kicks. Vince was still too stunned to count. Scott Armstrong rushed down to try and make the count. He only made a 2. Sheamus screamed at Scott. Sheamus ordered Scott to help Roman up. Superman Punches to Sheamus and Scott. Spear to Sheamus. A 3rd ref rushed in and made the count.

Your Winner: Roman Reigns
Raw Ranking: 3.0

Vince knocked out the ref who made the 3 count. Vince let Roman know he would defend the title, at Royal Rumble, in the Royal Rumble Match! Huh? So, Roman will have to survive up to 29 other men to keep his strap? Well, that just made the match a whole lot more interesting.


–Jay Shannon

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