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New Japan kicks off the year with their biggest show of the year with Wrestle Kingdom 10 inside the Tokyo Dome. This is the 10th January 4th show in the Tokyo Dome under the Wrestle Kingdom banner and the 24th Dome show on January 4th. This show will be broadcast on www.njpwworld.com at 2:15 AM EST for the pre show rumble and the main show starting at 3 AM EST. Here are the matches and the stories behind the matches for the show.

0) New Japan Rumble- This is just a preshow match to get everyone on the Dome show. Last year’s winner was Yuji Nagata and he is also in it this year. Announced names include Hiroyoshi Tenzan, Satoshi Kojima, Jushin Liger, Jado, Manabu Nakanishi, Tiger Mask IV, and Rysuke Taguchi. Expect also to be in the rumble Yohei Komatsu, Sho Tanaka, Mascara Dorada, Jay White, David Finlay Jr, Captain New Japan, Evil (Watanabe), BUSHI, Yoshihashi and Juice Robinson. They also pulled some fun surprises last year with legends Hiro Saito, Yoshiaki Fujiwara, and The Great Kabuki so I expect NJPW to surprise us with fun surprise us.

1) IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship- reDRagon (c) vs Roppongi Vice vs Young Bucks vs Matt Sydal and Ricochet – This should be a fun spotfest opener. This match should be reDRagon vs Matt Sydal and Ricochet because Sydal and Ricochet won the Super Junior Tag League in November but the powers that be put these other two teams in the match. Interesting to note that reDRagon hasn’t taken a fall since their first match in the company at the G1 Final 2014 and they are the most protected act in the company. This should be very interesting who wins and who takes the fall here. My prediction Sydal and Ricochet pin Roppongi Vice.

2) NEVER Openweight 6 Man Tag Team Championship- Bullet Club (Tama Tonga, Bad Luck Fale, Yujiro Takahashi) vs Toru Yano, Jay Briscoe, Mark Briscoe- This match is a 1000% more interesting with this Championship on the line. This could go one of two ways. Either they don’t get time, it feels rushed and it’s not fun and a dud or they get time, the Briscoes connect, Yano pulls his antics and it’s fun. I think since there’s no time constraints it will be the later and Yano’s team wins.

3) ROH World Championship- Jay Lethal (c) vs Michael Elgin- This is going to VERY interesting. Michael Elgin is over in Japan, the G1 people were going bonkers for him and he was Tanahashi’s partner in tag league. It’s going to be interesting to see how Lethal is received in Japan. This can be fun but also can be bad if both get nerves and Lethal doesn’t connect. I think it will be a first and these two will have a good little sprint.

4) IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship- Kenny Omega (c) vs KUSHIDA- This match should be KUSHIDA’s crowning moment as the ace of the junior division. It’s 100% that Omega wants to go heavyweight and move on from the juniors division and have a meaningful push. KUSHIDA is awesome and Omega’s a pro so that should equal a great match.

5) IWGP Tag Team Chamionship- Bullet Club (Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows) (c) vs GBH (Togi Makabe & Tomoaki Honma)- This match is the least interesting match on the card. This heavyweight tag team division has been stale as week old bread and I think everybody and their mother hopes that NJPW takes this belts off of the Bullet Club. This could be a good match but it should end with Honma hitting the headbutt and everyone being happy.

6) Special Singles Match- Hirooki Goto vs Testuya Naito- One of the most improved wrestlers character wise in 2015 was the resurgence of Naito with the Ingobernables gimmick. Goto is the gate keeper in the heavyweight division and I have a feeling that Naito is going to be the next big challenger. Naito should win but I’m not a hundred percent sure.

7) NEVER Openweight Championship- Tomohiro Ishii (c) vs Katsuyori Shibata- This is the equivalent of two bulls locking horns and seeing who’s tougher. These two had the match of the year in 2013 at the G1 and I will expect nothing less than these two beating the crap out of each other. As for the winner, it’s a coin flip.

8) IWGP Intercontinental Championship- Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs AJ Styles- Now onto our two main events. These two have been separated in the booking for NJPW since AJ’s been with the company. This match has enormously high expectations with two of the best wrestlers in the world. I’m going to go out on the whim and say AJ wins the title here but these two are going to deliver.

9) IWGP Heavyweight Championship- Kazuchika Okada (c) vs Hiroshi Tanahashi- This match has all the makings to be one of the greatest matches of all time. Last year, they had an all time classic that I rewatched and liked it even more than I did initially. These two always seem to top themselves and the expectations here are HUGE. This is going to be the passing the torch to Okada as he finally tops Tanahashi on the big stage and ends this decade’s equivalent to Flair-Steamboat.

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