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2015 is drawing to an end, so Ring of Honor shared the Best of the Year with us, this week. Our host is the lovely Mandy Leon.

The show began with a look at Ring of Honor vs New Japan. Matt Sydal and ACH had an incredible match against two of Japan’s finest. They battled Naito and Tanahashi. ACH nailed a wild Spinning Kick to Naito. He then went up top to nail a 450 Splash. Sling Blade by Tanahashi. Frog Splash. Tanahashi and Naito take the win in a near 5 Star encounter.

The Young Bucks wished everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Roderick Strong


The two men hit wild Knee Strikes. Strong caught Nakamura on the top rope and threw a Knife Edge Chop. Strong picked up and dropped Nakamura on the top turnbuckle. He got a two count for his work. Nakamura kneed out of a Suplex and hit a Claymore off the ropes. Both men were down and stunned. Nakamura missed the Muta Elbow but Strong hit the Double Knee Gutbuster. Stronghold! Nakamura reached for and got the ropes.

Nakamura and Strong traded wild Forearms. The fans were split in their support. Knee Strike b Nakamura but Strong hit the Sick Kick and the Roddy hit a Suplex into a most wicked backbreaker to pull a two. Dang, that was amazing. The fans showed their appreciation for these two great men. Roddy rocked Nakamura with Forearms but Nakamura slipped out of a Suplex. Strong got dropped but still kicked out at one. Jumping Knee by Strong but Nakamura came back to lay out Strong with a massive Thrust Kick.

Your Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.90 out of a possible 5

Adam Cole told the “naughty ladies” to expect a little Cole in their stockings…baby!

The Bullet Club vs Matt Sydal, ACH and Cedric Alexander
Six Man Tag Team Match


Styles Matt Jackson got rocked with Eddie like Sulexes but he came back to hit the Get Over Here and a fly out to the floor. Matt went up top and flew off with the Swanton. Cedric got the boots up. Air Bourne by Sydal but A.J. Styles made the save. Styles went off on Sydal but Superkicks and Peles rocked Team R.o.H.. The fans were eating this up like Christmas dinner. Styles got flipped onto the apron and got tripped as he went for a Springboard. ACH hit one of the wildest Hurancanranas…to the floor! Todd Sinclair checked on everyone involved. Crash and Burn by ACH. Overtime brought a 2 count. Superkick! Styles with a blind tag. 450 Splash by Styles but Cedric got his knees up. Running Dropkick to Styles. ACH hit a 450 Splash. Then Shooting Star Press, by Sydal, failed. Superkicks all over the place. Inditaket! Styles Clash off a Superkick. Count to 100.

Your Winners: A.J. Styles, Matt and Nick Jackson…the Bullet Club
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.5

reDRagon wished everyone a Merry Christmas.

Adam Cole asked the fans to work with Toys for Tots. Merry Christmas…Baby!

A video aired about the Jay Lethal vs Jay Briscoe feud. Briscoe went in on a 2 year winning streak. Lethal was the TV Champion but waned Briscoe’s World Title.

Jay Briscoe vs Jay Lethal
Ring of Honor Title for Title Match


Code of Honor Handshake. Truth Martini was in Lethal’s corner. They took their time checking each other out. Todd Sinclair ejected Donovan Dijak from ringside, after Dijak tried to grab Briscoe. Lethal bailed out of the ring to talk strategy with Martini. Lethal got back in the ring but only for a moment. Sinclair told Lethal to get in the ring. Side Headlock by Lethal. Push Off into a Universal. Briscoe dropped Lethal with a Running Shoulder. Lethal headed for the floor. The camera showed Papa and Mama Briscoe in the crowd.

Collar and Elbow and Briscoe pushed Lethal to the corner. They came back out of the corner and Lethal worked Briscoe’s arm. Briscoe reversed things and wrenched the arm. Lethal took back over with an Arm Bar. Briscoe spun around and tripped Lethal. Front Face Lock by Briscoe. Lethal twisted into a Hammerlock. Seated Fireman’s Carry by Briscoe. Briscoe took Lethal to the corner.

Lethal charged but Briscoe Side Stepped him. They locked up, again, and went to the ropes. Briscoe and Lethal got into a shoving match. The two threw vicious Haymakers at each other. Lethal tossed Briscoe out to the floor. The two went wild with punches and Headbutts. Briscoe threw Lethal into the barricade. Lethal turned things around and rushed Briscoe into the barricade. Lethal punched Briscoe in the face and threw him into the barricade. Time for a break.

Dalton Castle and The Boys wished us all Happy Holidays.

We’re back and Lethal got in the ring. Briscoe followed him and kicked away. The fans were so split between the two competitors. Briscoe hit a European Uppercut and hard Headbutt. Knee Lift by Lethal and he hit a wild Suicide Dive. Lethal hit another Suicide Dive and the fans showed their appreciation. Briscoe rushed back in and hit a La Bandera and his own Suicide Dive. European Uppercuts by Briscoe. Truth grabbed Briscoe as Jay hit the ropes. The ref didn’t see it.

Lethal stomped away on Briscoe. Whip by Lethal but Briscoe got the boots up. Briscoe missed a Flying Stomp and got hit with a Belly to Back Suplex. European Uppercuts by both men. Lethal dropped Briscoe with a Running Clothesline. Lethal applied the Rear Chin Lock. Briscoe punched free and rocked Lethal. They unloaded with Haymakers. Briscoe rocked Lethal with stiff punches. Roaring Elbow into the Briscoe Neckbreaker. 1-2-not yet. Again, time for a break.

Briscoe wanted the Jay Driller but fell to the Lethal Combination. 2 count, once more. Scoop Slam by Lethal. Lethal went up top, with some trepidation. Briscoe tripped Lethal to block Hail to the King (Savage Elbow). Briscoe climbed up the ropes and went for the Dead Lift Superplex. Lethal did his best to block it. Lethal punched the ribs and knocked Briscoe off the ropes. Briscoe would not be denied and he hit a Dropkick. Lethal dropped Briscoe, hard. Lethal tried to get into position so he could hit Hail to the King. 2 count. Koji Clutch by Lethal. Briscoe pivoted and reached the bottom rope. Lethal was so frustrated, at this point.

The two went to the apron. They fought over the ringside table. Low Blow by Lethal, as Sinclair was distracted by Truth Martini. Nigel McGuinness got on the apron and threw Martini out of the building. Truth has a serious hissy fit and so did Lethal. Briscoe put Lethal through the table with the Jay Driller. RoH took a break, NOW?

Both men were back in the ring. Ringside was a massive mess. Briscoe rocked Lethal with solid punches. Lethal tried to fight back and hit a Superkick. Roaring Elbow by Briscoe as Lethal tried for eh Lethal Injection. Lethal escaped the Jay Driller but a vicious Clothesline nearly took Lethal’s head off. Could be…might be…Denied!

Lethal kicked a charging Briscoe. Springboard Stunner by Lethal. Lethal Injection! 1-2-Kick Out! Are you freaking kidding me? Lethal just could not believe it. “This is Awesome” rose from the crowd. Lethal lifted Briscoe and set for his own version of the Jay Driller. Briscoe dropped to his knees to avoid it. The two went back and forth and Lethal did hit the Jay Driller. That was followed by the Lethal Injection. Could Be…Might Be…IT IS!

Your Winner (and NEW World Champion): Jay Lethal
Honor Roll Ranking: 5.0

This is exactly why Jay Lethal was my pick for Wrestler of the Year.

Mandy was back but she was joined by Delirious to end the show and wish us all a Merry Christmas. Mandy seriously couldn’t keep from cracking up.

Silas Young went all Scrooge as he was to do a Holidays greeting. He would not speak.

What I want to wish you all is a safe and Happy New Year.


–Jay Shannon

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