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It was time for part2 of the Best of 2015.

Matt Hardy vs Ethan Carter III
World Title Full Metal Mayhem Match


Ethan caught Matt and Powerbombed Hardy through a table. Ethan then set up the ladder to climb up after his title belt. Ethan yelled at Matt that Hardy gave it a good shot. Matt came alive and held Ethan’s ankle. Ethan came down and pounded away on his challenger. Ethan tore into the leg by dropping his weight on it. Ethan went back up the ladder but Matt stopped him. Ethan blocked a Twist of Hate and took both men through the ropes.

Matt clocked Ethan with a steel chair to the back. Matt went looking for more toys. He found a good sized ladder and bridged it between the ring apron and the overturned ring steps. Low Blow by Ethan and he pushed Matt back onto the ladder. Matt tumbled to the arena floor. Ethan didn’t go for the strap, he went after Matt. Ethan adjusted a table and prepared for a Powerbomb. Instead, Matt nailed a Side Effect on the ring apron. That so made my back hurt. Matt put Ethan on a table and climbed up top. Legdrop from the top turnbuckle to the floor…through a table. Matt oozed back into the ring but was he took exhausted to climb? The docs came out to check on Ethan. Matt scaled the ladder. Ethan got in the ring and cracked Matt’s knee with a steel chair. Matt fell off the ladder.

Both men began to climb the ladder. They fought at the peak of the steel mountain. Both men had their hands on the belt but Ethan Low Blowed Matt to retain.

Your Winner: Ethan Carter III
Flashback Scorecard: 4.5 out of a possible 5

TNA looked back at the breakdown between Mahabali Shera and “Cowboy” James Storm. Shera was called Khoya (Lost) at the time.

The Wolves vs Dirty heels
Match 2 of 5


Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards hit Stereo Suicide Dives on Bobby Roode and Austin Aries. Enziguri into a Jackknife Cover by The Wolves. 2 count. Aries stopped Davey. Miz/Morrison Corkscrew led to a two. Davey and Eddie went up top for eh Wolves Stomps. They didn’t get to unleash it. Aries with a wicked Dropkick. Double R Spinebuster by Bobby. Aries went up top and nailed the 450 Splash. Eddie kicked out of Bobby’s pin. Aries and Roode were getting frustrated. Aries tossed a steel chair into the ring. Bobby didn’t want to use the chair and almost got pinned while arguing with Aries. Aries argued with the ref so Bobby could hit a Low Blow and Chair Sot to the back. 1-2-3.

Your Winners: Dirty Heels
Flashback Scorecard: 4.25

Dirty Heels vs The Wolves
Match 5 of Best of 5


It was down to the final minute and the Heels also stole the match. Tag to Bobby. Eddie rolled through a Roode Bomb to pin Bobby and take the lead in the Iron Man Match.

Your Winners: Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards
Flashback Scorecard: 4.75

TNA looked at the induction of Jeff Jarrett into the TNA Hall of Fame. It was a touching speech.

Bram vs Mr. Anderson was the next highlight. Bram had stolen Ken’s trademark microphone. Ken got it back, beat the bejesus out of Bram and then told Bram just who he is…Mr. Anderson…Anderson. He then knocked out Bram with the stick and took the win.

Josh Mathews and Pope then looked at the short-lived Global Force Wrestling Invasion. Drew Galloway stopped Dixie from giving Jeff control of TNA. Drew accused Jeff of attacking him and Bully Ray (Bubba Ray Dudley). Karen Jarrett stepped forward to take responsibility. Jeff then attacked Drew and the GFW forces hit the ring. It turned into a Hostile Takeover. Dixie called for a Winner Takes All match. Team TNA defeated Team GFW when Drew hit the Future Shock DDT on Brian Myers.

Impact looked at how Tigre Uno beat Low Ki to become the X-Division Champion.

Josh brought up the Deal with the Devil situation where Jeff Hardy had to put his services as personal assistant on the line. If Matt Hardy won, he would become the champ. If Matt lost, Jeff would have to be the P.A. for Ethan for an undefined amount of time. Jeff and Matt fell for it and the match was on. Matt lost and Jeff was forced into numerous embarrassing scenarios.

Next up was a look at Gail Kim vs The Dollhouse. The feud also included Brooke, who took the Knockout title from Taryn Terrell.

The war between Eric Young and Chris Melendez was showcased. Eric would take Chris’ artificial leg, at one point. Chris won it back, a few weeks later. Eric also had a brutal feud with Kurt Angle that launched when Eric took the leg, the first time.

Josh sent it to a video package about the stuff that Jeff Hardy had to do, while under Ethan’s employ. Jeff eventually rebelled against his “master” and dared Ethan to fire him.

Impact looked at the rise and fall of the Revolution. Mahabalit Shera aka Khoya eventually turned his back on James Storm’s rogue group.

Impact looked, in depth, at the Knockouts division. Lei’D Tapa (from GFW) tried to take out Gail, Kong and Brooke, but failed. Tapa actually dumped Kong over the top and out to the floor. Gail Kim pinned Brooke to become the Knockout Champion. Brooke has since left TNA, as has Taryn Terrell. Gail talked about how amazing Awesome Kong is. Gail respects the Hell out of Kong (her words).

Awesome Kong vs Gail Kimg
Bound For Glory Knockout Title Match


Backfist by Kong rocked Gail to her very core. Gail fought out of the Super Implant Buster. Kong wanted to Chokeslam the champ but fell to Eat Da Feet.

Your Winner: Gail Kim
Flashback Scorecard: 4.0

Mahabali Shera vs James Storm

The Finish:

The members of The Revolution came out. Abyss hit the Black Hole Slam. Manik nailed the Frog Splash. Shera then finished off Storm with the Sky High Powerbomb.

Your Winner: Mahabali Shera
Flashback Scorecard: 3.0

Next week, a new World Champion will be crowned.

Ultimate X Division Match

Andrew Everett did so well in this match but Tigre Uno overcame outrageous odds to retain his title. After the match, “Hurricane” Gregory Shane Helms showed up. Helsm showed massive respect to the X-Champ.

Next up, Dixie Carter decided to take her revenge on the turncoat, Eric Young. She put him in a match with Kurt Angle. Before Eric went to war with Kurt, he had to fight Chris Melendez, one more time. Chris seemed beaten when Eric went for the Piledriver. Chris didn’t get nailed with it. Eric set Chris on the top rope. Chris knocked Eric off the ropes. Missile Dropkick by Chris. 1-2-3

Your Winner: Chris Melendez
Flashback Scorecard: 2.5

Dixie Carter announced that Jeff Hardy would be the special guest ref for the World Title Match, at Bound For Glory.

Matt hardy vs Drew Galloway vs Ethan Carter III
Triple Threat Match for the World Title
Jeff Hardy—Special Guest Ref


Drew ended up in the Sullivan Tree of Woe and Matt stepped on Drew’s nether regions. Ethan crawled up and Drew hit a wild Tower of Power Suplex combo, while still in the Tree of Woe. All 3 men slugged at each other. Matt and Drew punched away until Ethan hit Double 1%ers on Drew and Matt. Ethan got in Jeff’s face and tried to get a Disqualification. Jeff wouldn’t do it, even after Ethan kicked Drew low…right in front of Jeff. Ethan got a chair but Jeff took it away. Ethan slapped the ref and Jeff exploded on the champ. Twist of Fate. Claymore by Drew. Twist of Fate by Matt.

Your Winner (and NEW TNA World Champion): Matt Hardy
Flashback Scorecard: 4.0

Impact finished up this look back at 2015 by showing how Ethan Carter III forced Matt Hardy to forfeit the title. That set up the World Title Series. TNA showed the ending of numerous Title Series matches. The Final Four for next week are: Eric Young, Lashley, Ethan Carter III and Matt Hardy.

Next week…it all begins again. Ok, I know I scarfed that from a previous Wrestlemania but I’m just getting over an URI. Grin.

I wish you all the best as the New Year approaches. I thank you for letting me continue to live my dream of being a writer. And, of course, my biggest wish for one and all is…


–Jay Shannon

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