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Raw closed out 2015 with a great show. It was a great show for everyone…except Mr. McMahon.

Roll the Opening Montage!

We were live in Brooklyn for this final show of the year. John Cena will be out, a little later, to fight Alberto Del Rio.

Mr. McMahon Power Walked from the back. He got a fantastic pop from the New York crowd. He is one man I would SO enjoy meeting. JBL felt this would be a Day of Reckoning for Roman Reigns, since Roman clocked Vince, a couple weeks back.

Vince explained he was there to settle a score. Vince ordered Roman Reigns to get out to the ring. The WWE World Champ came through the crowd to meet with the Chairman of he Board. While Roman came to the ring, Raw flashed back to last week’s confrontation between Roman ad Stephanie McMahon. Raw also showed how Roman helped Dean Ambrose to defeat Sheamus. After the match, Stephanie attacked Tom Phillips.

Back to this week and Vince was ready to kick butt. Vince started by pushing Roman as the champ. Vince warned Roman that HHH will someday get his revenge, when Roman least expects it. Roman told the “old man” to speak up. Vince didn’t like that Roman showed disrespect to Stephanie (turning his back on her). Oman explained that no one turns their back on a McMahon. Vince grumbled about having to have dental surgery, thanks to Roman. Vince also didn’t like being kicked out of HIS ring. Vince made sure Roman knew that Vince owns everything…including Roman.

Roman called Vince a “rich Snob”. Vince corrected Roman that Vince is a billionaire. Roman said the WWE Universe and Roman own the World title. Vince was amused. Vince asked Roman how long Reigns felt he would continue to hold the World title. The fans began to chant for “Daniel Bryan”. It ticked off Vince, who screamed at the fans to shut up. The chant switched to “C.M. Punk”. Vicne told Roman to shut up. Vince started talking about Afa and Sika. Vince clarified that Sika is Roman’s dad. Vince talked about how he used the Anoi’a family. Roman shoved Vicne nad suddenly Vinny Mac started screaming about his neck hurting.

That brought Stephanie running. Stephanie ordered the rent-a-cops to arrest Roman. The cops refused to follow Stephanie’s orders. They told her that they were only there as Security. Stephanie continued to whine about having Roman arrested. The cop warned Stephanie to back step or go to jail. Vince suddenly recovered and got up in the cops faces. The cop threatened to take Vince to jail if he didn’t calm down. Vince made the mistake of putting his hands on the cop. The lead cop ordered his guys to cuff Vince. Awesome. Stephanie couldn’t believe the guys were giving them such attitude. The read Vince his Miranda rights, sort of. The y took Vince out of the ring. Stephanie begged them not to take her daddy away. Vince put on a good act of resisting arrest. Roman stood tall, in the ring, hoisting the World title belt high. Time for a break.

During the break, Vince was shoved into a police car and carted off to the pokey. Stephanie threatened to sue the Brooklyn police department.

Kevin Owens vs Neville

This whole feud started at the Slammys, when Neville was named Breakout Star of the Year. Kevin got so ticked off at that snub. Raw ran a quick promo video about Neville.

Kevin charged but Neville got out of the way. Kevin was stunned but he still hit the ropes. Neville reversed a Pop Up Powerbomb and rolled up Owens in mere seconds.

Your Winner: Neville
Raw Ranking: 2.0 out of a possible 5

After the decision, Kevin went berserk on Neville. He posted the Brit and blasted away. It took several refs to force Kevin to back off. Kevin broke free, multiple times, and tore into Neville. Raw went to commercial.

I just read on the WWE site that Lemmy of Motorhead passed away. One of his old girlfriends, in England, is a dear friend. Lady Jane has told me so many stories about this musical Legend. You will be missed. I hope Lemmy or Motoorhead will end up in the Celebrity Wing (since they have provided HHH’s theme music for many years and appeared on several WWE Shows).

Neville was helped to the back. Kevin came out of nowhere to flip Neville inside out with a Running Clothesline. Kevin threw Neville into the ring steps. Dean Ambrose rushed out to stop the assault. Dean and Kevin slugged it out, big time. Both men gave No Quarter. Kevin threw Dean into the ring post and then tried to send him into the ring. Rebound Clothesline by Dean. The refs broke it up. Run Owens Run.

Raw showed John Cena on the Today Show, from Monday morning. John will battle Alberto Del Rio in tonight’s main event.

It was announced that The Rock will be at Wrestlemania. Speaking of Dallas, I can confirm that I WILL be at Wrestlecon on April 1st and 2nd. Who will be there with me? Stay tuned…

Raw looked back at the whole Divas situation from Super Smackdown. JoJo interviewed Becky Lynch. Charlotte will not be there to “help” Becky. Becky was cool with it. Becky was about to battle Sasha Banks. Becky talked about getting her own place in New York.

Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks (w/Naomi and Tamina)

Sasha got a decent pop until she pushed Boston over NYC. Naomi really trash talked Brooklyn. Raw went to break before the match got going.

Becky chased Sasha out of the ring. Collar and Elbow and Becky got Shoulder Tackled. Universal aborted for a Side Headlock by Sasha. Deep Arm Drag by Becky. The fans chanted “NXT” Becky Bridged out and Dropkicked Sasha. Banks headed to the floor. Sasha got back in and went for the Go Behind. Sasha did her best to power out. Deep Arm Dag, again, by Becky. Sasha threw a hard Forearm. Rope Walk Arm Drag by Sasha. Sasha missed a Corner Charge. Dragon Screw Leg Whip into Spinning Toe Holds. Roll Up by Sasha but she only got a 1.

Sasha stomped on Becky and then strolled around. Becky went into an Inverted Figure Four. Tamina pulled Sasha to the safety of the ropes. The ref didn’t see a bloody thing.

Becky kicked Sasha and then Dropkicked Naomi and Tamina. She flew off the top to drop Naomi and Tamina. Raw took another break.

Becky reversed a Whip. Quick Spin Deep Arm Drag by Becky. Becky sent Sasha to the corner. Becky was flipped out to the apron. She kicked away and then climbed the ropes. The two women fought on the ropes until Sasha snapped Beck on the ropes. The Crash by Sasha, off the top rope. Sasha stomped away on Becky. Boot Choke by The Boss. Butterfly Lock by Sasha. It morphed into a Bow and Arrow, with the boot planted in Becky’s back. Sasha went for a pin but Becky wasn’t done, just yet.

Sasha tied up Becky in the ropes. Snap Mare into another Bow and Arrow. The fans were getting bored with this long match. Sasha threw Becky down, by the hair. Leg Drop by Sasha. Back kick as Sasha mocked Becky. Banks nailed a 2nd Leg Drop. Roll Up by Becky but she only got a two. Clotheslines by Beck led to the Leg Lariat. Sasha fought out of a Suplex. Sasha pulled Becky into the ropes. Sasha went for a Dive and hit her own teammates. Naomi and Tamina threw Sasha back into the ring.

Forearms by Becky but Sasha nailed the Back Stabber and the Crosstie Sleeper. Becky rolled to one side and another to try and fight out. Becky with a Trapped Arm Suplex to the corner. 1-2-not yet. Tamina got involved, yet again. Naomi kicked Becky in the face. Back Stabber into the BankStagement. Becky rolled to try and get free. She put Sasha in the Dis-Armer but Sasha ended up pinning the Lass Kicker.

Your Winner: Sasha Banks.
Raw Ranking: 2.75

Raw posted Vince’s Mug Shot. Renee Young was at the police precinct. Suddenly, the theme to “Car 54, Where are You?” rang in my head. Renee said Stephanie and the family attorney were there to get Vince out of the clink.

New Day came out to party with the Brooklynites. They may be silly but New Day has grown on me.

Kofi Kingston vs Kalisto

New Day took time to cut a promo, pre-match. Xavier talked about how New Day won the Tag belts in that very same building. It was also where the Trombone debuted. It was time for a song. Sigh. Ok, maybe not. They kept rambling on until Kalisto arrived.

Standing Switch and Kalisto took control of the arm. Kofi flipped around to reverse things. Tons of quick athletic moves. Monkey Flip sent Kofi sailing. Flying Side Headlock Takeover. Kofi dropped Kalisto and pounded away at the Lucha’s chest. Kofi missed the Double Stomp. Head Scissors Takeover. Corkscrew Crossbody by Kalisto. Seated DDT Head Scissors by Kalisto. Everyone got involved. Kalisto pinned Kofi after the hurancanrana.

Your Winner: Kalisto
Raw Ranking: 3.0

Xavier Woods challenged S in Cara to come face him, instead of cheating. Woods changed gears and said Sin Cara would actually be facing Big E.

Bug E vs Sin Cara

E flipped Cara after having him in a Abdominal Stretch. Sin Cara with a Deep Arm Drag after coming off the ropes. Dropkick sent Big E to the outside. E yanked Sin off the apron. Sin landed very hard. E drove Sin into the ring apron. Sin Cara called for the docs to check on Sin Cara. Sin Cara refused to stop and he got back in the ring. Sin kicked out of a pin attempt. E just ran over Sin and the ref checked on Sin, again. This one needs to be stopped. E boxed the ribs of Sin. Abdominal Stretch by Big E. He spanked the Luchadore. E popped the ribs. Sin Cara flipped up out of the Sullivan Tree of Ropes. E hit the ring post. Both men had hurt shoulders, now. Sin with kicks and chops. Spinning Crossbody by Sin Cara. Cara couldn’t’ hold E down. Big E threw Sin into the corner and then put him up top. Big E went to the top but Sin Cara hit the Rio Grande Plunge, off the top. Sin Cara Dropkicked the other New Day members. Big E nailed the Big Ending.

Your Winner: Big E
Raw Ranking: 2.5

MizTV Holiday Edition

This was a Year in Review Special. Miz was cut off by the arrival of Ryback. Ryback felt Miz looked really stupid. Ryback was tired of hearing MIZTV. Ryback burped as he got in and said 2016 would be the year of the Big Guy. Out came Goldust! Yeah! Goldy wondered if Miz would win a SAG award or an Oscar or some Golden Globes. Zack Ryder then joined the party. Long Island Iced Z came out to chat with his hometown crowd. Zack knew 2016 ws the Year of Zack. Miz tried to continued but got cut off by R-Truth. Truth started talking about voting for Superstar of the Year. Uh…that was Last Week. Miz told Truth that the Slammys were last week and Truth did win a Slammy. Miz tried to go back to his history lesson but Heath Slater came out. Heath sounded so much like Adam Cole with his brief promo. He was stopped cold by the arrival of Big Show. Heath felt no one cared what Big Show had to say. He told Show to leave and got blasted with a KO Punch. Show cleaned house on everyone in sight. Truth knocked himself out. LOL. Show picked him up and Chokeslamemd him. That left Show and Ryback. The two slugged it out and Ryback rocked the Giant. Show tossed Ryback out of the ring. Hmmm…could this be the Royal Rumble winner? Show was amused at the “Please Retire” chants. Big Show demanded to go into the Royal Rumble at Number One.

Big Show vs Ryback

Ryback kicked away at Sow. Ryback hit an Ax Bomber. On the 2nd one, Show Clotheslined him. Running Shoulder Tackle by Show. Show kicked the ribs as the announcers tried to decide if Show would enter at Number One or if he just wanted to be the first to enter the Royal Rumble. Show boxed the ribs of the Big Guy. Skillet Slap and Whip by Show. Ryback got a boot up and hit a Missile Dropkick. Drop the straps and Ryback cocked the arm for the Meat Hook. Show dropped and rolled out to the arena floor. Show just stood outside and headed to the back. He didn’t care if he got counted out.

Your Winner (by Count Out): Ryback
Raw Ranking: 1.0

Dean Ambrose and the Usos vs King Barrett, Sheamus and Rusev (League of Nations)
Six Man Tag Team Match

Sheamus went off on the crowd for disrespecting Mr. McMahon. The League of Nations were about to unleash the biggest beat down in history, all for Mr. McMahon

Sheamus began against Jimmy Uso. Sheamus took Jimmy down, by the head. Jimmy rolled around to get to his feet. Push Off into a nice Universal. Leg Lariat sent Sheamus to the floor. Jimmy considered a Dive but got clocked. Jey took the tag and they hit a Double Dropkick on Sheamus. Double Atomic Drop on Rusev. Tag to Dean. Missile Dropkick rocked Rusev. The League bailed out to regroup. Dean came out and attacked Sheamus. Dean targeted the bad leg of the Celtic Warrior. Jey tagged back in and Chopped away. Sheamus hit Double Boots and brought Rusev into the match. Rusev clubbed away on the Bulgarian. Rusev ended up in the wrong corner. Corner Splash by Jimmy, who had tagged in. Rusev Hip Tossed Jimmy into the corner. Jimmy was hurt. Rusev stomped away as Raw cut to commercial.

Rusev tagged back in and stomped on Jimmy. Sheamus choked Jimmy, from the outside. Rusev kicked away on Jimmy. Jimmy continued to work on the bag leg. Single Leg Crab and Rusev sat very low. Jey rallied the crowd to help his twin. Rusev missed when he tried to drop his weight on Jimmy’s leg. Tag to Sheamus. The Irishman stomped away on Jimmy. Jimmy tried to fight back and clocked Sheamus with a Windmill Kick. Jimmy dove to tag in Dean. Rusev also tagged in. Dean with his Punch/Chop combo. Running Bulldog by Dean. Rusev was sent over the top. Flying Lunatic by Dean to drop Rusev. Jey also flew over the top. Swinging Neckbreaker by Dean to Rusev. Standing Savage Elbow for the two count. Rusev got out of Dirty Dees. Rusev kicked Dean out of this boots, almost. King Barrett had provided the distraction. Raw went to another break.

Rusev hit a Spinning Slam on Dean. 2 count. A wave got going. Rusev went for the Benoit Diving Headbutt but missed. Tag to Jey Uso and Sheamus. Has Barrett even been in this match. Samoan Drop to Sheamus. Rikishi Run! 1-2-Rusev made the save. Rusev sent Jey into the ring post. D ean hit a La Bandera Clothesline to rusev. Sheamus missed the Brogue Kick but Jey hit the Superkick. King Barrett distracted Jey. Sheamus got the knees up. Brogue Kick!

Your Winners: The League of Nations
Raw Ranking: 2.75

Kevin Owens jumped Dean, post-match. He threw Dean into the ring steps. Owens then dismantled the announce desk. Kevin threw Dean into the barricade. Kevin Powerbombed Dean through the announce desk. He was standing on a section of ring steps, at the time. The refs ordered Kevin to the back.

Renee Young was ready with another update on Vinny Mac’s time in the local lock up. Before the update, Raw looked back at what started all this silliness, in the opening segment. Renee let us know that the media was gathering around. Vince did post bail and was already out. It just does NOT happen that fast. I remember spending something like 8 hours waiting to bail out a “cousin”, years ago.

John Cena rushed out, showcasing his new green t-shirt. John got a mostly positive pop from the crowd. John discussed the former U.S. Open Challenge. John talked trash about the League of Nations and how they don’t care about the U.S.A.. John knew Del rio hasn’t defended the U.S. title on Raw, since winning it. John talked about busting his butt on Monday Nights to please the crowds. John told the crowd that Del Rio would NOT put the U.S. Title on the line, tonight.

Alberto’s music then hit and the 2nd generation star came out with his League of Nations compatriots. Alberto wondered if John was upset that the Champ was here. Del Rio said he was being intelligent when it comes to title defenses. Del Rio didn’t think the Brooklyn crowd deserved to see the title defended. John called him an idiot. John demanded a title shot, right now. John knew Del Rio would not put the title up because John would embarrass him. The set off Del Rio. Del Rio mentioned sending John home, after he beat him. John ordered Del Rio to be a man and put up the title or be a punk b*tch. Del Rio knew what John was going to try and do but he would not fall for it. Del Rio absolutely refused to put the title on the line. John accused Del Rio of losing his manhood. John invited the entire League of Nations to come and fight him. John said the audience in Brooklyn were tougher than Del Rio. John talked about the bad*ss rappers from Brooklyn. Del Rio screamed at John in Spanglish. Del Rio was ready to send John home, permanently. Delr Rio decided to put the title on the line, after all. Yeah, Baby. Get the fresh popcorn and soda, this one’s going to tear the house down.

A tribute aired for Lemmy.

John Cena vs Alberto Del Rio
United States Championship Match

Alberto rocked John with a hard shot. Del Rio then kicked the ribs. Corner Mount Punches by Del Rio. Snap Mare and Dropkick by the US Champ. 2 count. Del Rio kept shoving John down. Del Rio rocked john with a hard punch. Del Rio hit a Running Kick. Del Rio hit a 2nd kick. Del Rio took John to the outside and ran John into the ring post. Del Rio threw John back in and went up top. Del Rio mocked john and flew off the top. Hard punch put John down. Modified Cravat by Del Rio.

John got to his feet but Del Rio attacked the hamstring. Del Rio missed the Skidmark. Raw went to break as Del Rio tried to recover.

John Suplexed Del Rio across the ring and went Vintage, until he missed a Flying Shoulder Tackle. Enziguri by Del Rio brought a two count. Del Rio climbed up top and showed off. John Dropkicked Del Rio, as Alberto flew off the top! John went all kinds of Vintage on Del Rio. Five Knuckle Shuffle but Del Rio converted the AA into a Back Stabber. STF by Cena. Del Rio inched towards the ropes and kicked out. Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker by Del Rio. 2 count for Del Rio. Alberto called for the Cross Armbreaekr but didn’t get it. Tornado DDT by John for a two.

Del Rio converted the AA into the Cross Armbreaker. John just would not give up. John rolled over to pin Del Rio and then lifted Del Rio for a wicked Powerbomb. John wanted the AA but Del Rio got the ropes. The ref got kicked. STF! Del Rio tapped out but there was no ref. John was confused by the lack of an official. The League of Nations members rushed the ring. Superkick by Rusev. The Bulgarian threw Del Rio on top of John Could be…might be…Denied! Sheamus came in and accidentally Brogue Kicked Rusev. Del Rio seemed to hurt his knee on a Back Stabber. Superkick by Del Rio. 1-2-kick out. Del Rio limped around the ring. Del Rio wanted another Cross Armbreaker. Attitude Adjustment but the League of Nations jumped in, pulling the DQ.

Your Winner (by Disqualification): John Cena
Raw Ranking: 4.5

The League of Nations prepared to annihilate John. Brogue Kick to Cena. The Usos ran out to take the fight to the LoN. The Usos were dispatches, quickly. Sheamus went out to get a chair. Roman Reigns rushed out and Speared Ruse.v Superman Punch to Del Rio. Roman stared down Sheamus, who was holding a chair. Superman Punch to Sheamus. Roman then bashed Sheamus with the steel chair.

Out came…Vince McMahon!

Vince stated that he was going to sue the city of New York. Next week, Roman will be forced to defend the World title against Sheamus. The guest Ref will be Vincent Kennedy McMahon. Vince wished everyone a Happy New Year.


–Jay Shannon

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