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Ring of Honor had a fabulous “surprise” 10-man main event. Who would be involved? Read on…

Roll the Opening Montage!

Kevin Kelly and Prince Nana were the announce team as the show opened. Nana had a vested interest in the first match.

Will Ferrara vs Caprice Coleman

Nana gave both of these men an envelope, recently. Nana would not divulge what was inside. Caprice talked with Will about the “mail” they have been getting. Caprice wanted it know that he is mail will always be thicker and his mail will come priority.

Code of Honor Handshake, but they didn’t want to let go. Slaps back and forth led to wild punches. Will pitched Caprice out to the floor and then dove on him. Will picked up and placed a steel chair. Caprice Double Thrusted Will and sent Will into the barricade. Running Dropkick that sent Will’s head into the barricade.

Caprice threw Will back in the ring. Will blasted Caprice but Caprice dropped Will with the Trinity. 2 count. Nan spoke in his native language and no one understood a word. Will tossed Caprice off the top rope. Both men went out and got steel chairs. They swung at each other and the ref called for the bell.

Your Winner: No Contest
Honor Roll Ranking: 2.0 out of a possible 5

The House of Truth talked about the upcoming 10-man match. The team captains will get to open presents to find out who their teammates will be. Jay ripped open a huge box, thinking it would be Moose. He found out he got…Cheeseburger. Jay had a hissy fit that was absolutely hilarious.

“The Outlaw” Ken Phoenix was with the House of Truth. Truth Martini wanted to give Phoenix a chance to earn a spot in the H.o.T.

Ken Phoenix and Donovan Dijak vs the All-Night Express (Rhett Titus and Kenny King)

Code of Honor Handshakes. Ken and Rhett started the match. Side Headlock. Standing Switches led to a Head Scissors by Rhett. Gut Wrench Suplex into Knife Edge Chops. Dijak Low Bridged Titus. Dijak dropped Titus onto the apron. Baseball Slide and huge kick to Rhett. Dijak took the tag and pounded away. Knee Lift by Dijak. Butterfly Suplex Throw by Dijak. 2 count. Dijak posed and got blasted in the ribs. King was knocked off the apron. Illegal Switch. Back Cracker and Superkick and Ken almost got the pin. Ken didn’t want to tag out. Titus clocked Dijak. Tag to King. Running Clothesline and Spinning Kick> Spinebuster and Dijak had to make the save. Dijak threw King into the corner and then forced the tag. King tried to rock Dijak but a knee stopped him. King flew over the top. Titus got the blind tag. Dijak caught Titus and hit a Chokeslam Backbreaker. How did Titus kick out of that?

Ken forced a tag. Dijak was sent over the ropes. Miz/Morrison combo onto Ken. That was it.

Your Winners: The All-Night Express
Honor Roll Ranking: 2.5

Truth Martini was not happy with The Outlaw. Truth gave the fans the chance to decide Ken’s fate. Truth gave Ken the Thumbs Down. Truth called on Dijak to deliver Feast Your Eyes (modified Go To Sleep).

Prince Nana got up from the announce desk and slipped Dijak one of the envelopes.

Kevin Kelly was ready to interview an old friend…Steve Corino! Yeah! So great to see the King of Old School. Kevin asked Steve how the neck surgery would affect his life. Steve, first, wanted to thank everyone. Steve warned B.J. Whitmer that someday Whitmer would have to pay for his sins. Always remember, Steve Corino will always be an evil man and Whitmer will one day learn just how evil Steve can be.

10-Man Christmas Surprise Match

Team Captain #1: Roderick Strong
Team Captain #2: Jay Lethal

Strong’s Team:
Cedric Alexander (w/Veda Scott)
Mark Briscoe
Moose (w/Stokely Hathaway)
Matt Jackson (of the Young Bucks)

Lethal’s Team
Adam Page (w/B.J. Whitmer and Colby Corino)
Cliff Compton (Awesome)
Jay Briscoe (Seriously?)

Jay and Roddy started the match. Roddy worked the arm but Jay grabbed a Side Headlock. Shoulder Tackle into a Universal. Nice series. Backslide by Roddy but Jay fought out. The two men fought for position in the Backslide but neither gave ground. Page tagged himself in. Matt also took the tag. All the outside people were forced to go to the back. Page White Washed Matt’s face. Shoulder Tackle by Page. Nice Flip head Scissors. Page reversed a Whip but got went to the apron. Roddy hit a Dropkick aws Matt held Page. Page crashed to the floor. Jay and Cheeseburger shared a nice laugh.

Cedric took the tag and worked Page’s arm. Tag to Lethal. The fans loved seeing him get involved. The fans screamed for Cheeseburger. Lethal dropped his opponent and went to the ropes. Universal and Cedric Shoulder Tackled Lethal. Lethal missed the Cartwheel Dropkick. He came back to nail a Dropkicka s Cedric rolled around. Mark got he tag and he was set to face Compton. Collar and Elbow and they got into a shoving match. Wild Haymakers and Mark invited Cliff to come out to the floor. Mark tossed Cliff into the barricade. He then tried to Whipp him into another section. Back Body Throw by Compton. I met this kid, a couple years back, and he is just amazing. Compton found himself a table. Mark clutched a chair. The ref tookt he chair away from Mark. Todd Sinclair ordered both men back into the ring as RoH went to a break.

Cheeseburger finally got tagged into the match. Moose was also brought into the match. Cheesy went after the leg and escaped a Razor’s Edge. Crossbody had no effect on Moose. Snake Eyes to Cheesy. Tag to Roddy. Brutal Knife Edge Chop and Scoop Slam. Tag to Jackson. Strong Scoop Slammed Matt onto Cheesy, several times. Strong Scoop Slammed all his partners, including Moose, onto Cheeseburger. Call him a Patty Melt, now. 2 count. Lethal made the save. Tag to Moose. Cheesy was sent to the corner but he got his boots up. Cheeseburger escaped to Germans to tag in Jay Briscoe. Jay threw bombs at Moose. Death Valley Driver to Moose. Jay took out Strong. Mark tagged and stood toe-to-toe with his own brother. Mark kicked Jay and Jay kicked Mark. This went back and forth, numerous times. Discus Forearm by Jay. Jumping Enziguri by Mark. Tag to Page. Matt got the tag and went after Page. . Shooting Star to the floor, by Page. Moose clocked Page and Matt rocked Page, as well. Matt did the Suck It chants, several times. Moose and Matt both hit Superkicks to Page. RoH had time for a few more commercials.

Spinebuster by Moose and 450 Splash by Matt. Cheeseburger made the save. Cheeseburger was surrounded but he fought back to lay out everyone with Palm Strikes. I love it! Spear by Moose to Cheeseburger. Lethal Injection!. Matt hit a Superkick. Page dropped Sick Kick. Brainbuster. Compton with the Michinoku Driver. Cliff got Superkicked off the top and he fell through a table. Jumping Knee to Page by Strong. Backbreaker by Strong. Froggie Bo. 1-2-3

Your Winners: Roderick Strong, Matt Jackson, Moose, Cedric Alexander and Mark Briscoe
Honor Roll Ranking: 12.25 (Grin)

And, of course, I wish you all…


–Jay Shannon

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