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Welcome to the 2015 Slammys. Who will be Superstar of the Year? What other great awards will be given out? Let’s take a look…

Raw began by looking at the World title match between Sheamus and roman Reigns. Earlier in the night, Stephanie McMahon came out and talked about how Roman attacked HHH. Roman didn’t feel bad about beating up Triple H. Stephanie slapped the daylights out of Roman and then let him know that Vince McMahon was on the way to the arena. Vince allowed the World Title Match but warned if Roman lost, he would get fired. Roman not only defeated Sheamus but clocked Vince with the Superman Punch. That may come back to bite Roman in the behind.

Stephanie McMahon walked form the back. She was actually smiling as she sashayed down to the ring. She welcomed everyone to the show. Stephanie knew everyone was wondering how she could be smiling. Stephanie said the McMahons rise to the occasion…

She was cut off by the arrival of the World Champion, Roman Reigns. JBL was upset that Roman would dare to interrupt Stephanie. Roman explained everyone was in a good mood, especially him. Roman so knew this was a set-up but he was ready for it. Roman told Stephanie he didn’t sweat her, her daddy or her hubby. Roman rubbed it in her face that he took out HHH at TLC. Roman let Stephanie know that if her old man wanted to find him, just look for the shiny belt.

Stephanie ordered Roman to get out of her ring. Roman wasn’t going anywhere. Stephanie warned Roman not to laugh at her. Roman accused Stephanie of sounding like a little kid. Roman didn’t want to spoil Stephanie’s mood so he was ready to leave…but the fans didn’t want him to exit. Roman told the fans he was about to make Stephanie REALLY mad. Roman turned his back to Stephanie and then stepped out onto the apron. Stephanie demanded that Roman get back in the rign but Roman just went up into the crowd. Stephanie was seriously about to lose her voice. Stephanie accused Roman of being a coward. Stephanie said The Usos would have to face New Day in a 3-on-2 Handicap Match and Dean Ambrose would have to fight Sheamus…in a Steel Cage. Stephanie wanted Roman’s family to suffer, as hers did. Stephanie ended her rant by saying there would be “Hell to Pay”.

“Breakout Star of the Year” Presented by Dolph Ziggler.

Dolph was dressed to the Nines as he read the nominees. They were:

Kevin Owens
Tyler Breeze
Braun Strowman

The winner: Neville

The high flyer got a nice pop from the crowd as he came out to accept his award. Neville was shocked that he won this award. He was cut off by the arrival of Kevin Owens. Kevin just didn’t look happy. Kevin felt it was crap that he didn’t win the trophy. Kevin told Neville to take a walk. Neville headed to the back as Kevin rambled on about how ridiculous it was that he wasn’t voted Breakout Star. Kevin noticed Dolph laughing at him. Kevin called Dolph a “Has Been” and Dolph opened up a can of Whoop *ss on the big Canadian.

Suddenly, the lights went out and the Wyatt Family showed up in the ring.

Bray Wyatt vs Kane

Braun Strowman, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan were at ringside. Bray tore into Kane but ate a huge boot. Kane boxed the face and ribs. Running Shoulder by Bray. Bray went into Spider Mode. Kane came outside and went after the various members of the Wyatt Family. The ref threw out the match. The Dudley Boys and Tommy Dreamer rushed down to aid the Big Red Monster. Raw cut to break.

Your Winner: Double Disqualification
Raw Ranking: .25

The Wyatt Famly vs Kane, Dudleys and Tommy Dreamer
8-Man Tag Team Match

Braun worked over Tommy. Tag to Luke. Luke dug at Tommy’s face and went into the Gator Roll. Tommy fought back to make a break. Tag to Kane. He clocked everyone in sight. Luke jumped Kane but it didn’t work out well. Bubba Ray got the tag and hit a Back Body Drop and Uranage Slam. It broke down into serious chaos. D’Von went after Bray. Slam to Luke and then it was time for Wazzup! Bubba Ray called for the tables but stopped to hit the 3D on Erick. Kane and Braun went to the floor. Luke took out D’Von with the Discus Clothesline.

Your Winners: The Wyatt Family
Raw Ranking: 2.0 out of a possible 5

LOL Moment of the Year: Presented by Santino Marella (so good to see him back)

The Nominees:

Edge and Christian meet the New Day (Kazoos vs Trombone War)

The Bushwackers at the Hall of Fame

The MIz’s Erectile Dysfunction commercial (Niagra)

Stephanie and HHH dance with the New Day

R-Truth talks about what he was going to do in the Money in the Bank match (even though he wasn’t scheduled to participate)

The Winner: R-Truth

Santino decided to accept the award for Truth, because he was funnier than Truth. Truth came out and demanded his award from Santino.

Saint Nick talked by way of a pre-recorded video piece. Santa took blame for giving Xavier Woods the trombone.

OMG Shocking Moment of the Year: Presented by Paul Heyman

Welcome Back! Paul bragged about how great it was to have him out there to present. Paul felt almost every award should go to his client, Brock Lesnar. The Shocking Moment Nominees:

Seth Rollins Cashes In at Wrestlemania

Brock Lesanr snaps when he doesn’t get his rematch

Triple Threat Ladder Match at TLC (the Selena Del Sol off the ladder by Kalisto)

Undertaker is attacked by the Wyatt Family

Sheamus Cashes In on Roman Reigns at 5:15

The Winner: Kalisto (talk about a shocker)

Kalisto said moments like these motivates him to just go higher. He started a Lucha Chant.

Kevin Owens vs Dolph Ziggler

This match was made after the earlier fight on the stage. Kevin and Dolph just slugged it out. Dropkick by Dolph. Dolph punched away at Kevin’s face. Kevin worked the ribs and took Dolph down to his knees. Dolph missed the Short Arm Clothesline. Sleeper by Dolph but Kevin Back Ran into the corner and then hit a variation of the Electric Chair to break the hold. Kevin stomped away at the ribs and then clubbed the skull of his foe. Dolph worked over Kevin with hard punches. Hard Back Elbow by Kevin and Dolph went to the floor.

Kevin came out to get Dolph and popped him. Kevin drove Dolph into the barricade. Kevin slid back in the ring and kept screaming that he was the Breakout Star. Kevin threw Dolph back in and tried to pin Dolph. Kick out at two. Rear Chin Lock by Owens. Dolph worked up to his feet and hit a Jawbreaker. Gutbuster by Owens into the Backsplash Senton. 2 count. Kevin set his sights on Dolph’s kidneys. Dolph rolled up Kevin after dodging the Short Arm Clothesline. Kevin kicked out and went back to the Rear Chin lock.

Dolph worked the ribs and hit a Stinger Splash. Huge Lariat by Kevin. Jumping DDT by Dolph but he couldn’t follow up. Time for a commercial break.

Dolph wanted a Superplex but Owens was eh one who hit it! Kevin hit a Spinning version of the move. Dolph still kicked out at two. Dolph avoided the Pop Up Powerbomb and hit a Superkick. Owens tumbled out to the floor. The ref started the count. Dolph went out to get Kevin. Owens dropped Dolph onto the announce table. Kevin pitched Dolph back into the ring. Famouser by Dolph. 1-2-not quite. Dolph went for the Jumping DDT, again, but Kevin turned it into the Pop Up Powerbomb

Your Winner: Kevin Owens
Raw Ranking: 3.25

Superstar of the Year: Presented by Stephanie McMahon

The nominees:

Everyone on the WWE Roster

The Winner: Seth Rollins

That was so obvious. Much deserved, by the way. Seth came out on crutches to accept his award. He got the respect that he so should have gotten. Stephanie hugged the former champ. “Thank You Seth” rose from the crowd. Seth teased a Thank You but he knew he was the only true choice. Seth ran down his accomplishments in 2015. Seth promised that a redesigned and rebuilt Seth Rollins would return to take back his World title…in 2016. I really hope he can.

Breaking News: Return of John Cena, next week. He will get his rematch against Alberto Del Rio.

Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger
Non-Title Match

Jack blasted Del Rio as the rest of the League Of Nations watched on. Del Rio kicked and punched away at Del Rio. Jack pulled Del Rio into the top turnbuckle and nailed a Flying Clothesline. Del Rio flipped Jack onto the apron and then knocked him to the floor. Skidmark to the floor. Jack was thrown into the barricade as Raw went to break.

Del Rio stomped away and then Snap Mared Swagger. Rusev applauded his teammate. Del Rio pushed Jack into the corner. Corner Clothesline by Del Rio. DDT put Jack down hard. 2 plus count. Del Rio wanted his Superkick but missed. Amateur Throw by Jack. “We The People” rang out and Jack nailed the Swagger Bomb. Jack fought Del Rio up top. Del Rio blocked the Superplex. . They fell into the ropes and Del Rio hit Crossing the Border Double Stomp.

Your Winner: Alberto Del Rio
Raw Ranking: 3.25

The entire League of Nations faction attacked Swagger.

The Hero in All of Us Award: Presented by Mark Henry

The Nominees:

Roman Reigns
The Big Show
Titus O’Neil
John Cena

The Winner: John Cena

John was unable to be at the show, so Mark had to accept on his behalf. Mark said they don’t expect awards for their service. I can tell you, from the center of my heart, just how satisfying it is to help others.

Other Awards:

Rivalry of the Year: Brock vs Undertaker
Best Original Show: Austin’s Pidcast
Double Cross of the Year: Damien Mizdow

Surprise Return of the Year: Presented by Santa Claus. Dear God in Heaven, it was Bo Dallas doing Santa. Sigh.

The Nominees:

The Dudley Boys
Chris Jericho
Alberto Del Rio
(Demon) Kane

The Winner: Sting

Sting was not at the show, either. Bo took the trophy for Sting. He wished everyone a very Merry Christmas.

The New Day were in the ring. They were mad that the Usos got voted Tag Team of the Year, not them. They got MY vote (if you check out my Year End Awards). New Day was ready to spoil Star Wars. Kofi didn’t see the movie yet, so Kofi asked them to not say anything. That’s kind of how it is at work, for me.

The Usos vs New Day
3-on-2 Handicap Match

Knife Edge Chops to Kofi. Universal into a Back Drop Suplex by Jimmy. Tag to Jey. Corner Shoulders by Jey and a Corner Splash by Jimmy. Arm Drag by Jimmy. Jimmy rocked Kofi with a Discus Kick. Rikishi Run failed as Kofi was pulled out to the floor. Uso Crazy Suicide Dive stopped as New Day backed up the ramp. Raw needed a break.

The Usos made a tag and took down Woods. Xavier was trapped in a Rear Chin Lock. Push Off by Uso held the ropes. Jimmy got laid out by a Big Boot. Unicorn Stampede by New Day. Kofi almost pinned Jimmy but Uso kicked out at two. Big E came in and applied an Abdominal Stretch. Headbuts by Jimmy. Corner Shoulder by Big E. 2 count. Woods took the tag and cracked Jimmy in the head. Tag to Kofi. Double Team on Jimmy. Tag to Big E, who nailed the Big Squash/Splash. Big E put Jimmy up top and tried for a German Superplex. Jimmy fought free and hit a nice Corkscrew Moonsault. Jimmy hurt himself on the impact. Tag to Woods. Jimmy pitched Woods over the top rope. Jey called for his brother to come to him. Dive and Jey was legal. Flying Clotheslines and a Superkick. Corner Splash led to the Rikishi Run by Jey. Big E was dropped with a Spin Kick .Samoan Drop by Jey. Kofi was flipped out to the floor. Uso Crazy failed when Big E tripped them. The Usos surprised Woods and pinned him.

Your Winners: The Usos
Raw Ranking: 3.5

Divas of the Year: Presented by R-Truth

The Nominees:

Nikki Bella
Sasha Banks

The Winner: Paige

That one surprised the heck out of me. I would have just about bet the farm that either Nikki or Charlotte would win this one. Paige wasn’t prepared to win this award. R-Truth came up and said he messed up.

The real winner: Nikki Bella

Paige was livid. Nikki came out to accept her award. Nikki asked Paige to stay with her. Nikki dedicated her Slammy to all the Women in WWE and every female fan. That was nice.

Rusev vs Neville

Miz and the League of Nations were at ringside for this match. Rusev threw Neville into the ropes but he Brit kicked away. Clothesline by Rusev. Rusev threw Neville into the corner. Knee Choke by Rusev. Rusev bashed Neville and hit a Scoop Slam. Elbow Drop by Rusev for a two. Seated Rear Chin Lock by Rusev. Neville rocked Rusev with a wicked kick. Neville threw himself into Rusev, multiple times, and hit a Missile Dropkick. Neville leaped over the top and got caught. Rusev drove Neville into the ring post and then hit he Belly to Belly Suplex. Time to sell the sponsors’ stuff.

Rusev was in full control. Miz wanted Neville to stick and move. Rusev missed a Corner Splash. Neville went up top and hit a Moonsault to the floor. Sheamus, Barrett and Del Rio cheered on their compatriot. Neville connected with a monster kick. Neville charged up top for eh Red Arrow. Neville didn’t’ get it and jumped off the ropes…right into a Superkick. Accolade!

Your Winner (by Submission): Rusev
Raw Ranking: 2.75

Miz didn’t help Neville as the League of Nations attacked. Miz had to go present an award.

This is Awesome Moment of the Year: Presented by The Miz

The Nominees:

Brock destroys J and J’s prized car
Flying RKO by Randy Orton
The Divas Revolution
Shield Reunion
Rock and Ronda Rousey arrive at Wrestlemania

The Winner: Rock and Rousey

Of course, neither of them were there to accept. This seriously sucks. Why have them nominated if they can’t be there? Jeez.

Charlotte is on the cover of Muscle and Fitness.

Brie Bella vs Becky Lynch

Becky with a quick Roll Up and La Magistral Cradle. She only got twos. Brie kicked away and threw Becky’s face into the corner. Becky went for her Springboard Kick but couldn’t’ get it. Arm Snap by Brie. Brie choked Becky by way of the boot. Brie dropped her weight on Becky’s arm. Brie cranked on Becky’s arm. Brie threw Becky down, by the hair. Brie then kicked Becky in the face. Danielson Kicks to Becky’s chest. Slider Dropkick by Brie. Knee Trembler aka Brie Mode brought a two.

Brie twisted Becky until the Lass Kicker got free. Brie took Becky down with a modified Sling Blade. Knee Drops. Team B.a.D. watched from the back. Bow and Arrow by Brie. She converted into an Arm Bar. Becky fired back with hard shots. Becky opened up on Brie. Brie hit a Missile Dropkick and rolled up Becky with the La Magistral. Becky rolled thorough and cinched in the Dis-Armer. Tap Out.

Your Winner (by Submission): Becky Lynch
Raw Ranking: 2.0

Match of the Year: Presented by Ric Flair

The Nominees:

John Cena vs Brock Lesnar vs Seth Rollins
Sting vs Triple H
John Cena vs Kevin Owens
Kevin Owens vs Roman Reigns vs Dolph Ziggler vs Alberto Del Rio
Brock lesnar vs Undertaekr (Hell in a Cell)

The Winner: Brock vs Taker, Hell in a Cell

Paul Heyman came out to accept for his client. Seriously? Brock is from Minnesota, for crying out loud. Paul said Brock doesn’t want awards, he wants a fight. Paul knew no one was man enough to face Brock. Paul showed respect to Undertaker for daring to face Brock in the hell in a Cell.

In the back, the League of Nations attacked The Usos.

Sheamus vs Dean Ambrose
Steel Cage Match, Non-title

Sheamus nailed a Brogue Kick as Dean tried to get in the ring. The League of Nations mugged Dean, on the floor. They rolled Dean back into the ring. Sheamus stomped the IC champ and threw him into cage wall. 2 count. Sheamus blasted Dean, who collapsed. Scoop Suplex by Sheamus brought the two count. 10 Beats by the Celtic Warrior. Dean fought back with Headbutts. Sheamus dropped Dean and started to climb out of the cage. Dean stopped him cold. “This is Boring” rose from the crowd. It kinda was. Dean avoided a 2nd Brogue Kick and sent the Irish man into the cage wall.

Dean punched and chopped like crazy on Sheamus’ chest. Rebound Clothesline but Dean’s back was hurt. Stephanie McMahon watched this, from the back. Dean began to go up the cage but Sheamus pulled him down. Sheamus tried to escape but Dean would not allow it. The two fought on the top rope. Super White Noise by Sheamus. 1-2-Kick out! Sheamus shook off his doubt and headed up top. Dean barely caught him. The two wer going at it, hot and heavy, right up top. Dean punched Sheamus, who ended up Crotched. Dean went up top but Rusev and Del Rio blocked his path. Mega Standing Savage Elbow by Dean. Dean crawled towards the exit door. Dean was almost exhausted. Del Rio slammed the door into Dean’s face. Roman Reigns rushed out and took out the League of Nations. Superman Punch to Rusev. Roman then waffled Rusev’s back with a steel chair. Barrett turned tail and took off as Roman swung the chair. Roman went up the cage and made sure Sheamus could not get out of the cage. Roman tossed the chair into the ring. Dean got the chair and he bashed the back of Sheamus. Dirty Deeds onto the steel chair. Dean began to climb the cage and Roman urged his “brother” on. Sheamus caught Dean, just in time. Sheamus and Dean were straddling the top of the cage. Sheamus hit a Headbutt and Dean fell off the cage. Spear to Sheamus by Roman!

Your Winner: Dean Ambrose
Raw Ranking: 3.25

Stephanie freaked out and attacked the backstage interviewer.

For those of you who may be heading out to be with family, this week, may your journeys be safe and filled with happiness. I’ll be back, late tomorrow, with the Impact Recap. I’ll also have the Ring of Honor Report on Wednesday.


–Jay Shannon

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