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The World Title Series is on hold, until after the Holidays. However, Impact is still showcasing the Final Four.

TNA actually ran late, so Destination America could shove two hours of hillbilly monster hunters down our throats. Thank the Heavens, Impact is moving to a new home, soon.

The show began by explaining the reasons behind the World Title Series and how we got to the Final Four competitors. Tonight, Impact will focus on Ethan Carter III, Matt Hardy, (Bobby) Lashley and Eric Young.

Impact went into an in-depth look at Matt Hardy. Hardy showed massive respect to the three men he faced in the Group Play matches (Davey Richards, Eddie Edwards and Robbie E).Highlights of Matt’s match with Davey Richards aired. That match was excellent. Matt took the win with the Twist of Fate.

After that segment, Matt returned to talk about facing Bobby Roode In the Round of 16. Matt showed massive respect to Roode and then he moved on to discuss Jessie Godderz. Matt was determined to make it to the finals and Eric Young would fall to the Twist of Fate.

For those curious about Impact’s new home, check out www.poptv.com. They have a Channel Finder, at the bottom of the page, so you can enter your zip code and find out if the channel airs in your area. Thankfully, we get it out here in Northern Nevada, so the Impact Recaps will continue in the New Year. Smile.

Crimson, Eli Drake, Micah and Jessie Godderz (Group Future Four) vs Tigre Uno, DJZ, Mandrews and Manik (Group X-Division)
8-Man Tag Team Match

Eli and DJZ began the match. Eli now has a He-Man like outfit. Drake quickly tagged out to Micah, even before the first lock up. Collar and Elbow into a Side Headlock by Micah. DJZ slipped free and took Micah down. Lift Dropkick and Arm Drag by DJZ. Tag to Mandrews. Arm Bar by the Brit. Tag to Jessie. He punched away on Mandrews. Mandrews worked over the arm but Jessie threw him off. Kicks by Mandrews but he took a knee to the ribs. Arm Drag by Mandrews but Jessie quickly escaped. Tag to Manik. The former Suicide flipped around and Dropkicked Jessie. Tigre entered the match and nailed an Enziguri to “The Man”. Mandrews tagged back in and hit an Ax Bomber, off the top. Knee Strike by Jessie. Mandrews blocked a Suplex. Group X-Division hit a 3-on-2 Suplex to Group Future Four. That was so cool. DJZ nailed the Flip Dive to the floor. Manik faked out a dive. Tigre just flew. Micah just flew over the top to drop everyone as Pope discussed an old friend of mine, Bob Ryder, who is doing a weekly thing on TNA’s streaming website.

Manik dove off the top to surf the sea of humanity, on the floor. Mandrew went to follow but Eli pulled Mandrews off the top. Snap Suplex by Eli brought a two count. Crimson finally got to play, for about 2 seconds. He popped Mandrews and quickly tagged out. Eli kept the pressure on Mandrews. Jessie and Crimson worked together and Crimson hit a Chokeslam. Eli tagged himself in and Crimson got ticked off. Mandrews inched towards the corner and brought in the X-Champ, Tigre. Tigre kicked the daylights out of Eli. Tigre came off the ropes but Eli caught him and hit a wicked Cutter. No one would tag out to Eli Drake.

Crimson, Micah and Jessie jumped off the apron and started to leave. They stopped ot put Eli back in the ring. Manik and DJZ worked over Eli. Mandrews hit the Shooting Star Press to close this one out.

Your Winners: Group X-Division
Impact Scorecard: 3.5 out of a possible 5

It was now time to showcase (Bobby) Lashley. Lashley will face Ethan Carter III in the Semi-Finals, on January 5th. Impact re-ran highlights of Lashley vs Austin Aries. That match was so excellent. Aries stood toe-to-toe with The Destroyer, until the bitter end. Eventually, Lashley took down Aries.

TNA then profiled Ethan Carter III. Ethan talked about how he made it to the Final Four. Ethan went to his favorite gym, in Nashville, to get some workout time. Ethan was still hot that there even had to be a World Title Series. He believed that he should still be the World Champ. Ethan did pay respect to the men he faced in the Group Champions quartet. He still thought he should have been handed his title back.

Rock Star Spud vs Eddie Edwards vs Bobby Roode vs Mr. (Ken) Anderson
Fatal Four Way Elimination Match

Anderson did his typical intro. Still one of the best. Smile. Eddie and Spud opened up this contest. Bobby slapped Eddie to make himself legal in the match. Collar and Elbow and Bobby took the Side Headlock. Spud pushed off but got bowled over by a Shoulder Block. Bobby took the Side Headlock, again. Tag by Eddie. Inverted Atomic Drop to Bobby. Enziguri by Spud to Bobby. TNA went to break.

Spud School Boy’d Eddie to get a two cout. Knee Strike by Eddie. Spud escaped a Slam. Eddie flew outside to take out Bobby. Anderson rushed in and Spud mocked his former partner, all in good fun. Ken seemed to enjoy it, until he nailed a Clothesline. Tilt-a-Whirl Headscissors by Spud. Spud flew and took out all three opponents. Spud pitched Eddie back in the ring and went up top. Flying Forearm from the top by Spud. Eddie avoided the Underdog (Acid Drop). Eddie rolled up Spud to eliminate him.

Rock Star Spud—Eliminated

Eddie hit a Hurancanrana on Anderson. Eddie with the Chin Checker on Bobby. 1-2-Kick Out! Eddie missed the Double Stomp but escaped the Roode bomb. Bobby tried to put on the Crossface. Ken just kicked back and urged Bobby to keep going. Bobby got irritated and let the move go and attacked Ken. Eddie attacked both men. Mic Check to Eddie.

Eddie Edwards—Eliminated

Bobby got free of the Mic Check and powered his foe. Spinebuster by Bobby brought a two. Cripple Crossface by Bobby, They were almost at mid-ring. Ken rolled over to try for a pin. Rolling Neckbreaker on Bobby. Bobby got out of the Green Bay Plunge. Bobby went up top but Ken blasted him. Green Bay Plunge! 2 count.

Bobby barely got out of the Mic Check. Ken fought out of the Roode Bomb but ended up in the Cripple Crossface. Ken had nowhere to go. The ref called for the bell as Anderson tapped out.

Your Winner (by Submission): Bobby Roode
Impact Scorecard: 3.5

Kurt Angle discussed how great the World Title Series has been. Kurt wasn’t sure who would win the tournament but that person would definitely have earned it. Kurt has fought all four finalists, recently. Kurt felt that Eric Young was dangerous and could beat anyone. Kurt considered Lashley the favorite. Matt Hardy needed to keep his momentum going. Ethan Carter III just keeps getting better. Kurt wasn’t sure if anyone could defeat Ethan.

Eric Young discussed how he was done wrong, as it relates to the World title. Impact showed Eric Young vs Bobby Roode, from Group Play. Eric won this one with the Piledriver. After the highlights, Eric said anyone in his way would suffer. They showed how Eric destroyed Kenny King. Eric also decimated Tigre Uno to make it to the Semi-Finals.

Ethan Carter III’s match against Ken Anderson was profiled. Ken was there to play Spoiler to Ethan’s streak. Carter just barely beat the 15-minute time limit to take out Ken with the 1%er. Ethan then took everyone to his place. Ethan showed how he took out Davey Richards and DJZ. Ethan has beaten Lashley, in the early part of the tournament, and would go past him to get to…Matt Hardy.

Round Table Discussion with the Final Four

Josh Mathews sat down with all four finalists. Josh asked everyone about their thoughts on their semi-finals opponents. Lashley said he was coming after Ethan and Tyrus. Lashley didn’t have a plan, per se. Lashley asked Ethan if he would fight him, one-on-one. Ethan said Lashley was tough and dominant. Ethan reminded Lashley that he has already beaten Lashley, once, in this tournament. Ethan claimed he out-smarted Lashley.

Matt was then asked about facing Eric Young. Matt did say Eric was Ultra-Talented but he didn’t like some of things that Eric has done. Matt said he had a special Twist of Fate for Eric. Eric countered that Matt didn’t even belong in this Final Four, since he battled in the weakest group of four. Eric reminded everyone that he has held every single belt in the company. Matt told Eric to quit trying to put himself over.

Josh asked Matt who he would face, if he went to the finals. Matt kept mentioning that Tyrus could tip the apple cart in the Lashley vs Carter battle. Matt really felt that Lashley would be heading to the finals. Lashley was asked about the finals. Lasley liked the idea of facing Matt Hardy, for the first time. Ethan was asked who he would face in the finals. Ethan was certain it would be Eric Young. Eric knew Ethan has been a winner, all his life. Eric knew he would battle Ethan.

Final Question: Who will NOT advance?

Eric: Matt Hardy will fail. Eric screamed that Matt would not make it out of the Semi-Finals. Matt and Eric yelled at each other. Ethan tried to push Eric to fight Matt, right now. Matt swore Eric would not break him.

Josh abandoned the question and the Round Table before it got physical.

Next week, we get a Best of 2015 episode of TNA Impact. Should be fun.


–Jay Shannon

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