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Roll the opening montage!

We kicked off this week with the arrival of Adam Cole (Baby).

Adam Cole vs Corey Hollis

Nigel McGuinness and Kevin Kelly called the action. Cole stomped away, in the corner, on Corey. Cole Paintbrushed the kid, which fired him up. Universal stopped when Cole caught the Leap Frog and hit the Flip Over Neckbreaker. Huge Slam by Cole, followed by Kneedrops. Corey kneed free from a Suplex. Headbutts by Corey. Shining Wizard by Cole. Corey fought back with elbows and a Flying Headbutt. Cole flipped Corey onto the apron and then Cole nailed an Enziguri.

They went to the floor and Cole pitched Corey back in. Cole gave the fans a hard time. Cole tuned up the band. He missed the Sueprkick and Corey ripped him a new one. Chops and Headbutt by Corey. Cole missed the Bicycle Kick but came back and hit one. Wicked Suplex Jawbreaker. Corey hit a modified Spinebuster. Corey psyched himself up. Corey flew off the top rope…into a Superkick. Suplex Neckbreaker took this one home.

Your Winner: Adam Cole
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.0 out of a possible 5

Cole was ready to share Storytime.Cole promised to not only beat Kyle O’Reilly, at Final Battle, but to end his career in Ring of Honor.

Kevin and Nigel discussed Final Battle. Briscoes vs All Night Express vs Young Bucks to determine the Number One Contenders to the tag championships has been added to the card.

War Machine vs The Washington Bullets

The Washington Bullets are John and Trey. War Machine, of course, is Raymond Rowe and Hanson. Code of Honor Handshakes and we are off and running. Hanson took a kick to the face and shrugged it off. Cartwheel Clothesline dropped one of the Bullets. Rowe tagged in and took the fight to the other Bullet. Sorry I don’t know which is which. German Suplex. Tag to Hanson. Elevated Backbreaker into a Gutbuster. Path of Resistance and Frog Splash. Dang. War Machine just kept the fight going as Trey took a Superman Forearm. Fallout!

Your Winners: War Machine
Honor Roll Ranking: 1.5 (way too lop-sided)

Mike Posey came out with his new entourage. It’s like Adam Rose met PG13. Posey tried to rap…and seriously SUCKED at it. Posey called out Dalton Castle with a goofy rap thing. This is just why I despise rap “music”.

Mike Posey vs Dalton Castle

The fans showed their support for Castle. Amateur Suplex by Castle. Dalton threw wild knees, in the corner. Posey got the boot up but Dalton Arm Dragged him. Hedbutts by Castle. Shotgun Knees by Castle as members of the Posey Posse got on the apron. Posey rolled up Castle but only for a two. Posey flew off the top but got caught. Castle flipped Posey out over the top rope. Castle hit a wild Spinning Alabama Slam to finish off Posey.

Your Winner: Dalton Castle
Honor Roll Ranking: 2.75

Castle cut a promo to Planet Peacock. Castle let everyone know he was not a man filled with patience. He ordered Silas Young to come out to get an *ss whuppin’. The Boys came out, instead of Young. Silas slid in, behind Castle, and hit Misery. Silas had The Boys lift his arms in as a sign of victory.

Kevin Kelly was in the ring to interview the legendary, Jerry Lynn. The fans popped huge for the former RoH World Champion. Kevin thanked Jerry for all he has given to the sport. Kevin gave Jerry an open microphone. Jerry was amazed at how much support, from all over the world, that he has received. The fans showed their love to Jerry. Kevin asked Jerry to pick a winner between Jay Lethal and A.J. Styles. Lynn has faced both men, over the years. Jerry did his best to avoid answering the question but Kevin kept pushing for a choice. He never got to give the answer as the House of Truth arrived.

Jay Lethal led the forces from the back. Truth Martini and Taylor Hendrix flanked Lethal. Jerry offered Jay a handshake but he declined. Jay demanded an answer about who would win at Final Battle. Jerry called Jay an “Arrogant Pr*ck”. Lynn knew Styles would win. The fans chanted for Styles. Lethal didn’t give a damn about Jerry Lynn and what he thinks. Lethal was ready to kick Lynn’s butt. Lynn brought up Lethal’s parents. He played the “Proud Parents” card to stop Lethal. That was low. Jay snatched the microphone out of Nigel’s hands. Jey reminded Lynn that Jay is the World Champion. Lethal really lost his cool when it came to talking about having to climb the ladder to become the best. Jay said he wouldn’t drop Lynn, because he wanted Jerry there to dry Styles’ tears when A.J. lost. The House of Truth left the ring.

Moose vs Michael Elgin was profiled. I have a feeling their fight at Final Battle will become a Classic. Both Moose and Michael Elgin have their sights set on the World Title. The duo actually worked together to take on the House of Truth.

Alex Shelley came out to watch the main event.

Roppongi Vice (Romero and Baretta) ACH and Matt Sydal

The streamers flooded the ring as Sydal’s music played. Code of Honor Handshakes. Matt began against Romero. Collar and Elbow into a Go Behind by Romero. Matt worked over the arm. Shelley told everyone that he would not explain his full plan in Ring of Honor. Takedown by Romero. Monkey Flip but Romero landed on his feet. Eddie Shimmy by Romero. Romero scooted to the corner.

ACH took the tag and Romero took them to the corner. Knife Edge Chops by Romero. Float Over by Ach into a nice Universal. Dropkick by ACH sent it to commercial.

Romero had an Abdominal Stretch on Matt. STF by Romero. Alex Shelley will join Ach and Matt Sydal to face The Addiction and Chris Sabin, at Final Battle. Rolling Leg Lariat by Sydal but he couldn’t follow up. Sydal dove to his corner to tag ACH. Flying Crossbody onto Romero. Leaping Enziguri by ACH and a Soccer Kick to Baretta. Low Bridge had Romero sailing out to the floor. Step Up Flip Dive by ACH. Dang, I love that move. Roaring Elbow into a German by ACH but it only brought atwo. Ach headed up top. ACH jumped off and kicked away. Double Team by Vice. They took out Sydal and then double teamed ACH.

Tag to Sydal. Romero hit a Running Sliced Bread but took Double Stomps to the back from ACH. Baretta and Matt chopped and kicked and slugged away on each other. Crescent Kick too Baretta to his knees. Romero stopped Matt from hitting a Pumphandle. Matt and ACH worked over Romero, who had been hitting Corner Clotheslines. Get Over Here by ACH to Baretta. Back Flip to the floor by ACH. Matt headed up top for the Shooting Star but Baretta got the knees up. Shotgun Knees by Baretta. 1-2-not yet. Strong Zero was stopped by a Springboard by Ach. Code Red (Canadian Destroyer) by Matt Sydal.

Your Winners: Matt Sydal and Ach
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.75

Alex Shelley went in to congratulate his partners on their win. Kevin Kelly finished the show by running down the Final Battle card.


–Jay Shannon

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