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TLC was an above average show with a few good swerves. Tonight, the Fallout begins.

Raw showed how Roman Reigns almost beat Sheamus for the World title. The League of Nations got involved and distracted him. Sheamus nailed a Brogue Kick and climbed the ladder to get his belt. Roman completely lost it, after the match. He destroyed Rusev, Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon came down to try and calm the big Samoan down. Bad move, as Roman absolutely decimated HHH. Roman put HHH through a table and then Speared the boss, on the floor.

On to tonight. Stephanie McMahon came out solo. The announcers were trying to figure out what would happen to Roman, now. Stephanie tried to push the “normal person” attitude but the fans would not allow it. Stephanie had no choice in her response…

Roman cut her off before she could explain what the ramifications would be. Stephanie stared daggers at the man approaching her. Roman mentioned being a father and that it was his daughter’s birthday. Roman felt no regret for kicking HHH’s *ss. Stephanie pushed Roman to say something. Roman urged Stephanie to fire him but she wasn’t ready to let him off, that easy. Roman called the McMahon family a “disgrace”. She slapped him, several times. Stephanie said HHH asked her not to fire him…but her dad was on his way there and he just might.

Next week, we get the Slammeys. I’ll also have MY Year-End Awards, next week. They are pretty much done but I want to do a few final tweaks to them. Smile.

Dolph Ziggler vs Dean Ambrose
Non-Title Match

Dean won the Intercontinental title, from Kevin Owens, last night. Dean powered Dolph down with an Arm Bar. Side Headlock by Dean. Push Off by Dolph but Dean Shoulder Tackled his foe. Dropkick by Dolph for a two count. Dolph spun Dean around to try and pin him. It failed. Hard Whip but Dean Floated Over. Scoop Slam by Dean. Dean kicked out at one. Snap Suplex by Dean but Dolh kicked out before two. Dean tied up Dolph’s legs and yanked back on Dolph’s hair. Dolph fought out of the leg lock and punched the ribs. Snap Mare and Power Spin Elbow Drop by Dean. Bow and Arrow by the new IC champ.

Dolph began to punch away but Dean laid out Ziggler. Flying Crossbody and Corner Splash led to a Swinging Neckbreaker by Dolph. 2 count. La Bandera Clothesline sent DOlph to the floor. Suicide Dive by Dean. Dean tossed Dolph back in the ring. Dean scaled the ropes but missed his Standing Savage Elbow. The two went back and forth but it ended up a Stalemate. Raw went to break.

Dean avoided the Superkick and hit a wild Facebuster. 2 count. The feed was interrupted by a weather alert but came back just in time. Dolph caught Dean up top but Dean still pushed free and hit the Missile Dropkick and Bulldog. 2 count and Dolph kicked out. Dean somewhat flipped out and tried for the Short Arm Clothesline. Dolph ducked and applied a Sleeper. Dean took Dolph to the corner. Superkick but Dean hit the Rebound Clothesline. Both men were down.

Kevin Owens stormed the ring. He threw Dolph out of the ring and then tore into Dean, big time. The ref called for the bell. Dean got planted with the Pop Up Powerbomb.

Your Winner: Match Thrown Out
Raw Ranking: 2.0 out of a possible 5

Owens picked up the IC strap and then dropped it. Kevin nailed a 2nd Pop Up Powerbomb. Dolph tried to rush in and aid Den. He got kicked in the knee. Owens Poerbombed Dolph onto Dean. Ouch!

Raw flashed back to the opening segment, where Roman called the entire McMahon family a disgrace. Vince is going to be SO ticked off when he gets to the arena.

The announcers switched gears to talk about the Triple Threat Tag Team Ladder Match. It was an awesome match, perhaps Match of the Night. New Day did retain and they will be out, shortly, to celebrate their win.

Backstage, Kevin Owens was interviewed by Jojo. Kevin mocked JoJo when she suggested that the fans understood how Kevin feels. Owens did not feel the need to justify himself to anyone. Owens explained his actions were only the beginning. Kevin was on a mission to drive Dean insane and then take back the Intercontinental title.

Elsewhere, Bubba Ray talked with his “brothers”. Bubba gave a rousing speech to motivate his crew. Tommy discussed how it all got started in Philly. Highlights of the old ECW days aired. Bubba threw out a final challenge to the Wyatt Family. The Hardcore Originals were ready to take Philadelphia back to the Era of Extreme. Oh, Yeah!

Stephanie was waiting, outside, for her dad to show up.

R-Truth vs Bo Dallas

Bo has been so underutilized. He IS a 3rd generation wrestler. His brother has gotten such a better break. Side Headlock by Bo. Shoulder Tackle by Dallas. Bo ran a victory lap. Backstage, the limo pulled up. Daddy’s home, kiddies! Stephanie talked with her dad. Vince told Stephanie to take care of HHH and he would take care of Roman.

Back in the ring, Truth and Bo stopped to watch the arrival. Universal by Truth into a shimmy. Hip Toss by Truth. Bo scooted to the corner. Bo kicked away at Truth and then punched the daylights out of him. Snap Mare but things stopped when Vince’s music hit…

Power Walk by the Elder Statesman of Professional Wrestling. Vince looks great for a man of his advancing years.

Your Winner: Match Stopped
Raw Ranking: N/A

Vince ordered Truth and Dallas to get the Hell out of his ring. They did just as they were told. Vince knew that someone, in the back, was sweating. Vince compared himself to “God Almighty”. (Sorry, the Sunday School teacher in me was just massively offended). Vince left the ring and said he would kick back and make Roman sweat for a little bit longer. Commercial break time.

Vince was in no hurry to get the show off and running, again. YAWN! Vince stood back up and headed to the ring. Get on with it, old man. Vince got in the ring and demanded that Roman join him in the ring. When Roman didn’t come right out, Vince told him to get his *ss out to the ring and take his medicine. Roman walked from the back, not through the crowd. Vince felt that Roman was intimidated. Roman just smiled. Vince demanded an apology from Roman. The fans begged him not to do it. Vince told Roman to get down on his hands and knees an apology. Vince said, at one time, he would have beaten an apology out of Roman. Vince took off his jacket and tie and looked ready to kick butt.

Sheamus came out to stop Vince from doing something foolish. Sheamus wanted to beat the apology out of the former World Champion. Sheamus wanted Roman to pay for his disrespect of the McMahon family. “You Look Stupid” rose from the crowd. Sheamus asked for a match against Roman, tonight. Sheamus was confident that he could beat Roman, yet again. Sheamus was certain he could beat Roman at any time or any place. Sheamus even offered to put up his World title. Hmmm…that may have been a serious mistake. Vince asked the crowd if they wanted to see the match. Vince said there was No Chance in Hell that Roman would get a title shot. Roman snatched the microphone out of Vince’s hand. Roman asked the “old man” why not have a title match. Roman questioned Vince’s manhood. Vince called Roman a “SOB” and gave him the match…on one condition. Vince warned Roman that if Reigns didn’t win the World title, he would be fired! Vince kicked Roman in the Grapefruits and then left he ring. Not bad for a 70-year old man.

Ryback and Jack Swagger vs Rusev and Alberto Del Rio

Lana was in her fiance’s corner. Ryback and Rusev started off by slugging it out. Rusev sent the Big Guy into the ropes. Ryback threw wild punches at the big Bulgarian. Ryback blocked a tag to Del Rio. Stall Suplex by Ryback that was darn impressive. Tag to Swagger. Jack took Rusev to several corners and threw shoulders. Tag back to Ryback. Del Rio got he tag and kicked away at Ryback. Del Rio threw Ryback into the corner and went into a Full Mount Corner Punch-a-thon. Ryback came back with a Vertical Suplex. Step-Up Enziguri by Del Rio.

Tag to Rusev and the big Bulgarian kicked away at the Las Vegan. Ryback tried to fight out of the enemy corner but Rusev kept him trapped. Del Rio took the tag and Snap Mared his foe. He nailed a hard kick to Ryback. Del Rio stunned Ryback and tried for a pin. He only got a two.

Rsev came in and hit an impressive Dropkick. Rusev rode Ryback’s back, in mid-ring. Lana smiled her approval as the fans began the “We the People” chant. Ryback battled free but took a knee to the ribs. Rolling Belly to Belly by the Bulgarian Beast. Jack finally got the tag and took the fight to Rusev. Amateur Suplex by Jack set Rusev in position for eh Swagger Bomb. Rusev tried to get the feet up, which proved to be a mistake. Swagger went for the Patriot Lock but Del Rio hit a Back Stabber. Ryback rushed in and it broke down. Rusev caught Swagger with the Superkick to take the duke.

Your Winners: Alberto Del Rio and Rusev
Raw Ranking: 2.0

Adam Rose was back for another of his talk segments. Rose was making fun of the Flair family, this week. Rose then went after Tommy Dreamer. Rose said Tommy’s skin was as thin as his hair. Jeez.

Tyler Breeze (w/Summer Rae) vs Neville

Miz interrupted everyone to let people know he was there. He ordered the action to get going. Collar and Elbow into a Go Behind by Breese. Neville grabbed a Hamemrlock. Tyler tried to spin out but Neville wouldn’t let go. Side Headlock Takeover by Neville. Miz used a megaphone to bark orders at Neville. Neville dove over Tyler and then Arm Dragged him. Leg Sweep by Neville. Neville ran Tyler into the corner and then Whipped him across the ring. Flying Forearm gave Neville a two count. Side Headlock by Neville.

Tyler took Neville down with a hard kick. Tyler rammed Neville into the corner and kicked and punched away. The ref ordered Tyler to back off. Whip into a Flying Forearm by Tyler. 1 count, only. Miz tried to get the fans to chant for Neville. Summer Rae took exception to Miz’s partiality towards Neville. Neville blocked a Tornado DDT and hit a wild series of kicks. Tyler rolled out to the apron. Neville grabbed Prince Pretty and got Hot Shotted for his trouble. Neville kicked Tyler in the face and then launched…Red Arrow!

Your Winner: Neville
Raw Ranking: 3.0

In the back, Neville and Miz argued. Miz suggested that he might be able to put Neville in Star Wars 8. Miz did make fun of Neville’s look. Miz took credit for making Daniel Bryan a star. Miz wanted help with his British accent, so he could be the next James Bond. He wanted Neville to help him learn to speak like Neville does. Neville rejected the idea and walked off.

Bray Wyatt and family cut a promo about eternal pain and loss. Bray called them the Angels of the Dirt. Bray was ready to bury the Originals in the same city in which they were born.

D’Von and Bubba Ray Dudley, Rhyno and Tommy Dreamer vs Bray Wyatt, Braun Strowman, Erick Rowan and Luke Harper
Extreme Rules, 8-Man Tag Team Match

All Hell broke loose as the bell sounded. JBL ran down the names of some great ECW Alumni. Tommy attacked with a can lid and Bubba used the can itself on Luke. Back Body Drop by Bubba. Toys went flying into the ring. The fans loved it. This one was hard to call as so much was happening. Braun and harper used a can and crutch on Bubba. They then double teamed D’Von. Rhyne got in the fight, as well. Bubba Scoop Slammed Erick. Wazzup!

Bubba called for the tables. Superkicks, by Luke to both Dudleys. Luke climbed up top and got ready to fly. He went nowhere, as Tommy attacked with the Singapore Cane. Tower of Doom and Luke ended up on a steel chair. Raw went to break as I just woke up everyone in my house. (Sorry, Eric , I know you have to be a work at 5 AM).

The fight hadn’t let up a step during the commercials. The Wyatts had the Extremists down and hurt. Rhyno exploded on everyone in sight. He drove Rowan into a trash can that was wedged in the corner. Sullivan Tree of Woe to Harper. Tommy nailed the Hesitation Dropkick. Bubba tossed Bray out into the crowd. D’Von got real to the fans. Braun was sent sailing over the announce table. Bray and Bubba Ray fought out in the crowd. Luke wanted to Piledrive Tommy, from the stage. Spicoli Drive, off the stage, to put Luke through a series of tables. You Betcha! Braun jumped Bubba from behind and then slugged it out. Dreamer tore Braun up with the Singapore Cane. Braun lifted up Dreamer and drove him through the barricade.

Dreamer mouthed that something was wrong with his back. Bubba tore the announce table apart and used the pieces to crack Bray. Luke and Erick exploded on everyone with Singapore Canes. Byron Saxton was about to need a change of undies as the action got really close to him. Luke smacked Bubba with the cane and that just made Bubba mad. Superkick to D’Von. Luke set up a table, mid ring. 3D! to Luke Harper! 1-2-broken up. Sister Abigail to D’Von. Spin Kick o’ Doom by Erick to Bubba. Rhyno set for the GORE! But took a kick to the face. Sister Abigail to Rhyno. Rowan set up the table and went to get Rhyno. “This is Awesome” was the latest chant. Erick put Rhyno on the table and then went up top. Frog Splash to Rhyno that drove Rhyno threw the table.

Your Winners: The Wyatt Family
Raw Ranking: 4.25

The fans showed major respect to the eight men that just gave their all in one awesome match.

Next week…Slammys 2015!

New Day came out to crow about still being the tag team champs. Kofi was limping, badly. Xavier Woods explained that they didn’t feel like having a party. Kofi showed stills from the epic contest. The fans showed respect to the trio in the ring. Kofi said their bumps and bruises had bumps and bruises. Big E wanted the Usos to join the m in the ring to talk.

Jimmy and Jey came from the back. New Day didn’t want to fight, tonight. New Day said the Usos earned their respect, last night. New Day wanted to bury the hatchet and make amends. New Day also asked the Lucha Dragons to join this little party.

Kalisto and Sin Cara walked cautiously towards the ring. Woods praised Sin Cara for his acrobatic performance. Woods wondered how Kalisto was able to even stand, after last night. Woods said Kalisto is one of the toughest guys in the business. Kalisto was still upset that Woods threw a trombone into his back, as he tried to climb the ladder. Woods apologized to Kalisto for that action. Kalisto asked the Usos if they were buying all this. Woods just wanted everyone out there to get the praise they deserve for such an outstanding outing. I feel that match stole the show. New Day offered their hands in good sportsmanship. The Dragons and the Usos were skeptical but they shook the hands, anyway.

As the Dragons and Usos left, the New Day began to party and dance. The Usos and Lucha Dragons hit the ring and tore the New Day a new one. The fans actually booed the fan favorites.

Becky Lynch and Charlotte ran into Ric Flair, backstage. The former Team PCB stablemates will battle Alicia Fox and Brie Bella, of Team Bella, next.

Dolph Ziggler will fight Kevin Owens, on Smackdown.

Brie Bella and Alicia Fox vs Charlotte and Becky Lynch (w/Ric Flair)

Team B.a.D. sat in the front row to watch this match. Stills showed how Paige almost beat Charlotte, last night. Ric got involved and put Charlotte’s leg on the bottom rope to stop the count. The Flairs did some sneaky stuff with the turnbuckle pads so that Paige hit the bare metal and lost.

Charlotte and Brie began this battle. Brie threw Charlotte down but Flair Kipepd Up and hit her Spinning Neckbreaker. Brie pulled Charlotte off the turnbuckles. Brie stomped on the 2nd generation star. Brie applied a Rear Chin Lock. Bulldog by Brie to bring Charlotte to the Team Bella corner. Danielson Kicks to Charlotte’s chest. 2 count. Bow and Arrow by Brie. Becky begged for a tag. Charlotte Back Kicked Brie in the face. Charlotte made it to the corner. Becky took the tag and dropped Brie with Clotheslines and a Dropkick to Fox, who had tagged in. Spear by Charlotte to Brie. Ric tripped Alicia. Becky slapped on the Dis-Armer. Tap Out!

Your Winners: Becky Lynch and Charlotte
Raw Ranking: 1.75

Tribute to the Troops airs, next week. I’ve already got my DVR set up for it. Titus O’Neil and Darren Young pushed WWEShop.com.

Raw looked back at the World Title Match at TLC.

Just saw the new trailer for “Star Trek Beyond”. It looks awesome. I’m planning on spending next Monday afternoon watching Jedis vs Siths in Star Wars 7. I love the movies. Can’t wait til we get Batista back for Guardians of the Galaxy II.

Sheamus vs Roman Reigns
World Title Match

(If Roman loses, he will be fired)

Vince McMahon had a ringside seat for this great battle. Sheamus walked to the ring with such confidence. Vince praised the Celtic Warrior. Vince took his seat just before Roman’s entrance. The fans were super excited to get such a PPV-Level match in their hometown.

Lilian Garcia did the official introductions to this instant classic. Roman immediately tore into Sheamus with wild Clotheslines, in the corner. Running Boot by Roman but he didn’t even get a one count. Roman kept the pressure on the champ. Sheamus tossed Roman out to the floor. Sheamus hit a quick Pearl River Plunge on Roman. Reigns and Sheamus ended up on the floor. Sheamus with a Spinning version of a Front Drop Suplex to put Roman on the announce desk. Time for a final commercial break.

Sheamus had Roman trapped in a Side Headlock. During the break, Sheamus nearly decapitated Roman. Roman rocked back and forth to try and get to his feet. Side Drop Suplex by Roman. The ref began to count down both men. The two slugged it out, from their knees. The Haymakers went wild nad wooly. Roman dodged the high Kneelift. Flying Clothesline by Roman. Sheamus flipped Roman onto the apron and then knocked him down to the floor. Leg Sweep by Roman. Roman bashed and battered the champ. Sheamus escaped the Samoan Drop and hit Double Boots to Roman’s face. Sheamus went to the Penthouse but Roman punched him. Super Samoan Drop! 1-2-not quite yet.

Sheamus snapped Roman’s neck over the ropes and hithe High Running Knee. 2 count, once again. Irish Curse Backbreaker brought Sheamus a two. Roman escaped White Noise and hit the Powerbomb. Could be…might be…Denied!

Roman wanted the Superman Punch but Sheamus hit the Uranage, instead. Vince thought it was a done deal but the big Samoan wasn’t quite done, yet. Sheamus stomped on Roman’s ribs. Sheamus wanted the Cloverleaf but Roman would not turn. Sheamus kept going and put Roman in the move. Sheamus shrieked at Roman to Tap Out. Roman made his way to the ropes, somehow. Sheamus lifted Roman but got Headbutted for his troubles. Rooman rocked Sheamus with wild punches. Sheamus hit the Hot Shot but Roman bounced back with a Superman Punch. Vince pulled the ref out of the ring to prevent the 3 count. That was such B.S.. Sheamus was busted open. Sheamus pushed Roman into the post and hit White Noise. 1-2-Kick Out. Vince was up on the apron. He called the ref over and told him something. Sheamus pushed Roman out of the ring so members of the League Of Nations could do damage. Superman Punch to Rusev. He then dodged a Brogue Kick and hit a Superman Punch to Sheamus and Vince! Brogue Kick. This…Is…NOT OVER! How the Hell did he kick out of that? The fans rose to urge Roman on. Spear! 1—2—3!

Your Winner (and NEW World Champion): Roman Reigns
Raw Ranking: 4.5

Sweet! I expect Roman to have to defend against HHH, probably at Royal Rumble 2016!


–Jay Shannon

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