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It was a night of wild tag team action on this week’s Ring of Honor TV. Plus, Roderick Strong began his “VS The World” challenge for the TV Title.

Roll the opening montage!

We are in Music City (Nashville, TN). Nigel McGuinness and Kevin Kelly were your announce duo for the show.

Silas Young and the Beer City Bruiser (w/The Boys) vs reDRagon (Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly)

The streamers flew like snow in the Sierras. Code of Honor handshakes, sort of. The fans called for “Dalton Castle”. Fish and Bruiser began the battle Fish walked over to his corner to strategize. Fish talked trash and called for the Test of Strength. Fish kicked Bruiser but took a hard right to the face. Bruiser Shoulder Blocked Fish and told Fish to charge him, again. Fish did and got stopped, cold. Fish held the ropes. Double Team by reDRagon. Silas got the tag and got double teamed, too. Kyle tagged in and rocked Silas with European Uppercuts. Fish came back in and hit hard knees and a Suplex. 2 count. Tag back to Kyle. Silas was tied up in the ropes and Silas got rocked with hard knees and a Dropkick to Young’s inner thigh. Silas went to Kyle’s eyes.

Bruiser got in and he and Kyle slugged it out. Kyle missed the Enziguri. Bruiser charged the corner to unhook himself from a Flying Guillotine Choke. Tag to Silas. Corner Splashes by both men. Bruiser nailed a wicked Cannonball. 2 count. Adam Cole strolled out to watch the match. RoH needed a break.

Kyle rocked Bruiser with Forearms. Cole explained he was there to watch Kyle and Fish get beaten down. Double Team backfired on Bruiser and Young. Kyle unloaded on Bruiser with a flurry of strikes. Tag to Fish. He took the fight to both foes. Flying Crossbody by Fish to Young. Jawbreaker by Young. The two went wild with Haymakers. Silas raked Fish’s back. Exploder into the corner by Fish. 2 count. Cross Legbreaker by Fish but Bruiser made the save. Double Team to Bruiser didn’t go as planned but Kyle did hit a ton of kicks. Lariat by Bruiser but Fish hit a Dragon Screw Leeg Whip.

Fish was sent to the corner. Bruiser missed a Frog Splash. The Boys got involved and got laid out by a Plancha from Kyle. Misery by Young but the ref was out of position. Young was ticked off that the ref screwed up. Fish tried for a Backslide but couldn’t hold him. Samoan Drop by Fish. Tags on both sides. Kyle took out Silas and then kicked away at Bruiser. Flying Guillotine Choke by Kyle. Bruiser rushed to the corner to break the hold. Kyle went right back to the hold but Silas saved the day. Fish took Silas to the corner and reDragon went to town on Silas. Chasing the Dragon!

Your Winners: reDRagon
Honor Roll Rnaking: 3.25 out of a possible 5

Kyle O’Reilly and Adam Cole nearly went to blows, after the match. In the ring, Silas had The Boys to take out the ref. One kicked the ref and the other hit a DDT. Silas was proud of his proteges. Dalton Castle came from the back and got in the ring. Castle was tired of seeing all this happen. Castle stated that The Boys belonged with him. Castle dropped the Beer City Bruiser with a microphone shot to the face. The Boys got up on the apron. It looked like they were about to Jump Ship but they swerved everyone to show that they were not going to be Castle’s Boys…they were ready to be their own Men.

Chris Sabin was in the ring to cut a promo about the Imposter member of the KRD. The red masked man cost The Addiction the tag titles. Sabin accused this imposter of stealing Sabin’s moves. Chris guaranteed that the masked man was NOT him. The masked man came from the back and got in the ring. He removed his mask to reveal…Alex Shelley! The former Motor City Machineguns stood face-to-face. Wow! Would this be a reunion or a feud? We would have to wait until another night to learn the truth.

Sampson Walker vs Roderick Strong
World TV Title Match

Footage of a recent Walker match aired. Bobby Fish came out to watch this battle. Roddy then bounced from the back. The fans were so into the new TV Champ. Walker slapped away the Code of Honor Handshake.

Collar and Elbow into a Go Behind by Roddy. Walker came back with a Knee and several hard punches. Float Over into a Jumping Leg Lariat by Strong. Knife Edge Hops and punches were countered by Walker. Strong Low Bridged Walked and then hit a Baseball Slide Dropkick> when Strong tried for a 2nd one, Walker threw him into the ring post, twice. Walker slid in and out to reset the count. Walker charged through Strong and then Strong ended up almost getting pinned, back in the ring.

Bear Hug by Walker. Strong tried to punch free but fell to a Spinebuster. 1-2-kick out. Strong kicked Walker in the face and chest, numerous times. Knife Edge Chops by Roddy but Walker pushed him away. Inside Out Clothesline by Sampson. 2 count. Meat Hook missed. Wicked Dropkick by Strong. Step Up Knee and Olympic Slam. 2, yet again. Fish picked up the TV Title belt, as if it were his own. Strong tried to lift Walker but couldn’t. Jumping Knee into the Double Knee Gutbuster. Sick Kick!

Your Winner: Roderick Strong
Honor Roll Ranking: 2.75

Fish got in the ring, wearing the TV title belt. Roddy ripped it off Fish and held it high. The two men talked serious trash as the refs filled the ring to break things up.

Inside RoH was back with Mandy Leon. I so prefer looking at her than Adam Cole. Mandy looked at Survival of the Fittest. She explained how the shows were set up. She then rolled highlights of Night One. Night Two saw Michael Elgin defeat Jay Briscoe to take the tournament. Elgin issued an immediate challenge to face Jay Lethal, somewhere down the road. Elgin wants the shot…in Japan!

The Young Bucks vs The Briscoe Brothers

The All-Night Express (Kenny King and Rhett Titus) watched from the announce table. The streamers nearly “whited out” the screen. Code of Honor Handshakes, all around. King grumbled about having The Young Bucks beaten for 14 seconds before the ref got in position for a two count. Mark missed a big kick and Nick sent him flying. Crotch Chop by Jackson. Shoving matches all over the place. Redneck Kung Fu on Nick. Mark flipped out of a Back Body Drop into a… Superkick! Superkick to Jay. I so miss Steve Corino. Stereo Suicide Dives by the Bucks. Back Rake and Mark was tossed back in the ring. Nick went to Mark’s eyes with the “Too Sweet” poke. Double Teams on both sides. Matt got pitched out to the floor. Double Team on Nick Jackson. Running Boot by Jay. European Uppercut and Headbutt by Jay. Spinning Suplex by M ark. 2 count. Jay nailed a Running Back Elbow as RoH took a final break.

Mark was flipped onto the apron. Superkick by Matt. Matt took the tag and pounded away. He Dropkicked Jay off the apron. Inverted Blockbuster by Matt. 1-2-nope. Nick was down, right now. Mark rocked Matt with serious Redneck Kung Fu. Jay took the tag and got planted with the Springboard X Factor. Mark hit a Blockbuster, to Nick, off the apron. Cactus Elbow failed due to a Superkick. Suicide Dive by Jay. Flying Clothesline by Jay. Jay wanted the Jay Driller but ate a Superkick. Jay threw his own Superkick. Everyone was down and stunned.

Jay punched away on both Jackson brothers. Matt went to the eyes. Crotch Chops and Mark tripped Matt. Jay nailed the Neckbreaker and Mark hit Froggie Bo to Nick. Could be…might be…Denied! Mark made himself official in the match. Jackson flipped out of the Doomsday Device. Superkicks led to the Indietaker! That should have been 3 but a last instant break. More Bang for your Buck!

Your Winners: The Young Bucks
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.25

ANX decided to get in the ring to congratulate the winners. It quickly broke down into total chaos Kenny King was Scotty in this Trouble with Tribbles like battle (He threw the first punch). Grin. Refs and Security got laid out as Ring of Honor closed the book on another great episode.


–Jay Shannon

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