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TNA’s World Title Series has reached the Great Eight. This week, the following men will fight to reach the semi-finals:

Bobby Lashley
Ethan Carter III
Marr Hardy
Davey Richards
Jessie Godderz
Tigre Uno
Eric Young
Mahabali Shera

Josh and Pope welcomed everyone to the show. They ran down the four upcoming tournament matches.

Mahabali Shera vs Bobby Lashley
World Title Series Match, Quarter-Finals #1

Before the match, a preview video aired that showcased both men.

Shera quickly dropped Lashley with a Clothesline. Shera stomped away on Lashley. Shera ran Bobby into the corner and boxed the ribs. Lashley ws stunned by the punches. Corner Splash off a Whip. Shera climbed the ropes for a Full Corner Mount Punch fest. He started to dance and Lashley took Shera down before a single punch was thrown. Lashley choked Shera over the middle rope, by way of the boot. Lashley punched Shera in the face as Impact headed to break.

The two men were fighting on the floor and Shera was rocked to his core. Shera punched the Destroyer, several times, but Lashley hit a Spin Kick. Lashley flew off the apron but Shera caught him and Slammed him! Shera clocked Lashley as the ref checked on the former World champ. Short Arm Clothesline by Shera. Scoop Slam, on the floor, by Lashley. Shera pushed Lashley back in the ring. Back Elbow by Shera. Shera lifted Lashley for a Gorilla Press Drop. Shera wasted far too much time before going for the Sky High. Spear by Lashley!

Your Winner: (Advancing) Bobby Lashley
Impact Scorecard: 3.5 out of a possible 5

Josh and Pope discussed the dominance of Lashley. They then sent it to a video package about Eric Young and Tigre Uno. Those two are set to go, next.

Eric Young did a typical vicious promo about destroying Tigre and anyone else in his way towards the World Title.

A preview of Dixie Carters’ upcoming interview with Josh aired. She has more to say, in just a bit…

Jessie Godderz talked about how he dominated the Future Four grouping and Awesome Kong to reach the Quarter Finals. He was super confident that he would get past Matt Hardy and take the title.

Tigre Uno vs Eric Young
World Title Series Match, Quarter Finals #2

Eric took the microphone and insulted Tigre. Young was certain that he would win this match, no matter what. Eric warned Tigre that the masked man did not want to battle Eric. Young gave Tigre the option to leave. Tigre started to go but stopped when Eric called him “nothing” and a “coward”.

Springboard by Tigre and Eric bailed out to the floor. Slide Under and Back Roll by Tigre. Tilt-a-Whirl Headscissors and Hurancanrana by the X-Champ. 2 count. Universal but Tigre smacked the chest of Eric. Universals into a Powerslam by Eric. 2 count. Eric ran Tigre into the corner. Eric worked over the neck of Tigre with hard Forearms. Eric then drove his boot into Tigre’s neck. Impact took another break.

Eric was in full control as TNA returned. Snap Mare into a Seated Rear Chin Lock. Tigre got free and bounced off the ropes. Eric dropped him, big time. Tigre still kicked out. Eric ripped at the eyes of the masked man. Eric went to the apron and worked the neck, through the ropes. Eric stomped Tigre in the back. Eric jumped off the ropes and stomped the back. Tigre flipped out of a German Suplex. Tigre went to go Old School but Eric tripped him and Tigre was Crotched. 2 count. Eric threw out Tigre like a bag of trash. Eric then took to the floor to bash the Mexican superstar.

Back in the ring, Eric tried for the pin. He only got two. Knee Drop by Eric brought another two. He got up in Earl Hebner’s face about the slow count. Eric mocked his foe before heading up for a Moonsault. It failed, badly. Tigre hit a Hurancanrana, to the floor. Tigre flew off the ropes and hit the Legdrop. Tigre put Eric up top but couldn’t’ do much with him…until he hit another Hurancanrana. 2 count, one more time. Eric surprised Tigre with a Piledriver.

Your Winner: (Advancing) Eric Young
Impact Scorecard: 3.75

Josh and Pope analyzed Eric Young’s possible future in this tournament. He will get either Matt Hardy or Jessie Godderz, in the Semis. They sent it to the video packages about Matt Hardy and Jessie Godderz. Matt cut a fun promo about his upcoming opponent, Godderz.

A bit more of the Dixie Interview aired. She discussed the Knockouts.

Eric Young screamed about giving Tigre Uno a chance to avoid having to endure the pain. Eric didn’t like the “foreign scum” attacking from behind. Eric said he would no longer take responsibility for what will happen in the rest of the tournament. Scary.

Jessie Godderz vs Matt Hardy
World Title Series Match, Quarter Finals #3

Collar and Elbow and Matt took the Side Headlock. Push Off by Jessie. They ran into each other. Matt popped Jessie and took another Side Headlock. Jessie tried to throw Matt off him but Matt just took him over. Jessie finally powered out. Matt just reapplied the move. Jessie lifted Matt and Slammed him.

The two went back to the Collar and Elbow. Arm Bar by Jessie but Matt quickly reversed it. Jessie slammed Matt, again. Jessie took time to talk trash. Matt slipped free and Scoop Slammed Jessie., several times. Matt flexed for the crowd to psych out Jessie. Matt blocked a Haymaker and ran Jessie into the corner. Whip by Matt led to a Side Russian Leg Sweep. 2 count. Kneelift and clubbing blows by Jessie. Back Body Drop by Matt. The fight went out to the floor. Matt bounced Jessie’s face off the ring apron. Matt slid back in the ring to reset the count. Jessie ran Matt into the steps and then hit a Dropkick that bounced Matt’s head off the ring steps. Time for another break.

Jessie worked over Matt’s back with hard stomps. Jessie drove his forearm into the lower back of the former champ. Jessie continued to drive his knee into Matt’s back. Matt punched away and lifted Jessie for a slam. The knee buckled and Matt landed on top of Matt. Mat Elbowed Jessie and then came off the ropes. Snap Powerslam by Jessie but it only brought a two count. Jessie worked over Matt’s neck, again. Jessie then choked Matt on the top rope.

Jessie drove his shoulder into Matt’s lower back. Corner Bear Hug by Jessie. Matt bashed the neck of Jessie but it had minimal effect. Jessie sent Matt into the corner and locked in another Bear Hug, this one a seated variation. Jessie kept using the roeps for more pressure. Matt broke free and nailed the Side Effect. Jessie tried to block the move but failed. Back Elbow by Matt and a pair of Boots. Sleeper Slam by Matt. 2 count. Matt threw shoulders into the corner. Matt put Jessie on the ropes and punched away. Matt wanted the Superplex but Jessie fought loose. Matt Snap Mared Jessie from the top. Hardy Bomb but he only got a two. Jessie blocked the Twist of Fate and hit a nice Dropkick. Jessie took too long to make the cover so he only got a two. Matt threw Jessie into the corner. Jessie fought out of the Bulldog. Adonis Kick by Jessie. He then went for the Adonis Crab. Matt spun so that he could grab the ropes. Jessie kept working the ribs and back. Matt went up top but got caught. Matt slipped free from a Fireman’s Carry and connected with the Twist of Fate.

Your Winner: (Advancing) Matt Hardy
Impact Scorecard: 3.75

Josh’s full interview with Dixie Carter aired. They talked about the year that was. She praised the Knockouts. She talked nicely about Drew Galloway and how his arrival was so good for the company. She then talked critically about her “nephew”, Ethan Carter III. Dixie said Ethan would have to get his act together. Dixie wanted the World Title to be returned to an unblemished state. Dixie was asked about her thoughts on the Series. She liked that anyone could have a chance to shine in this one. She liked that the Knockouts were involved in this Series. The Semi-Finals and Finals will air on January 5, 2016. She did not confirm or deny if TNA was staying on Destination America. What I’ve heard is that Impact may be moving to POP. I have both channels, so I’ll be here to cover the show, regardless. Smile.

Impact looked at the full situation of the World Title Series, beginning with Bound For Glory and ending back here, this week.

Davey Richards vs Ethan Carter III (w/Tyrus)
World Title Series Match, Quarter Finals #4

Before the match, promos aired for both men.

Both men got on the stick and discussed the situation.

Davey worked Ethan’s arm but Carter reversed it. Davey spun into a Side Headlock. Shoulder Tackle by Ethan. Deep Arm Drags by Davey. Davey yanked on Ethan’s arm. Ethan sent Davey into the ropes and Shoulder Tackled him. Davey went back after the arm but Ethan rocked Davey with a shot. Universal led to a Davey Dropkick. Ethan bailed out to the floor. Josh discussed how Tyrus still had the future shot at the World title. Ethan worked the arm and shoulder of Davey. Davey had a European Uppercut.

Ethan with the Falling Forearm to Davey’s face. Davey swung hard at Ethan’s face. Davey was sent outside but he landed on his feet. He didn’t stay there, after Tyrus hit a Thrust to the throat. Time for another round of commercials.

Ethan blasted Davey’s neck, as Davey laid on the apron. Ethan picked up Davey and stomped him down. Davey kicked up into Ethan’s chest. Ethan reversed a Whip and Davey’s chest struck the corner. Modified Camel Clutch by Ethan. Davey spun free but took a shot to the temple. Ethan choked Davey and Tyrus shoved Davey off the ropes. 2 count. Ethan tossed Davey into the corner and Knife Edged Davey. Ethan missed a Knife Edge and Davey kicked him hard. Davey missed a Corner Charge and collapsed. 1-2-kick out by Davey. Cravat by Ethan to weaken his foe.

Davey got free and the Haymakers sailed back and forth. Low Bridge and Ethan was down. Davey hit Suicide Dives to both Tyrus and Ethan. Davey nailed a Missile Dropkick. This…Is…not done. Davey seemed super focused on his foe. Ethan blocked Creeping Death. Ethan blocked a Rollup but fell to a Crescent Kick and German Suplex. 1—2—Kick Out. Davey climbed up top but missed the Stomp. Ethan hit the Clothesline and TKO. 2 count. Ethan just couldn’t believe it. Ethan then climbed up top. Davey caught him before he could do anything. Ethan worked the ribs but Davey nailed a ton of Headbutts. Superplex into a Rolling Brainbuster. How as that NOT 3? Ethan blocked Creeping Death and Davey avoided the 1%er. Ethan hti modified Vertebreaker Stunner. 1%er.

Your Winner: (Advancing) Ethan Carter III
Impact Scorecard: 4.5

So, the Final Four Match-ups will see:

Ethan Carter III vs Bobby Lashley
Eric Young vs Matt Hardy

We will have to wait a few weeks to see who the new World Champion will be.


–Jay Shannon

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