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TLC is on deck and the final few pieces were set to be placed. Plus, Bully Ray went on his Twitta to let everyone know he had made a phone call to another “Hardcore Brother”. Hmm… I have a few ideas.

Speaking of Hardcore, it is with a sad heart that I report the passing of Hack Myers. Hack died, a couple days ago, of complications from brain surgery (according to Axl Rotten in a posting to Twitter). The 1Wrestling.com family extends its deepest sympathies to the family, friends and fans of this great competitor.

Raw began with a look back at how Roman Reigns had to defeat Sheamus in 5:15 to get his title shot, Dean Ambrose’s IC title opportunity and The Usos their Tag Team shot. Sheamus brought out Alberto Del Rio, Rusev and King Barrett to form the League of Nations.

On to Charleston, live, and we see the entire League in the ring. Sheamus will defend the World Title in a rematch, under TLC Rules, against Reigns. Sheamus was beyond happy, tonight. Sheamus deflected the “You Look Stupid” chants. Sheamus felt his 5:15 win was a record. (I don’t think so…I think 8 seconds by Kevin “Diesel” Nash over Bob Backlund has him beat). Sheamus ran down the countries represented in the League of Nations. The fans went off with the “You Look Stupid” chant, again. Sheamus stated that Roman and his crew were the ones who looked stupid. Sheamus was cut off by…The Wyatt Family!

Bray was quiet for an extended period of time. Bray said they may have the Nations but he owned the world. Bray wasn’t very interested in talking, he just wanted to establish Chaos.

Bray was silenced by the arrival of The Dudley Boyz and Tommy ‘Freakin’” Dreamer. My orange cat just meowed at the screen. Smile. Bubba said he was ready to raise chaos…to the Extreme. Bray tried to out-talk Bubba by letting Bubba know their little group was out-manned and out-gunned. D’Von stepped up and said they multiply…not Die. Welcome back…RHINO! Oh, Hell Yeah! The Hardcore Originals started towards the ring but they were halted by the arrival of Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Jimmy and Jey Uso. All Hell was set to break loose but Raw went to break to make us wait.

The Wyatt Family vs League of Nations vs Roman/Dean/Usp vs Hardcore Originals
16-man Elimination Match


Alberto Del Rio hit a Back Stabber to Dean. Rusev tagged in and almost pinned D’Von. Four men were in the ring at all times. Tag to one of the Usos. Rusev got dropped by Jimmy. Bray tagged in and took Uso down. Bray just went after everyone. Devon dropped Del Rio. Rhino came in and launched Del Rio. Rhino and Brayn stood face-to-face. Braun laid out Rusev and Rhino. Rhino escaped a Powerslam and tagged in Dreamer. Braun was double teamed out of the ring. Superkick to Dream by Uso. Rusev nailed a Fallaway Slam. Jimmy tagged in Jey and they hit a wicked Tower of Doom that also included Dreamer and Braun. Erick took the tag but got laid out with the Dreamer Driver (DDT).

Wyatt Family—Eliminated

Break time.

The fight was still going strong. Sheamus tagged out to Del Rio. He kicked Dreamer in the face and almost pinned him. Running Enziguri by Del Rio to Uso. Sheamus tagged back in. Rolling Neckbreaker by Dreamer to Sheamus. Bubba Ray got the tag and tore into Sheamus. All 12 men filled the ring and so much Hell broke loose. Roman and Rhino stared each other down after everyone else went to the floor. Gore vs Spear! Rusev and Sheamus jumped them. 3D by the Dudleyz to Rusev. Wazzup! to Sheamus failed as Del Rio got involved. Brogue Kick to Bubba Ray.

Hardcore Originals aka Team Extreme—Eliminated

Dean Ambrose stood to face Sheamus. It was Dean’s birthday (Happy Birthday). Dean exploded on Rusev’s chest and hit a Crossbody. Running Bulldog by Dean. Standing Savage Elbow by Dean to Rusev. 2 count. Raw took another break as Dean hit a Side Russian Leg Sweep.

Speaking of birthdays, today would have been my favorite uncle, Everett’s, 105th birthday. He was one of the two men, along with my grandfather, who introduced pro wrestling to me…47 years ago. Smile.

Sheamus was fiving Jey the 10 Beats. Roman attacked Sheamus to stop it. Barrett kept Jey from reaching the corner. Del Rio took the tag and kept working on Jey. Rusev came in and latched on a vicious Bear Hug. Jey used Headbutts and a Ear Box to get free. Barrett got the tag and went after Jey. He missed a Running Boot and got tangled up in the ropes. Tag to Roman. Reigns took down Del Rio, who had also tagged in. The fans were actually negative to Roman. Roman rolled up Del Rio and then Powerbombed him, with one arm. Locked and Loaded for the Superman Punch but Barrett caught it. Roman flipped Del Rio to the apron and hit the Superman Punch. Dean with a La Bandera to Shamus. Drive By to Sheamus. Air Lunatic by Dean to Rusev. Roman was sent into the barricade. Uso Crazy dive to take out just about everyone.

Lague of Nations allowed Del Rio to Superkick Roman. 2 count. Cross Armbreaker by Del Rio. Frog Splash by one of the Usos to Del Rio. Sheamus took the tag and called for another Brogue Kick. SPEAR!1-2-3!

Your Winners: Jimmy Uso, Jey Uso, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns
Raw Ranking: 4.75 out of a possible 5

Dang, that got my blood going. Been sick for the last 3 days and I really needed something besides orange juice and chicken soup to get me feeling better. This so worked!

Ric and Charlotte Flair were talking, in the back. Both Flairs would appear on MIZTv, later on.

The Smackdown moving to USA commercial ran. So darn funny.

Backstage, Sheamus was interviewed by Renee Young> Renee asked if he thought he might lose to Roman, on Sunday, just like he did, a few minutes back. Sheamus quoted Vince with the “No Way in Hell” about losing to Roman. Sheamus screamed about how he was going to dismantle Roman…possibly in less than 5:15. Renee wondered if there was a lesson to be learned. Sheamus said he would be the teacher…in front of everyone, later tonight.

Star Dust cut a promo about heroes and movies. Star was set to battle Jack Swagger, but he was stopped by the arrival of Titus O’Neil. Titus said Star needed to get him some…Me Time. Star started to ramble but Titus cut him off. Star claimed he did have a life. Titus said he would see Star out there.

Dolph Ziggler vs Kevin Owens
Non-Title Match

Tyler Breeze and Summer Rae came out to watch the match.

We are two weeks away from…The Slammeys!

Owens is now hailing from Quebec, Canada…not just Maysville. Kevin will fight Dean Ambrose, this Sunday, at TLC. Dean could win the IC strap (I kind of doubt it will happen, but more on that, later in the week).

Collar and Elbow and Kevin pushed Dolph away. Kevin stared talking trash, right away. Go Behind by Dolph was blocked. Dolph rolled Kevin over for a two. Dean watched the match with some popcorn and a drink. Kevin with a Rolling Takedown. Seated Hammerlock by Dolph but Kevin spun around to get to the ropes. Shoving match between the two went nowhere. The ref broke it up so Kevin bailed out to the apron.

Shoulder Tackle by Kevin led to a Rear Chin Lock. Dolph pushed up to his feet. Dolph pushed on the knee to make Kevin tumble. Front Face Lock by Dolph. He laid most of his weight across Kevin. Dolph rolled Kevin over for a two. Dolph took another Side headlock but Kevin worked the ribs. Kevin went to the ropes as Dolph locked in the Go Behind. Wild Chop to Dolph’s chest rocked the Show Off. Crossface to Dolph’s upper chest. Dolph kicked and punched away on the IC champ. Kevin blocked the Jumping DDT but fell to a Dropkick. Corner Splash by Dolph but he couldn’t connect with the Superkick. Kevin snapped Dolph’s neck over the ropes.

The two began slugging it out, on the floor. The ref started the count. Kevin caught Dolph and hit a nasty Fallaway Slam that sent Dolph into the barricade. Kevin pitched Dolph back in the ring and got a two count. Kevin just unloaded on Dolph with clubbing blows. Kevin clocked Dolph and told him to bring more. Dolph blasted Kevin with hard punches but those stopped, thanks to Kevin’s hard fist to the face.

Kevin Knife Edge Chopped Dolph. Running Backsplash Senton missed. Dolph needed that miss to maybe get back in this. Haymakers traded but Dolph just did so much more damage. Corner Splash missed by Dolph. Kevin seriously threw Dolph between the ropes and into the post. The ref started the count and Dolph was in absolute agony. Tyler stood up to watch this Dolph barely made it in at 9. Backsplash Senton. 1-2-not yet. Raw took an unexpected break.

Kevin had Dolph trapped in a Side Headlock but gave it up for a Short Arm Clothesline. Dolph slapped on the Rear Chin Lock. Dean and Tyler were still watching the match. Dolph got up to his feet and then hit a Jawbreaker. Back Elbow by Dolph but it hurt his shoulder. Kevin struck the post on a charge. Flying Forearm, Corner Splash and Rolling Neckbreaker by Dolph. Jumping Elbow Drop by Dolph gave him a two. Dolph went for his Flying DDT but Kevin just dumped him over the top rope. Dolph clutched the injured arm and shoulder. Dolph caught Kevin, who was yelling at the announce table, with a Flying DDT. The ref was counting both men. They got back in before 10. 2 count for Dolph. Kevin blocked the Famouser. Dolph avoided the Cannonball and hit a 2nd attempt at the Famouser. Superkick blocked and both men hit the same move. Dolph fell into a pin but couldn’t hold Kevin down for the full 3 seconds.

Front Face Lock by Dolph. Dolph bashed Kevin the the head., several times. Pop Up Powerbomb by Kevin, out of nowhere.

Your Winner: Kevin Owens
Raw Ranking: 3.5

Dean Ambrose quickly came from the back. Kevin looked as if he had seen a ghost. Dean still had his refreshments with him. Kevin wanted his music but he got popcorn and soda in the face, instead. Dean’s music played and the Lunatic Fringe headed towards the back.

Bray Wyatt cut a promo about the Hardcore Originals. Wyatt felt the Dudleys, Dreamer and Rhino have signed their fate. Braun wanted Dreamer. He was determined to squeeze the life out of the Innovator of Violence. Braun will get Tommy, in a few.

Miz talked with Neville, in the back. He wants to repackage Neville and he decided to introduce him to “Donny”. Get back to the wrestling, will you?

Naomi and Sasha Banks (Team B.a.D.) vs Alicia Fox and Brie Bella (Team Bella)

Team B.a.D. did an insert video that I seriously did not understand. Their voices just go right down my spine like fingernails on a chalkboard. The announcers clarified that the Screaming Mimis were talking about Unity. Whatever.

Sasha insulted Fox and then hid between the ropes. Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker by Fox and Naomi tagged in. universal into a Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker to Naomi. Naomi and Sasha hit the floor and Team Bella hit Stereo Baseball Slide Dropkicks. Tamina got involved and that let Naomi take the advantage. Sasha took the tag and stomped away before bringing Naomi back in. Hesitation Dropkick by Naomi but it only brought a two count. Rear Chin Lock by Naomi to Fox. Knee Strike by Naomi. Naomi tagged out to Sasha. Double Team on Fox. Snap Mare by Sasha and she yanked Fox’s head around.

Clothesline by Sasha but it wasn’t worth a three count. Fox escaped a Scoop Slam and rolled up Sasha. Banks knocked Brie off the apron. Fox ran Sasha into Naomi. Tag to Naomi. Brie finally got the tag. Bulldog by Brie on Naomi. Danielson Kicks to Naomi’s chest. Slider Drokick and Kip Up by Brie. Brie Mode but Sasha made the save. Sasha tossed Fox out. Naomi surprised Brie with the Rear View to take the win.

Your Winners: Naomi and Sasha Banks
Raw Ranking: 2.0

New Day came out to party with Team B.a.D.. New Day now sprts unicorn horns. Sigh. New Day gave unicorn horns to Team B.a.D.. Remember when wrestling made sense?

New Day were still in the ring. The Usos were at ringside. New Day talked about aligning with League of Nations and sending names to Kanye and that Kardassian chick for their new kid. New Day was not happy that they had to battle in a Triple Threat Ladder Match. New Day did a stupid bit about a kitten in a tree. Yawn. Great action mixed with goofy promos. Big E was upset that they could lose their titles without even getting pinned.

New Day vs Lucha Dragons
Non-Title Match

It sounded like Lilian called Kalisto “Carlito”. I do have a nasty cold. Sin Cara tore into Kofi with a Knife Edge Chop. Tag to Big E but Sin hit a Dropkick. Sin kept working over Kofi. Sin Flew out of the ring and Big E hit a Belly to Belly Suplex. Break.

Big E rushed the corner and the well was dry. Tag to Kalisto. He tore into Kofi with a Corkscrew Springboard Elbow. Kofi dumped Kalisto out to the floor. Big E grabbed alisto and rushed him into the barricade. Kalisto was pitched back in the ring and the Unicorn Stampede started. Kalisto failed with a Tilt-a-Whirl head Scissors Sin Cara was legal and took down Big E. The Usos attacked Xavier Woods and Sin Cara rolled up Kofi, who was the actual legal man.

Your Winners: Sin Cara y Kalisto, The Lucha Dragons
Raw Ranking: 2.75

The Usos stole Woods’ trombone, which set the whole final scenario into gear.

Roman Reigns was interviewed by Renee Young. She wondered how Roman felt about Sheamus’ threat to “teach him a lesson”. Roman found it amusing. Roman had a lot to teach Sheamus at TLC.

Raw looked back at how Charlotte cheated to beat her friend, Becky Lynch, last week. The world wants to know if Charlotte was going to be a dirty player, just like her daddy. We should found out…next.


Miz interviewed Ric and Charlotte Flair. Miz said Paige was unable to surprise everyone by joining Miz. Nature Boy and Nature Girl walked out together. Charlotte will face Paige, this Sunday. Charlotte gave an awesome introduction to her dad. The Flairs showed off their matching Rolex watches. Miz did a quick history lesson about how Charlotte has risen in the company. Ric praised his daughter for her hard work and success. Ric said he would be in his daughter’s corner, Sunday. Miz asked Charlotte about her new attitude. Charlotte said she would be like her dad and do what she had to do to be the best. Charlotte felt sorry for Miz’s wife (Maryse). Miz would not allow Charlotte to dodge his questions. Miz wanted Charlotte’s reaction to Paige’s comments about the “new” Charlotte. Miz swung it around to discuss Becky.

Ric ran protection to let Miz know that Miz would not give Charlotte the 3rd degree. Charlotte went off on Paige for being two-faced. Charlotte was ready to destroy Paige for all that Paige has said about Charlotte and her family. Miz then brought out Paige!

Paige called Charlotte out and told her to say whatever she had to say. Ric tried to keep this from happening, to deflect Paige’s mind games. Paige slapped Ric in the face and Flair ordered his daughter to tear into Paige. The Pale Destructress quickly bailed out of the ring. She won that one, based on psychological boundaries.

It was so cool to see “Cowboy” James Storm on NXT. I’ll miss him on TNA but I feel he just might have a great run in WWE. If you haven’t seen NXT lately, they now have Tommaso Ciampa (RoH), James Storm and Samoa Joe (TNA). The future looks so bright with WWE finally looking to the indies, like they used to.

Ryback vs Surev

Raw looked back at their first fight, last Monday. Lana got hurt, during the match. Rusev stopped to look after his fiancé and got counted out. Insert Video by Lana and Rusev. Lana forgave Rusev for causing her to get injured. Interesting.

Back to live action and Rusev went outside. The ref started to count. He got in at 8. Ryback was ready to fight but Rusev walked about before locking up. Collar and Elbow and both men stood their ground. Ryback pushed Rusev out of the ring. Corkscrew Splash over the top by Ryback. That was beyond awesome.

Once they got back in the ring, Ryback got a two count. Suplex by the Big Guy to the Bulgarian. This match so reminds me of Great khali vs Kane, only much better. La Bandera by Rusev. Rusev snapped Ryback’s left arm in the ropes. Raw took another break.

Ryback fought up from his knees. Ryback lifted Rusev but couldn’t hold him for the Gorilla Press Slam or Drop. Rusev worked over Ruback’s arm. Rusev yanked Ryback’s arm around the ropes. Rusev rolled Ryback over but couldn’t pin him. Rusev kept the pressure on the bad arm of the Las Vegas native. Ryback surprised Rusev with a Belly to Belly. The fans began to chant “Feed Me More”. Corner Shoulders by Ryback. Missile Dropkick by Ryback. The two ran around the ring and Lana got hurt, again. Ryback tried to check on Lana but Rusev went nuts. The Bulgarian ran Rusev into the ring post and applied The Accolade, on the floor. The ref counted them both out.

Your Winner: Double Count Out
Raw Ranking: 2.5

Lana showed that her injury was just a ploy to set off Rusev. Lana kissed the taste out of Rusev’s mouth. The replay showed how Lana ran into Ryback to set this all up. Ryback was out cold on the floor.

Jack Swagger vs Star Dust

The match had already started. Swagger Bomb into the Patriot Lock. Star got under the ropes to force the break. Alberto Del Rio and Zeb Colter came out to distract Jack. Star took full advantage with kicks. Star Mudhole Stomped Jack into the corner. Titus O’Neil was at ringside and almost got ran over by Colter’s scooter. Star stomped the ribs of Swagger, in the corner. Star choked Jack in the ropes. Titus explained he wanted to bring Cody Rhodes. Jack almost pinned Star but Cody had a little left. Star Kick by Star. Patriot Lock, dead in the middle of the ring. Tap Out!

Your Winner: Jack Swagger
Raw Ranking: 1.75

Del Rio attacked Jack and Star Dust with a chair. Titus actually yelled at Del Rio to be careful. Jack got outside and picked up his own chair. The two clashed chairs and Del Rio took off, leaving Zeb in the dust. Jack went after Colter and screamed at him. Zeb just drove away.

It was time for another waste of time—The Rosebush. Adam Rose wanted to discuss Miz’s interest in Neville. Rose also made fun of Tommy Dreamer’s new “Very Orange…Oompa Loompa-ish tan”. Give him back the Bunny and let them wrestle.

Alberto Del Rio and Zeb Colter talked, in the back. Del Rio was ticked off that the fans laughed at Zeb. Del Rio basically fired Zeb from being at ringside. Zeb let Del Rio know that Colter made Alberto the champ. Del Rio threatened to hit Zeb with a chair. Que un Payaso (What a clown). Payaso is the nicer word in my international vocabulary. Smile.

Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens will sign their contract for the Intercontinental title, on this week’s Smackdown.

Tommy Dreamer vs Braun Strowman

Tommy’s new music is alright but I wish he still came out to the old ECW theme. Both Dreamer and Strowman had their full squads with them. Tommy was wearing polka dots in respect to the late Dusty Rhodes. Tommy took the fight to Braun. Strowman tossed Tommy aside like a child-sized playmate. Braun clubbed Tommy’s back and then choked him on the ropes. Corner Shoulders by Braun. He rolled Tommy out of the corner. Braun just kept cashing Tommy’s back. Hard Whip to the corner and Tommy collapsed. Scoop Slam by Braun and Tommy was slow to get up. Kabuki Claw to Tommy’s neck Tommy got the boots up. Running Clothesline and Dropkick to the knee. Apocalypse!

Your Winner (by Submission): Braun Strowman
Raw Ranking: 1.75

On Sunday, the Hardcore Originals will battle the Wyatt Family in an 8-man Elimination Tables match. At least 4 men are going to go through tables in that match.

Raw did a sneak peak of “Donny”.

Roman Reigns came out to see what Sheamus was up to. Sheamus had promised to teach Roman a lesson. The ring was surrounded by ladders, tables and chairs. Roman called out for his “teacher”. Roman taunted Sheamus for not coming out to the ring. Roman reminded everyone that his first match was at TLC, as a part of The Shield. That was 3 years ago. Roman climbed the ladder as he did his promo. Roman knew he had gotten knocked down the ladder in a mere 5:15. Roman promised to take back his World titel at TLC. Roman said he would not leave the ring until Sheamus showed up for a weapons-filled beating.

The Celtic Warrior finally emerged from the back. He seemed to be alone for this war of words. Sheamus made fun of Roman for being a dreamer and a storyteller. Sheamus would not be intimidated by Roman. Sheamus had no doubt that he would retain his title, on Sunday. Sheamus knew Roman would be asking himself “What went wrong” after he lost. Roman made fun of Sheamus’ Irish heritage. Roman taunted Sheamus to come nad fight him. Roman told Sheamus to bring it. Roman said Sheamsu didn’t have “Potatoes” but merely “Tater tots”. Sheamus also took the bait and rushed the ring. That started a “Tater Tots” chant. That crap will trend, I just know it.

Sheamus talked about building a great castle out of battered chairs, broken tables and mangled ladders. Roman would provide the foundation for this building. Roman urged Sheamus to “Man Up” and face him. Roman dumped the chair out of the ring as “Tater Tot” rose from the crowd. Sheamus then had Roman get rid of the table from inside the ring. Sheamus then brought up the giant ladder that was in the ring. He got Roman to toss it out of the ring…at Sheamus. The Celtic Champion barely dodged it. “Tater Tot” swelled, again. Roman laughed at how Sheamus flinched at the ladder. Roman suggested that Sheamus may end up only a footnote, after tonight and Sunday.

Sheamus rushed the ring and Roman just tossed Sheamus out of the ring. Sheamus was sent into the barricade. Roman tore the top off the announce desk. Sheamus threw Roman into the barricade, in several places. Sheamus drove Roman into the ladder. He then Clotheslined Roman into the crowd. The fight went all over the place and the fans had to scurry to safety. This fight got seriously ugly as Roman drove Shamus into a table, near the back. Roman then bounced Sheamus on the ramp. Roman wanted a Pwerbomb but Sheamus blocked it. Sheamus threw Roman into all kinds of metal. Chair to Roman’s back. Sheamus chased Roman down the ramp and then Roman unloaded with chair shots. Sheamus tried to get away from Roman but turned to throw Roman into the barricade. Roman blocked a Powebomb and hit the Superman Punch. Roman backed up and sent for The Spear. He missed and Roman flew over the announce desk. Roman did finally hit the Spear, to put Sheamus through a table. The Irishman was out like a light.

So, I started with some sad news. To balance that, I want to end with some very happy words. Tomorrow, December 8th, is the 62nd birthday of my most beloved wife (and absolute best friend), Dianna. She brought me back to life, 7 years ago, after a tragic loss. We’ve been through some ups and down as it relates to health and other assorted challenges. Through it all, we have always been there for each other. I wanted to share my 2nd favorite picture of us together (wedding photo takes top billing, smile). This was in the Spring of 2010, in California, at a wrestling convention. That was the week-end we first got to meet Bill Apter, in person and this photo was taken of the three of us. The original photo is still framed and hanging on our living room wall.

Happy Birthday, my dear love…


–Jay Shannon

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