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Welcome to the first episode of Ring of Honor on COMET TV. Adam Cole took on Dalton Castle in the Main Event. Plus, the rest of the night was filled with great action and interesting promos.

Roll the Opening Montage.

Kevin Kelly, Mark Briscoe and Nigel McGuinness were at the announce table.

Adam Cole (w/B.J. Whitmer and Colby Corino) vs Will Ferrara

Cole jumped Will, before the bell. Adam stomped away at the stunned Ferrara. Will tried to fight back but Adam No Sold it. Will then tore into Adam with wild fists and Forearms. Will wanted to Suplex Adam outside but Page flipped Will inside. Hurancanrana by Will. Running Back Elbow connected but the 2nd one was deflected with a Dropkick. Page slammed Will’s face into the ring post. Will was thrown back into the ring but Ferrara wasn’t ready to give, just yet. Roaring Elbow by Adam into a Pump Handle Bridge Slam. 2 count.

Will hit a Double Chop. Will blocked Rites of Passage and hit Rolling Neckbreakers. Will kicked away. Float Over Sunset Bomb brought Will a two. Nice. Whitmer rushed over to check on Page. Will took out both Page and Whitmer with a Suicide Dive. Whitmer threw a crutch towards Page but Will intercepted it. He clocked Adam and took the win. After the match, Whitmer beat up Page for daring to lose. Whitmer also threw the ref across the ring. Mark rushed he ring and chased off the Decade.

Your Winner: Will Ferrara
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.0 out of a possible 5

Kevin Kelly interviewed Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian, The Addiction. Daniels complained that RoH. was unfair to them, ever since they arrived. Daniels grumbled about Maria attacking him and he got very chauvinistic about it. He also griped about the interference of the mystery man in the red mask. Kaz then stepped up and let it be known they were leaving RoH. to head to New Japan. Kaz made it clear that The Addiction would return, after dominating New Japan, to reclaim their World Tag Team Titles…of the World.

RoH looked at the reformation of The Kingdom and the attack by Adam Cole on Kyle O’Reilly.

RoH then focused on the feud between Cheeseburger and “Brutal” Bob Evans. Recently, Bob broke Cheeseburger’s hand. Bob considered cutting off Cheesy’s hand but he survived. Bob and Cheesy will square off in the Kick off show prior to Final Battle. Cheeseburger has become this generation’s Crash Holly. Smile.

Adam Cole pushed several t-shirts, including his own personal one and the one for The Kingdom.

RoH looked back at the finish of last week’s main event. Roderick Strong took down Jay Lethal to become the new World TV Title. Lethal actually tapped out to the Stronghold (Walls of Jericho).

The House of Truth came out to discuss the loss and the future for the HoT. Jay was not a happy camper, to say the least. Taylor Hendrix was with Truth Martini and Jay, pretty much falling out of her little black dress. Jay wanted to say something to Strong…Congratulations. Jay knew Strong couldn’t beat him a 2nd time. Jay let all know that he is still the greatest wrestler of all time. Jay knew his legacy was eclipsing Strong’s win. Strong switched to talking about A.J. Styles. Lethal admitted his used to come to Styles for advice. He also did admire Styles, in the past. Jay has now, in his mind, passed Styles. Lethal demanded that Styles come out to the ring and face him.

Styles didn’t have to be asked twice. The Phenomenal One got directly in the ring and faced up against Jay. The fans chanted for Styles. Styles agreed that Jay was one of the best in the business. He knew that because of the Bullseye on Jay’s back. He found it ironic that Lethal would call Styles out. Styles explained that losing the TV Title was the best thing that could happen to Lethal. Now, Jay could be completely focused on the December 18th fight for the World Title. Styles was ready to take the strap off Lethal. Styles ordered Jay to shake his hand, like a man, and say “May the better man win”. Jay hesitated but did it, adding that he would be the better man. Lethal shrieked at Styles as RoH cut to commercial.

Storytime with Adam Cole returned and Adam was 100% focused on his battle with Kyle O’Reilly. Cole was determined to beat Kyle to the point that O’Reilly will leave Ring of Honor, for good. Adam explained that Adam’s recent beatings were to help teach Kyle about reality. Adam wanted it made clear that Kyle would NEVER be a World Champ. Adam promised to beat Kyle to a bloody pulp. Adam screamed that Kyle would never reach Cole’s level. Adam decided it wouldn’t be the beating that forced Kyle to leave, it would be the embarrassment of being dominated. Truth Hurts.

Kevin Kelly ran down the updated Final Battle card. It should be a great set of matches. As it stands, right now:

Jay Lethal vs A.J. Styles
World Title Match

Roderick Strong vs Bobby Fish
World TV Title Match

Adam Cole vs Kyle O’Reilly
Grudge Match

War Machine vs The Kingdom
World Tag Team Title Match

“Brutal” Bob Evans vs Cheeseburger

Michael Elgin vs Moose

Dalton Castle vs Adam Cole

Castle didn’t have The Boys, at his side. Dalton just seems lost without the two young men that used to accompany him to the ring. Cole then emerged from the back, along with the rest of The Kingdom. Cole actually got a great response from the crowd.

The Boys suddenly rushed to the ring to aid their former mentor. Silas Young came out to force The Boys to the back. The crowd was so ticked off when that happened. Cole waited then jumped Dalton. Cole rocked Dalton with a Forearm but Castle came right back with Chops. Trip by Bennett, through the ropes. Low Bridge sent Cole to the floor. Suicide Dive took out Taven and Bennett. Dalton shrieked his happiness as the fans chanted his name. Cole and Castle fought on the floor. Superkick by Cole. Triple Team by The Kingdom. The ref called for the bell.

Your Winner (by Disqualification): Dalton Castle
Honor Roll Ranking: 2.0

War Machine rushed down to protect Dalton Castle. Ring of Honor took a quick break. Wait, to you read what happens next…

Nigel McGuinness took the stick and made an executive decision….a Six Man Tag Team Match.

Dalton Castle, Raymond Rowe and Hanson vs Adam Cole, Matt Taven and Michael Bennett
Six Man Tag Team Match

All six men started battling each other. Rowe ran Bennett into the barricade. Hanson tore into Cole. Running Knee to Taven. Castle kept up the pressure on Taven with hard punches. Rowe unleashed kicks and punches on Bennett. Castle pitched Cole in the ring. Cartwheel Clothesline by Hanson. Jawbreaker by Cole to Hanson. Double Team by Taven and Bennett as the Posted Hanson. Ouch!

Double Dropkicks to Hanson. Coel stomped away on Hanson’s ribs. The Kingdom continued to work together to abuse Hanson. Boot Choke on Hanson. Hanson took down Bennett and Cole and went after Taven. Taven responded with a wicked Dropkick. Tag to Bennett. Hanson was dropped by Taven but Rowe made the save before Bennett could pin his opponent. RoH took a final break.

Hanson was sent into the Kingdom’s corner. Rowe tried to help his partner but it was more harm than help. Triple Team on Hanson. Hanson finally had a chance for a tag but he was stunned. He reached Rowe. Overhead Throw and Superman Punch by Rowe. Taven jumped Rowe but Shotgun Knees took down Taven. Cole attacked from behind. Castle got the tag. Big Boot and Rolling Elbows by The Human Peacock. Clothesline by Castle. Running Knee Strike, in the corner, by Castle. Missile Dropkick by Castle and he posed. Taven went for the Tombstone and the two men kept flipping over to reverse the move. Damn, that was cool as Hell. Castle finally connected with the Tombstone. Double Superkicks to Castle. Rowe hit Shotgun Knees to Taven and Bennett. Rowe went to fly to the outside but he got blasted. The fight broke down to a serious barroom brawl. Hanson hit an amazing Flip Dive from the top turnbuckle to the floor. That was almost a Cannonball. Hanson took Cole back in the ring. Double Team by War Machine. Path of Resistance on Cole. Frog Splash by Hanson. Castle Jackknife Pinned Cole but the other Kingdom members broke up the pin. The fight went out to the floor, covered in streamers. Hanson missed the Suicide Dive. Florida Keys blocked but hen Castle’s finisher was stopped. Cole Miner Neckbreaker to take the win.

Your Winners: The Kingdom
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.75

So, Destination America threw away this great program to run a bunch of foul-mouthed hillbillies chasing after Bigfoot and other assorted evil creatures. Seriously? What a darn waste of 60 minutes. I imagine the ratings will drop like the temperatures at Geiger Grade and other Sierra Mountain locations. Smile.


–Jay Shannon

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