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Impact is now the only wrestling on Destination America. Tonight, the Sweet Sixteen of the World Title Series face off to bring it down to the Great Eight. These should be PPV-level matches, all around. Buckle up, Campers.

Impact began with a preview of tonight’s great matches.

Josh and Pope discussed the Sweet Sixteen and how half of the group will go home, after tonight.

DJZ vs Ethan Carter III (w/Tyrus)
World Title Series, Sweet Sixteen Round, Match #1

Collar and Elbow and they went to the corner. The ref called for the break. Ethan posed for the crowd, which irritated DJZ. Collar and Elbow, again. DJZ shoved Ethan, off the break. They locked up, once more, and DJZ took the arm. DJZ slid around and Crucifixed Ethan for a two. Backslide gave DJZ a two. Ethan wanted a Back Body Drop but DJZ Dropkicked in mid-air. The two went to the floor and back in for DJZ. Baseball Slide by DJZ.

DJZ pitched Ethan in the ring and went up top. Crpssbpdy gave DJZ another 2. DJZ twisted Ethan’s leg but EC3 kicked DJZ out of the ring. Tyrus attacked DJZ. Ethan ran DJZ into the steps and then the apron. Knife Edge Chop by Ethan. DJZ started to fight back. Ethan drove DJZ into the ring post. 2 count for Ethan, once they got back in the ring.

Ethan threw DJZ down. Ethan considered a Stinger Splash but didn’t get it. Missile Dropkick by DJZ. Inverted Atomic Drops and Flying Neckbreaker by the Mohawked One. Ethan flipped DJZ to the apron. DJZ hit a DDT after failing to catch the rope version. 2 count. Ethan raked the eyes but ate a boot. Head Scissors by DJZ. Ethan blocked the Hurancanrana and hit the Sit-Out Powerbomb. 1%er. Sadly, that was so predictable.

Your Winner: (Advancing) Ethan Carter III
Impact Scorecard: 3.5 out of a possible 5

Gail Kim cut a promo about the Knockouts and them being allowed into this tournament. Gail showed her respect to the X-Champion, Tigre Uno. That epic contest starts…next.

Gail Kim vs Tigre Uno
World Title Series, Sweet Sixteen Round, Match #2

Tigre seemed uncomfortable fighting a woman. Gail rolled up Tigre for a quick one. Tigre didn’t know how to react. Gail rolled Tigre up, again. Tigre kicked out at one. Gail kicked Tigre, who would not fight back. Tigre with the Waist Lock Takedown. Front Face Lock by the masked man. Gail got to her feet and took them to the ropes. Universal into a Shoulder Block by Tigre. Monkey Flip by Gail. Gail missed a Corner Run but hit a Crossbody off the top rope. Tigre blocked Eat Da Feet. Tigre twisted Gail into a wild submission move. Gail rolled back to almost pin Tigre. Flying Octopus by Gail. Tigre reached the ropes and dumped Gail over the top rope. She landed hard on the floor.

Slingshot Crossbody, to the floor, by Tigre. Tigre gingerly lifted Gail and put her in the ring. Tigre headed up top but Gail tripped him. Top Rope Hurancanrana by Gail. Ring Post Figure Four by Gail. Gail held it for the full four seconds before letting go. Tigre avoided Eat Da Feet. Tigre sat down on Gail and pinned her.

Your Winner: (Advancing) Tigre Uno
Impact Scorecard: 3.75

I have to admit that I expected Gail to move on. Nothing against Tigre, but Gail should be in the Great Eight and probably the Final Four.

TNA showed how Tigre Uno showed massive respect to Gail Kim, after their match. That was nice to see.

Davey Richards vs Bram
World Title Series, Sweet Sixteen Round, Match #3

Collar and Elbow and Bram tossed Davey aside. The two circled each other and locked up, again. Bram threw Davey back, once more. Go Behind into an Arm Bar by Davey. Bram clocked Davey with a solid punch. Bram punched away on Davey. Bram Face Washed Davey. Bram tossed Davey out of the ring. Davey slid back in and hit the Baseball Slide Dropkick to Bram. Davey went wild with Danielson Kicks to Bram’s chest.

Back in the ring, Davey unloaded with Corner Mount Punches. Bram wanted a Last Ride but Davey fought out. Low Bridge sent Bram out to the floor. Gram caught Davey, on the floor. Bram with the Lift Drop to the steel steps. Bram yelled at Davey, who was nearly out cold. Bram kept punching away. B ram dropped Davey on the ring apron. The ref kept counting the men but Bram did an In and Out to reset the count.

Bram threw Davey back in the ring. Davey tried to fight back. Bram threw Davey right back outside. Bram ran Davey into the ring steps. Davey dodged a 2nd charge and Bram hit the steps. Davey went up to the apron and looked down at his foe. Howl into the Double Stomp, on the floor. Davey threw Bram back in the ring and hit the Missile Dropkick. Kip Up and Davey was on fire. Exploder Suplex by Davey. Big Stomp by Bram. Bram hit an F5. Bram tried for the Brighter Side of Suffering but Davey countered into a Small Package. 1-2-3.

Your Winner: (Advancing) Davey Richards
Impact Scorecard: 3.0

That one went as I figured it would.

Eli Drake cut a promo about his upcoming match against Mahabali Shera. Eli insulted Shera and said he was about to embarrass the man from India.

Eli Drake vs Mahabali Shera
World Title Series, Sweet Sixteen Round, Match #4

A video ran of how Shera swept his group to advance to the Sweet Sixteen. Collar and Elbow and Shera took them to the ropes. Eli blasted Shera with punches and kicks. Running Clothesline and Hip Toss by Shera. Shera sent Eli out to the floor with a La Bandera Clothesline. Eli snapped Shera’s neck on the top rope. Eli stomped away on the Indian. Snap Mare and Elbow Drop by Drake. 2 count. Back Drop Suplex by Drake. Eli missed the Jumping Elbow Drop. Drake whipped Shera but he bigger man hit a pair of Clothesline. Back Body Drop to Drake. Drake kicked Shera in the face. Rocket Launcher sent Drake sailing. Sky High Powerbomb!

Your Winner: (Advancing) Mahabali Shera
Impact Scorecard: 3.0

Nice to see Shera advance. Drake is working towards being a top tier performer and needed a loss like this to make him better.

Matt Hardy did a promo about facing Bobby Roode. Matt was very confident.

Josh and Pope predicted the final four matches.

Matt Hardy vs Bobby Roode
World Title Series, Sweet Sixteen Round, Match #5

The fans chanted for Hardy. Bobby left the ring to regroup. Collar and Elbow. Bobby slapped the chest on Matt but didn’t hit hard. Bobby worked over the arm. Hammerlock into a Side headlock by Bobby. Shoulder Tackle by Bobby. Matt dropped Bobby. Universal stopped as Matt hit an STO. Bobby went outside to break the momentum.

The two slugged it out, on the floor. Matt charged and hit the ring post. Bobby bashed and battered the injured arm. Bobby slammed the arm onto the ring steps. They got back in the ring and Bobby hit the Flying Arm Bar for a two. Bobby punched Matt and sent him into the corner. Corner Splashes by Bobby led to the Perfect Neckbreaker.

Matt wanted the Twist of Fate but Bobby reversed it into the Crippler Crossface. Matt reached the ropes to force the break. Bobby hit a High Back Elbow. Matt came back with the Side Effect. 2 count. Corner Clothesline by Matt. Bobby blocked the Bulldog. Matt would not be denied as he hit another Corner Clothesline and Bulldog. Bobby went back to the Crossface. Matt got free and connected with the Twist of Fate.

Your Winner: (Advancing) Matt Hardy
Impact Scorecard: 3.5

I couldn’t imagine Matt losing, this early. I predict he will make it to the final 2…facing Ethan Carter III.

Drew Galloway did his own promo about overcoming the odds to win this tournament. Drew sounded all serious as he claimed to be the best.

Jessie Godderz vs Awesome Kong
World Title Series, Sweet Sixteen Round, Match #6

Jessie did a ton of posing during his entrance. Kong was all business as she made her way down to the ring. Jessie wanted to talk before the fight. Jessie knew Kong wasn’t out there to wrestle. Jessie knew Kong just wanted to touch his body. Kong wasn’t impressed. Jessie offered to kiss Kong. Yawn. Kong walked up to the puckering punk and drilled him. Knife Edge Chop by Kong. Kong Shoulder Tackled Jessie and hit Clotheslines. Jessie showed how ticked off he was by kicking the bottom turnbuckles. Kong dodged a charge by Jessie. Corner Splash by Kong. Scoop Slams by Kong.

Kong smiled as Jessie bailed out of the ring. Jessie considered walking away from this match. Kong came out and threw Jessie into the ring steps and blasted the Modern Day Adonis. Kong kept punching away until Jessie Thumbed the eyes. Jessie got Back Body Dropped, on the floor. Kong pitched Jessie back in the ring. Kong missed the Big Splash. La Magistral Cradle by Jessie to move on. That was just SO wrong.

Your Winner: (Advancing) Jessie Godderz
Impact Scorecard: 2.75

Kenny King vs Eric Young
World Title Series, Sweet Sixteen Round, Match #7

The two locked up and Eric took a Hammerlock. Japanese Arm Drags by King. Eric Kneed King and took a Side Headlock. Push Off but Eric hit a Shoulder Tackle. Universal into a King Drop Toe Hold and roll over to a Seated Side Headlock. Nice. King ducked a punch and hit a Superkick. Corner Flying Elbow by King. King kept throwing Haymakers to the Canadian Wldman. Shoulder by Eric. King was sent flying out to the floor. Eric just let the ref count.

King got on the apron at 6. Eric pounded away and sent King back outside. Young and King fought on the apron. Eric punched King off the ropes. King fell all the way to the floor. Running Boot by Eric. Eric choked King with the boot and stomped the back. King tumbled out to the floor. Eric told the ref to start the count. King would not surrender. Eric punched King, on the apron. King flipped Eric out to the floor, much like King was sent flying, earlier. King hit a Tope Con Hilo to stun Eric.

King threw Young back in and hit a Springboard Crossbody. Inverted Atomic Drop into a Paradise Kick. School Boy for a two. Eric blocked a Fireman’s Carry but King hit a weak Spinebuster. King held the ref to block a move. Piledriver!

Your Winner: (Advancing) Eric Young
Impact Scorecard: 3.5

I would have been stunned if Eric lost, this early.

The video aired about the careers of Bobby Lashley and Drew Galloway. That main event match is up next.

You know, I really hate telephones, sometimes. My darn cell and house phones have gone off a combined 8 times in the last 2 hours. Someday, people will realize that I don’t answer my phone on Monday or Wednesday nights.

Eric Young talked about being unstoppable in this tournament. Eric knew he had massive momentum.

(Bobby) Lashley vs Drew Galloway
World Title Series, Sweet Sixteen Round, Match #8

Drew’s knee was heavily bandaged. They locked up and moved to the ropes. They fought all around the ropes until the ref forced them to break. Go Behind and lift by Lashley. Rolling Rear Naked Choke by Lashley. Drew got tot eh ropes to make Lashley let go. Go Behind by Drew. Lashley turned and moved to the ropes. Impact took a commercial break.

Lashley with a wild Whip but Drew got the boots up. They traded Haymakers. Lashley threw Drew into the corner. . Drew flew off the top with a Clothesline. La Bandera Clothesline sent Lashley to the floor. Drew came out to keep up the pressure. Knife Edge Chop but Lashley kicked away. Drew was sent into the ring steps. Lashley punished Drew and threw him back in the ring. Drew hurt his leg on that steps incident. Lashley took the wind out of Drew’s sails. Stall Michinoku Driver by Lashley. Wicked Crossfaces by Lashley. Lashley with a Whip but Drew held the ropes. Lashley ended up on the apron. Drew ran Lashley into the ring post.

Shotgun Knees to Lashley’s shoulder. Lashley flipped Drew off the ropes. Lashley missed a wild swing. Drew and Lashley unloaded Forearms. German Suplex and Overhead Belly to Belly by Lashley. Lahley hit a Clothesline. Drew fought out of another move. Running Powerslam by Lashley. 2 count. Lashley missed the Short Arm Clothesline and got dropped by a Neckbreaker. Lashley sent Drew to the corner but missed the Splash. Samoan Drop by Drew. Galloway set for the Claymorebut got Speared. 1-2-3!

Your Winner: Lashley
Impact Scorecard: 4.25

I have to admit to being shocked to see Drew fall.

Next week:

Davey Richards vs Ethan Carter III
(My Pick: Ethan)

Lashley vs Mahabali Shera
(My Pick: Lashley)

Matt Hardy vs Jessie Godderz
(My Pick: Matt)

Eric Young vs Tigre Uno
(My Pick: Eric)

I want to finish up this column by sending a special Happy Birthday to a sweet little lady that comes in to my work, almost every week. Miss Pat will be having a huge party, tomorrow night. Sadly, I won’t be able to attend and I extend my apologies to a dear friend.


–Jay Shannon

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