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Tables, Ladder and Chairs is just weeks away. The main event is already set and now it was time to fill out the card. (If the Dudleys aren’t in a Tables Match, the booking committee should be fired, Smile).

Welcome to the home of Bruno Sammartino, Pittsburg, PA.

New Day came out to a shower of confetti. Big E, Kofi and Xavier danced around in the ring as the shards of paper descended from the Heavens. It wa Naomi’s birthday but that is not why they were there to party. It was a celebration for the New Day. New Day mocked the Pittsburg Steelers (not the wisest of ideas). That got a “Here we go, Steelers, Here we go!” chant going. They brought out Sheamus for this party in his honor.

The Celtic Champion came out in a really nice suit. Bro-Hugs all around. Sheamus mocked the fans for looking stupid. Sheamus then showed respect to the tag champs. Sheamus thanked the New Day and then The Authority. Sheamus then wanted to thank the man who made this all become possible…Roman Reigns. Sheamus went into a major negative smear campaign against the former champ. Sheamus said Roman was to blame for the title change, since he refused to shake HHH’s’hand. This got really silly, super-fast. Where’s my pillow and Eagle Blankie? Sheamus kept laughing about how short Roman’s title run was.

Sheamus 5:15 says I just kicked your Arse. Yep, that will be a t-shirt within the next few days.

Suddenly, Roman Reigns came out of nowhere to drop Sheamus with a Superman Punch. Roman picked up the world title belt and left the ringside area with it. Time for some commercials.

Roman chatted with Dean Ambrose and the Usos, backstage. HHH and Stephanie McMahon walked up to retrieve the title belt. The Authority ws not in the mood for any baloney. Roman was ready to take the title back at TLC, but HHH let it be known that Sheamus wanted to defend the title, tonight. Stephanie gave Roman only 5:15 to beat the Celtic Warrior. Interesting.

Tyler Breeze (w/Summer Rae) vs Dolph Ziggler


This was a rematch from Survivor Series. Tyler won that first match. Dolph piqued the leg and took Tyler down. Side Headlock by Tyler but he only held it a moment. Shoulder Tackle went into a Universal. Dropkick by Tyler brought only a one count. Tyler punched Dolph and then threw him into the corner. Corner Shoulders by Tyler led to a Snap Mare and Legdrop. 2 count. Tyler cracked the skull of his foe and tried for the pin. He only got a two. Tyler and Dolph fought for dominance and Tyler took that battle. Dolph rolled up Tyler for a two. Superkick blocked and Tyler almost got the pin. Both men missed Corner Splashes. Dolph struck the ring post and fell to the floor. Raw went to break.

Tyler was in control, thanks to a Front Face Lock. Jawbreaker by Dolph. Dolph kept u the pressure with Clotheslines and a Corner Splash. Rolling Neckbreaker by Dolph. Heart Stopper Elbow Drop by Dolph. 2 count. Dolph Tuned up the Band for the Superkick. He missed and Tyler rolled Dolph up. Tyler blocked the Famouser and dropped Dolph in the corner. Enziguri but Dolph still kicked out. Tyler punched away, in the corner. The ref moved him back but Tyler went right back with kicks. Slingshot sent Dolph into the corner. Tyler tried to use the ropes for the pin but it failed. Modified Back Stabber, to the side, of Dolph. Dolph’s shoulder was seriously messed up, by this point.

Tyler Dropkicked the knee and Dolph rolled to the corner. Dolph flipped Tyler over the ropes. Dolph reversed the Unprettier into a Backslide. Dolph almost got the pin. They traded pin attempts. Superkick!

Your Winner: Dolph Ziggler
Raw Ranking: 3.5 out of a possible 5


Rusev was in the ring for this interview segment. Miz introduced the Bulgarian Brute. A “U.S.A.” chant got going but Rusev shut them down. Rusev quickly took control of the interview but the fans began to call for Lana. Rusev explained that Lana was his wife. Rusev complained that no one sent him get well wishes during his injury. Rusev said the only person who was at his side was his true love…Lana.

Lana made her return to the WWE, after months off with a wrist injury. Lana and Rusev hugged each other and smiled. The fans were happy to see Lana. Miz discussed what the happy couple have been through. Miz just didn’t understand how the two could be back together. Miz almost crossed the line when Miz brought up Summer Rae aka Lana 2.0. Lana said they may fight hard but they love even harder. Lana explained that she never went “all the way” with Dolph Ziggler. “Yes, you did!” rose from the crowd. Rusev claimed he also restrained himself as it related to Summer Rae. The two began to chat in Russian or Bulgarian and then played a serious round of tonsil hockey.

They were interrupted by the arrival of Ryback. Ryback was there to go Smash Mouth with Rusev. That was up next.

Rusev vs Ryback

Rusev was already stomping away on the Big Guy, as Raw returned. Rusev ran his foe into the corner. Rusev continued to club away. Thesz Press by Ryback that went into straight fists. Rusev reversed a Whip. Missile Dropkick by Ruback and Rusev went to the floor. Ryback came out and ran Rusev into the barricade. The two threw wild moves. Lana got knocked down as the ring steps went into Lana. Rusev abandoned the match to check on Lana. She took a nasty shot to the thigh.

Your Winner (by Count Out): Ryback
Raw Ranking: 1.5

Rusev lost it that his opponent hurt his love. Ryback looked stunned at the anger.

In the back, Dean Ambrose came in to see HHH. HHH congratulated Dean for his win in last week’s Triple Threat. HHH told Dean that if Roman doesn’t beat Sheamus in under 5:15, Roman and Dean would both lose their title matches at TLC. Drive that wedge, HHH.

The Dudley Boyz came out carrying tables. Raw went to break before the tables were explained.

The ring was filled with tables. Bubba explained that last week was not a good week. Bubba discussed the feud with the Wyatt Family. Bubab had a major problem with the Wyatts. They didn’t get the job done. Bubba said he and D’Von were ready to fight and the Wyatts made themselves targets. I want to see Dudleys and Brothers of Destruction vs the entire Wyatt Family. D’Von stepped up and preached about the rules, especially, “Thou Shall not Mess with the Dudley Boyz”. Bubba straight up called out the Wyatts. Each table had a Wyatt Family name on it.

The Fireflies erupted as Bray led his troops to the ring. Bray accepted the challenge. The lights went out again and when they came up, the Wyatts were closer to the ring. Bubba knew that the Wyatts felt had an advantage. They brought out…Tommy Dreamer! Hot Damn! My little cat just woke up at hearing the name of his namesake. Smile. The Dudleys and Dreamer were ready to go Hardcore!

Bubba Ray, D’Von and Tommy Dreamer vs Brayn Strowman, Erick Rowan and Luke Harper
Hardcore Triple Threat Match

Bray screamed at the Hardcore Legends to put away the toys and fight like men. Raw went to break before this wild battle got rolling.

Erick Headbutted D’Von and then tagged in Luke. Bubba Ray got the tag. Double Team on Luke. Tag to Dreamer. Rolling Neckbreaker and Running Elbow Drop. Luke blocked the DDT and hit the Black Hole Slam. Tag to Strowman. Braun bashed Tommy’s back and choked Tommy over the ropes. Braun stood on Tommy’s chest. Luke took the tag and did the same. Luke tagged back in and punched away. He quickly changed out with Erick. Erick bashed Tommy and drove the Double Knuckles into the temples. Erick smacked Tommy. Erick then walked over the chest. He missed the Big Splash. Tag to Bubba Ray. Flip Flop and Fly variation into a massive Back Body Drop. Bubba hit several Clotheslines and the Uranage Slam. It broke down into total chaos and the ref ended up thrown out the match.

Your Winner: Double Disqualification
Raw Ranking: 2.0

Bray called for the tables to be brought into the ring. Braun easily lifted the tables. Bray Wyatt was sent through a table when he pushed Bray off the apron. Bray clutched his arm in sheer agony. The Wyatts got ugly with the announcers. Let’s set up an 8-man and someone should call Little Spike Dudley. I remember his epic Tables Match against Mike Awesome (available to watch on the WWENetwork).

Goldsust vs Alberto Del Rio (w/Zeb Colter)
Non-Title Match

Raw looked at the growing feud between Del Rio and Jack Swagger. Zeb demanded that the Haters should just shut up. Zeb dissed Social Media for inspiring hate. Zeb wanted all to realize that Del Rio was there to beat the hate out of everyone. Del Rio took the stick and said Goldust was out of date.

Goldust popped Del Rio in the face and told Del Rio to bring it. Alberto bashed and battered the 2nd Generationer. Sharp DDT by Del Rio brought a two count. Both men threw knees and elbows. Goldy dropped Del Rio with a Goldustin Uppercut. Snap POwe3rslam by Goldy. Flying Arm Bar by Del Rio but Goldy came right back with the Spinebuster. Goldy went for a move in the ropes but slipped. Del Rio took advantage to hit Crossing the Border (Double Stomp off the ropes)

Your Winner: Alberto Del Rio
Raw Ranking: 1.75

After the match, Del Rio applied the Cross Armbreaker. Jack Swagger rushed the rign and Del Rio bailed out. The “USA” chant grew in strength until it was replaced by “We the People”.

Becky Lynch and Charlotte hugged backstage. Becky wanted to fight Charlotte to show everyone how great they are. Becky didn’t want the title to be on the line. Charlotte waned her dad, Ric, to be at ringside. Ric Flair came in and they all started Woo-ing.

Lucha Dragons vs The USos
Number One Contenders Match

New Day joined the announce team for this match.

Jimmy and Kalisto began the match. Kalisto took the Side Headlock. Shoulder Tackle by Jimmy. Roll Up by Jimy but Kalisto kicked him up in the face. Tag to Jey. Double Team on Kalisto. Spin Kick by Kalisto and tag to Sin Cara. Springboard Monkey Flip by the Luchas. 2 count. CChin Lock by Sin Cara. New Day had major issues with Michael Cole. Tilt-a-Whirl Headscissors by Kalisto and Dropkick by Sin Cara. Sin Cara was flipped over the ropes. Flying Uso and Kalisto hit the announce desk. Flip Dive by Sin Cara to take out both Usos. Shut the New Day up, Please!. New Day rushed the ring and attacked all four men. I smell a Triple Threat.

Your Winners: Double Disqualification
Raw Ranking: 2.5

New Day felt they didn’t have to face anyone at TLC. They may have a Hell of a surprise coming.

Team B.a.D. walked backstage. Brie Bella will face Sasha Banks, next.

Stephanie McMahon tried to figure out who would face New Day at TLC. Stephanie put the Lucha Dragons in and said the Usos would be in, IF Roman won tonight. That sucks.

Brie Bella vs Sasha Banks

The two women have had a war of words in Social Media. Nikki Bella is on the shelf, right now, with an injury. Naomi, Tamina and Alicia Fox were at ringside. Sasha and her crew did an insert video that was darn annoying.

Collar and Elbow to the corner. Clean break by both women. They tied up, once again. They got into a shoving match. Fireman’s Carry Flip by Brie into an Arm Bar. Sasha threw Brie down and took Brie’s headband. She mocked the Bella and threw the headband at Alicia. Superkick by Tamina to Fox. Brie checked on Fox but didn’t let Sasha get eh advantage. Drop Toe Hold sent Brie into the turnbuckle. Fox was helped to the back. Sasha ran Brie into the corner and Boot Washed the face of Mrs. Danielson. Shotgun Knees by Sasha drew a two. Sasha worked over the arm of Brie. Crosstie Clutch by Sasha. The ref asked if Brie wanted to give up…she didn’t. Clothesline by Sasha and then she grounded Brie, again. Brie Back Ran Sasha into the corner. Brie kicked away at Sasha. Missiel Dropkick by Brie. Danielson Kicks to the chest. Slider Dropkick by Brie. Brie Mode was cancelled as the other members of Team B.a.D. got involved. Back Stabber into the BankStatement. Tap Out.

Your Winner (by Submission): “The Boss” Sasha Banks
Raw Ranking: 2.5

Roman chatted with Dean and the Usos. Roman’s Deadline Match is up next.

Roman Reigns vs Sheamus
World Title Match
5:15 Time Limit

Yep, Sheamus already has the “Sheamus 5:15” shirt. Lilian Garcia did the official introductions. Roman tore into Sheamus from the opening second. Sheamus came off the ropes and got Clothesliend. The two went to the floor and Sheamus sent Roman into the barricade. Mr. Wrestling II Kneelift by Sheamus. Rear Chin Lock to run time off the clock. Sheamus forced Roman to stare at the clock. Roman came off the ropes but only got a one count. Corner Splash and Running Boot brought Roman a two count. The two ended up on the floor, one more time.

Samoan Drop as they got back in the ring. 2 plus. Sheamus bailed out to avoid the Superman Punch. Roman was sent over the announce table. We were under 2 minutes, now. Roman got up and threw Sheamus into the ring post. Roman broke the count and then came to get Sheamus. Roman struggled to lift Sheamus. Roman finally rolled Sheamus into the ring. Roman set for the Spear but Rusev dragged Roman out of the ring. King Barrett and Alberto Del Rio pulled Sheamus out of the ring.

Your Winner (by Disqualification): Roman Reigns
Raw Ranking: 1.5

Sheamus took the stick and reminded everyone that he was still the champion. Sheamus then taunted Roman about having to wait to get his title shot. Sheamus then introduced some friends…the League of Nations. The members include: Sheamus, King Barrett, Alberto Del Rio and Rusev. Sheamus claimed that Rusev was his Right Hand Man. The Usos and Dean Ambrose slid in the ring to back up Roman. Roman wanted to just fight Sheamus and have his boys watch his back. Roman clocked Sheamus and the League backed off.

Backstage, Ric and Charlotte Flair walked. The Divas will fight, next.

Members of the Pittsburg Steelers are in the house. My dear “2nd-Mom”, Esther, would be pleased to see representatives of her favorite team at ringside. Smile.

Becky Lynch vs Charlotte (w/Ric Flair)
Non-Title Match
Paige was at ringside for this one. Paige tried to brainwash Becky, earlier in the night. Paige claimed Charlotte just uses others.

Arm Bar by Charlotte. Becky spun around to get free. Becky cranked on the arm until Charlotte spun back around to get free. Becky took Charlotte down and Bridged over to increase the pain on the arm. Team B.a.D. watched from the back. Charlotte wanted the Figure Eight but didn’t get it. Cartwheels by both women. Ric strutted.

Go Beind by Charlotte. Standing Switches by both women. Front Face Lock by the champ but Becky quickly reversed it. Becky rolled Charlotte into a Crucifix and then a Backslide. Charlotte kept getting free. Snap Mare into the Leg Scissors Flips. Jawbreaker by Charlotte led to Knife Edge Chops. Becky fought back with Forearms. Step Up Dropkick by Becky. Roll Up by Charlotte for a two. Arm Drags by Becky as Paige threatened Byron Saxton. Float Over by Charlotte but Charlotte twisted her ankle on the landing. It was a ploy. Charlotte Kipped Up and rolled up Becky as Ric got on the apron to distract Becky. Really?

Your Winner: Charlotte
Raw Ranking: 2.75

Breaking News: Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and The Usos will face the League of Nations in the new main event. Awesome.

Becky came up to confront Charlotte. Charlotte claimed she didn’t cheat, she just taught Becky a lesson about taking advantage pf a situation. Paige came up after Charlotte walked off to try and drive an even bigger wedge between the two friends.

Michael Cole sent it to a new segment by Adam Rose…called the Rosebush. Rose discussed the whole Rusev/Dolph/Tyler/Summer/Lana Qunitanlge.

Star Dust then did a Christmas promo about the star on top of the tree. Titus rose, not The Ascension. Titus O’Neil tried to put Star Dust in the holiday mood. Their interactions are so much fun. Titus told Star Dust to get in the holiday spirit. Grin.

Roman Reigns, Jimmy Uso, Jey Uso and Dean Ambrose vs Sheamus, King Barrett, Rusev and Alberto Del Rio
Eight Man Tag Team Match

New Day came out to watch this battle. The Authority allowed New Day to join the League of Nations to make this a 7-on-4 war.

The League of Nations and New Day vs The Usos, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose
Handicap Match

Dean tore into Kofi with wild punches and a Whip. Scoop Slam and tag to one of the Usos. Roman immediately tagged in and blasted Kofi. Elbow Drop gave Roman a two count. Jimmy Uso took the tag and flew in. Xavier Woods tagged in on his side. Woods punched the ribs of the Samoan. Tag back to Dean, who kicked away. Unicorn Stampede by the Island Brothers. Roman pitched Kofi out of the ring. Woods and Big E came around to check on their fellow Unicorn. Raw was ready for another break.

Del Rio was in and he took the fight to the Usos. Tag to Kofi, who stomped and punched his opponent, Jey. Tag to Jimmy. Double Team on Woods. 2 count. Knife Edge by Jimmy. Jimmy hurt his ankle after coming off the ropes. Woods took full advantage.

Tag to Rusev. The Bulgarian focused on the hurt leg. Jimmy was sent out to the floor. Sheamus took the tag and stomped away on Jimmy. Jimmy was sent out to the apron. 10 Beats. Kofi tagged back in and worked Jey’s arm. Kofi flew off the top but got clocked. Both men were down and stunned. Tag to Jimmy. Flying Clotheslines by Jimmy. Samoan Drop by Jimmy. Rikishi Run was stopped as Big E nailed Jimmy. Jimmy clutched his knee and said he was hurt. Break time.

Jimmy was taken out of the match, during the break. That might affect eh tag team match, at TLC. New Day worked over Jey. Woods had that darn trombone. Kofi applied the Rear Chin Lock. Dean cheered on Jey to get free. Jey popped Kofi and hit a Spinning Kick. Dean and Roman begged for a tag. Roman got the tag and he took out Woods. Corner Clotheslines by Roman. Uppercut to Kofi and Woods. Sheamus taunted Roman and then took off. Drive By to both Kofi and Woods. Del Rio jumped Roman and threw him into the ring barricade.

Rusev took the tag and went after Roman. Jey was down and hurt, on the floor. Sheamus tagged in and beat on Roman. Kneedrop, off the ropes, by Sheamus. 2 count. Big E came in and hit he Belly to Belly. Big E got up in Dean’s face. Abdominal Stretch by Big E. Big E slapped the ribs in time to the New Day Rocks beat. Big E mocked The Usos for being taken out. Roman fought out and threw Big E across. Tag to Del Rio.

Alberto slapped on the Rear Chin Lock. Jawbreaker by Roman. He missed a Clothesline and Alberto connected with the Back Stabber. Alberto missed the Skidmark. Has he EVR hit that move? Tag to Sheamus and tag to Dean. Ambrose dropped Sheamus and then everyone else in sight. Running Bulldog by Dean. Dean went up top and jumped. Dean escaped the Tilt-a-Whirl . Rebound Clothesline by dean to Sheamus. Dean flew off the top to drop those on the floor. Low Bridge to Sheamus. Dean then hit a Tope Suicida. Dean threw Sheamus in and went up top and hit the Standing Savage Elbow. It broke down into total chaos and Roman dropped everyone. Brogue Kick by Sheamus to Dean Ambrose.

Your Winners: New Day and League of Nations
Raw Ranking: 3.25

The seven heels systematically dismantled Roman and his crew, post-match.


–Jay Shannon

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