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WWE NXT November 25, 2015

The normal opening credits roll to start the show this week. Rich Brennan welcomes us to the show and lets us know that, tonight, it becomes official for the main event of TakeOver: London. Michael Cole is in the ring. Cole tells Full Sail that General Manager William Regal is home recovering from successful neck surgery and that he has put Cole in charge of the show tonight.

Cole says he is in charge of all “executive decisions.” He says that means he has a very special announcement. He informs the crowd that, thanks to WWE Corporate, the challenge Eva made last week for the Diva’s championship will take place tonight, despite GM Regal’s objections.

Next, Cole holds the contract for the NXT Championship match at TakeOver: London. Just as he was getting set to make Finn Balor’s intro, Finn’s music cuts him off and Finn makes his way out to the ring. The crowd starts chanting his name and he begins to speak. He says that Joe did what he had to do to get this match. But, it made him realize that friendship and trust are rare in this business. He told Joe to come out, sign the contract and realize that he is not entitled to the NXT championship. He tells Joe he is going to stick his foot down Joe’s throat.

Cole introduces Samoa Joe who walks to the ring with a purpose. Without looking Finn in the eye, Joe signs his contract and leaves the ring. Balor, upset that Joe wouldn’t look at him, angrily signs his contract and leaves the ring. He pauses on the stage to pose for the crowd when Joe attacks him from behind. Joe drags Balor back inside the ring where Finn recovers and catches Joe with a running dropkick as he was trying to enter the ring.

The referees converge on the ring trying to separate the two. Joe uses the distraction to catch Balor in the Coquina Clutch and choke him out. The referees and the crowd are upset as Joe leaves the area. The show heads to its first break.

Back from break, the announce team is still talking about Joe choking out Balor. A replay of the incident is shown. The announce team then teases Asuka vs. Dana Brooke and Bayley vs. Eva Marie for later in the show. We get set for the introductions to our first contest. The Vaudevillains make their entrance, followed by Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder.

Match 1: NXT Tag Team Championship Match: Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder (Champions) vs. Simon Gotch & Aiden English –The Vaudevillains- (Challengers)

Simon Gotch and Scott Dawson start the match for their teams. Dawson pushes Gotch to the corner and the two men begin trading blows. Gotch knocks Dawson to the canvas and goes for a quick pin, but Dawson powers out. English tags in Gotch hits Dawson with an elbow as he exits and English follows with a boot to the face. English tries for a pin but Dawson escapes after the one count. English tries to hit Dawson with dropkick coming off the ropes but Dawson hangs on and English hits the mat. Wilder tags in, English recovers quickly and grabs an arm bar on Wilder. Wilder drives English into the corner and hits him on the break. He tries to whip him across but gets reversed. Wilder gets caught in a back drop and an arm bar. Wilder forces English back into the ropes and tags Dawson who delivers an arm bar takedown. English rolls out to the floor as the show goes to break.

Returning from commercial, English is in an arm bar from Dash Wilder. English fights up and tries to make a tag to Gotch but Wilder keeps twisting English away from the corner. English twists Wilder out of the ring to the floor. English is able to make the tag to Gotch but Wilder also tags Dawson.

Gotch comes in and opens up on both of the champs. Gotch sunset flips Dawson out of the corner and tries for a pin but Dawson kicks out. Gotch next attempts a rollup on Dawson but Dawson again powers out. Gotch hooks Dawson in a leg-hook belly-to-back suplex and got another two count. Wilder distracts Gotch from the apron, when Gotch turns back around; he is met with a hard clothesline. Dawson nails English on the outside, then calls in Wilder for a double-team but English thwarts their plans clothes lining Wilder. Gotch flips Dawson and gets a two count. He tags in English and they try to connect on the Whirling Dirvish but Dawson blocks the move. English counters with a rollup but Dawson powers out at two. English rolls out to the apron and Dawson tries to catch him with rights and misses. English goes up and over Dawson for a sunset flip. As this is happening, Dash and Dawson make a blind tag. Dawson kicks out of the sunset flip and the champions nail English with the Shatter Machine finisher for the win.

Winners: Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder

Post-match: As the champions start to leave ringside, they are cut off when Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady appear. They jump the champs, throw them back in the ring, and a good old-fashioned beat-down occurs until Dawson and Wilder manage to escape to the back.

Backstage, Tom Phillips is standing with Eva Marie in the GM’s office. Phillips asks Eva why she is in the GM’s office. Eva says its because she needed a bigger office to prepare for her championship match tonight. Eva says this room is free and Regal won’t mind. Tom asked her why she said her match was inevitable. She says it’s inevitable because she is the hottest prospect in NXT. She has beaten opponent after opponent since her return. She says Bayley is a swell girl, but, its time for a real woman to become champion. She says that she’s really excited to have her championship opportunity but its even better to have the support of the WWE Universe. The camera pans over to show a table of gifts. Eva says that friendship is even better than gifts and she introduces her new friend Nia Jax. Eva Marie says that nothing beats friendship.

The announce team of Byron Saxton, Rich Brennan and Corey Graves. They appear to be concerned for Bayley’s chances in the title match tonight. They take us back to TakeOver: Respect and the match between Asuka and Dana Brooke. Their confrontation last week is shown again as well. The rematch is up next. The show heads to break.

We return to Full Sail to see Asuka make her entrance. Dana is out next. She comes to the stage with a microphone. She tells Asuka that she hopes she got all the smiling out of her system because, in two seconds, she’s going to come down there and smack the smile off her face. Just then, a figure dressed in black attacks Asuka from behind. Asuka plants a foot to her attacker revealing it to be Emma. Asuka turns her attention back to Brooke on the outside, giving enough time for Emma to attack again and place her in the Emma Lock. The two heels go to the back very satisfied. But, as they reach the stage, Asuka is standing and glaring at them.

In the interview area, Tom Phillips is standing by with Bayley. He tells her that he spoke to Eva earlier and she’s very confident. Bayley says she heard. Bayley tells us that Eva has the makings of a great champion; she’s pretty and the star of a reality show. Bayley reminds us that there is one thing Eva is not, a wrestler. Bayley says Eva is underestimating her. She reminds us that she beat Sasha and tonight, she will show Eva why she is NXT Diva’s champion. We go to another commercial break.

As we return, another video is shown highlighting the career of Sami Zayne. He will be returning soon.

Back in Full Sail, we see Apollo Crews walk to the ring. Jesse Sorensen is out second.

Match 2: Apollo Crews vs. Jesse Sorensen

Rich is a little shocked to see Jesse in NXT. Corey points out that he should be nowhere else. The bell rings and Sorensen waist locks Crews. Crews reverses it and Jesse shoots an elbow and goes into the ropes. As Sorensen fires off, and Crews does a leapfrog, dropdown and hits a massive dropkick. Crews picks Sorensen up and holds him in a vertical suplex position for 20 seconds while the crowd chants, “That’s too easy!” He finally decides to drop him and go for a pin but Sorensen kicks out at two. Sorensen begins to fight back and pushes Crews to the corner and slaps him. The two trade knocks but Crews gets the upperhand with two clotheslines and a splash in the corner. Crews catches him off the ropes with his flying forearm and then follows that up with a sit-down powerbomb for the three count.

Winner: Apollo Crews

Post-Match: Apollo grabs the mic and calls out Baron Corbin. He says Corbin cost him his shot at the NXT title so he accepts Corbin’s challenge for TakeOver: London. He tells Corbin that when he gets in the ring with Apollo Crews, he will be laid out.

Bacstage, Baron Corbin has a chance to respond. He says Apollo Crews will be an answer to a trivia question because his career will be too short to remember. Corbin said he will be the guy that did that one thing, that one time. He said at NXT TakeOver: London, Apollo Nation falls.

Back in Full Sail, the announce team is discussing what they just heard from Crews and Corbin. All of a sudden, we see WWE Senior Official Charles Robinson headed to the ring. He informs Ring Announcer, Greg Hamilton, that he has been sent by WWE Corporate to make sure no controversy erupts during the women’s title match. That match is coming next. The show cuts to a commercial.

After the break, we are told that, next week, Samoa Joe will take on Tomasso Ciampa.

We are ready for the main event as Eva Marie makes her entrance for the championship match accompanied by Nia Jax. Bayley is out last.

Match 3: NXT Women’s Championship: (Challenger) Eva Marie (with Nia Jax) vs. Bayley (Champion)

The women lock up and Bayley executes a side headlock takedown. Eva powers up and fights out to a top wristlock and gets a side headlock of her own. Bayley quickly reverses the move and gets a side headlock takedown. Eva yanks Bayley down by the hair to break the hold. She then goes to work hitting Bayley with forearm strikes driving her into the corner. Eva follows up with shoulders to the midsection and clubbing blows to the back. Eva lands a suplex and floats over for the pin but Bayley powers out. Eva Marie picks up Bayley and is deciding what to do with her when Bayley grabs her and hits the Bailey-to-belly suplex. She goes for the pin but Nia Jax yanks the referee from the ring at the count of two. He lands so hard he is injured on the outside.

Bayley walks over to check on the fallen official, and Eva Marie tries for a quick roll-up from behind. Charles Robinson comes in and makes a quick count but Bayley kicks out at two. Bayley forearms Eva in the corner then complains about the count to the referee. Robinson says it was a standard count then walks over to watch the injured official get helped to the back.

While Robinson’s back is turned, Nia Jax head butts Bayley from the outside. Eva Marie follows up with a rolling senton splash and goes for the cover, but, Bayley powers out at two. Eva tries two more times in succession but Bayley kicks out each time. Next, Eva tries to choke her out over the middle rope. Eva takes Bayley to the corner and lands hard shoulder blocks to Bayley’s midsection. Eva takes a moment to argue with the ref and, when she turns back around, Bayley gets two quick roll-ups. Eva powers out of both at the count of two.

Eva whips Bayley to the corner and follows her in with a back elbow. Eva tries to catch her with something off the ropes but Bayley explodes and catches Eva with a hard clothesline. Bayley follows up with a suplex forcing Eva to stagger to the corner. Bayley hits her with several shoulder blocks. Bayley backflips out of the corner to hit a back elbow on Eva but the referee stepped in front of the move. While Bayley is arguing with the referee, Eva grabs Bayley and hits her, “Sliced Red” finishing maneuver. Eva goes for the pin but Bayley powers out at two. It’s Eva’s turn to complain about a slow count to the official.

Eva sets her up for a second “Sliced Red” but Bayley shoves her off sending Eva into Charles Robinson, knocking him to the floor. With no referee in the ring, Eva catches Bayley a boot to the face and climbs ro th second rope. Before she could come off the ropes, Bayley was met her on the second rope and set Eva up for the Bayley-to-belly but Nia pulls Bayley off the ropecto the outside. Nia hops up on the apron to say something to Eva when Bayley grabs Jax by the ankles and pulls her off the apron to the floor. With Jax stunned, Bayley goes back to the second rope and lands thesuper Bayley-to-belly. Just as Bayley hooked the leg for the pin, the original referee came back to the ring and counted three.

Winner: Bayley

Post-match: Nia Jax attacks Bayley and lays her out with two leg drops. She smirks and walks away to close the show.

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