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Happy Thanksgiving to one and all. TNA and Ring of Honor both presented wonderful pre-Turkey Day spectaculars. No, they didn’t bring out the infamous Turkey Suit (aww, Sad Face….nod to my most beloved Grandson, Timm). So, let’s kick off the evening with a look at Roderick Strong vs Jay Lethal for the RoH TV Title, plus several other outstanding matches from Ring of Honor…

Roll the opening montage!

Ring of Honor is still in Kalamazoo, MI.

Moose (Stokely Hathaway) vs Dominick Carter

Carter is from St. Louis. The fans were going wild for Moose. Code of Honor Handshake. Sepear!

Your Winner: Moose
Honor Roll Ranking: 0.05

That was ridiculously fast. Stokely called out Jay Lethal to face Moose for the World title. Stokely trash talked “Big Mike” Michael Elgin. Stokely told Elgint o get to the back of the line. That brought out “Big Mike”.

Mike questioned if Moose could even talk, since all he hears is Stokely. Moose stepped up and said they could go, right now. Before anything could get rolling, Truth Martini and his troops came out, including the luscious Taylor Hendrix. Truth insulted all three men standing in the ring. Truth said none of the three of them were worthy of saying Jay Lethal’s name. Truth said Dijak and Diesel were there to take care of Moose and Mike.

Michael stepped up and said he was going to take Truth’s Side Piece (Taylor) and check into the local motel. Mike was ready to destroy Donovan Dijak and J. Diesel. Truth accepted the challenge for a fight.

Michael Elgin and Moose vs J. Diesel and Donovan Dijak

All Hell broke loose as Moose and Mike took the fight to the floor. RoH went to commercial, before much got going.

Muke rocked Dijak with an Enziguri and Dropkick. Tag to Moose. That got the fans going. Dropkick by Moose. That was flipping impressive. Nice Suplex by Moose. Tag back to Elgin. Big Mike showed Moose how to do a Stall Suplex. It as a serious game of “One Upmanship”. Elgin yelled at Moose “That’s how to do a Suplex”.

Tag to Diesel. It broke down into a chaotic four way. Taylor grabbed Elgin. Diesel dropped Moose and Dijak nailed a Uranage Backbreaker on Elgin. So, Diesel will now be known as Joey “Diesel” Daddiago (I may have fouled up the spelling but that is how it sounds).

Joey was rocked by Moose’s shots. Dijak jumped Moose from behind. Low Bridge took both HoT members to the floor. Cannonball Senton, off the apron, by Elgin. Elgin messed with Taylor. Dead Lift Bridge German to Joey. Dijak got involved, which brought in Moose. Spinning Knife Edge to Dijak. Buckle Bomb by Elgin. Spear to Moose, who had blind tagged in.

Your Winners: Michael Elgin and Moose
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.0 out of a possible 5

After the match, Moose and Elgin stared each other down.

Storytime with Adam Cole focused on The Kingdom’s dominance in the tag team division. Maria got involved in last week’s title match and kicked Christopher Daniels in the “Ding Ding” and Superkicked him. It looked like The Addiction were going to win but the red masked guy came in and connected with a Superkick to allow The Kingdom to win. Was that Chris Sabin, Adam Cole or someone else? Next up, War Machine will face The Kingdom. Cole will battle Dalton Castle, next week. Cole talked some trash about the Human Peacock.

A quick promo piece aired about the Roderick Strong vs Jay Lethal feud. Strong just wanted one more match to prove how much more superior to Lethal Roddy is.

B.J. Whitmer hijacked the show and grumbled about Steve Corino’s retirement, last week. Whitmer didn’t buy Corino’s claim of a neck injury. Whitmer just felt Corino was scared of him. Whitmer couldn’t believe Nigel McGuinness bought the injury thing. Whitmer called Nigel a liar and a quitter. Nigel got in the ring and got up in Whitmer’s face. Nigel banned Whitmer from Final Battle. Nigel told Whitmer and his crew to get out of the ring. He called for security to oust Whitmer and the rest. Break Time.

Roderick Strong vs Jay Lethal
World TV Title Match

Lethal had to come out without any members of the House of Truth. Kevin Kelly and Nigel talked about Jay holding the TV title for close to a year and a half.

There were two refs for this match. That just can’t be a good thing. Bobby Cruise did the official introductions. Code of Honor Handshake to begin this one.

The two men circled each other and tested the waters with a Collar and Elbow. They both stood their ground in this one. Jay took a Side Headlock but Strong dropped him. Lethal fished the leg and Jay got spun around. Jay headed out to the floor. Jay got back in and went after Strong’s arm. Roddy reversed it into a Fireman’s Carry. Crucifix Backslide but Jay kicked out at two. Jay tried to leave but Strong chased him. Knife Edge Chop by Roddy. Jay reversed a Whip but Strong Floated Over and nailed a wicked Dropkick. RoH went to commercial break.

Jay and Roddy were on the floor and Jay Knife Edge Chopped his challenger. Jay then threw Roddy into the barricade. The two went back and forth with brutal blows. Strong was hurt (elbow) from hitting the barricade. Knife Edge Chop by Lethal but Roddy kept hitting big moves. Back in the ring, Jay Booted Roddy, several times. Roddy clutched his side in agony. Wild Knife Edge Chops by Jay. Roddy returned the favor. Side Headlock by Jay.

Roddy worked the ribs but Jay kept up the pressure with Chops and punches. Roddy dropped Jay with his own Knife Edge. Jay went for Lethal Injection but Roddy hit a Dropkick and Enziguri. Nice series of moves. Jay was stunned but Strong was exhausted. Both men threw their best moves. Lethal Combination blocked. Roddy with a slew of Forearms. Jay got the boot up. Roddy with the Backbreaker, after 2 attempts at it. 2 count. RoH actually took another commercial break. Why?

Jay kicked out of the top turnbuckle. Roddy rocked Jay with hard strikes but Jay hit the Lethal Combination. 1-2-kick out. Koji Clutch by Lethal. Roddy spun around to get his feet on the ropes. Roddy rolled to the apron and then the floor. Jay stomped Strong, through the ropes, in the head. Suicide Dive by lethal. Jay hit a 2nd suicide Dive. The fans wanted a third, and they got it. Olympic Slam, by Roddy, on the floor.

Strong pitched Jay back in the ring and got a two count. The two went back to throwing Haymakers at each other. Quick DDT by Lethal. Jay headed up the ropes but got caught. Strong Chopped Jay and then climbed up top. Jay fought off the Superplex but got planted with a modified Falcon Arrow. Stronghold! Jay spun around and almost pinned Strong. Lethal Injection! 1-2absolutely freaking not! The fans screamed “That was Three!”. Strong hit the Jumping Knee, multiple Times. Strong put Jay on the top turnbuckle. Superplex converted into a Faceplant by Jay! Strong kicked out at two…somehow. Strong and Lethal traded wild fists. Superkicks by Jay. Jumping Knee nearly snapped Jay’s neck. Double Knee Gutbuster…Sick Kick…Stronghold! Tap Out! New Champion!

Your Winner (and NEW RoH World TV Champion): “Mr. RoH” Roderick Strong
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.75



–Jay Shannon

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