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It was Win or Go Home Night (Part One) in the World Title Series. A few have already advanced but most of the spots are still there for the claiming.

The Pope and Josh Mathews welcomed everyone to the show. They sent it to a recap video of who has advanced: Gail Kim, Ethan Carter III, and Matt Hardy. The other 13 places are up for grabs.

Brooke vs Awesome Kong
World Title Series Match, Group Knockout, Opening Round

Gail Kim has moved to the Sweet Sixteen, while Madison Rayne is out.
The Finish:

Brooke went up top but got caught. Spicoli Driver but Kong missed the Big Splash. Butterface Maker (X-Factor) off the ropes but Kong kicked out at two. Brooke kicked the ribs but went for the Back Drop Suplex. Kong hit a Chokeslam to move to the 16.

Your Winner: Awesome Kong (+3 points)
Impact Scorecard: 2.5 out of a poosible 5

Next week, we will see the seedings for the Sweet Sixteen.

Matt Hardy and Ethan Carter III were interviewed, together. Matt showed respect to those he fought in his group. Ethan mocked Matt for facing tag specialists, not former World Champions. Ethan didn’t like to have to do this with Matt. Ethan insulted Matt, over and over, before getting ticked off and walking off set. Before he did, the two were asked who they wanted to face. Matt immediately requested Ethan. Ethan grumbled about having to listen to Matt’s voice. Ethan prayed and begged for the chance to face off against Matt, hopefully in the finals. Josh ticked off Ethan when he said that Matt was the favorite to win. Ethan stormed off the set.

Eric Young cut a scathing promo against James Strom. Eric said it was not a good night to mess with him. Eric warned James not to come to their match.

Tigre Uno vs Manik
World Title Series, Group X-Division, Opening Round

If Tigre Uno wins, he will force a three way tie.

The Finish:

Tigre Uno went up top but Manik caught him. Powerslam off the top by Manik. Manik went to the penthouse and dove. He missed Tigre. Dropkick by the X-Champ. Manik caught Tigre with the Manik Depression (Falling Codebreaker). Manik headed up top but Tigre nailed the Step-Up Enziguri. Inverted Samoan Drop led to a Corner Dropkick by Tigre. Split-Legged Corkscrew Moonsault.

Your Winner: Tigre Uno (+3 poionts)

So, Tigre Uno, Manik and DJZ are all tied at 6 points. There will be a Play Off, next week. More info in a bit.

A highlight video ran about Group TNA Originals and the various matches. Everyone is tied at 3 points. All four (Eric Young, James Storm, Abyss and Bobby Roode) have to win tonight or they are out of the tournament.

After the break, Josh and Pope explained a Triple Threat Match. The first person to score a pinfall moves on to the 16. Then it moves to a one-on-one between the two remaining guys. The next person to score a pin or forces a submission takes the other spot. Such a cool idea.

Josh said Bobby Roode and Eric Young will move on. Bobby did a promo showing respect to Abyss but making it clear he was going to lose, tonight.

Eric Young vs James Storm
World Title Series Match, Group TNA Originals, Opening Round

The Finish:

Eric was in control nearly the whole match. Storm did hit Eye of the Storm but Eric was still able to kick out. Eric tried to pin Storm with the foot on the ropes. Code Breaker and Lung Blower by Storm. Storm went for the Last Call but Eric pulled Earl Hebner in the way. Low Blow by Eric led to the Piledriver.

Your Winner: Eric Young (+3 poionts)
Impact Scorecard: 2.5

Matt Hardy was back to do another interview segment. Matt knew the issues between himself and Ethan Carter III had gotten seriously personal. Matt said he would be the guy who wins the title…and ends Ethan’s unbeaten streak. Josh asked Matt what he thought about his chances in the tourney. Matt was super confident that he would win the whole thing. Matt wanted to be an example of doing things for the Better Good. Matt liked that he controls his own fate. Matt was asked if Bobby Roode or Abyss would move on. Matt chose Bobby. So do I, as much as I like Abyss.

“The Thug” Aiden O’Shea vs Mahabali S hera
World Title Series Match, Team Wildcard, Opening Round

The Finish:

Aiden was pretty evenly matched in this one. O’Shea went up top but Shera blasted him, big time. Rocket Launch Slam by Shera. Shera hit a few Clotheslines. Scoop Slam by Shera. O’Shea went to the eyes but Shera quickly came back to nail the Sky High Powerbomb.

Your Winner: Mahabali Shera (+3 points)
Impact Scorecard: 2.5

Shera has completely swept the group with 9 points.

Eric Young rambled about his win and moving on in the tourney. Eric was doing this to prove the doubters wrong. He was certain to keep winning as long as he kept breathing.

Eli Drake vs Crimson
World Title Series Match, Group Future Four, Opening Round.

Crimson is already mathematically eliminated from the tourney, but he can play Spoiler.

The Finish:

Crimson hurt his shoulder and Eli stayed on it. Eventually, Eli slapped on a Standing Cross Armbreaker. Crimson tapped out.

Your Winner (by Submission): Eli Drake (+3 points)
Impact Scorecard: 2.0

Ethan Carter III was back for another interview. He was grumpy about the whole title situation. Ethan bragged about beating so many top stars, including taking the World Title from Kurt Angle. Ethan was asked if he was obsessed with Matt Hardy. Ethan didn’t feel he was obsessed with Matt, only with beating him and eliminating him from the company. Ethan was asked about next week’s Lashley vs Austin Aries match, next week. Ethan knew he would make it to the finals and defeat whoever was placed in front of him.

Bobby Roode vs Abyss
World Title Series Match, Group TNA Originals, Opening Round

The Finish:

They showed how Abyss and Roode have done in the earlier matches.

Bobby with a School Boy but Earl Hebner was distracted. Abyss kicked out and got seriously booed. Cravat by Abyss. Abyss converted it to a straight-up Neck Twist. Bobby slugged it out, after he got free. Bobby hit a Clothesline but Abyss didn’t go down. Bobby kept up the pressure and Abyss fell. Blockbuster by Roode. Abuss reversed a Whip but Bobby Floated Over. Abyss struck a steel chair that Abyss had placed in the corner. Crippler Crossface by Bobby. Abyss reached the ropes. Bobby went for the Roode Bomb but couldn’t connect. Chokeslam but Bobby kicked out at two. Abyss rolled out of the ring. Abyss went under the ring for Janice (the nail-studded board). Abyss missed with the board. Spinebuster by Bobby to take the win.

Your Winner: Bobby Roode (+ 3 points)
Impact Scorecard: 3.25

As I end this column, I’d like you to please keep my beloved wife, Dianna, in your thoughts and prayers. She has had two strokes over the last few days and is in the hospital. Her vision and coordination have been affected. We don’t know if the damage is permanent or not. She did want me to share her love with all the great people that come here and especially those who have become friends and even family.


–Jay Shannon

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