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Crystal Ball: Survivor Series 2015

Jay Shannon draws upon five decades as a devout wrestling fan to pick the winners and losers of an upcoming major wrestling event.

Sunday is going to be a seriously special day. Undertaker will celebrate his actual 25th anniversary of being in the WWE (He debuted on November 22, 1990). Plus, we are guaranteed a new World Champion…or maybe MORE than one. More on that in a bit. Let’s check out this top tier show.

Dolph Ziggler vs Tyler Breeze


Dolph has had several good pushes, recently. WWE seems to be moving on to the next generation. While I don’t care much for Tyler, I think he will take the match on Sunday with his Beauty Shot finisher.

Predicted Winner: “Prince Pretty” Tyler Breeze
Predicted Grade: 3.5 out of a possible 5

Roman Reigns vs Alberto Del Rio
Semi-Finals Match for the WWE World Title


Del Rio is right where he should be, as the US Champ. He is on the verge of a nice feud with Jack Swagger. I do appreciate Del Rio’s talent but it won’t be enough to get past Roman, on Sunday.

Predicted Winner: Roman Reigns
Predicted Grade: 3.5

Dean Ambrose vs Kevin Owens
Semi Finals Match for the WWE World Title


Owens is a much more experienced wrestler than Kevin. Dean has defeated Kevin, in recent weeks. I’ve always felt the finals would see Dean vs Roman, so I’ve giving this hard-fought battle to Dean.

Predicted Winner: Dean Ambrose
Predicted Grade: 2.5

Charlotte vs Paige
Divas Title Match


Charlotte makes a great champion. Paige is a proven commodity. This match is going to surprise a lot of people with just how great it is going to be. I just don’t think that the WWE is ready to end Charlotte’s first reign, just yet. Paige is going to rock Charlotte but eventually fall to the Figure Eight.

Predicted Winner: Charlotte
Predicted Grade: 3.25

Roman Reigns vs Dean Ambrose
WWE World Title Tournament Finals


This match has two possibilities, as I see it. One could be Dean turning on Roman and joining the Authority. I would hate to see that option. The one that I like more is that Roman defeats his buddy, Dean, only to have Sheamus run down and cash in Money in the Bank and Brogue Kick Roman right out of the title.

Predicted Winner: Roman Reigns, then Sheamus
Predicted Grade: 3.5

The Brothers of Destruction (Kane and Undertaker) vs 2 members of the Wyatt Family


Which two members will face the Brothers? I’m thinking Luke Harper and Braun Strowman. Bray won’t get his hands dirty on the man who defeated him at Wrestlemania. I was so hoping Taker and Kane would recruit 2 more partners to face off against the whole Wyatt crew. So be it. Kane and Taker have both had serious losses, recently. Kane lost to Seth Rollins and Taker was bested by Brock Lesnar. Since this is the 25th anniversary of Taker’s debut, I can’t imagine Undertaker losing this one. Taker and Kane will either defeat the mystery duo…or all four Wyatts will get involved and draw the DQ. I like the former option better.

Predicted Winners: The Brothers of Destruction
Predicted Grade: 3.5

Final Thoughts:

I do think this card could be a really top notch show. It would be a nice touch if the WWE were to announce Undertaker as the first inductee into next year’s WWE Hall of Fame. I am happy to say that my beloved, Dianna, will be cuddling next to me as the show airs. Break out the hot cocoa and fleece blankets as the Fall Classic rolls out.


–Jay Shannon

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