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The tag team titles were on the line in an epic rematch between The Kingdom and The Addiction. Plus, the fate of Steve Corino was revealed.

Silas Young started the show by showing The Boys how to change a tire. It included showing The Boys how to use Manitizer to clean their hands (spitting in the hand and rubbing them together). Yuck. He taught them how to change a tire and (sort of) drive a Stick.

Roll the opening montage.

We are still in Kalamazoo, MI. Great town. Spent some time there when I was a kid.

Silas Young and the Beer City Bruiser (w/The Boys) vs War Machine

The Boys struggled to carry the keg of the Bruiser. War Machine get a shot at the tag belts at Final Battle. No Code of Honor Handshake. Bruiser and Hanson opened up the match. Silas was dealing with an injured leg. Hanson and Bruiser crashed into each other, multiple times. Knee Strike and clubbing blows by Bruiser. Shoulder Block sent Bruiser sailing. Tag to Silas. Shoulder Tackles to the Last Real Man. Bruiser tried to sneak attack but Rowe hit Shotgun Knees and Hanson nailed a Bronco Buster. Double Side Slam on Silas. The Boys tried to lift Bruiser as War Machine just decimated Silas with Running Boots.

Silas used a Knee Strike. Rowe with a Side Backbreaker and Gutbuster. Superman Punch. Pounce by Bruiser. Bruiser took the tag and then stomped on Rowe’s chest. Knee Strike by Raymond Rowe. Double team by Silas and Bruiser. Rowe tried to battle out of the enemy corner. Silas DDT’d Rowe into the corner. Frog Splash by Bruiser. Seriously? 1-2-not yet. Time for a quick break.

Bruiser and Rowe slugged it out. Rikishi Run by Bruiser. On the second attempt, Rowe did a Throwunage. Tag to Hanson. Gut Wrench Slam by Hanson. Spin Slam to Silas. Cartwheel Clothesline by Hanson to Bruiser. Hanson went to fly but The Boys grabbed his legs. Hanson pulled them into the ring and placed them on the turnbuckles. He then put Silas on top of them and pounded away. Silas fell off after 3 blows, Boy A dropped at 6 and poor Boy B took them all. Bruiser caught Hanson with a Snap German. Rower launched Bruiser with a Clutch Exploder. Silas hit a Springboard Lariat to Rowe. Bruiser went to Cannonball off the apron but took out The Boys. Spin Kick of Doom to Silas. Superman Punch to Bruiser. Fallout!

Your Winners: Hanson and Rowe…War Machine
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.0 out of a possible 5

Silas attacked The Boys, after the match.

RoH looked back at how Steve Corino took out B.J. Whitmer, with one punch (filled with quarters). What will be the ramifications of that shot? We are about to find out…

Nigel McGuinness and Steve Corino were in the ring. Nigel explained the Zero Tolerance policy that Corino was under, as it related to striking wrestlers. Nigel could not allow Steve to continue to be a color commentator. Nigel offered to bring Steve back as a wrestler. Nigel was ready to set Steve Corino vs B.J. Whitmer in a Fight Without Honor at Final Battle.

Steve still has the rush for being a pro wrestler. There was one major problem, Steve needs neck surgery. Steve talked about his 21-year career. Steve discussed the numbness in his hands and the pain in his neck. The MRI that his wife begged him to undergo showed how bad the damage is. The doctors have told Steve that his in-ring career has to be done. Steve refused to call this a retirement but he just couldn’t go, right now. Steve thanked Ring of Honor for all the chances. Steve named off a ton of people that he wanted to thank. You could just tell that this came from the heart, not some monkey at a typewriter. Steve finished by letting everyone know that he would always be “an evil man”. Thank you, Steve, and may your surgery and recovery go beyond well. God Bless.

Silas had The Boys join him in the Men’s Room. He wanted to teach them how to use a Urinal. Wow.

Storytime with Adam Cole focused on the World Title. Cole was not happy that he wasn’t on the championship contender list. Adam reminded Nigel McGuinness that Adam has held both the World and TV titles. Adam sent it to video of Roderick Strong being made the number one contender to the TV title. Adam wondered why he didn’t get that spot, either. Next week, Strong will get his shot at the TV title. Adam changed his mind and decided it was more important to be sure that Kyle O’Reilly was eliminated, forever, from Ring of Honor. Adam made sure to tell Nigel that this was all Nigel’s fault.

Silas sent The Boys to clean the nasty toilet that Silas had just used.

“Unbreakable” Michael Elgin vs Kevin Lee Davidson

Davidson was absolutely massive. He was almost 75 pounds heavier and a bit taller. Wild Forearms and Clotheslines made this one over in seconds.

Your Winner: “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin
Honor Roll Ranking: .25

Elgin talked about having his eyes opened at the G1 Climax program in New Japan. Elgin was now refocused on the World title. Elgin made it crystal clear that it wasn’t IF but WHEN he would take the World title…from Lethal or whoever holds the strap.

RoH showed how The Kingdom (Michael Bennett and Matt Taven) won the tag team belts. That happened at All-Star Extravaganza.

Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian (w/Chris Sabin) vs Michael Bennett and Matt Taven (w/Matia Kanellis-Bennett)
World Tag Team Title Match

Kaz screamed about a conspiracy against The Addiction. Kaz took a Side Headlock on Taven. Daniels popped Taven in the back with the knee. Bennett did the same. Bennett and Daniels threw wild punches at each other. Double Roll Up but no count. RoH needed to pay the bills and I needed a fresh glass of iced tea.

Kaz stomped away on Taven’s chest. Float over and Arm Drag and Leg Lariat by Taven. Spinning Michinoku Driver by Taven. 2 count. Double Team by The Addiction. Daniels with the Double Stomp to the spine of Taven. Taven rushed Daniels to the enemy corner. Tag to Bennett. Missile Dropkick by Taven and Bennett tried for the cover. He only got two.

Daniels rushed Bennett to the corner and threw Corner Shoulders. Bennett took exception to a comment by Daniels and tore him a new one. The two ended up tumbling over the top rope. Double Clothesline took out both men. Sabin gave Kaz one of the belts. Maria handed the other to Taven. What the heck? Kaz made fun of Maria. Both men did Eddies about being struck by the belts. They eventually started throwing Haymakers and both men were tripped. Maria and Sabin were tossed out. Ring of Honor took a final break.

Tag to Bennett. He jumped over the ropes and then Daniels hit the Springboard Moonsault, to the floor. Plancha by Taven. The fans chanted their approval of RoH. Kaz laid out Bennett but Taven dropped Kaz. Double Team Neckbreaker by The Addiction. Double Whip to Taven. Daniels was flipped out to the floor. Proton Pack by the champs. 2 count before Daniels made the save. Superkick. Bennett Speared the ref, Paul Turner, by accident. Nigel went to get a ref. Double Crossbody. Maria slid in the ring and rolled her hubby to the corner. Daniels grabbed Maria. Daniels wanted the Pedigree but hit a STO on Taven. Low Kick and Superkick by Maria to Daniels. Kaz slid in but got taken down with a Springboard Disaster Kick> Kaz got the knees up as Taven went to the air. Spear by Taven after a mysterious Red Masked guy slid in and hit a Superkick.

Your Winners: The Kingdom
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.5

War Machine came out to intimidate the tag champs.


–Jay Shannon

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