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The World Title Tournament moved into the Quarter Finals. Get ready for some of the best matches to come from the WWE in quite some time.

For those of you who may not have heard, the WWE lost another Hall of Famer, this past weekend. Nick Bockwinkel passed away at the grand old age of 80. He was a fantastic performer, both in the ring and on the microphone. He did a huge amount of work behind the scenes, as well. He was one of the top 3 of the eighties, along with Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan. Rest in Pease, Champ.

The entire roster was on the stage., They were there to pay tribute to those lost to the cowardly attacks in Paris. They asked for,. And got,. A moment of silence The logo on the screen was a French flag with the peace symbol in the center white area.

Michael Cole updated us on Seth Rollins. He had successful knee surgery. I send my prayers to him for a full and speedy recovery. Byron Saxton an down the night’s matches, along with Cole and JBL. This show is seriously going to rock.

The arena was bathed in the bluish-purple glow and the Druids chanted. It’s weird but I like that kind of music. Several Druids came out to the ring. The bell tolled and the crowd exploded. The Brothers of Destruction came out as a unified force. It’s Undertaker Week on the WWENetwork. I’ll be spending a little extra time there,. As I can. Raw looked back at Bray Wyatt’s Eulogy. It was spoiled by the return of the Brothers of Destruction. Taker and Kane totally destroyed the Wyatt Family.

Taker called himself and Kane the ‘True Army of Darkness”. Vengeance awaits the Wyatt Family. Taker acknowledged that the Wyatts tried to take their souls…but failed. Taker explained no one, alive or dead, could control the Powers of the Darkside. Kane took over and stated there was a special place in the deepest, darkest corner of Hell for the Wyatts to suffer. Taker was certain that Bray’s evil could not stand up to theirs. Taker and Kane have already decided the destiny of the Wyatt Family…never to Rest in Peace.

The Wyatt Family theme music hit and the Fireflies lit up. The entire quartet of destruction oozed from the back. Bray described the 25-year reign of terror of the Undertaker. Bray was ready to end Undertaker’s Army of Darkness to reign. Bray was ready to establish a new Army of Darkness. Bray felt he has taken the rights that were granted to Undertaker. Bray promised to destroy the Brothers, at Survivor Series. Bray also claimed ownership of the Creatures of the Night. The lights were out nad back on and Bray cackled. He ordered the Druids to attack Kane and Undertaker. The Druids all wore Sheep Masks. The BoD cleared the ring and then Chokeslammed the final two Druids. Undertaker urged the Wyatts to bring it. Harper,. Rowan and Strowman started to go but Bray called them off.

Roll the opening montage…well, most of it. Commercial time.

Raw ran a preview for the new Miz/Paige Christmas movie. Think I’ll get that.

Neville vs Kevin Owens
WWE World Title Tournament, Quarter Finals Match

The Semi-Finals and Finals of the tourney will square off at Survivor Series. Neville came out first and then Owens strolled out with his Intercontinental title. The I-C strap is NOT on the line, tonight.

Collar and Elbow and Kevin pushed the Brit away. Roll Through Roll Up by Neville led to an Arm Wringer. Kevin grabbed a Side Headlock and grinded away. Neville sent Kevin to the ropes but Owens nailed a Shoulder Tackle. Universal into a Hurancanrana by Neville. Owens reversed a Whip but Neville Floated Over. Neville hopped up top but couldn’t launch the Red Arrow. Instead, he did a Moonsault, to the floor, to take down Kevin. Raw took a quick break.

The fight was still going strong. Owens hit a wicked Short Arm Clothesline. Rear Chin Lock by the IC Champ. Neville got back to his feet and bashed the ribs. Neville kneed his way out of a Suplex. Kick to the face by Neville led to wild Chops and kicks. Owens flipped Neville onto the apron and then hit a Superkick. Kevin sat back and let the ref start the count.

Neville slid in just before 10. Overhead Gutbuster into the Backsplash Senton, by Owens. Kevin grumbled at the ref for a slow count. Owens with a Snap German as Kevin went for the Cannonball. Modified Red Arrow brought a two. Neville went to another corner. He paused on his climb. Kevin got up and went down with a Enziguri. Neville headed back up but Kevin shook the ropes. Pop Up Powerbomb failed. Reverse Nurancdanrana DDT. Could be—Might Be—Denied.

If Neville doesn’t become a World Champ, sometime, the WWE should be sued. Neville missed the Red Arrow and Kevin hit the Pop Up Powerbomb.

Your Winner (Advancing): Kevin Owens
Raw Ranking: 4.0

Owens will face either Dean Ambrose or Dolph Ziggler in the Semis. Dolph and Dean will fight, a little later on.

Cole sent it back to April 2014, when Paige won the Divas title…on her first night on Raw. Charlotte and Paige will sign the contract for their Survivor Series match, tonight. We just KNOW how these contract signings go.

Triple H chatted with Kevin Owens, in the backstage area. We could not hear what was said. That led to a flashback to the offer from HHH to Roman Reigns. Roman turned down the offer of going directly to the finals, because he would have to become HHH’s “boy”. Roman took down Big Show to advance to the Quarter Finals.

They showed stills of Seth in the hospital. The surgery was very successful. I’m so glad to hear that. He’s such a good performer.

Tyler Breeze and Sumer Rae came out for the next match. I HATE posers.

Tyler Breeze vs R-Truth

Collar and Elbow took them to the corner. Truth ducked a shot and drew back to hit Prince Pretty. Tyler slid between the ropes. Drop Toe Hold by Truth led to a Scoop Slam. Legdrop by Truth. Tyler pounded on Truth and sent him to the ropes. Truth with the Hip Toss, after a little shimmy. Summer applied lip balm to Tyler. Jeez. Tyler exploded on Truth with wild kicks. He put Truth’s leg on the ropes and dropped his weight on Truth’s leg. Tyler bashed Truth in the face, multiple times. Tyler stayed working on the left leg. Half Crab on the bad wheel.

Truth got to the ropes to force the break. Truth rocked Tyler with a punch and Running Forearms. Truth hit a Front Drop Suplex. 1-2-not yet. Truth tweaked his left leg on the landing. Tyler Floated Over and hit the Beauty Shot (Rolling Leg Lariat).

Your Winner: Tyler Breeze
Raw Ranking: 2.5

Legends with JBL will focus on The Undertaker…right after Raw.

Dolph Ziggler vs Dean Ambrose
WWE World Title Tournament, Quarter Finals Match

The two tested the waters and then went into a Knuckle Lock. Dean forced Dolph down but the Show Off powered back up. Dolph pushed Dean down but Ambrose got up. Keylock by Dean. Dean worked he arm to take Dolph down. Ziggler swept the leg. Kevin Owens watched the match, from the back.

Standing Switch and Dolph took control. Dean switched back into a Side Headlock Takeover. Dolph rolled up Dean but couldn’t hold him down. Dena nailed a Shoulder Tackle. Dean avoided the Superkick. Dean kicked Dolph in the face before sending him flying with the La Bandera Clothesline. Dean dove through the ropes but Dolph moved. Dolph was frustrated, at this point. Dolph applied a modified Surfboard but Dean would not give up.

Universal and Dolph connected with a perfect Dropkick. Float Over into a Side Backbreaker by Dean. 2 count. Dean stomped Dolph’s lower back. Single Leg Crab by the Lunatic Fringe. Scoop Slam by Dean. He then headed up top for the Standing Savage Elbow. Dolph rolled through and almost got the pin. Sleeper by Dolph. Dean made it to the ropes to force the break. Sunset Flip by Dolph but Dean reversed it. Both men went for Crossbody Blocks and were down, hard.

Dean went back up but Dolph ran the corner. Dean held the ring post to avoid the Superplex Throw. The two traded punches, up top. Both men fell off the top rope. Dolph landed on the ring steps. Raw went to break, again.

Dean sent Dolph into the announce table, thanks to a Suicide Dive. They both got back in the ring, before 10. Dolph blocked the Running Bulldog and hit the Famouser. 2 count. Corner Splash by Dolph. Backslide by Dean for another two. Jumping DDT by Dolph. Dean still kicked out. Dolph tuned up the band and went for the Superkick. Dean converted it into a Slingshot. Dolph hit the corner and almost got pinned. Dean wanted Dirty Deeds but Dolph put him in the Sleepre. Dean escaped and put on his own Sleeper. Dean dropped Dolph with a vicious Clothesline. Dolph avoided the pin. Dean headed back up top and Dolph caught him. Flying X Factor. Dolph hurt his knee on the landing. Dean slid out t the floor. The ref checked to see if Dolph could continue.

Dolph got Dean and threw him back in the ring. School Boy gave Dean a two. Superkick by Dolph. 2 count. Both men were ready to explode, by now. Dean clocked Dolph, who returned the shot. The two went back and forth until Dean just went wild. Headbutt by Dolph. School Boy but Dean spun into Dirty Deeds.

Your Winner (Advancing): Dean Ambrose
Raw Ranking: 3.5

Kevin Owens vs Dean Ambrose will be the first Semi-Finals match, on Sunday. I will be here for that epic contest.

Dean took the microphone and said he would turn things upside down, if he wins the World title. Dean said there was too much talking. Dean rambled on about all the changes he would make. He was ready to make the entire WWE Universe into one big Ambrose Asylum.

Raw showed when the Divas Revolution launched. It was the debut of Charlotte.

New Day came out…annoying as ever. New Day joked about the Undertaker Anniversary. Woods wanted the one year anniversary of New Day to be celebrated. Whatever. Big E made fun of Jey Uso’s shoulder injury. They then made fun of Ryback.

Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods vs Ryback and Jimmy and Jey Uso
Six-Man Tag Team Match

I still think it’s time for a Six Man Tag Title. Usos and Samoa Joe, The Wyatts, New Day and a few other teams could make it interesting.

Jimmy and Woods opened the match. Woods worked over the arm until Jimmy switched it around. Float oVer by Woods. Tag to Jey Uso as Jimmy nailed a La Bandera. Plancha by Jey. He landed badly. Woods hit the European Uppercut and then the Unicorn Stampede began.

So Kevin Owens is now feuding, online, with Melissa Joan Hart. She called him a lazy wrestler and he took offense.

Jey got caught in a Rear Chin Lock. Wicked Dropkick by Kofi. Tag to Big E. Big Splash brought Big E a two. Big E taunted Jey and his partners by holding Jey just out of range of a tag. Abdominal Stretch by Big E. Big E bashed Jey’s chest and mocked Ryback. Tag to Kofi. Double Stomp to the chest of Jey. 2 count. Jey just bashed the Hell out of his foe.

Tag to Ryback. He ripped into all three but the ref forced him out. The ref didn’t see the tag. Dang it. Big E came back in and danced to taunt his opponents. Jey cracked Big E with hard shots. Big E tossed Jey away from the home corner. Big E blasted Ryback, who went wild on everyone. He shoved the ref and drew the DQ.

Your Winners (by Disqualification); New Day
Raw Ranking: 2.5

Ryback absolutely destroyed the New Day.

Raw looked back at when Charlotte won the Divas title. She took it from Nikki Bella.

Cesaro talked with Triple H. Cesrao initially rejected listening to The Game. HHH praised Cesaro for his talent. HHh felt this might be Cesaro’s time. Cesaro appreciated the comment. HHH said he would be in his own personal Cesaro Section to watch Cesaro do all that it took to be champion. He wished Cesaro “Good Luck”.

Roman Reigns Cesaro
WWE World Title Tournament, Quarter Finals Match

Roman cut a promo about having to be in the tournament and turning down HHH’s offer of joining The Authority. Roman couldn’t join because he would not sell out. Roman was ready to go through anyone, even Dean Ambrose, to finally get his title.

Cesaro’s right arm was all raped up. Cesaro injured he arm while fighting Sheamus, last week. Collar and Elbow and both men stood their ground. They ended up in the ropes and the ref called for a break. Clean break, sort of. Go Behind by Cesaro. Roman spun into a Side Headlock. Cesaro switched it nad took his own Side Headlock. Roman took Cesaro over but Cesaro took a Head Scissors. Roman got free and both men Kipped up. Roman paid respect to his opponent.

Cesaro took Roman down with the Side Headlock. Roman flipped Cesaro over the ropes but he landed on the apron. Cesaro Cartwheeld off the top. Springboard Sunstet Flip but Roman reversed it. Amazing!

Roman sent Cesaro into the ropes but the Swiss Superman stopped short and Gut Wrenched the big Samoan. Roman blocked a Suplex. Cesaro did the same. It was a stalemate. Tilt-a-Whirl Slam by Roman. Roman rammed Cesaro into the corner and then Whipped him across to another corner. Roman worked the arm. Cesaro with a wild Springboard Flying Uppercut. Cesaro Swing blocked. Roman charged and ended up hitting the post. Cesaro Dropkicked Roman into the post. Cesaro let the ref start counting.

Cesaro came out and blasted Roman with a Running European Uppercut. Raw decided to go to commercials.

Roman threw Cesaro across the ring. Cesaro dodged Roman, who crashed to the floor. Cesaro came out and rushed Roman. Roman kicked Cesaro and almost knocked him out. The ref began to count out both men. Roman tossed Cesaro back in and then rolled in. Roman kicked the daylights out of Cesaro. Running Clothesline by Roman. The crowd was turning against Roman, somewhat. European Uppercuts by Cesaro. Toot Toot! Here comes the Uppercut Express. Roman shook it off and nailed a series of Corner Clotheslines. Cesaro connected with several European Uppercuts. Roman came back with a standard Clothesline and German Suplex.

Drive By by Roman but Cesaro put Roman in the Cesaro Swing. Sharpshooter! Roman would not submit but he was dead in the middle. Cesaro switched to the Crippler Crossface. Roman was nowhere near the ropes. The ref checked on Roman. That seemed to wake him up. Samoan Drop.

Roman flipped Cesaro over the top. Cesaro landed on the ring apron, on his elbow. The ref began the count. I’ve set up enough rings to tell you that the ring is incredibly hard on the edge. Roman came out and hit another Drive By. Clothesline by Roman. Roman unleashed another flurry of Corner Clotheslines. Roman almost got DQ’d but Cesaro fought back. Cesaro went to put Cesaro on the top but Roman hit a Powerbomb. 2 count, again.

Roman psyched himself up. He cocked the arm for the Superman Punch. He didn’t hit it as Cesaro hit the Upward Uppercut. Cesaro blasted Roman, who tumbled off the top. Cesaro got on the ropes and tried for the Dead Lift. Superman Punch! Cesaro blocked the Spear. Roman blocked the Neutralizer. Sperman Punch and Spear!

Your Winner (Advancing): Roman Reigns
Raw Ranking: 4.75

Cesaro and Roman showed ultimate respect to each other, after the match. They shook hands and hugged each other.

Raw looked at Paige’s turn on her teammates. Paige attacked Becky and Charlotte.

Raw paid tribute to the legendary Nick Bockwinkel.

The Ascension vs The Dudley Boyz

Bubba Ray started against Viktor. Side Headlock by Viktor. The fans screamed for tables. Bubba hit a good Suplex and Clothesline. Running Boot by Bubba. Bubba bashed Viktor, over and over. Viktor tumbled out of the rihg. Tag to Konnor. He popped Bubba in the jaw, repeatedly. Viktor tagged back in and they double teamed Bubba. Bubba tried to fight back but he younger Viktor kept up the pressure. Tag to Konnor. Konnor screamed at D’Von. Uranage Slam. Tag to D’Von and Viktor.

Amazing Grace by D’Von. Corner Splash and Amazing Grace (again) by D’Von. La Bandera Clothesline by D’Von. 3D! 1-2-3!

Your Winner: The Dudley Boyz
Raw Ranking: 2.0

Renee interviewed Zeb and Alberto. Zeb rambled on about MexAmerica. YAWN. HHH walked up and talked with Del Rio and Zeb. HHH pitched an alliance between Del Rio and The Authority. Del Rio didn’t get a chance to answer, prior to a commercial break.

Kalisto vs Alberto Del Rio (w/Zeb Colter)
WWE World Title Tournament, Quarter Finals Match

Kalisto did an insert video promo about having to fight just a little harder to fulfill his dreams.

The two locked up and Del Rio took the Headlock. Snap Mare and kick by Del Rio. Dl Rio threw Kalisto into the corner. Kalisto rolled up Del Rio but couldn’t hold ADR down. Big Boot by Del Rio. Whip but Kalisto kicked away. Del Rio went for the Tilt-a-Whirl but Kalisto flipped out. Kalisto hit a Hurancanrana from the apron to the floor. Break time.

Del Rio threw Kalisto back in the ring and applied a Rear Chin Lock. Kalisto kicked and punched but ADR caught him with a Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker. Del Rio stayed on his much smaller opponent. Del Rio twisted Kalisto and shook his head. Kalisto kicked and punched away. Backspring Elbow failed. Back Stabber. Del Rio tried to rip the mask off Kalisto. Del Rio put Kalisto in the Sullivan Tree of Woe. Del Rio rushed and Kalisto flipped up. Del Rio hit the post. Kalist adjusted himself and hit the Bombs Away and Corkscrew Back Elbow. Measured Kicks by Kalisto. Hard Clothesline by Del Rio. Del Rio slapped the Luchadore. Kalisto came back with a kcikadn the Seated Hurancanrana. 2 plus. Kalisto went for Slcied Bread #2 or Salena Del Sol but Del Rio dropped him on the ropes. Del Rio put Kalisto back in the Sullivan Tree of Woe. Kalisto kicked away at Del Rio. Step Up Enziguri by Kalisto. Kalisto tried for the Top Rope Rana but Del Rio blocked him. Kalisto fell intohte corner and Del Rio hit the Warrior’s Way. The dream is over…at least for now…for Kalisto.

Your Winner (Advancing): Alberto Del Rio
Raw Ranking: 3.5

So the Final Four are in place:

Roman Reigns vs Alberto Del Rio
Dean Ambrose vs Kevin Owens

The Final Four of the tournament will be on MizTV, on Smackdown.

Divas Title Match, Contract Signing

Michael Cole conducted this signing. Paige was brought out first. Charlotte then came out to a monster pop. Cole asked the ladies about their early days and their former friendship. Paige corrected Cole that there was no room for friendships. Paige quickly signed. Charlotte accused Paige of being bitter. Charlotte wanted to know what changed Paige. Charlotte admitted that she did want to be like Paige, at first. Charlotte brought up their parents and being born into wrestling. Charlotte broke down when she talked about Reid, her late brother. Paige was there for Charlotte when Reid died. Charlotte was there to fulfill Reid’s dream.

Paige came back and said she has been using Charlotte, since day one. Paige mocked Charlotte for her emotionalism. Charlotte said Paige threw away Team PCB. Charlotte told Paige that the Brit was never a true champion. Champions are supposed to be role models. Charlotte knew she would not a champion forever but she would not lose it to someone like Paige. Paige accused Charlotte of being naïve. Cole asked Charlotte to sign the form. Paige said Charlotte wouldn’t have any backup, on Sunday. Paige ordered Ric Flair to get out to the ring. She called Ric an “Old F*rt”. Paige crossed the line when she accused Reid of not having much fire. Charlotte just tore Paige a new one as wide as the English Channel. The refs rushed down to try and break up the catfight. Somewhere, Joey Styles just smiled. The fight went back in the ring and the refs still tried to break it up. Paige finally got free and ran away.


–Jay Shannon

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