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The pack began to thin, this week, in the World Title Series. Matt Hardy is already in the Super Sixteen. Who will join him? Who is going home? Let’s check it out…

The show began with highlights form last week. The Wolves went to a draw. Eric Young defeated Bobby Roode. That led to a preview of what we were to expect, this week.

Pope and Josh Mathews discussed where the tournament stood, going into this week. Matt Hardy is confirmed in the Sixteen. Madison Rayne and Gail Kim are on the bubble. One will advance…one will fall. Mr. Anderson may spoil Ethan Carter III’s chance to make it to the Sixteen. Anderson is already out of the 16 but he can play Spoiler.

Madison Rayne cut a promo about her new Ninja Training Routine. She know wants to be known as the “Ninja Queen”. This video was just silly.

Madison Rayne vs Gail Kim
World Title Series Match, Group Knockout, Opening Round

Both of these great women are Five Time Knockout Champions. Gail defeated Awesome Kong, earlier in the tourney. Madison defeated Brooke. Collar and Elbow to the ropes. Madison tried to pull the cheap shot on Gail but Kim dodged it. Belly to Belly by Gail. Side Headlock by Maddie. She took Gail down to the canvas. Back Roll by Gail. Maddie and Gail went back and forth with pin attempts. Back Heel Trip by Maddie. The fans really loved how well these women perform in the ring.

Drop Toe Hold by Gail led to a Front Face Lock. Maddie pushed loose but Gail rolled down the back. Maddie held the ropes to avoid a Roll Up. Madison went up top but changed her mind. Drive By Dropkick by Maddie. 2 count. Arm Slinger by Gail. Gail kicked the thigh of Madison and then nailed a Flying Clothesline. Flying Crossbody by Gail. TNA went to break, after Maddie kicked out.

Gail with a Hard Whip but Gail hit a Big Boot. Head Scissors and Gail sent Maddie into the corner. Gail went for her Crossbody, in the corner, but missed. Gail hit the turnbuckle and crashed to the floor. Madison would have advanced if Maddie hadn’t broken the count. That was just stupid to do. Maddie was dropped on the floor and barely beat the count. Gail went for a pin but only got 2. Gail slipped into a Rear Chin Lock variation. Maddie tried to Small Package but Gail turned it into the Dragon Sleeper. Clutch Jawbreaker by Maddie. 2 count. Corner Clothesline and Forearms by Maddie. Step Up Enziguri by Maddie. Slider Crossbody gave Maddie the two count. Gail with a Small Package and Gail got the pin.

Your Winner: Gail Kim (+3 points)
Impact Scorecard: 3.25 out of a possible 5

Madison Rayne is no longer able to move on. Gail Kim is now in the Sixteen.

Josh and Pope analyzed the previous match, as well as exploring the talent of Gail Kim. Gail and Matt Hardy are the first two to advance to the Sixteen.

Matt Hardy did a quick interview with Josh and Pope. Matt was excited about making it to the Sixteen. Matt was confident that he was going to win this entire series…unbeaten. Matt pushed how cool the Series is. Josh asked if Matt had regrets about giving up the title. He didn’t. Matt knew that EC3 put TNA at risk with his threats. Pope asked if Matt would be taking it easy against Eddie Edwards. Matt was offended, somewhat, by the question. Matt knew Eddie was a future champion and young lion but not tonight. Josh asked Matt who he would like in the finals. Obviously, Matt wants Ethan Carter III. Matt discussed how Ethan ruined his first World Title run. Matt was ready to end the unbeaten streak and take back the title he never lost.

Eli Drake vs Jessie Godderz
World Title Series Match, Group Future Four, Opening Round

Jessie did a promo about how wonderful he is.

The two started the match by talking trash. Jessie flexed and Eli took him over with a Side Headlock Takeover. Jessie kicked free and they stood face to face. Eli offered a handshake but it didn’t happen, at first. Jessie went to kick Eli but it was blocked. Collar and Elbow and both men pulled hair to get advantage. Both grumbled about having their hair pulled. Jessie wanted a Test of Strength. Eli kneed the ribs to take the upper hand. Nice Knuckle Lock Bridge Suplex. Whip and Jessie nailed the Back Elbow. Jessie whipped Eli to the ropes and went for the Press Slam. Jessie’s knees buckled and Eli landed on top of Jessie. Eli went to work on the knee.

Jessie bashed Eli’s back but Drake still hit the Dragon Screw Leg Whip. Jessie pushed Eli away but it didn’t last. Eli worked on the bad knee. Back Elbow by Jessie. Jessie dropped Eli with punches and a Clothesline. Side Slam by Jessie. Jessie couldn’t go for the cover. Standing Enziguri by Jessie. 2 counts for both men. Eli went for a Roll Up but he had the tights. Jessie tried for a pin but he got caught with the tights, as well. Shoulder by Drake into a Sunset Flip. Eli held the ropes to avoid going over. The ref kicked the arms and Eli went flying. Eli lifted Jessie up to the top rope. He bashed his foe and set for a Superplex. Jessie fought free and sent Eli sailing. Eli hit the ropes to cause Jessie to fall. Eli put his feet on the ropes to pin Jessie.

Your Winner: Eli Drake (+3 points)
Impact Scorecard: 2.75

Ethan Carter III showed up at the TNA offices, in Nashville. He was there to pay his “Substantial Fine”. We’ll get back to him, later…

Eli bragged about his win.

Josh and Pope awarded World Title Series Awards:

MVP: Matt Hardy
Match of the Series (so far): Eddie Edwards vs Davey Richards
Most Improved: Mahabali Shera
Biggest Disappointment: James Storm
Biggest Match to come: Lashley vs Austin Aries

Eddie Edwards vs Matt Hardy
World Title Series Match, Group Tag Team Specialists, Opening Round

Collar and Elbow and Eddie and Matt took turns working the others arm. Side Headlock Takeover by Eddie. Slider Headlock by Eddie. Matt clocked Eddie and ran him into the corner. Matt spun Eddie in the ropes and hit the Ice Pick. Break time.

Matt blasted Eddie with Corner Clotheslines and then Bulldogged Eddie. 2 count. Eddie threw Matt into the ropes and then Booted him off the apron. Eddie Suicide Dived through the ropes. The fans helped both men to their feet. Knife Edge Chops by Eddie. Eddie actually Chopped the ring post. Damn. Matt rolled in and out. Matt slammed the hand on the ring steps. Matt smashed the neck of his opponent. Matt wanted a Ring Apron Side Effect but didn’t get it. Apron DDT by Eddie. Eddie shook out his hurt hand.

Eddie actually was able to still Knife Edge Chop Eddie. Matt took them and threw fists. Eddie blocked the Twist of Fate. Double Clotheslines took Matt and Eddie down. Uppercut by Matt. Eddie countered the Tornado DDT. Eddie tried for his Running Jawbreaker but couldn’t hold on. Sleeper Slam by Matt. 2. Eddie blocked another Twist of Fate. Jumping Enziguri by Eddie. Eddie finally hit the Running Clutch Jawbreaker. 1-2-nope.

Eddie jumped off the top but missed. Side Effect and Twist of Fate avoided. Eddie almost pinned Matt. Superkick to Matt’s face but the ref didn’t reach three. Eddie headed up top but got tripped. Superplex prevented. Matt hit a wicked Twist of Fate off the top rope!

Your Winner: Matt Hardy (+3 points)
Impact Scorecard: 4.25

Matt is the ONLY person to go into the Sixteen…undefeated. Eddie Edwards is ow mathematically eliminated from the tournament.

TNA looked back at the ending of the World Title Match…which caused the tourney to happen.

Ethan walked the halls of the offices. He barged into Dixie Carter’s office. He went off on his auntie for robbing him of his title and his dignity. Dixie tried to explain that Ethan did this to himself. Ethan was certain that no one would stop him from getting back the World Title.

Matt Hardy showed incredible respect for Eddie Edwards. I like seeing that kind of respect.

I think Matt Hardy will end up facing Ethan Carter III in the finale of this tournament.

Josh and Pope talked about the people who are “on the bubble”. Pope said Robbie E will not advance. He also felt Eric Young would be out.

Mandrews vs DJZ
World Title Series Match, Group X-Division, Opening Round

Go Behind by Mandrews. He then twisted the arm. Go Behind into a Standing Switch. Universal and Mandrews hit an Inverted Atomic Drop and a Japanese Arm Drag. They went to the floor and Mandrews hit a Standing Moonsault, off the steps. Mandrews slid in the ring and then Flip Dived to the floor.

Back in the ring, Mandrews with a Jawbreaker into a Roll Up. 2 count. Backslide for a two. Mandrews went for the Standing Moonsault but DJZ kicked him out of the air. DJZ choked Mandrews on the bottom rope. Hip and Back Elbow by DJZ. 2 count. Arm Bar by DJZ. Mandrews got to his feet but DJZ just bashed the neck. Springboard Back Elbow by DJZ. Mandrws avoided the Tornado DDT. He then unleashed on the Mohawked battler. Snap Hurancanrana by Mandrews. 2 count.

DJZ was put up top and rocked by the Brit. Hurancanrana and Running Shooting Star Press by Mandrews. How was that NOT three? Mandrews positioned DJZ but DJZ rolled up Mandrews. 2. Mandrews punched away and DJZ hit a Flip Jawbuster. 2, again. DJZ threw Mandrews into the corner and then put him up top. Mandrews blocked the Superplex. Mandrews perched up top and went for the Shooting Star Press. Sadly (for Mandrews), DJZ got the knees up. DJZ took the pin.

Your Winner: DJZ (+3 Points)
Impact Scorecard: 3.75

Mandrews is now mathematically eliminated from the tournament.

They ran a video about Mahabali Shera’s training regimen. Shera could become the second undefeated competitor in the preliminaries of the tournament.

Pope and Josh discussed Group Originals. Eric Young went off on Pope for daring to “Pop his Bubble”. Eric was ready to fight Pope over Pope’s comments. Eric showed respect to Bobby Roode before talking about next week’s fight against James Storm. Eric knew James was in his way and Eric was determined to eliminate Storm…not just from the tournament. Pope back tracked and said Eric will go forward in the tourney.

Micah vs Crimson
World Title Series, Group Future Four, Opening Round

Crimson talked about Micah’s family ties. He then let it be known that only he has gone to war and Micah was going to be taken to war. Crimson was certain to win. TNA showed highlights. Crimson had the advantage for most of the match. In the end, however, Micah flew off the top rope with a Benoit Diving Headbutt to secure the win.

Your Winner: Micah (+3 points)
Impact Scorecard: N/A (Not enough of the match shown to score this one)

Crimson is now out of the tournament.

EC3 did a promo, while in India, where he bragged about being the “Face” of TNA. Ethan was certain he could destroy Anderson and then move on to take the whole tournament.

The Semi-Finals of this tournament will be held…in India!

Drew Galloway discussed the World Title Series. He has gone back home to Scotland to reenergize his batteries. Drew was confident that he was heading to the finals…and winning it all.

Josh and Pope previewed next week’s show. We are nearing the end of the opening rounds.

A historical video aired about the long-running feud between Ethan Carter III and Mr. Anderson. Ethan has dominated the feud, so far.

Ethan Carter III (w/Tyrus) vs Mr. (Ken) Anderson
World Title Series, Group Champions, Opening Round

The two stared each other down and talked serious trash. Ken threw wild shots at Ethan. Knife Edge Chops and a hip by Ken. Ethan unloaded with his own Knife Edge Chops. Ken took back the advantage with shots and chops. Ethan bailed out after a hip. TNA headed to commercial

Ken chopped away, on the floor. Ethan crumbled but came back with a kick. They got back in the ring and Ken hit a Running Back Elbow. Ken mounted Ethan and pounded away. Ken Dropkicked Tyrus. STO by Ethan. Ken choked Ethan on the middle rope. Running Boot by Ken. Anderson has absolutely nothing to lose in this one. Ethan fought out of the Mic Check and they tumbled out to the floor.

Earl Hebner checked on Ethan. Tyrus swept the leg and caused Ken to fall off the apron. Ethan came out and ran Ken into the ring edge. Ethan distracted the ref so Tyrus could do more damage. Ethan Suplexed Ken back into the ring and went for the pin. 2 count, only. Reverse Bear Hug by Ethan. Ken pulled the hands apart to get free. Knee to the ribs and Double Stomp by Ethan. Ethan with a Front Drop X-Factor Suplex. 2 count.

Hard Whip by Ethan and Ken collapsed. Ethan sat on Ken’s back and cranked a Rear Chin Lock. Flip School Boy by Ken but he only got a two. Both men hit Clotheslines. Earl began to count but Ethan got up to his feet. Ethan and Ken traded heavy shots. Ken caught Ethan with a hard Clothesline and Swinging Neckbreaker. Green Bay Plunge aka Lambo Leap. Kenton and he almost missed. Could be…might be…Denied.

Ken set for the Mic Check but wasn’t able to connect. Ken blocked the Stinger Splash. Ethan wanted the 1%er off the top rope. Instead Ken hit the Lambo Leap off the ropes. WE were down to 2 minutes. Earl argued with Tyrus. Ken cracked Tyrus with a chair. 60 seconds and counting. Ken brought in the chair but didn’t use it. Ethan hit a Low Blow. 1%er blocked. Mic Check avoided. Ethan hit a Jackknife Pin to claim victory.

Your Winner: Ethan Carter III (+3 points)
Impact Scorecard: 3.5

Ethan Carter III has now secured his spot in the Sixteen.


–Jay Shannon

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