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Raw went across the Big Pond for this week’s show. Manchester is the location for the broadcast. Wild things are going on in the WWE and it is going to DRAMATICALLY affected Survivor Series…

Michael Cole welcomed everyone to the show. Cole sent it immediately to the ring so the World Title situation could be addressed.

Triple H came out by himself. Cole explained that Seth Rollins tore up his knee, last week, in Ireland. Like him or hate him, you just really hate hearing that one of the best performers got hurt. For that matter, I hate to hear of any of the Brothers or Sisters getting injured.

HHH paid his respect to Seth Rollins. HHH told the crowd that Seth surpassed all the expectations put upon him. HHH thanked Seth for his work in the WWE. HHH said Seth blew out his knee and had to give up the World Title. HHH wondered who would fill the void. HHH asked Roman Reigns to join him in the ring.

Roman came through the crowd, as usual. HHH let it be known that the World Title Tournament will begin tonight. HHH didn’t feel it was fair for Roman to start all over on his climb to the top. HHH said Roman had the option to just kick back and wait for someone to face him at Survivor Series. HHH told Roman that it was Reigns who was first considered to become a member of The Authority, before they went with Seth. HHH knew Roman had it all, except the willingness to do anything to become The Man. HHH asked Roman how it felt to being so close to the World Title, only to have Seth slide in and take it all away. HHH knew it sucked for that to happen to him. HHH kept poking the Angry Dog that is Roman. HHH let Roman know that he could make all the “walls” go away. HHH invited Roman to become “HHH’s Man” to become The Man. Roman clarified that he would have to Sell Out to get everything that he has already earned. HHH warned Roman not to throw it all away just to avoid criticism. HHH knew Roman will never be liked by everyone. HHH played serious mind games with the big Samoan. HHH brought up his family. The crowd warned Roman against accepting the offer, though a few vocal fans said to go for it.

Roman told HHH that he has earned everything he’s gotten in the business. Roman told HHH to shove his offer. HHH thanked Roman for reminding HHH why he didn’t choose Roman in the first place.

Roman Reigns vs Big Show
World Title Tournament Match, First Round

These are the first two out of the 16 man field. The match kicked off, right after a few commercials.

Show went straight after Roman. Show punched the ribs and then sent Roman to the corner. Roman came out swinging. Shoulder Tackle by Show. Show bashed and battered Roman, who ended up on the floor. Show came out and threw Roman into the barricade. Scoop but Roman slipped free and sent Show into the ring post. Show pitched Roman up into the ring. Roman came off the ropes and got swatted with the KO Punch. Show then stepped across Roman’s chest. Show stepped on the back of Roman’s head and rammed it into the ring apron, over and over. Hard Whip by Roman.

Roman punched the ribs of the Giant. Thrust Kick by Show. Big Splash by Show but it only brought Show a two. Show tossed Roman out to the floor, easily. Show rolled out to get his prey. Show threw Roman right back into the ring. Roman clocked Show with huge Haymakers. Show blocked a Scoop Slam and hit one of his own. Show screamed that he is a Giant. Raw went to break.

I want to send out my wishes for good health to Pope Francis. He has almost fallen twice, in the last 3 days. Being an older man, a fall could be quite tragic and I wouldn’t want to hear that it has happened.

Roman jumped on Show but got caught in a massive Bear hug. Roman was fading quickly and the ref checked on him. Roman Elbowed the side of Show’s head to break the hold. Samoan Drop by Roman. Wow! Show went to the floor. Show slapped Roman down from the apron.

Back in the ring, Roman unloaded with Corner Clotheslines. Ring Apron Drive By took Show down to one knee. Roman then hit the traditional Drive By. Show blocked the Superman Punch and hit the Chokeslam. Could be…might be…Denied! Show rolled his hand to prepare for the Knockout Punch. Roman hit the Superman Punch and Spear.

Your Winner (Advancing): Roman Reigns
Raw Ranking: 3.0 out of a possible 5

This is going to be one awesome tournament. I’m thinking that Sheamus is going to sneak in and Cash In, right after the tournament final match.

A video aired of the debuts of Undertaker and Kane. That led to Bray Wyatt showing off his ability to call upon the forces of Evil. Bray had more in store for the memories of the Brothers of Destruction, later on tonight.

Cole pushed the new WWE 2k16 game. I’m still working on 2K13 and 2K14. A representative of Manchester United was in the crowd. I still prefer my Leeds Rhinos.

Kevin Owens vs Titus O’Neil
World Title Tournament Match, First Round

Kevin said fans could buy his theme music and put more money in his pockets. Kevin called for change in the WWE. Kevin praised the British fans, at first, and then called them the dumbest for following the Royal Family. Whatever. Kevin explained that eh change he was calling for was to benefit Owens and only Owens. Owens reminded everyone that he is a Prize Fighter and he wanted TWO Prizes (the IC Strap and the World belt).

Titus then came out, without his tag partner, Darren Young. The Intercontinental title was NOT on the line.

Titus took Kevin to the corner and blasted him. Kevin kicked back and bounced off the ropes. A Big Boot dropped Kevin like a bad habit. Titus came out to get Kevin. Running Shoulder Tackle sent Kevin to the barricade…and Raw to break.

Kevin had Titus trapped in a Rear Chin Lock. Titus got free by way of Back Elbow. Thrust Kick by Kevin but it only brought a two. Backsplash Senton gave Kevin another two. Kevin trash Talked and then unleashed several Knife Edge Chops. Titus turned the tables and Open Hand Slapped he chest, repeatedly. Whip reversed by Titus but Kevin kicked him. Shoulder Tackle and Clothesline by Titus. Float Over by Titus into a Power Slam. Corner Splash by Titus. Kevin Side Stepped a 2nd one and almost rolled Titus up. Pump Handle Drop gave Titus a near fall. Kevin came out of nowhere with the Pop Up Powerbomb.

Your Winner (Advancing): Kevin Owens
Raw Ranking: 3.0

Renee Young interviewed Paige. She won a Fatal Four Way to get a shot at Charlotte, at Survivor Series. Tonight, Paige will fight Becky Lynch. Paige did a typical promo about defeating Charlotte.

Another Undertaker video aired. It was his defeat of Sycho Sid (Justice/Vicious). It also included Kane cashing in Money in the Bank to become the World Champion. Bray will be out later to eulogize the Brothers of Destruction. That should be interesting. I keep hearing the Styx tune “Not Dead Yet” in my head.

Becky Lynch vs Paige

Raw looked back at how Paige turned on Team PCB. Paige was definitely the fan favorite in this match. Raw showed how Paige won her way into the title match, last week.

The two women locked up and fell out to the floor. Interesting. Paige and Becky slid back into the ring, never letting go of the Collar and Elbow. Paige tried to escape but Becky with Japanese Arm Drags. Becky twisted on the arm as Paige yelled out. Whip by Becky but Paige threw Becky down hard. Paige choked Becky over the middle rope. Sullivan Tree of Woe and Paige pulled Becky backwards, form the outside. Seated Abdominal Stretch by Paige. She rocked the hold to make the pain go up a notch. Becky reversed the move. Becky nailed a series of Clotheslines and a Dropkick. 1-2-not yet.

Paige hit a Running Knee Strike, in the corner. Becky kicked out at two. Exploder Suplex by Becky but Paige wasn’t done just yet. Becky hit a Muta Slider Leg Drop. Thrust Kick by Paige.2 count. Ram-Paige but Becky grabbed the bottom rope. Paige couldn’t believe it. She screamed at Charles Robinson. PTO failed as Becky reached the ropes. Becky snapped Paige off the ropes. Roll Up with the tights but Becky reversed it. She held the tights to get the win.

Your Winner: Becky Lynch
Raw Ranking: 2.5

Paige attacked Becky, after the match. Paige applied the PTO…on the announce table! Charlotte’s music hit and “Baby Flair” came running. Paige let go of Becky and scooted around the ring to avoid her upcoming foe.

Speaking of wonderful women wrestlers, it is my absolute pleasure to extend Happy Birthday wished to Joyce Grable. Joyce is still out there, meeting her fans and telling tales of her life in the business. May there be many more Birthdays in your future. Smile.

Cole talked about the Wrestlemania tickets going on sale. My nephew-in-law, Lane, will be up in the Nose Bleed section. His fiancé, my niece Sarah, will be watching Mania with me…by way of my Laptop. I confirmed, this week, that I will be in Dallas for Wrestlecon…and to visit my beloved mom, sister and nieces (and their babies).

The Miz vs Dolph Ziggler
World Title Tournament Match, First Round

Collar and Elbow and they reached the corner. Miz kicked away on Dolph but Ziggler with a Push Off. Miz Shoulder tackled Dolph. Dolph blocked the Reality Check and hit a wicked Dropkick. Miz avoided a Famouser and Dolph escaped the Skull Crushing Finale. They went to the floor and then back into the ring. Miz attacked Dolph’s leg, viciously. Miz stayed focused on Dolph’s bad leg. Leg DDT by Miz. Dolph kicked free of the Figure Four. Dolph rolled up Miz for a two. Dolph barely dodged he Full Body Clothesline.

Clotheslines by Dolph. Dolph was having trouble walking. Reality Check converted into a Back Slide. Miz kicked Dolph in the face. 2 count. Miz went forhe Figure Four but Dolph rolled him up. Miz came back and locked in the Figure Four. Miz yelled at Dolph to give it up. He wouldn’t do that. Dolph finally reached the ropes. Miz pounded the face of the Show Off. Superkick!

Your Winner (Advancing): Dolph Ziggler
Raw Ranking: 3.25

Another Undertaker/Kane promo set.

I’m wondering who Undertaker and Kane will chose as their partners for Survivor Series. If Randy Orton wasn’t hurt, he’d be there. Daniel Bryan is a possible. I still think Big Show should face off against Braun Strowman. It’d be awesome if Brock Lesnar showed up on Taker’s team. Just a little Arm Chair Booking.

Raw reviewed how Alberto Del Rio won the United States title from John Cena, at Hell in a Cell.

Alberto Del Rio and Zeb Colter came out. Zeb rambled on about MexAmerica. Yawn. Zeb trash talked the British people. I happen to have two incredibly dear friends, Lady Jane and Peter, who live in England. Zeb accused Britain of taking orders from Germany. Zeb suggested that Russia might just take over the country. Zeb then made fun of English women. Del Rio took the stick and said the country was filled with Haters. Zeb then talked about Del Rio’s opportunity, on Smackdown, to participate in the Tournament. Get back to wrestling, will ya?

Natalya vs Naomi
Special Challenge Match

This should be a good one. The “We Want Sasha” chants rose from the rabid fans. Naomi dumped Nattie out to the floor. Nattie pulled Naomi off he apron and then pitched her back in the ring. Sasha sneaked up and threw Nattie into the ring post. Naomi tossed Nattie back in the ring. 2 count. Nattie seemed to be dealing with a bad leg. Rear Chin Lock by Naomi. Naomi threw Nattie down, backwards. Wicked Clothesline by Nattie. Nattie mocked Sasha, which was foolish. Naomi almost got the pin. Natalya wanted the Sharpshooter but couldn’t’ get it. Nattie pushed Naomi into Tamina nd rolled up Naomi.

Your Winner: Natalya
Raw Ranking: 2.0

Sasha jumped Nattie nad tried for the BankStatement. Nattie turned it around into the Sharpshooter. Tamina jumped Nattie and Sasha applied her finisher.

Raw showcased Undertaker and Kane, once more.

Sheamus (w/King Barrett) vs Cesaro
World Title Tournament Match, First Round

I think Cesaro would make an outstanding World Champion. During the break, Barrett got into it with some sports star from the UK.

Back to relevant stuff, Sheamus and Cesaro tied up and went to the corner. Side Headlock by Sheamus but Cesaro took him down. Go Behind by Sheamus. Sheamus worked the arm but Cesaro flipped him over. The winner of this match will battle Roman Reigns in next week’s Quarter Finals. Sheamus bailed out to the floor to gather his wits about him.

European Uppercuts by Sheamus led to a Side Headlock Takeover. Sheamus bashed Cesaro and sent him to the corner. Shoulder Tackle but Cesaro fought back. Sheamus snapped he neck over the ropes. European Uppercut by Cesaro as Sheamus went to come back into the ring. Irish Curse Backbreaker. Sheamus then went for and connected with the 10 Beats of the Bodhram (finally looked up how to spell that one). Cesaro collapsed as Raw went to break.

Cesaro hit a Tilt-a-Whirl Slam but Sheamus kicked out. Rear Chin Lock by Sheamus. Cesaro got to his feet and Elbowed free, almost. Knee Strike by Sheamus. Cesaro went up top but got tripped up. Sheamus nailed several European Uppercuts and then hit a wicked Flip Slam off the top rope. The Celtic Warrior talked Trash and the Swiss Superman hit an Inverted Samoan Drop. Dang! Barrett cheered on the Irish superstar.

Cesaro tried for the Cesaro Swing but Sheamus got to the rope. Knee Lift by Sheamus but Cesaro answered with a hard Kick. Sheamus blocked a Suplex and hit one that took them both over the top rope. Cesaro injured his right arm on the landing. Sheamus fell onto the arm. Barrett came around and cheered on his mate to get back in the ring. Both men barely avoided getting counted out. Cesaro blocked the Rolling Senton. Cesaro sprang off the ropes but fell into White Noise. 2 count. Sheamus was woozy as he got to his feet. Sheamus prepped for the Brogue Kick. Cesaro converted it into the Sharpshooter. Sheamus got to the bottom rope to force the break. The ref checked on the injured Cesaro. Cesaro demanded to continue.

Sheamus blasted Cesaro, over and over. Get your tickets for the Uppercut Train. Cearo put Sheamus up top and Drpkicked him out of the ring. Cesaro used a European Uppercut to send Sheamus out into the timekeeper area. Cesaro got up in Barrett’s face. That allowed Sheamus to Pearl Harbor the Swiss Superstar. Sheamus then got up in the Footballer’s face. Barrett took over and talked trash. The guy just slapped the crap out of Barrett. Cesaro rolled up Sheamus to move on in the tourney!

Your Winner: Cesaro
Raw Ranking: 3.5

The Footballer’s name was Wayne Rooney.

Batista is the henchman in the new James Bond movie.

Dean Ambrose vs “Prince Pretty” Tyler Breeze
World Title Tournament Match, First Round

Before the match, Tyler and Summer Rae were interviewed. Renee asked Tyler about making his in-ring debut. Tyler said he brings hope to the world, due to how pretty he is. Summer said Dean looked like a homeless guy. Summer felt Tyler would be a blessing to the World Title. YAWN!

Imagine if it ends up Dean Ambrose vs Roman Reigns in the finals?

Dean was ready to go but Tyler had to primp and pose. Dean urged Tyler to hit him. Collar and Elbow and Dean took the Arm Bar. Universal and Tyler scooted between the ropes. Knee Lifts by Tyler. Whip by Tyler but Dean came back with a regular Clothesline and a La Bandera version. Dean almost launched himself onto Sumer. Dean just waited until Tyler got back in and hit another La Bandera and then nailed the Suicide Dive. Break time.

Dean had Tyler up top as the show returned. Tyler fought free and hit a Cross Body. Dean rolled through and almost pinned Prince Pretty. Superkick by Tyler. Tyler threw Dean into the corner and kicked away. Tyler tossed Dean out of the ring. Power Whip by Tyler as the ref ordered them to come back into the ring.

Once they got in, Tyler tried for a pin but couldn’t get the three. Dean erupted on Tyler, including hitting a Corner Splash and Sunset Flip. Tyler and Dean kept going back and forth with pin attempts. JBL got in a reference to the late, great Bronco Lubich. Dean laid out Tyler and then got the wild look in his eyes. Dean headed up top and waited. Missile Dropkick but Dean seemed to mess up his shoulder on the landing. The ref was ready to call off the match but Dean didn’t want to give up. Tyler threw Dean into the ring posts, several times. The ref asked if Dean wanted to stop. Dean wouldn’t. Tyler hit a Sideways Back Stabber. Cross Armbreaker by Tyler. Dena reached the bottom rope to escape the hold.

Dean kept saying he was ok. Tyler went to work on the bad shoulder. I don’t think it is going to be Dean vs Roman, at this point. Dean flipped Tyler out of the ring. Roll Up by Dean. Really?

Your Winner (Advancing): Dean Ambrose
Raw Ranking: 3.5

So, it just might happen. Roman and Dean are on opposite sides of the brackets. That would be an interesting finale.

Again, Raw ran Undertaker and Kane video packages.

New Day bame from the back. They were not happy that everyone in New Day was shunned from the World Title Tournament. They were outraged by the slight. The three began to talk about all the guys that they took out. Interesting that John Cena is not in the tournament. New Day did the Unicorn blessing for Seth Rollins. They were cut off by Neville’s arrival.

Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods vs Neville and Jimmy and Jey Uso
Six Man Tag Team Match

Jimmy went after Xavier. Kofi quickly got in the match. New Day hit the floor as Raw decided to pay a few bills.

Unicorn Stampede on Jey Uso, as Raw returned. Woods annoyed everyone with the trombone. Kofi stood on Jey’s back and drove him into the bottom turnbuckle. Kofi kicked away and then applied the Arm Bar. Kofi threw Jey down and tagged out to Big E. Big Splash. Kick out at two. Big E tried to get the fans to chant for the. Jey missed a Tornado Enziguri but he did hit the Samoan Drop. Tags to Neville and Woods. Woods dropped Woods, several times. Neville hit a Springboard Missile Dropkickadn Kip Up. Standing Moonsault but Kofi and Big E prevented the pin. Dual Uso Crazy Suicide Dive. Neville flipped Woos onto the apron and then hit a Dropkick. Neville went up top and launched himself into a Corkscrew Moonsault. Kofi tried to stop Neville but the Brit still jumped off the ropes. Kick to the back of the head and Neville went up for the Red Arrow. He was pushed off the top and Woods used the ropes to get the pin.

Your Winners: The New Day
Raw Ranking: 3.0

Undertaker/Kane Eulogy

Bray Wyatt came out for the final segment. Raw looked back at Bray’s theatrics from last week. He set off thunder and lightning and then fire. The fans started the old “He’s Got the Whole World” chant but Bray cut them off. He said “Change is inevitable”. Bray wanted to celebrate the souls of Undertaker and Kane. Bray knew that Taker and Kane were the benchmarks of power in the WWE for over 2 decades. Bray asked everyone to bow their heads and pay respects to the icons that were Undertaker and Kane.

The “Undertaker” chant grew as Bray cackled like Aunt Maggie Hamilton from 1939. Bray said he took the torch from the Brothers and burned them to ashes. Bray was confident that it all belonged to him, now. Bray felt himself growing stronger as Undertaker and Kane rotted. Bray explained that the time for salvation was over. Bray stated “The Apocalypse is here!”

Bray knelt down and screamed to “Follow…”

He was cut off by a video package about Kane and Taker. Re Bray was so confused by what ran on the Tron. The ring was struck by lightning and fire erupted. The bell tolled and the arena was bathed in the eerie bluish-purple light. The fog rolled out and Undertaker and Kane emerged from the depths. Taker and Kane slowly walked down to the ring. Undertaker stared at his baby brother and then they looked at Bray. The lights went out and then came back up. The rest of the Wyatts showed up. All Hell broke loose as the Brothers of Destruction began to clear the ring. Braun got in and faced off with Kane and Taker. Double Chokeslam to Harper and Rowan. Braun hit a Dual Clothesline but the Brothers sat up. Braun was dumped out of the ring. Bray was laid out. The Brothers came out and annihilated Braun. They turned back to finish off Bray. Double Chokeslam to Bray! The bell sounded, yet again, as the Brothers of Destruction stood over the arrogant Bray Wyatt, now out cold. The Brothers headed up the ramp but stopped to throw up their arms in classic Undertaker salute.


–Jay Shannon

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