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The World Title Series moved forward. One person secured his spot in the Sweet Sixteen. One was mathematically eliminated. Plus, Bobby Roode and Eric Young continued their feud in one of the best matches in the series, so far.

TNA started with a highlight recap of early matches. Matt Hardy earned 3 points. So did Gail Kim. TNA ran down the major matches we were about to see.

Josh Mathews and Pope discussed how things were reaching “Crunch Time” in the World Title Series.

Jeff Hardy’s interview will be scattered throughout the show.

Madison Rayne vs Brooke
World Title Series, Group Knockout, Opening Round

This was a “must win” for Madison. Madison cut a quick promo about how the Knockouts created modern women’s wrestling. I have to agree with her. TNA doesn’t just present glorified Barbie Dolls who are there to just stimulate the male demographic. WWE is finally catching on, somewhat. Madison acknowledged that this was a “Do or Die” situation for her.

Handshake by both ladies. Collar and Elbow to the corner. Arm Drags on both sides. Side Headlock by Madison. Brooke was obviously dealing with a bad hand. Side headlock by Madison. Josh explained that Brooke broke her hand while fighting Gail Kim. The two Knockouts threw Haymakers and Madison came out on top. Madison slid out of the ring. Brooke tripped Madison. Brooke kicked away at Madison. Shoulder Tackle by Brooke. Rope Jump Clothesline by Brooke. Brooke flew off the top with the Savage Elbow. 2 count. Madison nailed the Rayne of Terror to finally get some points.

Your Winner: Madison Rayne (+3 Points)
Impact Scorecard: 2.0 out of a possible 5

Eric Young blamed everyone for his recent slump. He said he was just a target but he was better than all of them. Eric was ready to destroy Bobby Roode, before their match.

The Eric Young/Bobby Roode feud was analyzed.

Rock Star Spud vs Bram
World Title Series, Group UK, Opening Round

The two got up in each other’s grill. Bram towered over Spud. Bram shoved Spud, which fired up the smaller man. Bram did the Stiff Arm Hold on Spud. Spud slapped the arm aside and punched away. Spud ducked and Dodged Bram and tore into Bram with hard shots. Running Forearms rocked the wild Brit. Spud threw Haymakers and wild kicks. Shotgun Knees by Spud, over and over. Bram Goozled Spud but Spud bit the thumb of Bram. Bram threw Spud down by the hair. Bram missed Elbow Drops.

The fight went to the floor and Bram dropped Spud on the ring steps. Bram tore at Spud’s mouth. Bram tossed Spud back into the ring. Jawbreaker by Spud. Spud kicked Bram in the face and then dodged a Corner Splash. More Shotgun Knees by Spud. Slider Dropkick by Spud. If Spud wins this, Bram and Grado will be eliminated from this Series. Shining Wizard Enziguri variation. Bram blocked the Underdog. Spud bit the hand of Bram, again. School Boy by Bram and then a Big Boot. Bram hit Brighter Side of Suffering (Impaler DDT).

Your Winner: Bram (+3 points)
Impact Scorecard: 2.0

Bobby Roode didn’t care what Eric Young has been saying. Bobby reminded everyone that he is the King of the Mountain Champion and he has his sights set to become a Double Champion.

I believe Grado is now mathematically out of the Series. He can still spoil it for Bram, however.

The next part of the Jeff Hardy interview ran. He talked about his interference in the World Title match that set up this World Title Series.

Manik vs Mandrews
World Title Series, Group X-Division, Opening Round

Is it just me or does Mandrews strike a more than passing resemblance to the late, great Crash Holly? Mandrews seriously needs a win here. Mandrews shook off the Collar and Elbow. Knuckle Lock and Manik rolled backwards to take Mandrews off his feet. Manik worked the arm of the Brit. Mandrews spun around and Snap Mared Manik over. Manik immediately took over on the arm. Trip by Mandrews into an Inverted Atomic Drop. Wheelbarrow Arm Drag by Mandrews. 2 count. Arm Bar by Mandrews. Manik rolled into an Arm Drag. Snap Mare but Mandrews landed on his feet. Cero Miedo Armbreaker by Manik. Indian Death Lock by Manik into a Surfboard. Manik into a Crosstie Bow and Arrow.

Mandrews jumped under and slid under Manik Kim Duk-like Barrel Roll by Mandrews. Manik kicked free. Snap Mare by Manik. Manik stomped the shoulder of Mandrews. Mandrews with the Inside Out Shoulder. He then flipped into the ring and Dropkicked the ankle of Manik. Jumping Enziguri by Mandrews. Whip by Mandrews but Manik kicked him. Mandrews with a Standing Hurancanrana. Springboard Tornado DDT by Mandrews. This kid is really good. Mandrews headed up top. But Manik rolled out of the area that Mandrews could reach. Double Stomp by Mandrews. Standing Moonsault but Manik brought up the knees. Cross Armbreaker by Manik but Mandrews floated over to almost pin Manik.

Mandrews kicked away on Manik. Northern Lights Bomb intoa Corkscrew Standing Moonsault by Mandres. Mandrews scaled the ropes but took too much time. 450 Splash into Manik’s knees. Manik Depression by the former X-Champion.

Your Winner: Manik (+3 points)
Impact Scorecard: 3.5

Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards discussed their upcoming match. Both showed massive respect for each other.

Eric Young let the cameraman know that he was still in waiting for Bobby Roode.

More of the Jeff Hardy interview aired. Jeff talked about his string of injuries, recently. They showed highlights of Hardy’s Revenge and when the Hardys won the tag team titles. Jeff then brought up his leg injury due to a dirt bike crash. They showed the video and I just shook my head. It took me back to a childhood incident where my buddy, Mickie, broke his collar bone doing a stupid stunt on his bicycle.

Davey Richards vs Eddie Edwards
World Title Series, Group Tag Team Specialists, Opening Round

The two came out together. Davey was in black…Eddie was in white. Davey worked over Eddie’s arm but Edwards reversed it. They went back and forth with counters. The ref called for the break when they went to the corner. Knuckle Lock into a Test of Strength. Davey blocked a Back Heel Trip.l Monkey Flips on Both sides. Wicked. Double Counts as each man held down the other in mirror-like fashion. Universal into a Back Roll. Bow and Arrow by Eddie.

Japanese Arm Drag by Eddie. Both went to kick the other and both caught the leg. They just released the hold. The fans appreciated it. TNA needed a break.

Nice Universal and Eddie got dropped. Snap Suplex by Davey. 1 count. Pope called the duo by their Ring of Honor team name…The American Wolves. Brutal Leg Lock Backslide. Arm Whip by Davey. Eddie hit the Inverted Atomic Drop and the Shining Wizard. Davey kicked out of a cover. Headbutt by Davey as we hithte 10 minute mark. 5 minutes to go.

Snap Mare into a Rear Chin Lock. Eddie dropped his partner. Both men hit Corner moves. Jumping Kick by Davey. Superplex! Both landed hard on their “T”s. Davey and Eddie took turns unloading on the other. Forearms and Kicks flew like crazy. Edie got a two count off a blocked Electric Chair. 2 minute warning! Eddie went for the Clutch Jawbuster. German by Davey but Eddie kicked out. Davey went to the corner but his leg didn’t want to go. Last 60 second. He missed the Double Warrior’s Way. The two kept trying to pin each other. Davey Bridged out of a pin. Backslide. Eddie kicked out. Kinfe Edge Chops and kicks. Knee Strike into the Clothesline as the time ran out.

Your Winner: Time Limit Draw (+1 point each)
Impact Scorecard: 4.25

Matt Hardy is confirmed to move on to the next round.

Davey and Eddie were both in good spirits, after their match. They showed such respect to each other. This is why The Wolves are so darn successful.

The next part of the Jeff Hardy interview aired. Jeff was heartbroken when he and his brother had to surrender the tag team titles, without ever defending them…once. Jeff then talked about Matt and his dealings with Ethan Carter III. Jeff had no regrets for his actions in the World title match. Jeff explained that he has been banned from being at any of the World Title Series matches.

Bobby Roode screamed for Eric Young. He found him in the parking area. Bobby urged Eric to hit him. Eric said he was in Bobby’s head. Eric refused to hit Bobby so the mind games could continue.

Pope and Josh analyzed the upcoming Mahabali Shera vs Kenny King. Josh then asked if Davey or Eddie would surpass Robbie E.

Mahabali Shera vs Kenny King
World Title Series, Group Wildcard, Opening Round

King and Shera are tied for top spot in their division. They share the spot with Aiden O’Shea. King did a quick promo against Shera.

Collar and Elbow and they went to the corner. Clean Break. Another Collar and Elbow and Shera pushed King away. King did Push Ups. Side Headlock by King. Push Off into a Shoulder Tackle by Shera. King took another Side Headlock. Shera pushed out and Shoulder Blocked King. Universal into the Drop Toe Hold. Samoan Drop by Shera led to a Shoulder Tackle. 2 count. Blockbuster by King. Shera went to the floor, holding his neck. Corkscrew Forearm over the ropes by King. King pitched Shera back in the ring. 2 count. Shera kicked King and School Boy’d him. Clothesline by King. Rear Chin Lock by King. Shera flipped King over but King nailed an Enziguri. 2 count.

King tried for the Shotgun Knees aka the Elijah Experience but missed. Shera hit a series of Clotheslines. Stall Suplex by Shera. Both men were stunned after that move. King rolled to the corner. Back Elbow by King. King went for another Blockbuster but Shera turned it into the Sky High Powerbomb!

Your Winner: Mahabali Shera (+3 points)
Impact Scorecard: 3.25

Bobby Roode vs Eric Young
World Title Series, Group TNA Originals, Opening Round
King of the Mountain Title is NOT on the line.

Eric grabbed the microphone and screamed at the fans to look at a true World Class Professional Wrestler and Man. His rant was cut short by the arrival of the “It Factor”, Bobby Roode.

Eric rushed and Bobby dodged him. Bobby bashed the daylights out of Eric and then hit a wild Clothesline. Back Body Drop by Bobby. La Bandera Clothesline by Roode. Eric walked around to clear his head. Eric snapped bobby’s neck over the top rope. Eric went for the Ax Bomber but got hit in the ribs. Perfect Neck Snap by Bobby. Eric escaped the Roode Bomb by raking the eyes of his hated enemy. Funk Neckbreaker by Eric brought a two. Eric Boot Choked Bobby. Slingshot sent Bobby up into the bottom rope. Snap Mare into the Rear Chin Lock.

Eric reversed a Whip bit took a Dropkick from Bobby. Eric dropped Bobby but only got a two. Stomps to Bobby’s chest. Eric clubbed the back and neck of Bobby. Whip by Eric but he stopped to scream at the fans. Bobby got the Elbow up. Enziguri by Bobby. Both men were down and stunned.

The two traded hard punches. Flair Flop by Eric. Eric Shouldered the ribs and then slid under. Eric took time to Showboat. Double R Spinebuster. Eric blocked the Fisherman’s Buster. Bobby blocked the Piledrive. Jackknife Pin for a two. Eric reversed a Whip but ate a boot. Eric pulled Earl Hebner in the way to distract Bobby. Eric nailed the Piledriver!

Your Winner: Eric Young (+3 points)
Impact Scorecard: 2.0


–Jay Shannon

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