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`The Road to Survivor Series rolled through Denver, this week. The Divas were center stage to determine who would be next to challenge Charlotte.

Roman Reigns came out to kick off the show. He is the new Number One Contender to Seth Rollins’ WWE World Title. Last week,. Roman defeated Bray Wyatt at Hell in a Cell and then won a Fatal Four Way, on Raw, to get the title shot.

Roman was proud to be in Denver and to stand there as the “Next WWE World Heavyweight Champ”. Roman explained that Seth is good, in-ring performing as well as “Brown Nosing” The Authority and kissing their collective *sses. Roman said there was no force on Earth that would stop him from taking the title from Seth at Survivor Series.

Seth Rollins emerged from the back to counter his foe’s words. Seth actually laughed at Roman for thinking he could defeat Seth. Seth did not believe it for even one second that Roman would win. Seth praised his former partner for being so good. Seth mocked Roman for losing to him at Wrestlemania. Seth knew Roman would always be Second Best to him. Roman offered Seth the chance to come on down to the ring and find out who the “real Man” is. Seth looked to be on his way down, until Stephanie McMahon and Triple H came out form the back. Stephanie asked the fans if they wanted to see Seth vs Roman for the World Championship. Stephanie faked out the crowd when she said the match would not happen…tonight. HHH got in a fun joke by asking “How HIGH Are you people?”. HHH knew Roman was itching for a fight so HHH set up a 5-on-5 Survivor Series-like Elimination Tag Team Match. Seth and Roman would get to choose their own partners. Could tonight be the night that Dean Ambrose turns on Roman? I know it’s coming, just when will it happen?

Kevin Owens vs Dolph Ziggler
Non-Title Match

Owens did an Insert Video about how “He is All the Matters”. Kevin didn’t care if anyone likes him.

Kevin kicked the bad knee of his foe. Kevin pulled Dolph across the ring by the leg. He just kept punishing the left leg. The ref checked on the fallen Ziggler. Kevin was radar focused on the bad wheel. Kevin punched Dolph, who stumbled to the ropes. Dolph fought back but Kevin Whipped the Show Off. Dolph crumbled after just a couple of steps. Dolph missed a Corner Splash. Kevin then missed the Backsplash Senton. Jumping DDT that sent Kevin out to the floor.

Out came “Prince Pretty” Tyler Breeze and Summer Rae. Raw took a quick break.

Summer and Tyler took up their spots in the VIP areas. In the ring, Kevin had Dolph down in a Rear Chin Lock. That came after a Fallaway Slam by Owens. Summer was streaming live on Facebook. Kevin pulled Dolph to mid-ring and put on another Rear Chin Lock. Dolph fought up to his feet and nailed a Jawbreaker. Uppercut by Dolph. Flying Forearm took down Owens. Corner Splash led to A Dolph Swinging Neckbreaker. 2 count.

Dolph missed the Famouser but did get a Roll UP for two. Owens launched Dolph with a German Release Suplex. Dolph avoided the Cannonball. Tyler came out of the VIP section to distract Dolph. Pop-Up Powerbomb!

Your Winner: Kevin Owens
Raw Ranking: 2.0 out of a possible 5

Tyler oozed into the ring to give Dolph more of a hard time. He took a Selfie of him and Dolph. Dolph popped Tyler in the face. Beauty Shot (Rolling Leg Lariat) by Prince Pretty. He took yet another Selfie. Jeez.

Michael Cole sent it to a Flashback Video of the very first Survivor Series. I so miss those days of professional wrestling. Maybe it was because I was a Wide-Eyed Mark of 22, not a 50 year old guy that has Booked shows and knows how the magicians do their tricks. Smile.

Kevin Owens was approached by Seth Rollins. Seth wanted Kevin to join his team. Seth suggested he and Kevin might face off at next year’s Wrestlemania. Kevin agreed to join Seth’s team but Rollins now owes Seth a favor.

Michael Cole, JBL and Byron Saxton were ready to discuss the Divas division. Paige went ballistic on her Team PCB teammates after they lost to Team Bella. Paige hit Ram-Paiges on both Charlotte and Becky Lynch. She also put Charlotte in a submission move.

Renee interviewed Becky Lynch. Becky thought Renee called her “A B”. Becky felt Paige was the true “B” in their former group. Brie came in and stopped the interview. Brie was confident that she could defeat Charlotte’s “Wacky Sidekick”. Becky was overly excited to go into the Fatal Four Way, later on.

Cesaro vs The Miz

Miz flapped his arms and took off his sunglasses. Miz smarted off to Cesaro, during the Pre-Show, which led to this match. Cesaro promised to Swing Miz. Star Dust and The Ascension watched the match, from the crowd.

Miz backed Cesaro off and then they locked up. Miz worked over Cesaro’s arm. Cesaro rolled around to get free, including hitting Kip Ups in a row. (A Kip Up is not as easy as it looks…trust me, I’ve tried). Miz went into the Universal but Cesaro hit a Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker before the train pulled out of the Uppercut Express Station. Miz sent Cesaro into the steel post. Miz dropped Cesaro over the barricade and pitched him back in the ring. Running Kick to the face brought Miz a two.

Miz locked in a Rear Chin Lock on the Swiss Superman. Cesaro worked up to his feet. Cesaro Elbowed free but Miz came back with the Full Body Clothesline. Cesaro blocked the Skull Crushing Finale. Cesaro Swing! Jeez, Cesaro went around something like 22 times before putting on the Sharpshooter. Tap Out.

Your Winner (by Submission): Cesaro
Raw Ranking: 3.0

Raw looked back at the attack on Undertaker, from Hell in a Cell. The video also included the assault on Kane, from last week. Who might be next?

Back to live action and the best music theme in wrestling today played (my humble opinion). The Wyatt Family strolled through the Fireflies to make their way to the ring. JBL was still ticked off at the disrespect shown by the Wyatts towards the Brothers of Destruction. All four men were in the ring as the lights came up. Bray said tonight was a most special night for him and for the world. Bray wanted to give the fans something truly special. Bray cackled as he talked about the removal of Undertaker and Kane. Bray said they never wanted the bodies of Taker and Kane as they would eventually become useless. What they wanted were the souls, which live forever…unless consumed by a Higher Power. Bray claimed to be that Power. Bray stated that he and his family harvested the souls of Undertaker and Demon Kane. Bray relished the power that he now possessed. Bray called for the Thunder and Lightning and the other forces of Evil. Bray was ready to burn the world straight to Hell. This is just getting beyond bizarre. Bray called down the lightning to hit the stage. A video package about Undertaker and Kane aired. The video warped at the end into blackness. “Follow the Buzzard!” Fade Out.

You just know that the forces of the Wyatts are going to square off against the Brothers of Destruction (and maybe a few allies). I would love to see it happen at Survivor Series.

Lucha Dragons were profiled. I really like Sin Cara and Kalisto. WWE did well to replace the original Sin Cara with the 2nd one. A great highlight reel ran for the luchadores.

Lucha Dragons vs King Barrett and Sheamus

Sheamus mocked Kalisto’s smaller size. He bullied the Luchadore. It was announced that Rusev is out of action with a bicep injury. Kalisto kicked away at Sheamus. Kalisto’s speed worked well for him. Dropkick to the knee, followed by one to the face. Sheamus stomped away once he got to his feet. Barrett got the tag and threw Kalisto into the corner. Stomps led to a Snap Suplex. Kalisto flipped free and tagged out to Sin Cara. Wild Monkey Flip Press by the Dragons.

Barrett got up and started punching away. Barrett yanked Kalisto off the ropes. Kalisto had tagged back in. They went to the floor and Barrett sent Kalisto into the barricade. Time for a quick break.

Baarrett had an Abdominal Stretch until Kalisto fought free. Barrett took Kalisto down and tagged out to Sheamus. The Celtic Warrior blasted the ribs of his much smaller foe. European Uppercuts by Sheamus. Sheamus put Kalisto up top and punched away. Kalisto dove over and tagged Sin Cara. Sin with an Enziguri and Dropkick. Hurancanrana by Sin. The fight went out to the floor. Sheamus missed a Brogue Kick and The Rolling Senton. Sin Cara went up top but Barrett distracted him. Kalisto made the save as Sheamus went for a pin. Barrett sent Kalisto into the ring post. King then took the tag and dragged Kalisto around the floor. Barrett ran Cara into the barricade. Back in the ring, King got a two count. The fans began to chant for the Luchas. King applied a Rear Chin Lock. Barrett brutalized Cara and taunted Kalisto. Sheamus tagged back in and nailed a Front Drop Suplex. Sheamus kickedCara in the…well…Cara (face). Irish Curse Backbreaker brought Sheamus a two count. Sheamus showed his aggravation at not getting a three. Sheamus put Sin Cara in the ropes for the 10 Beats.

Tag back to Barrett. King with wicked Knee Strikes and a Running Boot. King began to chant “Euros”. 2 count. Sin Cara turned a Suplex into a vicious DDT. Both sides got tags. Kalisto with the Bombs Away off the ropes. Corkscrew Back Elbow off the ropes into the Seated Hurancanrana. Sheamus made the save. Sheamus got flipped out by Sin Cara. Cara got trapped in the ropes. Barrett wanted the Bull Hammer but Kalisto turned it around with his Selena Del Sol finisher.

Your Winners; The Lucha Dragons
Raw Ranking: 3.25

Jack Swagger came in to talk with his former manager, Zeb Colter. Jack questioned Zeb about MexAmerica. Zeb got a shot in at Canada. Zeb began to ramble on until Jack stopped him. Alberto Del Rio walked in to tell Jack to back away. Del Rio was ready to battle “Little Jackie”. Jack just wanted to know what they were up to. Zeb said they just wanted to unify two great countries. They walked/drove away.

Batista is on the cover of the latest Muscle and Fitness.

Alberto Del Rio (w/Zeb Colter) vs R-Truth
Non-Title Match

I hate that clockwork flag thing. That was the best design they could come up with? Truth dodged the charging Del Rio. When Truth began to fight back, Del Rio bailed out of the ring. Del Rio returned to the ring and went after Truth’s leg. They went to the corner and Del Rio unloaded with kicks and punches. Truth took exception and tore into Del Rio. Cross Armbreaker through the ropes. Heel Kick and Clotheslines by Truth. Ax Kick by Truth. 1-2-not yet. Del Rio with the Step-Up Enziguri. Back Drop Suplex into the Rear Chin Lock. Truth battled free and hit a Back Drop Suplex. Don’t forget that Truth IS a former NWA World Champion.

Del Rio escaped and went into the Go Behind. Truth missed a Corner Charge. Truth was put in the Sullivan Tree of Woe. Del Rio kicked away on Truth. Del Rio scaled the ropes for the Double Stomp.

Your Winner: Alberto Del Rio
Raw Ranking: 2.5

Michael Cole sent it back to another Survivor Series. This time it was 2005, where Team Raw battled Team Smackdown. Randy Orton (Smackdown) defeated Shawn Michaels (Raw) to end the match.

Seth walked backstage and ran into New Day. Big E and Kofi were ready to join Seth. Seth let them join but only if they followed his lead. Seth needed one more guy. They did the Unicorn thing to bring back … Xavier Woods. New Day gushed about how they just could not lose. Woods wanted to play his trombone. Seth didn’t want to hear it…and neither did anyone else.

JoJo interviewed Sasha Banks. She wanted to know if she had any anxiety going into the Fatal Four Way match. Sasha didn’t feel any pressure. She was always ready to perform and win. Sasha wanted the title from Charlotte.

Sasha Banks vs Brie Bella vs Becky Lynch vs Paige
Fatal Four Way to determine the Number One Contender to the Divas Title

Raw looked back at how Paige turned on her former partners in Team PCB.

Brie went right after Becky. Paige just sat in the corner. Sasha attacked and then Becky took out both Sasha and Brie. Paige went right after Becky. Sasha came back but got Arm Dragged, several times. Sasha kicked Brie and threw her into a corner. Scoop Slam failed Sasha. Becky rolled up The Boss for two counts. Backslide by Becky failed. Sasha looked stunned at Becky’s abilities. Dragon Screw Leg Whip by Becky brought a two. Muta Slider Leg Drops by Becky. Brie with a Double Missile Dropkick. JBL brought up Velvet McIntyre. Hope she saw that. Paige took out Brie and then Becky tore into the Brit. Becky and Paige fought through the ropes and to the floor. Paige sent Becky into the ring steps and then shrieked. Brie blasted Paige. Sasha then attacked Brie. Banks hit her In Ropes Double Knees Drop. 2 count.

Brie pulled Sasha into the ropes and almost pinned her. Running Bulldog by Brie. 2 count, once more. Brie flew off the ropes but missed. Paige and Becky were still fighting on the floor. Paige tried to pin Brie but Sasha prevented it. Time for another break.

Brie was kicking the daylights out of Sasha, as Raw returned. Brie then went off on Becky. Paige rolled up Brie but couldn’t get the pin. Brie unloaded with kicks to Paige’s chest. Brie almost pinned Becky but Paige wouldn’t let that happen. Paige ran Brie into the corner and hit the Running Knee to the face. Paige blasted the ribs of Brie but Bella fought back. Sasha climbed up top and rained down punches on Brie. Wicked Four Way Tower of Doom. Everyone was down. Sasha rolled out of the ring. The three other women were down annd hurt. This was one of the best women’s matches that I’ve seen in the WWE. Someone been watching TNA?

Becky blasted Brie with Punches and Clotheslines. Clothesline to Paige and Dropkick to Brie. Becky did a weird Springboard kick to Paige. T-Bone Suplexes to Paige and Brie. Dis-Armer to Brie but Sasha made the save. Becky rolled up Sasha. And then Sasha applied the BankStatement. Paige broke it up and hit the Ram-Paige on Becky to get the shot at Charlotte.

Your Winner: Paige
Raw Ranking: 3.75

Paige was interviewed. She called her opponents “losers”. Paige went off on the Denver crowd for cheering “Baby Flair” (Charlotte). Paige let it be known that this was “Her House”. She then dismissed Byron Saxton.

It was time for another Survivor Series. This time, it was 2014. JohN Cena led his team against Team Authority. Big Show turned on his team. Dolph Ziggler overcame unbeatable odds to help eliminate (temporarily) The Authority from power.

Renee interviewed Charlotte. Charlotte was happy that Paige won, so she could get revenge on her former partner. Charlotte explained she works that much harder when people say she is ONLY there because she is Ric Flair’s Baby Girl.

Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods (Team Rollins) vs Roman Reigns, Jimmy Uso, Jey Uso, Ryback and Dean Ambrose (Team Reigns)
Traditional Survivor Series Match

Woods asked to start the match. He got Jimmy Uso. Woods bounced around and then charged, into a Thrust Kick. Tag to Jey. Superfly Splash. 1-2-3.

Xavier Woods—Eliminated

Kofi tagged in from Seth and stomped on Jey. Kofi and Big E with the Unicorn Stampede. Seth even played along. Kevi took the tag and was whipped into the Cannonball. Kevin stomped Jey and went for a pin. He only got two. Rear Chin Lock by Kevin. Tag to Kofi. Running Kick to Jey’s face brought another two. Kofi worked the neck. Randy Orton is out of action with a shoulder injury.

Kofi went up top but got popped on the fly. Jey dove over to tag Jimmy. Thrusts and Kicks rocked Kofi. Samoan Drop. Rikishi Run and Low Bridge. Big E flew out of the ring. U-So Crazy Suicide Dives. Frog Splash.

Kofi Kingston – Eliminated

Big E blasted Uso from behind. Jey tagged in and hit a Thrust Kick. Jey headed up top but Kevin got involved. That allowed Big E to take Jey off the ropes and hit the Big Ending.

Jey Uso – Eliminated

Big E tried for the Big Ending on Jimmy. When it failed, Kevin tagged in and hit the Pop Up Powerbom.

Jimmy Uso – Eliminated

Roman tore into Kevin and hit the Rolling Neckbreaker and Exploder Suplex. Corner Clothesline and Dean hit he La Bandera Clothesline. The fight went to the floor and everyone was laid out. Roman attacked Seth. Superkick by Owens. So many were laid out. Raw went to another break.

Big E clubbed Roman but couldn’t get the three. Seth tagged in and slugged it out on his former Shield compatriot. Seth urged Roman to get to his feet. Seth talked trash to Roman, which got him popped in the face. DDT, by Seth, for the two. Seth locked in a Sleeper but Roman battled free. Sling Blade by Seth for a two. Kevin took the tag and continued to beat on Roman. Backsplash Senton by KO. 2 count. Kevin blasted the face of Roman. Tag to Seth. Double Suplex to Roman. Seth posed for the crowd.

Seth floored Roman with a Running Forearm. Seth poked the angry dog until Roman “Hulked Up”. Roman unloaded with wild Haymakers to Seth. Dean got knocked off the apron. Roman launched Seth over the ropes. Tags to Big E and Ryback. Ryback hit the Spinebuster and then the tow collided. Meat Hook Clothesline as Big E came off the ropes. Everyone got involved in this one. Dean took down Kevin but Seth threw Dean into the steps. Big E with a Rolling Belly to Belly but he could not pin Big Hungry. Ryback escaped the Big Ending and hit Shell Shocked.

Big E – Eliminated

Pedigree to Ryback.

Ryback – Eliminated

Kevin pitched Dean into the barricade. Dean then crawled back in the ring. Dean blocked the Pedigree. Roman inched up to the corner. Dean crawled towards his partner but Seth knocked him off the apron. Uncontrolled Frenzy by Dean on Seth. Corner Splash led to the Running Bulldog by Dean. Kevin rushed the corner. Standing Savage Elbow by Dean. Rollins kicked away on Dean and would have pinned him if not for Roman. Running Facebuster by Seth. Kevin took the tag. Gutbuster by Kevin. Kevin yelled at Roman and then punished Dean with hard punches. Vicious Crossfaces, in the ropes, by Kevin. Dean would not give up. Seth took the tag and flew off the ropes to hit the Glancing Knee. 2 count.

Kevin took the tag and continued to beat on Dean. Seth screamed “Why won’t you die, Dean?” Dean seemed to wake up and unleashed a flurry of wild punches. Seth trash talked Dean. Dean got free and went off on both foes. Thrust Kick by Owens. Seth flew off the top and accidentally struck Kevin. Dean tossed Seth out and nailed Dirty Deeds.

Kevin Owens – Eliminated

Dean inched towards his corner. Seth did not want to get back in the ring. The “You Sold Out” chants rose to a crescendo. Tag to Roman. Reigns patiently waited for the World Champ. Seth tried to run away but Dean caught him. Clothesline by roman and Seth bailed out. He dove into the crowd but Roman caught he foot. Roman bounced Seth off everything in sight. Drive-By Dropkick. Back in the ring, Roman ran Seth into the corner. Corner Clotheslines hat nearly destroyed Seth’s neck. Tag and they tried for the Doomsday Device. Seth tried to escape, yet again. Seth got a chair and blasted Dean and Roman. The ref called for the bell.

Your Survivors (by Disqualification): Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose
Your Winners: Team Reigns
Raw Ranking: 4.25

Seth did his best, post-match, to injure Roman. He used the chair to bash Roman. Seth then got up in the ring and brandished the foreign (or is it still International?) Object. Roman came up with the Superman Punch and Seth ran like a scalded dog.


–Jay Shannon

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