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Ring of Honor presented one of the best Triple Threat Matches in recent history: Adam Cole vs A.J. Styles vs Kyle O’Reilly.

Kyle O’Reilly cut a promo about his two opponents. While Kyle looked forward to facing A.J. Styles but was more interested in destroying Cole.

Roll the opening montage!

We are still in San Antonio, TX. Nigel McGuinness and Mark Briscoe joined Kevin Kelly at the announce table.

Silas Young and the Beer City Bruisers vs The Young Bucks (Nick and Matt Jackson)

The Boys were with Silas. They now look completely different, dressed in Wife Beaters and Black Jeans. The Bucks recently signed on officially with Ring of Honor. The ring was completely obscured by the streamers. The ref called for the Code of Honor but it didn’t happen.

Nick took a Side Headlock on Silas. Push Off into a Nick Shoulder Tackle. Cartwheel nad RVD Back Droll led to a nice Dropkick. Tag to Matt. Springboard Leg Drop. They worked together to hit a Dropkick on BcB. Back Elbow by Matt. Silas nailed a hard Clothesline. Tag to Bruiser. Matt tore BcB up with wild punches. Silas tagged in and they double teamed Matt. Wicked Cannonball by Bruiser. Matt kicked out at two. Matt and Silas slugged it out as The Boys “Fanned It Up”. Double Boots by Matt. Bruiser went to Matt’s eyes. Tag to Nick. Spin Kick and Step Up Knee Strike. Back Elbow to Silas and Springboard Dropkick to Bruiser. Springboard X Factor to Silas and Nick flipped out to the floor. Backbreaker Clothesline by Silas. Silas with the Plunge but he took the first Superkick of this party. Dropkick to Bruiser. Silas decided to change the match to…

The Young Bucks vs The Boys

Matt took Boy A in a Side Headlock and then Shoulder Tackled him. Universal into a Superkick. I so miss Steve Corino during this match. Boy B took the tag. Nick also came in. Collar and Elbow into a Side Headlock by B. “Please Don’t Die” rang out. Nick dropped B but took a Dropkick and Japanese Arm Drag. Nick went to the eyes. Nick pitched B into the corner. Superkicks to Bruiser and Silas. Gutbuster by Nick. “Too Sweet!” grew from the fans.

Double Team by The Bucks. Running Clotheslines but The Bucks miscommunicated. Double Hurancanrana by A but he was dropped with the Superkick. B suffered the same fate. Buckle Bomb Enziguri. Double Bang for your Buck!

Your Winners: The Young Bucks
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.0 out of a possible 5

After the match, Silas and Bruiser read The Boys the riot act. The Jacksons slid back in the ring and hit a Superkick to Bruiser. Silas scooted out of the ring to avoid the same fate.

B.J. Whitmer came out and got up in Nigel McGuinness’ face. Whitmer also went off on Mark Briscoe. RoH showed how Steve Corino knocked out Whitmer, two weeks back. Kevin Kelly then talked about Nigel being served with legal papers from Veda Scott. She is going after RoH for unsafe working environment and such other silly crap. Nigel and Mark came back to the announce table for the next match…

Will Ferrara vs Roderick Strong

Code of Honor Handshake. Roddy tore into Will with Knife Edge Chops and a Whip. Boot Up into a Hurancanrana. Jumping Leg Lariat by Strong. Roddy stomped the kid in the head and nailed a Backbreaker. 2 count. Will punched the ribs as he rose to his feet. Picture Perfect Dropkick by Strong. Strong stomped away and then planted Will with a Back Drop Suplex. Rear Chin Lock by Strong. Strong went into a modified Camel Clutch/Cravat. Will turned around to decrease the pressure. Strong hit the Scoop Slam. Stomp to Will’s face.

Suplex brought Roddy a two count. Seated Abdominal Stretch by Strong. Roddy smiled at the camera until Will got free. Will with Running Back Elbows and the Rolling Neckbreaker. Roddy blocked Sliced Bread but fell to the Tornado DDT. 2 count. Strong slid out of the ring and seemed to have an injured leg. They went to the floor and Will caught Strong with a Tornado DDT. Will with a weak Canadian Destroyer. Roddy got free of another Sliced Bread and hit the Double Knee Gutbuster and Jumping Knee. Stronghold!

Your Winner (by Submission): Roderick Strong
Honor Roll Ranking: 2.75

Inside RoH looked at the feud between Roderick Strong and Jay Lethal. Strong has now been named as the Number One Contender to Lethal’s TV Title. Jay is seriously not happy with Nigel’s choice to give the shot to Strong. Jay cut a promo about Strong. He actually seemed to praise Strong, for a bit. Jay accused Strong of having Nigel in Strong’s back pocket. Jay screamed controversy. Jay ripped into Nigel for forcing him to defend both title on the same night. Jay reminded Nigel that Lethal is the best wrestler in the world.

Adam Cole (w/The Kingdom) vs Kyle O’Reilly (w/ Bobby Fish and Michael Elgin) vs A.J. Styles (w/The Young Bucks)
Triple Threat Match

Ringside was pretty much full of bodies. Jay Lethal was on commentary. The streamers filled the entire screen. Nigel McGuinness asked for the house microphone. Nigel ejected everyone not directly involved in the match from the ringside area. The Young Bucks were cool with leaving. The Kingdom grumbled but left. Fish and Elgin left as RoH headed to break.

Cole slid out of the ring as the match started. Kyle chased him back in. Styles with a Clothesline to the back of the head. That sent Cole to the floor. Kyle with wicked kicks. Styles took out both men by flying over the ropes. Kyle attacked Cole and went for a Figure Four. Tower of Doom-like Fisherman’s Suplex/German combo. Kyle was the main winner on that exchange. Styles Low Bridged Kyle and hit the Backflip DDT to the floor. Cole with the Suicide Dive to take out Styles. Cole worked over Kyle’s leg. Dragon Screw Leg Whip by Cole. Cole kicked Kyle’s knee and tried for a Figure Four. He didn’t get it and Kyle hit a Knee Strike and went into the Guillotine Choke. Styles with a Springboard Lariat. Shining Wizard by Cole to Styles. Calf Cutter by Styles. Cole then put Styles in the Figure Four. Kyle let go and went wild with Palm Strikes. Cross Armbreaker by Kyle. Fist Drop by Styles to Kyle. Jay was tickled to see these guys tear each other apart.

Scoop Slam by Styles to Kyle. Ring of Honor needed one more commercial break.

Pele! Monkey Flip into a Superkick by Kyle and Cole. Rebound Clothesline and Brainbuster by Cole. Styles made the save. Kyle unloaded on Styles with vicious strikes. Styles gave as good as he got. Triangle Choke by Kyle. Styles wanted the Styles Clash but Cole hit the Superkick. Neckbreaker by Cole to Kyle to put an end to this classic.

Your Winner: Adam Cole, Baby!
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.0

All of a sudden, all Hell broke loose as everyone hit the ring for a mega fight. The Young Bucks took out just about everyone with a wicked Flip Dive. “Too Sweet”! Double Indietakers to The Kingdom members of Taven and Bennett.Jay Lethal entered the ring and got right in Styles’ face.


–Jay Shannon

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