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It was a night that highlighted the House of Truth. Plus, reDRagon will partner with Michael Elgin to face The Kingdom.

Roll the opening montage!

Nigel McGuinness joined Kevin Kelly at the announce desk. Steve “King” Corino Nigel McGuinness joined Kevin Kelly at the announce desk. Steve “King” Corino has been pulled off TV, at least for now, for striking B.J. Whitmer (Last week).

Donovan Dijak (w/Truth Martini) vs Moose (w/Stokely Hathaway)

Dijak was basically there to take out Moose and protect Jay Lethal. Code of Honor Handshake as they stared daggers at each other.

Collar and Elbow and both men held their ground. Dijak came off the ropes but Moose stood strong. Hip Toss by Moose landed on his feet. Moose hit a Hell of a Dropkick that sent Dijak out of the ring. The fight headed out to the floor. Big Boot, by Dijak, into an Apron Chokeslam. Truth bragged about his man, Dijak. Springboard Moonsault, by Dijak, to the floor. Dijak went for another Moonsault but Moose got the knees up (they were back in the ring).

Moose hit a Battering Ram Headbutt and then Dropkicked Dijak over the ropes and to the floor. Awesome. Flip Dive by Moose. They are doing moves that guys half their size do. Leap Frog by Dijak. The two men threw fists and elbows back and forth. Bicycle Kick by Moose. Chokeslam Backbreaker by Dijak but it only brought a two. Dijak lifted Moose for Feast Your Eyes. Moose blocked it and threw Dijak into the corner. Incredible Missile Dropkick/Enziguri led to Moose’s Spear.

Your Winner: Moose
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.5 out of a possible 5

Cedric Alexander (w/Veda Scott) vs Dalton Castle

Castle came out without the flash and pizzazz that he usually sports. Cedric poked fun at Castle. Castle sent Cedric flying with an Exploder Suplex. Dalton bashed away on Cedric. Knee Strike and Cedric was sent to the corner. Go Behind into the Dead Lift Slam. Castle bashed the ribs and dug at the face. Gator Roll into a drop across Cedric’s back. Dead Lift Suplex by Castle. Dalton shimmied as Veda pulled Cedric out of the way. Running Dropkick by Cedric. Cedric stomped away at his foe. Knife Edge Chop and Whip by Cedric. Cedric got the Dropkick but he didn’t get full power on it. Cedric threw Knife Edge Chops but it just ticked off Dalton. Castle chopped away and sent Cedric to the corner. Dalton caught Cedric and hit a Close Quarters Belly to Belly. Dalton connected with a Big Boot and then took out Cedric with his Spinning Faceplant finisher.

Your Winner: Dalton Castle
Honor Roll Ranking: 2.5

Veda Scott got on the microphone and said Ring of Honor has put herself and Cedric Alexander in an unsafe work environment. Veda said they were going to take RoH to court. That figures.

Jay Lethal and Truth Martini came out to the ring. The fans showed great respect to the double champion. That changed when the fans began to chant for “A.J. Styles”. Truth started to talk but he was cut off by the arrival of…Roderick Strong.

Strong wanted to congratulate the House of Truth for making history. He also wanted to shake the hand of the man who beat him, Truth Martini. Roddy made it clear that Truth was the only reason that Jay is a champion and in RoH. Jay lost it. He said Truth didn’t win the gold, even though he is the smartest manager in the business. Strong wanted another match. Jay sounded like Ric Flair as he screamed that there would be no more matches. Roddy suggested Jay was scared of him. Jay explained that there were many men ahead of Strong. Jay called Nigel to get in the ring and fix this.

Nigel did say that Strong couldn’t go after the World title, right now. However, Strong could go after the TV title. Nigel named Strong the Number One Contender for the TV Title. Cool.

Inside RoH looked at the Best of Five Series, so far, between Matt Sydal and ACH. The first four matches have been some of the best that RoH has offered in the past couple of years. Matt took the first match but ACH came back to even it up. ACH pulled ahead when he won the third match. Sydal evened it up as he took the fourth contest. There is just one more match to go. The final match would happen at Survival of the Fittest. That winner will go into the Survival of the Fittest tournament to find a contender to the World title.

Adam Cole pushed his new t-shirt. He also pushed the Kingdom tee.

Matt Taven, Michael Bennett and Adam Cole (The Kingdom) vs Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly (reDRagon) and “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin
Six-Man Tag Team Match

Maria was with her team, The Kingdom. All Hell broke loose as the bell sounded. Kyle went right after his former partner, Adam. Double Team failed on Kyle. Bobby Fish took down everyone. Elgin Flip Dove over Kyle to take out everyone in sight. Fish then swept Taven’s leg and Matt struck the edge of the apron. Double Team by reDRagon. Michael with a Dead Lift and then left Adam for Kyle to apply the Cross Armbreaker. Kyle let go and they went to the reDRagon corner and Bobby took the tag…just as RoH went to break.

Elgin was legal and he pounded Taven before lifting him for the Stall Suplex. 1-2-not yet. Bobby took the tag and kicked away. Crescent Kick to Taven’s chest. Fish was ready to take out everyone but Bennett connected with a Superkick and Taven with an Enziguri. However, the Kingdom could only pull a two count. Cole tagged in and did his “Adam Cole…Baby” thing. Taven came back in and pulled Fish to the corner. Fake tag and Bobby got Snap Mared by Bennett. Dropkick by Bennett brought a two. Double Trip and Slingshot. Miz/Morrison Double Team variation as Raven hit an Elbow Drop. Kyle made the save. Cole took the tag and kicked away. Scoop Slam by Cole that led to the Elbow Drops. 2 count, yet again.

Wild Double Teaming by Bennett and Taven on Fish. The Kingdom kept tagging to keep the men fresh. Raven with the Snap Mare into a vicious Rear Chin Lock. RoH took a final commercial break.

Triple Superkick failed but the Exploder Suplex didn’t. Fish was hurt and Taven tagged in. Samoan Drop by Fish. Big Mike took the tag and the crowd chanted his new nickname. Back Suplex into a series of Elbows and Forearms. Taven rushed in but Michael lifted Bennett and Taven for a Dual Powerslam Could be…might be…Denied.

Bennett avoided the Buckle Bomb and hit a wild Haymaker. Bicycle Kick by Elgin. Elgin No Sold the Superkicks and hit the Clothesline. Tag to Kyle! Stereo Missile Dropkick by Kyle. Kyle jumped on Adam’s back and locked in the Kokina Clutch. Bennett made the save. Fish ran Bennett into the barricade. Kyle went wild with kicks and punches. reDragon with Shotgun Knees and a Double Team Gutbuster. Wicked Assisted Wheelbarrow Suplex by the Dragons. Double Superkicks on Kyle. Elgin tore into several guys until eating a Stereo Superkicks. Proton Pack and Shining Wizard by The Kingdom. Hail Mary failed. Elgin Buckle Bombed Bennett into Taven. Chasing the Dragon!

Your Winners: Bobby Fish, Kyle O’Reilly and Michael Elgin
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.25

The winners were jumped, after the bell. Kyle grabbed the microphone and warned Adam Cole that he couldn’t hide from him. Kyle demanded a one-on-one match, right now. Nigel explained that the guys have already wrestled, so it could not happen tonight. Nigel put Kyle into the match between Adam Cole and A.J. Styles. Holy Moley! Adam Cole vs A.J. Styles vs Kyle O’Reilly!


–Jay Shannon

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