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The World Title Series continued. The X-Division and Women got the chance to shine.

The show opened with an update of last week’s action. Mr. Anderson was mathematically eliminated from the tourney. Lashley had to fight both Ethan Carter III and Tyrus. EC3 got the three points.

Josh Mathews and Pope discussed the night’s matches. Josh brought up Group Champions and how great all four men are. Austin Aries beat Mr. Anderson and EC3, as I mentioned above, defeated Lashley (with tons of help from Tyrus).

Ethan cut a promo about besting Lashley.
Robbie E vs Matt Hardy
World Title Series, Group Tag Team Specialists, Opening Round

Robbie with the Go Behind. Matt punched the fists to get free. Matt worked the arm but Robbie turned things around. Standing Switches by both men. Robbie rolled and Kipped Up to get free of Matt’s Arm Bar. Hammerlock by Robbie. Matt ran Robbie into the corner and punched away. Whip by Matt into the Corner Clothesline. Robbie pushed out of the Bulldog and punched away on Matt. Corner Shoulders and Leg Lariat by Robbie. Robbie knocked Matt out to the floor. Matt tripped Robbie. Back Kick by Robbie and he hit a Senton to the floor.

Robbie psyched himself up and hit a Clothesline on Matt. Robbie brought Matt back in the ring and tried for a pin. He only got a two. Matt applied a Sleeper. Robbie escaped and headed to the corner. Matt spun Robbie in the ropes but Robbie fought back. Matt brought Robbie down hard. The two hit Forearms until Matt unleashed the Side Effect. 2 count. Robbie fought free from the 2nd Side Effect. Drop Toe Hold by Robbie. Flying Clothesline, off the ropes, by Robbie. Robbie hit a Back Elbow and climbed the ropes. Matt caught him and hit a Razor’s Edge Powerdrop Powerbomb. Matt went to the middle ropes and dropped an Elbow on Robbie. Matt set for the Twist of Fate but Robbie turned it into the Boom Drop. 1-2-kick out. That was just so close. Matt hit another Side Effect and went immediately into the Twist of Fate.

Your Winner: Matt Hardy (+3 points)
Impact Scorecard: 3.75 out of a possible 5

Wanted to send a quick shout out to a friend of mine, manager Stu Stone. He was my choice for Manager of the Year, last year, and he wrote me to let me know that he got picked up by Global Force Wrestling. Check him out…he’s so entertaining. Smile.

Matt Hardy showed great respect to his opponent, Robbie E. He now knows that Robbie is a credible threat. Robbie praised Matt. Grado came in and went all Fanboy with Matt Hardy. Matt took a Selfie and blocked Grado’s face. Too funny.

Grado vs Drew Galloway
World Title Series, Group UK, Opening Round

A video package about Drew Galloway aired.

Grado worked the arm and then tripped Drew. Cartwheel by Grado into a School Boy Drop. Drew applauded his foe. Drew offered a handshake but Grado kicked him. Drew with the Dead Lift German. Grado just went Code Brown. Knife Edge Chops by Drew. Drew missed a Chop and Grado hit several. Running Knife Edge by Drew. Accidental Low Blow by Grado. Drew lost his cool and nailed a Forearm. Kicks and Chops a plenty led to the Overhead Belly to Belly. 2 count.

Drew screamed at Grado to show him passion. Grado did just that. Running Bionic Elbow into a Uranage Powerslam. Grado nailed the Cannonball. Grado lifted Drew and put him on the top turnbuckle. Drew fought free and turned. Grado clipped the knee and threw Drew down into the Sullivan Tree of Woe. Drew hit a modified Superplex from the Tree of Woe. Claymore (Running Thrust Kick) to win this one.

Your Winner: Drew Galloway (+3 points)
Impact Scorecard: 3.0

The Gail Kim vs Awesome Kong feud was highlighted.

The dissolving of The Revolution was reshown. Storm was running off at the mouth about all the failures. Abyss bailed out after taking so much abuse. Manik quickly followed Abyss and Mahabali Shera. Abyss and Manik would later attack their former leader Josh and Pope talked about the birth, rise and fall of The Revolution.

Aiden O’Shea vs Crazzy Steve
World Title Series, Group Wildcard, Opening Round

Both men went into this match with no points. The loser of this match will likely be out of the tourney. Aiden didn’t like Steve’s antics. Aiden shoved Steve. Aiden punched Steve in the jaw, several times. Aiden clubbed the former Menagerie member. Steve punched the ribs of the big Chicago native. Steve was sent to the corner and Shouldered off his feet. Aiden rammed Steve into the corner, multiple times.

The two went out to the floor and Aiden clocked the oddball opponent. Aiden went to punch Steve but Steve moved and O’Shea struck the ring steps. Steve focused on the hand, biting it. Running Clothesline by Aiden to take the win.

Your Winner: Aiden O’Shea (+3 points)
Impact Scorecard: 2.0

Abyss cut a promo about destroying his past to get to the future. Abyss knew Storm manipulated him, in the past. Abyss no longer needed Storm or his group…he only needed Gold!

The James Storm vs Abyss match was previewed.

Another chapter in the Gail Kim vs Awesome Kong feud ran.

Grado was still confused by what happened to him in his earlier match. He didn’t even know how he got to the back. He praised his foe to the Heavens and back.

James Storm vs Abyss
World Title Series, Group TNA Originals, Opening Round

Storm talked about how he and Abyss were there since Day One. Storm said Abyss was a smart, smart man…smarter than the fans. Storm wanted Abyss to step out of the ring and let Storm win by way of count out. Abyss couldn’t believe Storm was serious but he was. Storm screamed at the fans. Abyss snatched the microphone out of Storm’s hands. Abyss reminded Storm just who he is. Storm then clocked Storm.

The bell rang and Storm dodged Abyss’ charge. Storm avoided the Chokeslam but fell to a Side Slam. Storm scooted out to the floor as TNA headed to break.

Storm went to the floor and slammed a beverage into Abyss’ face. Abyss caught Storm and tried to Chokeslam him into the ring steps. Storm escaped and sent Abyss into the ring post. Storm got a steel chair and he wedged it into the corner. Earl Hebner warned Storm that The Cowboy couldn’t use it. Abyss held the ropes to avoid being sent into the chair. Clotheslines by Abyss. Abyss charged but Storm moved. Abyss reversed a Whip but got sent into the chair that was stuck in the corner. Big Splash by Abyss brought a two.

Abyss went under the ring to find…Janice. Abyss brought the nail-studded board into the ring but didn’t get to use it on Storm. She got stuck in the turnbuckles. Code Breaker by Storm. Storm hit Abyss with the Cow Bell. 2 count. Really? Storm climbed the ropes but Abyss sat up. Abyss tripped Storm and went up the ropes. Storm fought out of the Superplex. He hit a modified Canadian Destroyer and hit the Savage Elbow. 1-2-How the Hell did he kick out?

Storm set for the Last Call Superkick but Abyss shook it off. Chokeslam! 2 count. Dang. The fans yelled for the Black Hole Slam. Earl moved Abyss back as Storm found a beer bottle. Storm spat beer in the face and nailed 2 Last Calls.

Your Winner: James Storm (+3 points)
Impact Scorecard: 2.5

Jeremy Borash interviewed Mahabali Shera.

Next week, Jeff Hardy will discuss the World Title match that started this whole World Title Series.

The Eric Young vs Bobby Roode feud was examined. The two will square off, next week.

Tigre Uno vs DJZ
World Title Series, Group X-Division, Opening Round

Tigre took DJZ down and then worked the arm. Tigre switched arms to focus on. DJZ took the X-Champ down with a Leg Pique. Dropkick by Uno. Tigre with a Hard Whip but he ate a boot. Hurancanrana by DJZ. DJZ flipped over the ropes and then back in. Leg Lariat by Tigre. Slider Dropkick by Tigre to gain a two count.

Tigre took DJZ to the apron but DJZ snapped the neck over the ropes. Slider Tilt-a-Whirl Head Scissors sent Tigre into the ring steps. The fans were so loving this match. Back in the ring, DJZ got a two count. Wicked Inside Out Clothesline by DJZ. DJZ threw the champ into the cornerand then Shouldered him. DJZ put Tigre up top and wailed away. Tigre blocked the Superplex. Front Drop Suplex by Tigre. Tigre flew off the ropes but took a Dropkick to the chest. 2 count.

Tigre avoided the Tornado DDT. Jumping Enziguri by Tigre. Baseball Slide Dropkick by Tigre. DJZ hit the floor hard. Tigre with a Tope con Hilo to the floor. Springboard Missile Dropkick by Uno. Knife Edges into a wild Flip Rana. 2 count. DJZ hit Shotgun Knees and went for the Tornado DDT. Tigre blocked it and hit a Samoan Drop. Split Legged Corkscrew failed but DJZ finally got his Tornado DDT.

Your Winner: DJZ (+3 points)
Impact Scorecard: 3.25

Another Awesome Kong vs Gail Kim piece ran.

Awesome Kong vs Gail Kim
World Title Series, Group Knockouts, Opening Round

The two women circled each other. Gail rolled under the charging Kong, twice. Kong caught Gail and threw her down. I so want to see Kong go to the finals. Gail unloaded with wild Forearms. Shoulder Block by Kong and Gail went to the floor. Gail with an Arm Breaker over her own shoulder. Kong reversed a Whip but Kong ran into the ring post. Gail went to the floor and TNA went to break.

Kong worked over Gail’s leg as TNA came back. Kong slung Gail into the corner. Kong smiled and then put Gail into the Camel Clutch. Gail tried to slide under but Kong just dropped down on her back. Gail slid out of the way of a Big Splash. Gail went for a Head Scissors but Kong just pushed her away. Kong Headbutted Gail and then walked up to her. Kong picked up Gail and clubbed the back. Gail punched the ribs but Kong just swatted her away. Sleeper by Kong and Gail began to fade. Jawbreaker by Gail. Gail kicked away at the much larger Kong. Back Heel Trip by Kong after she caught Gail’s leg.

Gail turned a Scoop Slam into a Leg Scissors Choke. Kong fell forward to rock Gail and break the hold. Gail knocked Kong out of the ring. Gail went to the apron and flew, knocking down Kong . The ref began the count. Gail slid in the ring and Kong joined her. Leg Scissors by Gail. Kong would not submit. The ref checked to see if Kong was out. She wasn’t. Gator Roll forced by Kong. Gail had to break the hold. Running Kick and Crossbody by Kong. Kong with a World’s Strongest Slam as we hit the 10 minute mark in this 15 minute match. Gail punched out of a Chokeslam and hit the DDT. The ref began the count on both women.

Knee Strike and kicks by Gail. Dropkick to Kong’s knee. Kong drew her strength back up and dropped Gail. Kong missed the Back Fist but went for the Implant Buster. Gail rolled Kong over and pinned Awesome Kong.

Your Winner: Gail Kim (+3 points)
Impact Scorecard: 3.75


–Jay Shannon

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