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Hell in a Cell had more shocks than a dozen horror movies combined. There were returns and a title change. Plus, the ending of the Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar match came completely out of left field.

Raw came live from San Diego.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon walked out to open the evening’s events. The announcers discussed Taker vs Lesnar as The Authority strolled towards the ring. Lesnar won the match in an almost perfect match. After the match, Undertaker was attacked by the entire Wyatt Family faction. It was a 4-on-1 mugging. They carried Taker to the back.

Stephanie and HHH praised all those involved in the show. HHH was thrilled to announce that Alberto Del Rio (El Patron) returned and took the U.S. Title. Stephanie then overly praised the WWE World Champion, Seth Rollins. Seth, by the way, was recently named Number One in the yearly PWI 500. Stills were shown of Seth Rollins’ victory over Demon Kane.

Stephanie mentioned how excellent Seth has been, since winning the World title. HHH ran down the list of great men that Seth has defeated. Stephanie knew they risked a lot to pick Seth as the champ. Seth has proven their faith justified. HHH confirmed that Seth has now ousted Kane as Director of Operations. They were so proud of Seth. Seth gave massive credit to The Authority for making Seth such a success. HHH said they would determine the number one contender by placing all the winners from Hell in a Cell into a series of matches. The winners would go into a Fatal Four Way to find the man who was next in line for Seth.

Roman Reigns came through the crowd to address The Authority and the fans. Roman promised to become the number one contender and take the title. Stephanie called for the games to begin…

Roman Reigns vs Kofi Kingston
Number One Contenders Tournament Match
Kofi and Big E made fun of Roman’s look and style. They also made sure Roman knew that they are champions and Roman isn’t.

The bell rang and Ro man just circled his foe. Side Headlock by Kofi. Push Off by Roman. Kofi slid under Roman and hit a Dropkick. Kofi was so proud of himself. Side Headlock, again, by Kofi. Roman with a Shoulder Tackle off the Push Off. Universal led to a Swinging Neckbreaker by Roman. New Day tossed JBL’s cowboy hat aside. Raw went to break.

Roman Suplexed Kofi form the apron back into the ring. Kofi held onto the ropes and then Back Kicked Roman. Roman decked Kofi and then sent him to the floor with a La Bandera Clothesline. Big E distracted Roman and Kofi sent Roman into the barricade. Kofi wailed on Roman until the ref pulled him back. Kofi kicked and punched away on the big Samoan. Flying Forearm, into the corner, by Kofi. Rear Chin Lock by Kofi. Roman got to his feet and punched away. He also hit a Headbutt. Slider Trip by Kofi. Kofi started the “New Day Rocks” chant. Kofi came off the top rope but could only score a two count. Roman powered up to his feet and hit a Back Drop Suplex. Both men were down and stunned. The ref started the count.

Roman opened up on Kofi with a pair of Clotheslines. He pulled Kofi in for a Powerbomb. Kofi punched out of it and tried for a Sunset Flip. Roman got free and clocked Kofi with solid rights. Corner Clotheslines nearly took Kofi’s head off. Roman ducked a Kofi flying attack and hit a Sit Out Powerbomb. 1-2-not yet. Roman set for the Superman Punch and used it on Big E (who had gotten up on the apron). Roman avoided Trouble in Paradise and finished off Kofi with the Spear!

Your Winner: Roman Reigns
Raw Ranking: 4.0 out of a possible 5

Miz was in the back with his little entourage of people. Miz wanted them all to watch him play WWE 2k16. Miz was determined to play as Stone Cold Steve Austin. I have most of the WWE games and they are usually excellent.

The announcers ran stills of the return and victory by Alberto el Rio. Del Rio will also get a chance to qualify for the World Title Fatal Four Way. Del Rio will battle Neville.

Cesaro vs Kevin Owens
Number One Contenders Tournament Match
(Intercontinental Title is NOT on the line)

Kevin cut an Insert Promo where he claimed he would soon hold both the IC and World titles. Kevin tried for a quick pin but failed. Kevin yelled at Michael Cole and almost got pinned. Kevin bashed his long-time enemy (back from the old RoH days). The two went back and forth with pin attempts. Cesaro just blasted Kevin in the face. He hit a Clothesline that sent Kevin out to the floor. The two threw Haymakers on the floor.

Back in the ring, Kevin bashed and battered his opponent. Kevin then yelled at Cole, again. That allowed Cesaro to hit a Stall Suplex. 2 count. Owens rolled out to catch his breath. Cesaro followed Owens out and the fight kept going. The two hit Clotheslines at the same time. Both men just barely got back in the ring before 10. Raw headed to another round of commercials.

We’re back and the two were still going strong. Uppercut Express by Cesaro. I love watching this guy (Cesaro) go. Kevin was sent to the floor by way of a Drpkick. Kevin started to walk off but Cesaro hit a Running European Uppercut, while carrying a “Cesaro Section” sign. Kevin went back in the ring but quickly rolled out. Cannonball, to the floor, by Cesaro. Cesaro tossed Kevin back in the ring. Flying Crossbody brought Cesaro a two count. Cesaro tired for he Swing but Owens nailed a DDT. 1-2-not yet.

Cesaro held the ropes to avoid the Pop Up Powerbomb and then he hit a Springboard European Uppercut. Awesome. Owens held the ropes to avoid the Cesaro Swing. Owens stayed in the ropes to hide. Owens caught Cesaro with the Pop-Up Powerbomb.

Your Winner: Kevin Owens
Raw Ranking: 4.5

Paige chatted on the phone. Paige bragged about how great her life is. Becky Lynch and Charlotte got bored and started to leave. Paige switched gears and praised her “friend”, Charlotte. Charlotte still wondered if Paige attacked Natalya, recently. After some trepidation, Becky and Charlotte okayed Paige joining them to face Team Bella…next.

Team PCB (Paige, Charlotte and Becky Lynch) vs Team Bella (Nikki and Brie Bella and Alicia Fox)
Six-Diva Tag Team Match

Highlight Stills of Charlotte vs Nikki ran. Charlotte overcame a brutal beating to put Nikki in the Figure Eight.

Paige shoved Nikki and asked to open the contest. Collar and Elbow and Paige flipped Nikki over. Japanese Arm Drag by Paige into a one count cover. Paige hit Shotgun Knees and a Running Knee Strike. 2 count. Nikki put down Paige and popped Charlotte in the face. Alicia took the tag and worked over Paige’s mid-section, for a moment. Fox sent Paige to the ropes. Double Dropkick and Double Kip Up by Paige and Charlote (now legal). Flair Knee Drop by Charlotte. Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker by Fox. 2 count. Brie tagged in and they double teamed Charlotte. Brie stomped away at the champ and called for Brie Mode. She hit the Knee Trembler and scored a two count. Surfboard by Brie as the “We Want Becky” chants broke loose. Brie heard them and mocked the chants. Danielson Kicks to the chest of Charlotte. Funk Neckbreaker by Charlotte. Brie was hurt. It was a botched Rude Awakening.

Becky took the tag and hit a wild Dropkick. Springboard Thrust Kick to Nikki, who had tagged in. Exploder Suplex but Brie made the save. All the women got involved. Becky rolled up Nikki but Nikki hit a wild Forearm. Rack Attack!

Your Winners: Team Bella
Raw Ranking: 2.5

Paige jumped Charlotte, after the match. Ram-Paige to the champ and to Becky Lynch. The fans appreciated it. PTO to Charlotte. The ref tried to stop the Pale Destructress. Paige got in one final stomp before leaving the ring.

The announcers ran Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker, inside Hell in a Cell, by way of WWE 2k16.

Tickets go on sale for Wrestlemania, next week. I found out, earlier this week, that I will be in Dallas, for Wrestlecon, in April. More details as I know them. Smile.

Stills of Lesanr vs Taker aired. I’m not sure if I would have given the match the Full 5.0 rating but it was darn close. Definitely, a Match of the Year contender.

Bray Wyatt will explain his actions, later on.

Alberto Del Rio and Zeb Colter were interviewed by Renee Young. Zeb brought up John Lennon’s Imagine. Zeb suggested Mexico and America should be one country…MexAmerica. Whatever. Zeb cut off Renee’s questions. She then asked ADR about facing Neville. He was not ready to let an immigrant take away his chance at the World title. Ok…

Neville vs Alberto Del Rio (w/Zeb Colter)
Number One Contenders Tournament Match
(United States Title is NOT on the line)

The bell went and Del Rio was sent to the ropes. Shoulder Tackle by Del Rio. ADR kicked away and worked the arm. He also slapped the head and dumped Neville out to the floor. Neville slid back under the bottom rope. Collar and Elbow took both men to the corner. Kicks and punches by ADR. Snap Mare and hard kick. Del Rio twisted the Brit’s arm. Neville tried to punch and kick free but was sent to the ropes. Neville with the Wheelbarrow Bulldog. He also hit the Tilt-a-Whirl. Springboard Crossobdy gave Neville a two. AR bailed out to the floor. Raw headed to commercials.

Del Rio twisted the neck of Neville. Durign the break, Del Rio hit the Back Stabber to regain control of the match. Neville nailed a Spin Kick but fell to the Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker. Del Rio yanked back on the hair of Neville. Neville got to his feet and slugged it out. Neville slid under Del Rio and unleashed a series of wild kicks, including a Slider Dropkick. Del Rio bailed out of the ring. Neville with a Tope Con Hilo that almost took out Zeb, as well. Standing Hurancanrana ,by Neville, when they got back in the ring. 2 count. Del Rio blocked the German Suplex but couldn’t avoid a kick to the face. Running Step Up Enziguri by Del Rio. 2 count, again. Del Rio showed respect to his opponent. Del Rio called for the Cross Armbreaker. He didn’t get it. Neville rolled up Del Rio but the MexAmerican came back with a 360 Clothesline. Del Rio stomped on Neville’s back and set for the end. He missed the Skidmark but landed on his feet. Neville went up top but Del Rio tripped Neville. Neville was trapped in the Sullivan Tree of Woe. Double Stomp and this one is done.

Your Winner: Alberto Del Rio
Raw Ranking: 4.25

Raw showed Miz doing a Be a Bully stop at a local Middle School.

Ryback, Bubba Ray Dudley and D’Von Dudley vs Rusev, King Barrett and Sheamus
Six Man Tag Team Match

D’Von took the early advantage until Sheamus hit the Rolling Senton. Rusev made the tag and pounded away. Front Face Lock by the big Bulgarian. Tag to Barrett. Snap Mare into a Rear Chin Lock by the King. The fans tried to urge D’Von to come back. D’Von kicked King in the jaw but took a Big Boot on the rebound. Tag to Sheamus.

Sheamus kicked away and hit a nice Suplex. Seated 10 Beats variation by the Celtic Warrior. Irish Curse Backbreaker by Sheamus. Barrett came in and rushed D’Von to the corner. Rusev then tagged in and hit Shoulders in the corner. Rusev blasted Bubba Ray but D’Von laid out Rusev with a hard Clothesline. Tag to Ryback!

Ryback just annihilated Sheamus. Bubba got the tag and planted King Barrett with the Uranage. Reverse 3D on Sheamus. Spinebuster, by Ryback, to Rusev. The Face trio got a Feed Me More chant going before hitting a Trio of Meat Hook Clotheslines. Wzazzup! To King Barrett. The Royal Jewels just got rattled. Bubba Ray called for the table. Kign Barrett surprised Bubba Ray with a Roll Up.

Your Winners: King Barrett, Sheamus and Rusev
Raw Ranking: 2.5

Should the WWE create a Six Man Tag Title? The International Tribunal (Rusev, Sheamus and Rusev) could battle the Wyatt Family.

More highlight stills from Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar aired.

Bray Wyatt sat in his rocking chair. He began talking about Undertaker’s 25-year reign of terror. Bray brought the Apocalypse to steal Undertaker’s soul. Bray screamed at everyone if they could feel it. Bray said he would return to destroy Roman Reigns, after he rids the WWE Universe of The Undertaker. Bray wanted more of the feasting on the soul of the Undertaker. Bray explained that the Undertaker’s soul was being shredded and ripped to pieces. Bray asked everyone to bow their heads and to have those at home to place their hands on the set and give a moment of silence for the Undertaker. Bray told Undertaker to Rest in Peace. I sense a traditional Survivor Series Match a brewing.

Kane came from the back to confront the Eater of Worlds. The lights went out and suddenly the ring was filled with the other members of the Wyatt Family. Kane tore into Luke Harper and Erick Rowan. Braun Strowman then faced off with the Demon. Kane bashed and battered Braun. Luke tried to get involved but Kane was having no part of it. Kane dumped Luke and Braun out of the ring. Kane Goozled Bray but Erick and Luke jumped him. Braun got involved and Kane was put down with a Double Chokeslam. The Wyatts took turns beating down Kane. This was such a trap. Kane was carried to the back. I would love to see:

Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, Erick Rowan and Braun Strowman vs Kane, Undertaker, Big Show and MANKIND at Survivor Series. That would be ever so cool.

The Wyatt Family continued to dag Kane into the depths of a fog-shrouded backstage area.

Big E vs Dolph Ziggler
Number One Contenders Tournament Match

Before the match could get started, “Prince Pretty” Tyler Breeze came from the back with Summer Rae. The Sultan of Selfies decided to watch the match. I can’t stand this poser.

Dolph tore into Big E with wild punches. Big E caught Dolph but couldn’t do anything with him. Dolph rolled up E for a two. Big E slid out to the apron. Big E was the Diesel to Dolph’s Shawn Michaels, at one point. Big E blasted Dolph with a hard Forearm. Dolph fought back and tried for the Funk Neckbreaker. Big E was just too strong. Shoulder Tackle by Big E. Abdominal Stretch by Big E and he tapped the ribs to the “New Day Rocks” rhythm. Big E and Dolph tumbled out to the floor. Dolph pitched Big E back in the ring. Dolph tried to kick Kofi. The distraction allowed Big E to nail a Clothesline. 2 count. Break time.

Dolph came off the ropes but Big E laid him out with a Back Elbow. 2 count. Big E choked Dolph with a boot. Big E stomped the chest of the Show Off. Dolph snapped Big E’s neck over the top rope. Dolph jumped on Big E and then slapped on the Sleeper. Kofi was freaking out. Big E with a Back Run to bra kth hold. Flying Corner Shoulder by Big E. 2 count. Kofi yelled at all the Unicorns to get the Horns up. What the Heck ever. Big E blocked the Famouser and hit a Powerbomb. Dolph escaped the Abdominal Stretch and hit a Dropkick. Corner Splash into the Funk Neckbreaker. Huge Heart Stopper Elbow Drop by Ziggler. Big E blocked the Superkick and sent Dolph sailing into the corner with a vicious Slingshot. Dolph slammed into the ringpost at warp speed. Wow. Big E invaded Breeze’s Red Carpet area. Dolph hit the Famouser on Big E as he slid back in the ring. 1-2-kick out. Dolph missed the Corner Splash. Big E hit he Big Splash but still couldn’t get the three.

Big E wasted way too much time with the Unicorn crap. Superkick, on the apron, by Dolph. Big E blocked the Jumping DDT but hit the corner post. Zig Zag!

Your Winner: Dolph Ziggler
Raw Ranking: 3.5

Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose chatted in the back. Dean reminded Roman just how close Reigns has been, in the past. Dean talked about how Bray and Seth screwed him over. I smell a Heel Turn for Dean. Roman said “I got this”.

Titus O’Neil was in the ring with several Breast Cancer Survivors and WWE Superstars. Titus got the crowd going when he talked about Rise Above Cancer. Titus talked about the Hope that was there to be had. Titus thanked the WWE Universe for answering the call to Rise Above Cancer. He got that chant going.

In the back, Miz was still playing the new video game, WWE 2K16. Miz did a real nice Steve Austin impression. Suddenly, the REAL Steve Austin showed up. I so hope we get promotional stuff for the game at work. Smile.

Seth Rollins came from the back to watch the main event. Seth joined the announce team for this one.

Alberto Del Rio vs Roman Reigns vs Dolph Ziggler vs Kevin Owens
Fatal Four Way to determine the Number One Contender to the WWE World Title

Roman and Alberto squared off as Kevin punched Dolph. All four men ended up on the floor. This is a No Count-Out, No Disqualification match. Kevin pounded on Roman and then kicked Dolph. Del Rio and Roman blasted Owens. Roman threw Del Rio into the barricade. Kevin rocked Roman with hard shots. Back in the ring, Kevin threw Corner Shoulders. Kevin choked Roman with the knee. Del Rio flew off the barricade to lay out Dolph. Del Rio then came back in the ring to work with Owens to beat up Roman. Roman kicked and punched both foes. Side Drop Suplex to Del Rio and Back Drop Suplex to Owens. Samoan Drop to Dolph, who rushed the ring. Del Rio kicked Dolph and then unloaded on Roman with hard kicks. Roman dumped Del Rio out with a La Bandera Clothesline. Drive By to Owens. He then hit an Announce Table version to Owens. Dolph used a Superkick to put down Roman. Raw headed to commercial.

Dolph was getting annihilated by Del Rio and Owens as the show returned. Del Rio stepped on the apron to kick Roman in the face. Del Rio slammed Roman’s face into the ring steps. Seth cackled at his former partner’s fate. Dolph was slid out and stomped Roman. Del Rio and Owens then squared off. Owens popped Del Rio and then all Hell broke loose. Del Rio wore out Kevin with hard punches. Kevin came back but missed the Backsplash Senton. Del Rio hit his Superkick but Owens fell out of the ring. Roman nailed the Samoan Drop on Del Rio. Corner Clotheslines by Roman to Del Rio. Big Right caused Del Rio to tumble out of the ring. Dolph jumped Roman for he Zig Zag but couldn’t connect. Roman and Dolph stood face to face. Roman blasted Dolph got took a Superkick and Jumping DDT. Could be…might be…Denied.

Sit Out Powerbomb by Roman brought him a two plus. Superman Punch but Del Rio threw Dolph to the outside. 1-2-kick out by Dolph. Kevin rocked Roman on the floor. Del Rio missed the Step Up Enziguri and Doph connected with the Famouser. 1-2-nope. All four men were beyond spent, by this time.

Del Rio with a Front Drop. 2 count, one more time. Del Rio stmped away on Ziggler. Dolph tripped Del Rio on the top rope. Seth was loving this. Tower of Doom converted into an Electric Chair attempt. Superman Punch. Cannonballs by Owens. Roman hit a Drive By to Del Rio. Owens invited Roman to come on in. Roman hit the Superman Punch and Spear on Owens to earn the World title shot.

Your Winner: Roman Reigns
Raw Ranking: 4.5

Seth Rollins suddenly went all silent as the reality sunk in about who he was about to have to face. Seth was still confident that he will be able to defeat Roman Reigns. Roman hopped out of the ring and got right up in the face of his former compatriot, Rollins. Roman stared at the WWE World title belt. Seth snatched up the strap and threw it over his shoulder. Dead eyes from the big Samoan. Roman slapped the title belt to make it clear he was coming after the strap. Roman then turned his back on the World Champion.


–Jay Shannon

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