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The World Title Series continued and the first victims fell as the field began to reduce from 32 to 16. Who wouldn’t make the cut?

The show kicked off with a look back at the World Title match that began this Series. Matt Hardy had no choice but to surrender the title, after Ethan Carter III threatened legal actions to hold up the company. TNA showed a handful of title endings. Tonight, the X-Division and Group Champions would get their chances to shine.

Group Champions’ Round Table re-aired.

Mr. Anderson vs Austin Aries (w/ Thea Trinidad)
World Title Series, Group Champions, Opening Round

Hammerlock by Aries but Ken turned into a Side Headlock. Ken Hip Tossed Aries and nailed a Dropkick. 1 count only. Go Behind by Aries into a Takedown. Aries took a Side Headlock. Ken reversed things. Thea cheered on her man, Aries. Aries tried for a pin but didn’t get the three. Aries partially connected with a Missile Dropkick. Aries took the worst of it. Ken stomped away on Aries. Ken worked over the shoulder but Aries rolled up Ken for a two. Clothesline by ken for a two. Ken seemed on 11 for this match. If he loses, he could be out of the tourney. Arm Bar by Ken. Knees got Aries free. Ken with Corner Shoulders but he ended up hitting the post after Aries moved. Springboard Savage Elbow by Aries but it only brought a two. Aries unloaded as Pope brought up Austin Starr (Aries’ former identity). Ken blasted Aries but then got pummeled by Aries.

Ken blocked a shot and did a Double Thrust to the throat. Ken with a Whip but Aries hit a Crossbody. Ken was trying for the same move and both men went down hard. TNA went to break.

Ken Clotheslined Aries and hit the Rolling Neckbreaker. Aries fought out of the Green Bay Plunge. Ken flipped Aries on the apron. RVD Roll as the 5 Minute Warning came up. Suicide Dive by Aries. Missile Dropkick by Aries. Thea applauded her man. Ken caught Aries on the fly. Green Bay Plunge. 2 count. Aries blocked the Mic Check. Ken avoided the Brainbuster He placed Aries on the turnbuckle. Ken blasted his foe and then tried for some kind of top rope move. Bell Ringer by Aries and Ken fell to the canvas. 450 Splash. 1-2-not yet.

Spinning Heel Kick by Ken. Ken went up top but got caught. Super Green Bay Plunge. Could be…might be…Denied. Aries battled out of the Mic Check. Aries dropped down to avoid the Mic Check. Discus Elbow and then Aries ran…into a Big Boot. We were down to the final minute. Super Brainbuster!

Your Winner: Austin Aries (+3 points)
Impact Scorecard: 4.0

Mr. Anderson will not go into the Final 16 but he could still play Spoiler for future First Round Matches.

TNA looked at the fantastic Ultimate X Match from Bound for Glory. Tigre Uno somehow managed to retain in a vicious match. “Hurricane” Gregory Shane Helms showed up, after the match, to shake Tigre’s hand. I’ve met Helms, a few years back, and while I can appreciate his talent, I don’t care much for him as a person.

Tigre Uno vs Mandrews
World Title Series, Group X-Division, Opening Round

Tigre with a Heel Trip to start his one. Tigre tried to lock up the extremities but Mandrews pushed free and grabbed an Ankle Lock. Standing Switch by Tigre. Modified Bow and Arroe by Mandrews. Tigre got free nad both men took turns dropping their foess.

Knuckle Lock by both men. Knife Edge Chop by Tigre. Open Hand Slap by the X-Champ. Mandrews tripped Tigre and then worked on his back. Standing Moonsault by Mandrews. Hesitation Dropkick by Mandrews brought a two count. Tigre hit a knee and then tried for the Abdominal Stretch. He lifted Mandrews in a wicked Body Twist into a Powerbomb. Jumping Legdrop by Tigre. Mandrews slid out of the ring but Tigre put him back in. 2 count. Tigre missed a Corkscrew Plancha into the middle of the ring. Tigre punched away on the Brit. Nice Dropkick by Mandrews. Tope Con Hilo by Mandrews. Mandrews rolled Tigre back into the ring and then scaled the ropes. Mandrews took way too much time before going for the Shooting Star Press. Tigre threw Mandrews arouond before hitting a German that sent Mandrews into the corner. Tigre Uno then finished off Mandrews with the Split Legged Moonsault.

Your Winner: Tigre Uno (+3 Points)
Impact Scorecard: 3.75

Austin Aries talked about how tough his road has been to get nearer to the World Title. Aries has been asked how he stayed motivated. He was his harshest critic and biggest fan. Aries said Thea Trinidad was there to push him to the next level.

Josh sent it to a highlight package of the Drew Galloway vs Ethan Carter III vs Matt Hardy, from Bound For Glory. Jeff Hardy was the guest referee for this one. At one point, Ethan got into it with Jeff. Jeff blasted Ethan. That strike would play into the final outcome. Matt took down Drew with a Twist of Fate to gain the title. Within days, Matt would surrender the title.

Jessie Godderz vs Crimson
World Title Series, Group Future Four, Opening Round

The Finish:

TNA showed only a highlight of this one. Jessie slapped on the Adonic Crab and Crimson tapped out.

Your Winner (By Submission): Jessie Godderz (+3 points)
Impact Scorecard: Impossible to Grade as only the ending was shown

Jessie cut a lengthy promo about how great he is. Blah Blah Blah. Yawn!

Eli Drake vs Micah
World Title Series, Group Future Four, Opening Round

The Finish:

The two fought to a draw via a Double Countout.

Your Winner: Double Countout (+1 Point, Each)
Impact Scorecard: Again, Impossible to Grade

Manik vs DJZ
World Title Series, Group X-Division, Opening Round

Manik wore the mask, this time around. He has gone maskless, lately. Manik worked over both arms of his foe. Side Headlock by DJZ. Manik flipped DJZ over. Standing Switch by DJZ as Pope brought up Suicide. I love when he calls up former identities. Manik tried to work the neck but DJZ sent Manik to the ropes. Manik tried to go after the arm but DJZ sent Manik flying with the Arm Drags and Drpokick. Manik sent DJZ into the ring post. Drop Toe Hold into a Cero Miedo Arm Breaker (Pentagon Jr.).

Manik brought DJZ up and hit a series of SUplexes. 2 conut. DJZ worked over Manik’s ribs. Running Hurancanrana by DJZ. DJZ sent Manik off the apron. Slider Dropkick by DJZ, under the bottom rope. DJZ with a Crossbody, off the top rope. Inverted Atomic Drop into a Back Elbow by DJZ. Manik avoided the Tornado DDT. Manik cinched in the Cross Armbreaker but DJZ would not submit. La Magistral Cradle by DJZ brought him a two. Inside Out Gutbuster by DJZ. Manik’s mask had slipped, slightly. DJZ headed up top. DJZ flew off the top and got Dropkicked. Manik missed the Frog Splash. Tornado DDT blocked. Modified Pele to take the win.

Your Winner: Manik (+3 points)
Impact Scorecard: 3.5

Pope and Josh ran down next week’s matches. They are going to be PPV-Quality battles.

(Bobby) Lashley vs Ethan Carter III (w/Tyrus)
World Title Series, Group Champions, Openign Round

Earl Hebner was in charge of this match. Collar and Elbow and they went to the corner. Earl forced the break. Ethan bailed out of the ring. Ethan touched base with Tyrus and then returned to action. Collar and Elbow and they went to the corner, again. Ethan shoved Lashley and punched him. Lashley charged but Ethan slid between the ropes. Ethan got on his bicycle and did what he could to throw Lashley off his game. Ethan pounded on Lashley but a Shoulder Block dropped the former Champ. Whip by Lashley into a vicious Corner Shoulder. Lashley sent Ethan across the ring and hit the same Corner Shoulder. Corner Mount Punches to Ethan’s face. Lashley went for the Spear but Ethan dodged him. Clothesline and then a La Bandera Clothesline as TNA went to break.

Lashley came after Ethan but Tyrus blocked the way. Ethan then went around his bodyguard to attack. Lashley was thrown into the ring steps. Ethan’s back was put down with a Powerbuster, on the floor. Lashley rolled Ethan into the ring. Tyrus then ran Lashley into the ring post. Lashley’s head struck the post so hard. Lashley got in the ring and kicked out of a pin attempt. Ethan choked Lashley with the knee. Lashley punched away but got thrown out of the ring. Tyrus Powerslammed Lahley. Shouldn’t that be a DQ?

Ethan came out and got Lashley. We were at the five minute mark. Lashley blocked a Suplex and hit one of his own. Drop Toe Hold by Ethan into a Camel Clutch. No way was Lashley going to tap out. Fall Back Drop to rock Ethan. Lashley and Ethan slugged it out. German Suplex by Lashley, followed by a Belly to Belly. Corner Clothesline by Lashley into the Torture Rack. Ethan raked the eyes to slip free. Flip Powerslam by Lashley but it only brought a two. Rolling Kokina Clutch by Lashley. Tyrus looked so nervous. Ethan slipped around to get near the ropes. Tyrus put the foot on the ropes. STO by Ethan but it only brought a two. Corner Splash by Ethan. We hit the 2 minute warning. Corner Mount Punches by Ethan. Last Ride Powerbomb by Lashley. Lashley set for the Spear and hit it. Tyrus yanked Lashley out of the ring. Lashley slid back in and tried for the pin but Ethan kicked out. Lashley picked up Ethan but Tyrus got in the ring. Spear by Lashley. Ethan tried for the steel chair but it didn’t connect. Low Blow into the 1%er.

Your Winner: Ethan Carter III (+3 Points)
Impact Scorecard: 3.0


–Jay Shannon

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