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Get ready for things to get insane as Jay Briscoe and Adam Page go one-on-one in a No Holds match. Parental Guidance just MIGHT be advised.

Steve “King” Corino and Kevin Kelly were our announce team.

The Addiction (Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian) vs All Night Express (Rhett Titus and Kenny King)

Addiction’s music so reminds me of the old Accept anthem “Balls to the Wall”.

Code of Honor Handshake. Chris Sabin was at ringside for The Addiction. Kaz tore into King with Forearms and kicks. King with a Whip and Back Elbow. Kaz reversed a Whip and Sabin grabbed King’s ankle. King flipped Kaz over the top and onto Sabin. The ref ejected Sabin from ringside. Double tam by ANX. King pounded Kaz but took a knee. Tag to Rhett. Double team by ANX. Side Headlock Takeover by Titus. RoH took a quick break.

Jay Briscoe cut a scathing promo on Adam “Green Boy” Page. Jay didn’t think Adam had any clue what he was getting into. Jay promised to be “the biggest damn bump in the (career) road” for Page.

Double Whip and attack by The Addiction. Daniels stood on his fallen foe’s chest in an arrogant cover. 1 count, only. Titus punched the ribs of “The General”. The two went back and forth with shots until Daniels poked the eyes. Front Face Lock by Daniels. Christopher clubbed the back and knocked King off the apron. Kaz tagged back in and stood on the throat of Titus. He then tagged out to Daniels.

Titus fought out of the Double Team and got the tag to King. King was Una Casa Del Fuego on his foes. Spin Enziguri into a Spinebuster by King. Double Team by ANX as Titus came back in. High/Low by The Addiction. They then worked over Titus with a Clutch Legdrop combo. Titus fought out a Doomsday Device. King with Shotgun Knees. STO by Daniels. Everyone was down. Exploder Suplex to King. Brainbuster by Daniels. Rhett with multiple kicks and a nice Uranage. A red masked guy got involved. It was obviously Sabin. Dropkick by Rhett. Wicked Springboard Blockbuster double team. Call that the After Party!

Your Winner: The All Night Express
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.75 out of a possible 5

The Kingdom came out in full force. Adam Cole had some explaining to do, regarding his turn on his former friend and tag partner, Kyle O’Reilly. RoH showed how The Kingdom won the tag belts. They told a weird story about the Farmer and the Snake. It was basically to explain how The Kingdom are all snakes that will bite even those that seemed to be on their side. Maria introduced herself as Maria Kanellis-Bennett. She informed everyone she was the manager of the best group in wrestling. Matt Taven said the gold they share proves their greatness. It was explained that Cole was on a mission to regain the World Title. Cole knew everyone wanted the answer “Why?”. Cole said Kyle did not deserve to be near the World title, it was his to have. He called himself the better member of Future Shock. Cole knew he was just a little bit better than Kyle. Cole ran down the other top contenders and trashed them all. Cole was determined to have both the TV and World titles added to the collection.

ReDRagon tried to rush the ring. Refs and security held Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish as bay. Bobby took the stick and warned Adam that he had no idea what he has done. Bobby said they would eventually get the tag straps but they were ready to destroy the Kingdom. Suddenly, the lights dimmed and Michael Elgin stormed from the back. Big Mike was ready to join the party. Mike Low Bridged Taven and then blasted Cole and Bennett. That got the “Big Mike” chant going. Mike said he was there as back up for reDRagon. RoH went to break before the Main Event.

Inside RoH looked at how The Boys were now “owned” by Silas Young. Young has promised to turn the two young kids into “Men”. Silas won “The Boys” after a Low Blow led to Misery. Last week, Silas and Beer City Bruiser did their best to make men out of the young boys. Next week, Dalton Castle returns to action…minus his boys. That should be interesting.

Adam Cole talked about an upcoming match against A.J. Styles. Cole was ready to dethrone Styles from his spot as Number One Contender to the World Title.

Next week, we will see The Kingdom vs reDRagon and “Big Mike” Michael Elgin.

Jay Briscoe vs Adam Page
No Holds Barred Match

B.J. Whjitmer joined that announce team. Corino wasn’t putting up with any of Whitme’s crap. Everyone agreed that this was the biggest match of Page’s career. Jay brought up the “Jay is going to Kill ya” chant.

Page faked the Code of Honor and then slapped Jay in the face. Briscoe totally exploded on Adam. Massive La Bandera Clothesline took both men to the floor. Jay threw Adam into the barricade. Adam’s shoulder was already hurt and that didn’t help. Jay went for a Suicide Dive but took a chair to the skull.

Adam set up a table but Jay walloped him in the face with a chair. Adam reversed a Whip and sent Jay into the barricade. They both got back in the ring. Adam set up a chair but didn’t get to immediately use it. The two went back and forth with knees and punches. Mark Briscoe rushed down and took Whitmer’s crutch before B.J. could give it to Adam. Jay lifted Adam but couldn’t hold him. Adam with a Chair Jump DDT that brought a two. RoH went to another break.

Page dropped Jay with a Running Back Elbow. Adam screamed at Jay “You will know my name!” That went back to a few weeks ago when Jay seemed to not know who Adam is. Adam charged and hit the ring post. He landed on the table. Warrior’s Way Double Stomp to send Page through the table. Jay pitched Page back in the ring, as Whitmer whined about this not going according to plan. Funk Neckbreaker by Jay. Hangman’s Neckbreaker by Jay. Jay grabbed the steel chair. He placed it around Adam’s neck and hit another Hangman’s Neckbreaker. Wow! Jay went under the ring for more toys. He found another table. Jay slid it in the ring and then crawled under the bottom rope. Jay blasted Adam in the face as Whitmer grumbled about Page’s destruction. Knee Choke by Jay after Jay sat the table in the corner. Jay put Adam on the propped up table and punched away. Adam came back with a big kick and used a Pump Handle Throw to put Jay through the table. 2 count. RoH took a final break as the fans chanted “You Can’t Bear Him” at Adam Page.

Wild European Uppercuts by Jay. Jay tried for a Jay Driller, off the apron, but Page turned it into a Back Body Drop. Shooting Star Press, off the apron, by Page. Page found a third table and set it up. Page rolled Jay back into the ring. Jay and Page fought through the ropes. Big Knee by Page. Page went to flip into the ring but got nailed by a Clothesline. Jay dragged Adam onto the apron. Both men tried for their finishers. Jay bashed Adam with a steel chair and hit the Jay Driller…through the table! Oh My God…Adam Page is Dead. The fans agreed with me with their “You Just Killed Him” chant. He wasn’t quite dead, yet. Adam actually kicked out at two! Everyone was in total chock.

Page spat in Jay’s face, which caused Jay to explode. Thrust Kick by Page. Spear by Jay into the Jay Driller!

Your Winner: Jay Briscoe
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.5

Kevin and Steve really went off on Whitmer for not being there for his charge, Adam Page. Whitmer got in the ring and attacked Jay with his crutch. Corino left the announce desk and got in the ring. Steve way-leighed Whitmer with one punch! We may never see Corino at the announce desk again but DAMN that was so worth it.Corino hugged his long-time broadcast partner and friend and let the arena.


–Jay Shannon

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