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It was a night filled with Legends as Raw returned to my hometown, Dallas, TX.

Before I get started, I want to send out some very special birthday wishes to my grandson, Dave, and my half-sister, Sherry. Plus, one of my longest, dearest friends, Leslie, had her birthday on the same day as my other family members. She’s family too. Smile.

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin came out to open the show. He got one Hell of a pop form the Dallasites. For those who may not know, Dallas was where Dallas was trained by “Gentleman” Chris Adam trained Steve and got him started in World Class. Steve mentioned the Auditorium (Rest in Peace). Steve mentioned he helped break in the American Airlines Arena, a few years back. Steve pushed his Stone Cold Podcast, later tonight. Brock Lesnar will be his guest. Steve then brought out The Undertaker (who also got his start in Texas. In fact, Undertaker’s very first match, under a mask, was against a young Steve Williams/Austin. I have that match on a disc around here somewhere.

The Dead Man strolled through the purplish fog. Michael Cole mentioned that Undertaker has been in more Hell in a Cell matches than anyone else. The crowd showed their love for the man from Death Valley. Taker addressed Brock, directly. Taker said they had one last battle to fight. Taker warned that where he was going to take Brock would make the Depths of Hell look like the Gates of Heaven…

Brock Lesnar emerged from the back, with Paul Heyman. Paul did his typical intro thing. Paul knew both Taker and Lesnar were consumed with the need for revenge. Paul knew that Taker lusted for the need to avenge the destruction of the legendary Streak. Paul was certain that Taker was going to have a tainted legacy, after Sunday. Paul threatened to have Brock take everything from Taker. Taker removed his hat and duster jacket and stated he had nothing left to lose. He then called out Brock to come meet him in the ring. Paul begged Brock to stay away from Taker. Brock really thought about it and then jumped up on the apron. Paul screamed that this was not the time for this. Paul warned Brock that Taker was in Lesnar’s head. Brock hopped down off the apron and backed up the ramp. Paul felt Brock had turned the tables on the Mind Games. Taker did the Throat Slice to send a serious message to The Beast.

John Cena, Bubba Ray Dudley and D’Von Dudley vs Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods and Big E (New Day)
Six-Man Tag Team Match

Raw showed a recent beat down of John Cena, the Dudleys and Dolph Ziggler, by New Day, from a couple weeks back. New Day went cheap heat on everything Dallas. New Day said it was time to kick some *ss.

Bubba tossed Kofi around and threw him into a pair of corners. Flip, Flop and Fly to the skull of Kofi. Tag to D’Von. Double Team on the tag champ. New Day bailed out to the floor as Raw took a commercial break.

Cena was down in the corner and New Day did the Mudhole Round Robin Stomp-a-thon thing. Whip Dropkick to John’s chest. Kofi only got a two count. Woods took the tag and hit a Slider DDT to gain a two count. Big E entered the match and danced around. Hard Whip into a Side Slam (after a bit of dancing). 2 count, again. Big E taunted the Dudleys. Standing Dropkick by John. Big E with the Rolling Belly to Belly to earn another two count. Big Splash missed. Tag to D’Von.

D’Von dropped Woods, who was also legal. Flapjack to Woods and Clothesline to Kofi. Spinebuster by D’Von but Big E made the save. Bubba blasted Big E but ended up sent into the post. John flew off the ropes to take out Big E. Woods with a surprise Roll Up on the distracted D’Von. Woods pulled the tights to get the win.

Your Winners: New Day
Raw Ranking: 3.0 out of a possible 5

The losing team attacked New Day. AA to Woods. Bubba called for the Tables! D’Von got it and slid it in the ring. Bubba got up on the ropes to go all Dixie Carter on the trombonist. Bubba Powerbombed Woods through the table!

Something is going on with Randy Orton. He is injured, most likely caused by the Wyatt Family. Renee Young was set to interview Dean Ambrose about what he was going to do, now, against Luke Harper and Braun Strowman.

Maybe Dean could fight Luke and Braun could challenge John Cena in the U.S. Open Challenge. John’s title defense was announced during the opening match.

Renee brought out Dean Ambrose. She asked Dean if he knew anything about Randy. Dean knew that the Wyatts got to Randy. Dean didn’t want to wait until Sunday. He threw out an open challenge, tonight, to Luke and Braun.

Nikki Bella and Alicia Fox vs Naomi and Sasha Banks

Fox began the contest against Sasha. Fox slapped Sasha and they locked up. Sasha broke the Collar and Elbow as they reached the ropes. Side Headlock by Fox. Shoulder Tackle by Fox. Sasha grabbed the arm and then tagged out to Naomi. Lead Frog Sit-down by Naomi. 2 count. Fox scooted to the corner as Raw headed to break.

Naomi barely kicked out of a pin as Raw returned. Double Team by Team Bella. Nikki held a Rear Chin Lock until Naomi Elbowed free. Naomi then kicked away at the former Divas Champion. Nikki stomped away on Naomi. Nikki used her butt to push Naomi’s neck into the middle rope. Fox got in a cheap shot as the ref moved Nikki back. Naomi with a nice Enziguri. She crawled towards Banks. Tag to Nikki, who had just tagged out. Nikki bashed Sasha but Naomi got free and Sasha exploded with a nice Dropkick and Shotgun Knees. Sasha took out Fox and yelled at Brie. Wicked Forearm by Nikki. Naomi got the Crossbody but Nikki rolled through. Naomi barely kicked out at two. Naomi yelled at Brie and fell to a Spinebuster. Nikki knocked Sasha off the apron. Naomi fell out of the Rack Attack but got launched into the corner. Nikki went back to the Rack Attack, which connected.

Your Winners: Nikki Bella and Alicia Fox
Raw Ranking: 2.75

Michael Cole sent it back to the main event fiasco of last week. Corporate Kane put himself against Seth Rollins. HHH ordered Kane out of the match…so Corporate Kane was replaced by Demon Kane. Demon Kane destroyed Seth Rollins in the Lumberjack Match. Corporate Kane has been suspended, for the night, by The Authority.

In the back, Shawn Michaels chatted with his old DX running buddy, Triple H. Shawn will be out in the next segment.

A video package ran for the WWE’s campaign to help eliminate Breast Cancer. My mom is a Breast Cancer survivor and I am so proud of her for having such a fighting spirit.

HBK danced his way from the back. Shawn joked about taking a kid’s piece of pizza on the way to the ring. Shawn discussed being in the Hell in a Cell match. He mentioned about how horrific HiaC is. Shawn was in the very first Hell in a Cell match…against Undertaker. That was 18 years ago. Shawn switched from talking about Undertaker vs Brock to Bray Wyatt vs Roman Reigns. Shawn knew those two matches would tear the house down. Shawn was cut off by the arrival of Seth Rollins.

Seth got right up in Shawn’s face. The audio kept cutting in and out during Raw. Seth wondered what the Hell Shawn was doing in the ring. Seth said Shawn was supposed to introduce The Man, Seth Rollins. Shawn said he has been given instructions for 2 decades, from the back, and he always lets it slip out of his mind when he walked through the curtain. Seth reminded Shawn that HHH gave Shawn his orders, not Seth. Seth laughed at Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt. Seth wanted it known that he was going to stop the show on Sunday. Seth let Shawn know that many people were calling Seth “Shawn Michaels, Version 2” (I thought that was Dolph Ziggler?). Shawn knew that a lot of people have been compared to him, in the past. Shawn found it funny that people like Seth think it’s cool to be a “Second Coming” of someone else. Shawn said he just wanted to be the best wrestler who every lived. Shawn warned Seth to be concerned about the 7 foot Demon that was on his tail. Seth thought Shawn was jealous of him. Seth was sick of talking about Kane and dealing with Shawn. Seth called for his music but it didn’t happen. Shawn said Seth couldn’t get his music played, because he was a second coming. Shawn let Seth know he was about to fight…Ryback! Shawn then called for HIS music.

Seth Rollins vs Ryback
Non-Title Match

Ryback rushed Seth to one corner and headed for another. Seth tried for a Sunset Flip but Ryback just slammed Seth’s head into the canvas. Jawbreaker by Seth. Seth Floated Over a Suplex and hit a pair of Knife Edge Chops. Shoulder Tackle by Big Hungry. Ryback unleashed his own Knife Edge Chop. Stall Suplex by Ryback. Seth bailed out of the ring to halt Ryback’s momentum.

Ryback went out to get Seth. Seth drove Ryback intothe ring apron and ring steps. Seth nailed a Suicide Dive that sent Ryback into the announce table. Seth then pitched his foe back in the ring. Body Scissors by Seth, combined with a Rear Chin Lock. Rybak lifted up Seth and put him on the top turnbuckle. Ryback with a wicked Spinning Backbreaker (almost a reverse F5). Step Up Enziguri by Seth. Spinebuster by Ryback. Seth scooted to the apron to avoid the Meat Hook Clothesline. Pedigree by Seth.

Your Winner: Seth Rollins
Raw Ranking: 2.5

I just got a note on Facebook that Black Bart is finally going home from his extended medical stay. He’s a great man with a fantastic loving family and a LEGEND in Texas. Glad to hear you are doing better.

The Dallas Cowboys were in attendance at Raw.

Raw looked back at the opening segment.

Michael Cole brought up the Lana/Rusev/Summer Rae love triangle. Rusev got engaged to Lana, in real life, and Summer Rae helped Dolph win a match against Rusev. Summer suggested that she and Dolph should hook up. Dolph wanted no part of being used.

Dolph Ziggler, Cesaro and Neville vs Rusev, King Barrett and Sheamus
Six-Man Tag Team Match

Neville began against Rusev. The Bulgarian took Neville to the corner but Neville ducked a punch and worked the arm. Neville slid under Rusev and unloaded with a series of hard kicks and an Arm Yank. Rusev pushed Neville away and hit a Corner Splash. Float Over into the Handsprings by Neville. Rusev caught Neville but Neville landed on his feet on the Fallaway Slam. Tag to Cesaro.

He Scooped up Rusev like he was Short Sleeve Sampson (a midget friend of mine). Rusev tagged out to Sheamus. Neville also got the tag. Sheamus stomped away on Neville until the ref backed him off. Sheamus floored Neville and tagged out to Barrett. The King pounded on his arch enemy and hit a Suplex. Tag to Rusev. The Brute bashed the ribs and Slammed Neville. That started a “USA” chant, which is odd for an Englishman to get that chant going. Rusev worked over Neville in the corner. Rising Boot by Neville. Sheamus distracted Neville and Rusev sent Neville sailing off the apron. Sheamus hit a Clothesline, on the floor. It broke down into total chaos, so Raw went to break.

Barrett attacked Neville but got sent out to the floor. Neville dragged himself towards the corner. Sheamus prevented the tag by knocking Dolph and Cesaro off the apron. Cesaro got the tag and hit the Uppercut Train on the Irish Man. Sweet Dropkick by the Swiss Superman. Sheamus reversed a Whip but ate a Boot. Flying Crossbody brought Cesaro a two count. Cesaro wanted to go A Swingin’ but Sheamus grabbed the bottom rope. Spinnign Powerslam by Sheamus. Both men were down and stunned.

Barrett and Dolph got tags. Dolph dropped King with Clotheslines, a Corner Splash and Neckbreaker. Heart Stopped Elbow Drop. Rusev jumped Dolph. Low Bridge sent Rusev out to the floor. King avoided the Famouser and rolled up Dolph for a two. Famouser brought Dolph a two. King blocked the Superkick but fell to the Crucifix Backslide nad Superkick. Sheamus made the save. Superkick by Cesaro. Neville then took out Rusev. Neville with a Springboard Flip Dvie to the floor. Dang! Dolph got a two. Brogue Kick, from the floor, to Dolph. King picked the bones.

Your Winners: King Barrett, Sheamus and Rusev
Raw Ranking: 3.0

Ric Flair made his triumphant return to the Lone Star State. I so remember the day he faced Kerry Von Erich, just up the road from the American Airlines Arena (at the gone but never forgotten Texas Stadium). Flair brought up the Von Erichs and Freebirds. Flair pushed Wrestlemania coming to the Big D (actually in Arlington). Flair found out that Dean would be joining with Roman Reigns, later on tonight.

That brought out the Master of the Roman Empire. Flair held the ropes for Reigns. They were cut off by Bray Wyatt. Bray stood next to Braun and…ERICK ROWAN! Roman wanted to go get two chairs, one for Bray and one for him. Michael Cole questioned if that was Rowan or not. Roman set up the two chairs in the ring and sat down in one of them. Roman called out Bray. Wyatt walked up the stairs and got in the ring. Bray sat down and Roman scooted closer. Roman wanted to talk about Bray being a bully. Roman knew Bray really dug power but couldn’t stand to be alone. Roman accused Bray of being afraid. Roman knew Bray would call in the troops to kick his *ss. Roman reminded Bray that no one could get in or out of the Cage, on Sunday. Roman blasted Bray. Roman took chairs to all three men. It was confirmed that Eric was back. Dean Ambrose rushed down to slide in the ring. The duo held off the Syatts.

Seth Rollins made fun of Roman for getting in the match with the Wyatts. HBK came in and HHH said Seth should join Roman and Dean in the six man match. HHH knew that wasn’t going to work. Shawn bragged about how many times HHH used to go in one night. Seth put himself in the six man match as the partner to Roman and Dean. SHIELD REUNION!

Charlotte vs Brie Bella
Non-Title Match

Collar and Elbow and Charlotte dropped Brie. Leg Scissors Flip Overs by Charlotte. That was just so cool. Paige watched the match, from the back. Charlotte blasted Paige and got a two count. Charlotte dumped Brie out of the ring. Charlotte then taunted Nikki to get in the ring with her.

Brie kicked Charlotte but the Divas champ came back with Corner Punches. Hot Shot by Brie after Nikki distracted Charlotte. Nikki grabbed the title belt to distract Charlotte. Brie screamed for Brie Mode and hit the Knee Trembler. 2 count. Brie threw Charlotte’s face into the mat, a couple of times. Brie pulled back on Charlotte’s neck. Bulldog by Brie for a two. Brie choked Charlotte on the middle rope. Brie used the boot to choke Charlotte. Knee Strikes and another Bulldog by Brie. Still, she only got a two.

Brie with Danielson Kicks to Charlotte’s chest. Charlotte caught the foot and spun Brie around. Clotheslines by Charlote. Corner Splash into the Neckbuster and Spear. Figure Eight!

Your Winner (by Submission): Charlotte
Raw Ranking: 2.75

Renee interviewed Paige. Paige evaded questions about the attack on Natalya, on last week’s Smackdown. Paige brought up the trash talking by Alundra Blayze/Madusa on the Internet. Paige said Renee wasn’t that cute (oh, yes, she is).

Mark Henry vs Kevin Owens
Non-Title Match

Kevin made fun of Mark being from Texas. Mark unloaded with a couple of Headbutts and then pitched Kevin over the top rope. Mark came out to get the IC Champ. Mark punched Kevin and threw him back in the ring. Kevin attacked Mark as he got in the ring. Mark hit another Headbutt and a Scoop Slam. Kevin dodged the Big Splash and hit the Running Backsplash Senton. 2 count. Kevin kicked the ribs and then showed off. Mark connected with yet another Headbutt. Mark clubbed Kevin and choked Owens with the boot.

Mark screamed at Kevin that Mark has been a bully for 19 years. Mark threw Kevin into the corner. Mark kicked away at Kevin and then used a Hammer Throw to send Kevin to the corner. Kevin was in a bad way. Corner Splash by Mark. Thrust Kick by Owens. Pop Up Powerbomb!

Your Winner: Kevin Owens
Raw Ranking: 1.5

Ryback walked from the back as Kevin tried to destroy Mark. Kevin bailed out to avoid the Big Guy. Mark caught Kevin and threw him back in the ring. Powerbomb by Ryback!

Seth let Renee know that tonight was NOT a Shield Reunion. Darn it. Seth just wanted to prove to Shawn Michaels and others that he IS The Man.

Michael Cole sent it to a video package about Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar…One Last Time.

Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins vs Bray Wyatt, Braun Strowman and Erick Rowan
Six Man Tag Team Match

The fans thought this match was awesome. Wyatts vs Shield was always a Dream Match. Dean and Roman stepped forward but Seth stayed b ack. Seth then walked up when the Wyatts mocked him for being a coward. Seth told Roman and Dean to take it easy and he would start the match. Seth claimed he was the brains of the operation. Seth turned to face Erick. Seth then backed off and tagged out to Roman. Collar and Elbow and Erick took the Side Headlock. Shoulder Tackle by Erick. Universal but Roman clocked Erick. Tag to Dean. Running Dropkick to Erick’s chest. Dean then unleashed Knife Edge Chops, slaps and a Headbutt. Erick made the tag and Bray sent Dean to the ropes. Dean came back with a Clothesline. Tag by Seth. He pounded and kicked away. Bray hit a hard knee and Seth bailed out to the floor. Break time.

Roman tore into Erick and nailed a Back Drop Suplex. Roman inched towards his corner and found Dean. Braun also tagged in. The two slugged it out. Braun pitched Dean to the apron. Dean snapped Braun’s neck and hit a Missile Dropkick. Braun Stone Walled Dean and dragged him to the Wyatt Corner. Tag to Bray. Bray choked Dean until the ref forced him back. Bray with a Running Boot, from the floor, to Dean’s face. Erick tagged in and dropped Dean. Erick ripped at Dean’s face and hit a Spear to the back. 2 count. Dean tried to punch back but Erick planted him with the Side Slam.

Braun tagged back in and blasted the ribs of Ambrose. Bray came back in and used a Snap Suplex and Backsplash Senton to almost pin Dean. Rear Chin Lock by Bray. Dean fought up to his feet to get free. Unfortunately, Bray yanked Dean back down to the mat. The fans chanted for Dean. Seth screamed that he wanted to be in the fight. Dean Elbowed free and went to the ropes. Dean barely escaped Sister Abigail. Dean dodged the Corner Rush. Braun pulled Roman off the apron. Dean got the boots up and slid out to the apron. Double Boot Missile Dropkick by Dean. Seth begged for the tag. Seth then fell off the apron and faked a knee injury. He staged to the back. Erick with a Corner Rush. Pumphandle Slam failed. Rebound Clothesline by Dean. Roman was back on the apron. Dean got the tag to Roman. Superman Punch to Braun. Jumping Clothesline to Erick. Corner Clotheslines rocked Erick to his core. Roman slid out of the ring and hit the Drive By Dropkick. Roman then took out Braun. Samoan Drop to Erick. Roman loaded up and connected with the Superman Punch. Braun made the save. Dean attacked Braun, with little effect. Apocalypse! Dean came in and tore into Braun with a kendo stick. Braun broke the stick. Dean sent Braun to the floor. Dean flew out and got caught. Braun dropped Dean, Big Time. Bray then stepped in and punched away. Erick joined the fight. Roman flew over the top and took out everyone in sight.

Your Winners (by Disqualification): The Wyatt Family
Raw Ranking: 3.5

Roman Speared Bray, back in the ring. Erick punched Roman but got Speared!


–Jay Shannon

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