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NWA Smoky Mountain presents Elizabethton’s biggest wrestling event ever onSaturday, October 17 at Elizabethton High School!

We have drawn crowds of over 2,000 people in Elizabethton, TN in the past! But this event will be the biggest yet as we bring former NWA World Heavyweight Champion and WWE Hall of Famer, Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat to town!

Let’s take a look at the full card:

NWASM_EnterDragon_Kash Punky
Student vs. Teacher Grudge Match
Kid Kash
Ricky Morton (w/ Ricky Steamboat)

When this match originally was signed, it was a battle of respect between a mentor and protege, scheduled as part of the retirement tour of Kid Kash. All that changed earlier this month at the Civic Auditorium in Kingsport, when, after a miscommunication between Morton and Kash led to a loss to KAOS in tag action, Kash assaulted Morton in a vicious attack. After that incident, the bad feelings between these two have boiled over into what should be a brutal grudge match. And Morton will have the icon Ricky Steamboat watching his back!

NWASM_EnterDragon_US tag
NWA US Tag Team Title Match
Champion, Skylar Kruze & Axton Ray
The Agency’s Toby Farley & Gavin Daring
w/ Dylan Wayne Sizemore

This time a year ago, Skylar Kruze and Gavin Daring held the NWA U.S. Titles together as the popular fan favorite tag team, Air America. Now, these former partners are on opposite sides of a huge match for those very belts in their hometown of Elizabethton! Kruze and Axton Ray only have been teaming for a couple months but they already hold one of the biggest tag titles in the National Wrestling Alliance. But will Daring and Toby Farley bring an early end to the title reign of the new champs?

NWASM_EnterDragon_Nickvince Cabal_a
Tag Team Grudge Match
Vince Brent & Nick Hammonds
The Cabal’s Chris Richards & Travis Lee (w/ Saradox)

Our last event ended in shocking fashion when The Cabal formed itself and assaulted Nick Hammonds. “Notorious” Nick is out for revenge and it starts here as he teams with “The Prodigy” against the two Cabal giants. This is the first time Chris Richards and Travis Lee have teamed together, but at a combined weight of well over 700 pounds they’re one of the biggest teams in NWA Smoky Mountain history. Can Hammonds and Brent bring down the giants, while also watching for potential interference from Saradox at ringside?

NWASM_EnterDragon_Kaela Sarah
NWA Midwest Women’s Title Match
Champion, Kaela
Saradox (w/ The Cabal)

Kaela made an impact on NWA Smoky Mountain fans when she debuted at Battle For The Belts against Mary Elizabeth Monroe in a sportsmanlike match that was ruined by the interference of a jealous Saradox. Kaela makes her return, and as a fighting champion, puts her NWA Midwest Title on the line against one of the members of The Cabal! Will Kaela retain or can Saradox capture her first NWA gold?

ali vs Kage Dragon

NWA Smoky Mountain TV Title Match
Champion, “Human Action Figure” Ali Shabazz
“Picture Perfect” Jordan Kage (w/ Dylan Wayne Sizemore)

Ali spent more than six months chasing after Kage and his TV Title. He dethroned the champion last month, in a result that Kage and Dylan Wayne Sizemore say was tainted by biased officiating from referee Austin West. Kage has wasted no time cashing in his automatic rematch, and he looks to end Shabazz’s run as champion in his very first defense. Can Ali defeat Kage for the second straight time, or will the beginning of another “Picture Perfect” reign be in the cards?

NWASM_EnterDragon_Wild Bill Jeff
Grudge Match
Wild Bill
“The Closer” Jeff Connelly
w/ Judas The Mad Hatter

The feud between Wild Bill and KAOS continues, as the masked man takes on “The Closer.” Connelly thought he had unmasked Wild Bill as Daniel Mulligan earlier this month, but in that match Mulligan was sitting in the crowd and Mike Cooper was the man under the hood. Connelly is sure to be going for the mask again, especially to avoid a scheduled mask vs. hair match between these two November 21 at Thanksgiving Thunder in Kingsport!

See all this, plus these other matches!

Pro Wrestling South Tag Team Match
“Redneck Superman” Lenny Stratton & Big Al
Michael Starr & Ryan Stunna

Tag Team Challenge
EZ Money & JC Black
Stan Lee & Eddie Golden

Bonus Match – Starts at 7:45 PM
GQ Flawless

*Card Subject to Change*


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